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🚄 | Commercialization of "Nostalgic Asakusa Keychain" with neon signboard motif, a topical item that the prototype reached "1 likes"


The neon signboard motif "Nostalgic Asakusa Keychain" was commercialized, and the prototype reached "1 likes".

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"Nostalgic Asakusa Key Holder" that "the retro texture of the reproduced neon is nostalgic for some people and gives a fresh impression to some people" -Tobu Railway commuter pass sales office (Asakusa Station Travel Center, Kitasenju) Station, Kasugabe Station, Kashiwa Station, Tobu Ikebukuro Station, Kawagoe Station), Shosen Grande, Shosen Book Tower, Horindo Bookstore Mizuhodai Store, Railway Koshien Online Shop, Tobu Market Yahoo!

Tobu Railway Group's Tobu Shoji Co., Ltd. will release "Nostalgic Asakusa Keychain" from June 2022, 6 (Monday). … → Continue reading

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Tobu Railway commuter pass sales office (Asakusa Station Travel Center)


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