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🚗 | Wheelchair men are hit by Oita


A man in a wheelchair is hit by Oita

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According to police, a man in his 26s who was crossing a pedestrian crossing in a wheelchair was hit by a regular car at the city road intersection in Osada, Nakatsu City, after 4 pm on the 70th.

A man in a wheelchair was hit by a car in Nakatsu City.The man is seriously injured, such as cutting his head.According to the police, the 26th ... → Continue reading

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crosswalkWhat is (sidewalk)?Pedestrian 道路To cross safely道路The area shown above.


Pedestrian crossing with pedestriansvehicleIn many cases, a striped pattern with white paint is drawn on the pavement surface so that it can be easily seen from both sides.交 差点In addition, it will be installed in places where crossing is dangerous in places with heavy traffic.Dedicated to pre-school and extra curricularIt is also common in areas where many children pass, such as in the vicinity of.

Pedestrian crossings consist only of paint on the pavement in low-traffic areas. But in a congested place,light bulb or LEDFor crossers usingtraffic lightsIs equipped with. It may be activated by a pedestrian pressing a button to move the signal, or it may be activated when there is no crossing person in synchronization with a normal traffic signal.

Visually impairedHearing (warning sounds, etc.) or tactile (such as warning sounds) to assistBraille blocksThere is also a pedestrian crossing using).highway-MotorwayOr, in places with very heavy traffic, insteadMulti-level crossingIt is a facility to doPedestrian bridgeNoUnderground crosswalk Is used.

The style of pedestrian crossings in Japan is unified all over the country, but in the world, there are many in the same country.signalAnd there may be different types of symbol placement, especiallyAmericaSo there are many differences. However, the difference is not large.United KingdomThere are also several different types of pedestrian crossings, each with a unique name.

Pedestrian shelters and islands are set up in the center of the road when there are people on very wide roads where the pedestrian crossing is too long to cross in a single signal cycle. Also, at intersections where pedestrians are very busy, vehicles in all directions can be stopped and pedestrians can cross diagonally within the intersection.Scramble methodMay be used. Also, between crossing pedestrians and vehiclesTraffic accidentIn a dangerous intersection such as when a pedestrian crossing occurs, in order to ensure the safety of pedestrian crossing, when the pedestrian signal is blue, the vehicle signal in the direction that intersects with the pedestrian crossing is red. , Eliminate crossing with pedestriansSeparate pedestrian traffic lightMay be installed.


traffic lights

The traffic lights on the pedestrian crossing are red, which means "stop" (there is also orange in the United States), and "you can proceed."[Annotation 1]Green meaning[Annotation 2]It is composed of the lights of. The "can move forward" light flashes as the time to stop and change approaches. It is generally more square than a traffic light for a car, and the lights are often arranged vertically. The red light shows an illustration of a person standing still, and the green light shows an illustration of a person walking.

Signals for the visually impaired

At the time when the signal indicates "you can go"speakerBy emitting a signal sound from, consideration may be given so that a visually impaired person who cannot recognize the signal can safely cross. These signal sounds have different tones in the east-west direction and the north-south direction, so that visually impaired people can distinguish the direction.Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euIn such cases, the recorded short message is played.


In high-traffic areas, it indicates the time remaining until the pedestrian signal changes from red to blue or blue to red.timerSome are provided. There is a bar graph type that shows an image of the remaining time, and a digital display that shows the number of seconds remaining. The remaining time display at the red light is used to eliminate the frustration of waiting for a traffic light, and the remaining time display at the green light is used as a guide when passing through a pedestrian crossing.

Pedestrian crossing of each country


Pedestrian crossings in Japan are legally "road signOrRoad markingPart of the road indicated by the site to be used for pedestrian crossings (Road Traffic LawIt is defined as "Article 2, Paragraph 4, Item 1)" and depicts a white striped pattern with an interval of 0.45-0.5 m on the road.

In the past, thin vertical lines indicating both ends of the pedestrian crossing were drawn on the striped pattern, but from the viewpoint of drainage and slip prevention in rainy weather,1992With the revision of the sign ordinance in November, the vertical line is no longer stipulated, and only striped patterns have been drawn since then.

A rhombus in front of a pedestrian crossing without traffic lightsInstruction markingsIs drawn. Also,SidewalkIf bicycles are allowed, it will be attached to the pedestrian crossing that connects the sidewalks.BicycleExclusive "bicycle crossing zone"[Annotation 3]There is also a case where there is no striped pattern, only thin lines indicating both ends and the bicycle mark are drawn. Due to the contradiction between the principle driving of bicycles and the obligation to use the bicycle crossing belt, the movement to remove (erasure) the bicycle crossing belt has been seen in recent years under the judgment that the existence of the bicycle crossing belt causes danger. Be[3][4].

According to the Road Traffic Act, pedestrians are obliged to use the pedestrian crossing when crossing the road near the pedestrian crossing (Article 12 of the same law), and for bicycles are obliged to use the pedestrian crossing band near the pedestrian crossing (Article 63 of the same law). Articles 6 and 7), vehicles have a concession priority obligation for pedestrians and bicycles at pedestrian crossings and bicycle crossing zones (Article 38 of the same law).[Annotation 4].

Obligations at pedestrian crossings and bicycle crossings

Collision with pedestrians / bicycles crossing pedestrian crossings / bicycle crossing zones (excluding those prohibited from crossing due to red lights, etc.)Traffic accidentIt is said that there is a serious negligence in criminal disposition, and in civil terms, the automobile sideFault rateIs 100% as a basic rate, and if the crossing side is injuredNegligence driving fatal injuryThere are extremely heavy responsibilities, such as when asked.

On the contrary, if there is a pedestrian/bicycle side near the pedestrian/bicycle crossing, but the pedestrian/bicycle side does not cross the pedestrian/bicycle side, the pedestrian/bicycle side's negligence is considered to be a heavy evaluation. Will be. When a pedestrian crosses a normal road and encounters an accident, the pedestrian side's fault rate is 20%, but there is a crosswalk nearby, but it crossed without using the crosswalk. Pedestrian error is usually rated as 30%[Annotation 5].. In addition, even an accident at a pedestrian crossing does not mean that the pedestrian side will not be negligent at all.[6]However, even if the vehicle crosses immediately before, the driver of the vehicle is obliged to stop safely.

However, it is said that about 9% of the respondents said that pedestrian crossings and bicycle crossings without traffic lights would not stop in a driver's questionnaire conducted by police. In the 2019 survey, 17% of drivers said they would stop, butShigaThen 11.3%,KyotoThen stays at 5%[7].. on the other handJAFIn the surveyNaganoHas the highest pause since the start of the survey in 2016, with a record high of 68.6%[8].

(Obligation on the vehicle side)

  • When approaching a pedestrian crossing / bicycle crossing, vehicles, etc., in principle, immediately before the pedestrian crossing / bicycle crossing (stop lineIf so, its position. Less thanImmediately before.. ) Must proceed at a speed that allows it to stop (Road Traffic Act, Article 38, Paragraph 1).
    That is, in principle, the existence of the pedestrian crossing / bicycle crossing itself is a red flashing signal on the pedestrian crossing / bicycle crossing (pause) Has the same effect as there is. In other words, when a car is trying to pass a pedestrian crossing/bicycle crossing without a brake, it is already performing an act that could result in negligence liability.
    However, the above obligation is stipulated as "unless it is clear that there are no pedestrians or bicycles" (same paragraph). In other words, there is a possibility that pedestrians and bicycles will cross the pedestrian crossing/bicycle crossing zone.Only when there is noIt is canceled.
  • If there is a pedestrian or bicycle crossing or attempting to cross the path by a pedestrian crossing or bicycle crossing zone, stop immediately before the pedestrian crossing or bicycle crossing zone, and block the passage. Must be avoided (the same paragraph).
    This is a concession priority obligation that should be generally understood. However, in accordance with the above-mentioned regulations, it is obligatory to be able to deal with a crossing by slowing down, slowing down and stopping before the pedestrian crossing/bicycle crossing zone.
  • If there is a stopped vehicle on or just before the pedestrian crossing/bicycle crossing zone (excluding those prohibited by red traffic light etc.), pass by the stopped vehicle, etc. When you try to leave, you must pause (paragraph 2 of the same Article).
    It is an obligation to prevent accident types in which pedestrians "jump out" from behind the vehicle. The act of a pedestrian naturally crossing a pedestrian-first pedestrian crossing is not originally described as "jumping out", but in any case, because the pedestrian-first law was not observed, pedestrian-first On roads with more than two lanes (including two or more lanes running when turning right or left), when a vehicle in a certain lane is stopped on or just before a pedestrian crossing/bicycle crossing, If you cross the lane, you must stop unconditionally. Even if you don't have a parallel lane,passing,OvertakeHowever, in each case, they must also be unconditionally suspended. However, obligations are excluded when crossing is prohibited due to a red traffic light.
    In addition, it is understood in the court that this obligation does not occur when there is a stopped vehicle near the pedestrian crossing/bicycle crossing zone on the opposite lane side, but in reality it requires sufficient caution.
  • At the pedestrian crossing/bicycle crossing and 30 meters in front of it, overtaking and overtaking are prohibited (except for light vehicles).
    It is the type defined above.In the specified place, it is prohibited to go forward at a higher speed than vehicles traveling in the side lane etc.(This is overtaking). In addition, when a vehicle or the like traveling in a horizontal lane or the like slows down, the own lane or the like must also slow down so as not to go in front of it.
  • Such an obligation is generally "except when crossing is prohibited due to a red light or the like".
    This is just a matter of whether the pedestrian side is prohibited from crossing, so if there are both red traffic lights and cases where the traffic lights on the pedestrian crossing side are off, the pedestrians cross Since there is no rule prohibiting pedestrians, the vehicle side is obliged to give priority to pedestrians as a general rule. Intersections with such yellow flashing signals are often found even on highways in the middle of the night.
  • If you violate these obligations, you will get 2 points and you will be charged a penalty of 9,000 yen for a regular car.

From the above regulations, it is legally expected that traffic accidents of cross-crossing on a pedestrian crossing/bicycle crossing will not occur if the laws are complied with. Has been done.

In addition, it is stipulated that parking and stopping is prohibited at pedestrian crossings and within 5 meters before and after (Act No. 44, No. 1 and No. 3).

In addition, vehicles such as automobiles and bicycles that are orthogonal to the bicycle crossing zone (passing on the road) must give priority to concessions over bicycles that cross the bicycle crossing zone. As pedestrians and bicycles,

  • When a pedestrian intends to cross a road, he / she must cross the road by the pedestrian crossing near the place where the pedestrian crossing is located (Article 12, Paragraph 1 of the Law).
  • When a bicycle intends to cross a road, it must cross the road by the bicycle crossing zone in the vicinity of the place where the bicycle crossing zone is located (Article 63, Paragraph 6 of the Act).

There is such a thing.


In the United States, pedestrian crossings are striped in white, with slightly different styles in each municipality. These will also change with the construction and replacement of intersections.

There are two main ways to mark roads. The most common method is to connect the ends of the road with two thick lines. The third short line indicates where the car is stationary and prevents the car from stopping inside the pedestrian crossing. The other method has a striped pattern between the two lines to make it easier to see.

Pedestrian crossings are usually provided at intersections, but may also be provided between intersections near schools and pedestrianized areas. Such pedestrian crossings are signaled as PED XING (where pedestrians cross). At pedestrian crossings without traffic lights, cars must give way to pedestrians and cyclists who have already entered the pedestrian crossing.

Pedestrian priority is thoroughly enforced, so this is one of the points that Japanese drivers must be aware of when driving in the United States.

United Kingdom

In England, on a pedestrian crossingAnimalIt is distinguished by giving it a name.

  • Zebra crossing (zebra)
  • Pelican crossing
  • Puffin crossing (Puffin)
  • Toucan crossing (Toucan)
  • Pegasus crossing (Equestrian crossing) (Pegasus equestrian)

With EnglandNew ZealandIn, Berisha traffic signs (signs with a red ball attached to the tip) are used to warn the driver of crossing. The lighting colors of the signal are red and green.

アイス ランド

EtherfjordurThen it looks like the pedestrian crossing is emergingTrick art(Optical illusion) Was used3D pedestrian crossingIs introduced, and it is expected that the approaching car will slow down involuntarily.アイス ランドBesidesIndia,ChugokuAlthough it has been adopted, it was originally conceived in Delhi, India and had a great effect.[9][10].


There is a pedestrian crossing in the same style as Japan. The carOn the rightHowever, it is basically the same as Japan. However, since only right-turning vehicles are allowed to proceed at the red light, the right-turning vehicle may enter without stopping even if a pedestrian crosses the pedestrian crossing at the green light.

Ignore the signalHas been a social issue that has not been solved for many years, and when a pedestrian ignores a signal at a pedestrian crossing, it emits a warning sound.Artificial intelligence(AI)Surveillance camera OfFace recognition systemIdentify the offender bySocial MediaPay attention toText messageSendSocial credit systemReflect in[11][12][13],Street visionSystems that disclose personal information and evidence videos have been introduced in various parts of China.[14].


Pedestrian crossings are rarely installed, except in some areas such as urban areas and new roads. Traffic rules are equal to nothing,police officerAlsoTraffic violationTotally indifferent to. Most carsCar insuranceYou can hardly expect compensation if you become a victim because you have not subscribed to.


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注 釈

  1. ^ The green light does not mean "advance" but "can proceed" (Road Traffic Act Enforcement Ordinance)[1]Article 2).
  2. ^ It is called "blue" by Japanese law (or even in general).
  3. ^ Road Traffic LawIs defined as "the part of the road that is indicated by road signs, etc. as a place to be used for crossing bicycles".[2].
  4. ^ There is no concession priority obligation for bicycles trying to cross a pedestrian crossing without a bicycle crossing lane[5].. HoweverCar for childrenare treated as pedestrians.
  5. ^ In addition, if you cross a distance that is evaluated as the closest to the pedestrian crossing / bicycle crossing, for example, if you cross a point about 1-2 m away, it will be evaluated as crossing over the pedestrian crossing / bicycle crossing ( Judgment / myth).


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