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✈ | "ANA x Zexy" Collaboration Wedding Seminar will be held at FLYING HONU at Narita Airport!


"ANA x Zexy" Collaboration Wedding Seminar Held at FLYING HONU at Narita Airport!

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Participants were asked seriously about attractive plans such as the "Long Stay Plan" where you can spend a relaxing 8 nights or more and the "Wedding Photo Tour" where you can take a commemorative photo of Hawaii's tourist attractions for a whole day. I did.

The marriage information service "Zexy" planned and produced by Recruit Co., Ltd. and All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ANA) are ... → Continue reading

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(I.e.(Kankouchi) isTourismTravelFor the purpose of recreation and sightseeing calledTravelOr for travelers,History-culture-NATURELandscapeTourist assets such as are properly maintained,TransportationInstitutionshotelIt means an area where tourists can be accepted.


Many of these regions(I.e.Between,coastalThe income earned from tourists is concentrated in the area called the ancient city.RegionEconomyIt is the basis of

Therefore,National park内 のNATUREprotectionAreas such as areas where people cannot enter, historical and cultural heritage,world HeritageEven if it is registered in, etc., it is not a tourist destination if it does not have a system for accepting tourists due to transportation and accommodation facilities. However, among these, those that are being developed for the purpose of disclosure and that are ready for general tourists to appreciate sightseeing assets such as history, culture, and natural scenery that are prerequisites for sightseeing are tourist destinations. Become.

Many of these tourist destinationsTourism AssociationOrganize groups such as to attract tourists for the purpose of sightseeing, natural scenery andHistoric siteWe carry out various maintenance projects such as tour guides, accommodation guides, and garbage collection in the area.

According to the World Tourism Organization, a United Nations organization, tourism includes travel, stays, experiences for tourism, discovery and learning, or all activities of people for rest, entertainment and relaxation.Also, for professional practices and other purposes, a continuous period not exceeding one year outside the settled habitat.However, this excludes trips whose main purpose is to make money. Traveling to three areas is also a form of active rest in a different living environment than the settlement (Source: dulich3mien.vn

Incidentally,Theme park,amusement park Theamusement facilitiesIt is not a tourist resort because it is not a facility for sightseeing and recreation. However, some theme parks are adjacent to tourist spots, and some of them are accommodation facilities, cultural facilities, etc.

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