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🚗 | EV that old car lovers want to ride, Porsche "Taikan" is the first place

Photo Porsche Taycan

EV that old car lovers want to ride, Porsche "Taikan" is the first place

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However, many people answered that they do not understand, and it may be possible to consider if an EV that attracts old car lovers comes out in the future.

Current Motor Co., Ltd., which operates the old car purchase service "Old Car King," conducted a questionnaire on EVs to ask old car lovers.Old ... → Continue reading


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      Car mania

      Car maniaIsAutomobileAnd related eventsHobbies(Car hobby) Refers to a person withJapanglish.English Ofcar enthusiast(car·Enthusiast) Is abbreviated as "car enthusiast" or "enthusiast"[1].

      busSuch asCommercial vehicleIt may be distinguished from those who have a hobby, but it is a bus orTrackSince large commercial vehicles such as these are also automobiles, they naturally have an aspect of automobile hobby (Bus fanSee also).

      Petrol head (Petro head) in British English[2],in AmericagearheadOr Car guy (for men).


      Car enthusiastsManiaAmong them, those who are oriented toward events related to automobiles.Generally speaking, a car is a classic car (or a classic car) with historical value.Old car),MassesAimed to spread toPopular car,Expensiveluxury car, Performance-orientedsports carHigh performance and high price, as a commercial vehicleExcess performanceIn the area ofSuper carOn the other handMinicarThere are also those with a simple car body and a small engine like this, each of which has enthusiastic fans and enthusiasts, and the same is true for this car enthusiast.

      Subject of interest

      automotive industryIn areas where there is a lot of activitymotor ShowWill be held, but thisEventsThen from the latest new model carConcept carExhibits shown as an extension of public relations activities related to prototypes or corporate technological capabilities are lined up, but this is also commonly seen as a car enthusiast festival.

      On the other handMotor sportsIn the field ofRacing carEtc. general道路Speed ​​is competed in specially designed cars that cannot drive, which is also of interest to car enthusiasts.

      In addition, MuseumAmong them, the automobile museum, which collects exhibits in fields specializing in automobiles,Transportation MuseumThis also attracts car enthusiasts.

      Besides thisミ ニ チ ュ ア(Scale model)oftoyIsMinicarSome people are interested in (apart from the simple vehicle mentioned above), and the minicarコ レ ク タ ーAlso exists.The target of the collection is like a miniature carmodelOther than that, those who are interested in car emblems and those provided by car makersnoveltyThere are various genres, such as those who are interested in.

      However, each of these has a point of contact that the field of interest is automobiles, and just because you are interested in one of them, it is a different story whether you are interested in other automobile-related matters.

      Other than this, those who love and value only their own cars may also be included in the category of car enthusiasts.The way to enjoy it is to take good care of it and decorate it without riding too much, to those who enjoy driving, dress up, etc.Modified carYou can find various systems such as those who enjoy themselves and those who pursue indoor livability.


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      1. ^ magazine"CAR GRAPHICAnd 'Car graphic tv] Etc. are used.
      2. ^ with the BBCThen.PetrolheadsWas broadcasting a car-related program.

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