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🚄 | Somewhere surrealistic railway scenery is interesting, with a single track of another company line passing directly under the elevated station of the double track.


The surrealistic railway scenery is interesting, with a single track of another company line passing directly under the elevated station of the double track.

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It is the only station on the way to the original Hokuso Railway and Chiba New Town Railway that extends the line to Inba Nihon Medical University and connects to Narita Airport, and the Keisei Airport Communication Limited Express Skyliner passes through.

There is a surreal and interesting railway landscape somewhere.For example, in Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture and Narita City, Chiba Prefecture.With high standards ... → Continue reading

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    Airport rail express Skyliner

    Chiba New Town Railway

    Keisei Electric Railway > Chiba New Town Railway

    Chiba New Town Railway Co., Ltd.(Chiba New Town Tetsudo,British: Chiba Newtown Railway Co., Ltd.) IsChibaFunabashi OfKomuro StationからInzai City OfInba Nippon Medical School StationFor up toRailway lineThe所有ToType XNUMX railway operator.Keisei Electric Railway100%subsidiary(Keisei Group), the registeredHead officeKeisei Electric RailwayMain officeWithin (Ichikawa City).CEOThe presidentof Keisei Electric RailwayBoard MemberWill serve.

    Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation (currentlyUrban regeneration mechanism) Is a company established to take over the railway line that was built and owned.


    Komuro Station-between Inba Nihon Medical University Station and Chiba PrefectureResidential Land Development Corporation→Housing/Urban Development Corporation→ Developed by the Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation (hereinafter collectively referred to as "public corporation")Chiba New TownAs the only means of transportation that connects the city and the city centerChiba Prefectural Railway Kita Chiba Line(Toei Line 10The public corporation itself takes over a part of the license of the extension section)Local Railway LawBecame a railway operator based on1984から2000It is a line that was opened in the meantime.At the beginning of the business, "Housing and Urban Development Corporation Chiba New Town Line” (abbreviated as Kodan Line), the public corporation itself owns the vehicles and railway facilities,Kita-Hatsutomi Station --The third sector Hokuso Development Railway (currently, which was open between Komuro Station)Hokuso Railway) Was outsourced[Annotation 1]But in 1986Railway Business LawSince 1988 when was establishedVertical separation methodIntroduced, Hokuso Development RailwaySecond-class railway operator, The public corporation became a third-class railway operator, and the Hokuso Development Railway became "Hokuso / Public Corporation LineAs an in-house route (Hokuso Line), And the public corporation has become an operation form that only owns facilities and vehicles.

    after that,Basic Law for Reform of Special Corporations, etc.Based on2004Urban Infrastructure Development CorporationPublic corporationからIndependent administrative agencyIn the transition to the organization, it was decided to transfer the public corporation line to another business entity and withdraw from the railway business, considering that the transportation personnel of the public corporation line continued to be lower than initially expected and the severe business situation continued.It is also the parent company of Hokuso Development RailwayKeisei Electric RailwayEstablished "Chiba Newtown Railway Co., Ltd." in March 2004, and the Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation and Chiba Newtown Railway approved the transfer of railway business to the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism based on Article 3 of the Railway Business Law. Apply.Approved on June 26, the same year[5]2004, the day after the end of the public corporation's business7/1It became a line owned by Chiba New Town Railway.The transfer amount is 193 billion yen.

    Then, in 2010, Keisei Electric RailwayNarita Airport Line (Narita Sky Access Line)Keisei Electric Railway also obtained a license for the second-class railway business in the Chiba New Town Railway section.As a result, the current main source of income comes from the second-class operators, Hokuso Railway and Keisei Electric Railway.Railway feeIt has become.This annual railway fee is 3 million yen for Keisei, while Hokuso Railway is 7535 million yen.[Annotation 2]Therefore, there is an opinion that it may be connected to the high fare of the Hokuso Line (including the Chiba New Town Railway section).[6].

    Chronological Table

    • 1975 years(Showa50): The Housing Land Development Public Corporation (at that time) was established in Chiba Prefecture (Chiba Prefectural Railway) At Komuro Station on the Chiba Prefectural Railway Kita Chiba Line Inba Matsumushi Station(Tentative name, currentInba Nippon Medical School Station) Started construction work.
    • January 1978 (Showa 53): The Residential Land & Development Corporation Law was amended, and an agreement was signed to transfer the business license between Komuro Station and Inba Matsumushi Station from Chiba Prefecture (Chiba Prefectural Railway) to the Residential Land & Development Corporation.
    • October 1981, 56: Housing and Urban Development Corporation established by the Housing and Urban Development Corporation Law (Law No. 10, May 1, 56) (with the Housing and Urban Development Corporation)Japan Housing CorporationThe railway business between Komuro Station and Inba Matsumushi Station will also be succeeded by the Housing and Urban Development Corporation.
    • October 1984, 59:Housing and Urban Development Corporation Chiba New Town Line Komuro Station- Chiba New Town Chuo StationBetween (4.0km) opening.Outsourced operation to Hokuso Development Railway (now Hokuso Railway).
    • April 1987, 62: The Railway Business Law came into effect.Based on the transitional measures of the law, the previous operation consignment will be continued for one year only.
    • April 1988, 63 (Showa 4): Regarding the Chiba New Town Line, Hokuso Development Railway became a second-class railway operator based on the Railway Business Law, and Housing and Urban Development Corporation became a third-class railway operator. The route name on the guide is "Hokuso / Public Corporation LineIt becomes.
    • 1995 years(Heisei7 years) April 4: Chiba New Town Central Station- Inzai Makinohara StationOpened (4.7km).
    • October 1999, 11: Reorganized Housing and Urban Development Corporation into Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation (Urban Corporation).The city corporation takes over the third-class railway business.
    • July 2000, 12: Inzai Makinohara Station-Inzai Nihon Medical University Station (7km) opened.
    • June 2003, 15: The Independent Administrative Institution Urban Renewal Organization Act (Act No. 6 of 20) is enacted, and the abolition of the city public corporation is decided.
    • 2004
      • February 2: Keisei Electric Railway, Chiba Prefecture, and Urban Corporation announce a policy to transfer the railway facilities of the Chiba New Town Line from the Urban Corporation to a subsidiary established by Keisei for a fee.
      • March 3: Keisei Electric RailwayChiba New Town Railway Co., Ltd.Established.
      • June 6: The application for transfer of railway business based on Article 22 of the Railway Business Law is approved by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.[5].
      • July 7: The Urban Corporation moves to the Urban Revitalization Organization, and at the same time, the facility is transferred from the Urban Corporation to the Chiba New Town Railway.The route name on the guide is simply "Hokuso Line".
    • 2010 (Heisei 22) July 7: Keisei Narita Airport Line (Narita Sky Access Line) opened, including the Chiba New Town railway section.Became the second-class railway business section of Keisei Electric Railway (the second-class railway business of Hokuso Railway is also continued).

    Owned vehicle

    9100 type (C-Flyer) ・ In addition to owning the 9200 type, from Keisei3700 typeIt was made into 9800 type by receiving the lease of. Type 9800Tokyu VehicleAll cars except made ofJapanese vehicleMade.

    Existing vehicle

    Past vehicle

    Owned facility

    Of each of the above stationsStation name markFor many years, the original design different from that of Hokuso Railway was used, but from 2015 to 2016, it was updated to the design of Hokuso Railway.However, it is wider than each station up to Komuro.Also, during the time of the public corporation, the mark of the urban infrastructure development public corporation was installed in the station building, but now it isHokuso LineIt is written only as.


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    注 釈

    1. ^ At that time, the fare system of the Kodan Line was different from that of the Hokuso Line, and it was said that the fare was a separate fare for the first ride at Komuro Station.[4].
    2. ^ However, it is said that about 8% of the track usage fee paid by Hokuso Railway is paid from Chiba New Town Railway to Hokuso Railway as "railway maintenance consignment fee".[4].


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