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✈ | Komatsu Air Base Festival 2022, 9/19 will be held Blue Impulse is coming!

Photo Komatsu Air Base Festival 2022 will be held!

Komatsu Air Base Festival 2022, 9/19 will be held Blue Impulse is coming!

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In addition, although it has a different shape from before Corona, such as shortening the exhibition flight program, it is an environment where you can enjoy the air festival for the first time in a long time.

It has been officially decided that the "Komatsu Air Base Festival 2022" will be held on September 2022, 9 (Monday / holiday). From 19 ... → Continue reading

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Aerobatic corps

Aerobatic corps(Kyokugi Hikotai,British: Aerobatic team,Aerobatic team) IsaircraftUsingAerobatic flightAn aviation corps that appeals to the spectators on the ground by performing (artistic maneuvers, etc.).

Also known as the "acrobat team," "demo team," and "display team."

Air showIn addition to the attractions at, he may fly over the event venue.


In the early days of aviation history, aircraft had only the ability to make simple flights.As the aircraft developed, its flight ability improved and it became possible to perform various movements.For example, a sudden rise or descent, or a high-speed passage through a low altitude.With the ability to perform a variety of maneuvers, some pilots have begun to show their maneuvers and aerobatic flights to the spectators on the ground.Highly motivatedFighterWas devisedWorld War ISince then, aerobatic flights have been carried out in each country.

Modern aerobatic corps in each countryair force-armyMany are set up as de facto public relations units in.Training machineAnd fighters,helicopter(Some army units) are using aerobatic flights.In aerobatic flights of military units, in addition to artistic and acrobatic movements, formation maneuvers that take advantage of the fact that it is composed of a large number of aircraft are carried out.Since the aircraft itself is for public relations purposes, it is not a camouflage painting,National flag,National colorIt has a flashy paint derived from such things.In rare cases, the design of the aircraft paint may be solicited from the general public for PR purposes.

Other purposes of the military aerobatic corps are to develop and train cutting-edge maneuvering technology, and to foreign countries.pilotThere is also an idea that the purpose of demonstrating the skill level of is also accompanied.For these reasons, it is customary for the military aerobatic corps to be assigned pilots with particularly excellent skills and those who are positioned as candidates for them, even if they look over the entire organization.

In addition to the official aerobatic squadron, there are also demonstration squadrons by volunteers of the squadron and squadrons that belong to the base are temporarily organized at air festivals.

In addition to the military, there are aerobatic corps such as entertainers, and in this case, flight exhibitions mainly using sports aircraft are held.

Aerobatic flight

Showed up called American styleAerobatic flightIn, the pilot is appealing to the audience (walkdown, walkback) even before boarding the aircraft.JapaneseBlue Impulse,America'sThunderbirds,Blue angelsThis applies to this, and it is included in the performance from pilot boarding, engine start, aircraft inspection, taxiing after takeoff and landing, etc. Even during takeoff, formation takeoff and rapid rise takeoff by a single aircraft are performed.On the other hand, the Italian-style team of ItalyFrecce Tricolori, BritishRed arrows,FrenchPatrouille de FranceEtc. do not perform on the ground, but only carry out exhibition flights.

During the flight exhibition, various maneuvers such as sudden rises, descents, rollovers, and somersaults in formations and single aircraft will be performed.There is also an item to show the wake using smoke and draw pictures and letters.

List of aerobatic corps


Japan Air Self-Defense Force
Japan Ground Self-Defense Force
All are organized temporarily at air festivals.I used to use color smoke for a while.
  • White Arrows<Aircraft:T-5>- Ozuki Airport..Although it was a temporary formation, it became an official public relations team from 2018.
  • 1rd Air CorpsExhibition flight <Aircraft:P-3C>- Kanoya Air BaseAt "Air Memorial in Kanoya" held in Japan, we are demonstrating mobile flight and engine stop / restart at low altitude (no unique team name).

North America


US Navy
US Air Force
In the US military aviation unit, there are multiple "demonstration teams" that perform maneuvering flights on ordinary aircraft.
Since there are many teams, only the teams that have items on Wikipedia are listed.


Canadian Air Force
  • (English edition <Aircraft:CT-114 Tutor>
  • CF-18 Demonstration Team <Aircraft:CF-18 Hornet> --Demonstration team on a business trip to an air festival in North America.It features different painting every year.

South America


Brazilian Air Force


Chilean Air Force

Eastern Europe


Russian Aerospace Force


Ukrainian Air Force

ベ ラ ル ー シ

Belarusian Air Force


Polish Air Force


Croatian Air Force


  • Baltic beads <Aircraft:L-39C>

Czech Republic

Red bullSponsors.Owner of Red BullDietrich MatesitzDemonstrate the aircraft owned byFlying BullsAnother team.

Western Europe

United Kingdom

British Army
Royal Navy
Royal Air Force
Former Red ArrowsBen MurphyServes as a team leader.


French air force
SwissBreitlingThe team is based in France, and the pilots are mainly from Patrouille de France.
A woman fixed to the upper wing of Boeing-Stearman in flight dances.


Italian Air Force


Spanish Air Force
Both are flight instructors.


Portuguese Air Force


Swiss Air Force


Finnish Air Force


Swedish Air Force
The focus is on formation flight performances that are environmentally friendly and do not use smoke as much as possible.
For agricultureUses a modified machine that removes the equipment for spraying pesticides from Grumman Ag Cat, which is a biplane.
It features a performance that uses a large amount of fireworks at dusk and a performance in which female dancers dance between and above the wings.


Belgian Air Force


Royal Danish Air Force
  • Baby Blue <Aircraft: T-17>


Greek Army
Greek Air Force
  • <Aircraft: F-16>


Dutch Air Force
  • Glass Hoppers <Aircraft:SA 316>

East Asia

Mainland China

PLA Air Force
  • August XNUMXst(August First) <Aircraft:J-10AY>
  • Red Falcon Performance Squadron <Aircraft:JL-8>
  • Amano Tsubasa Performance Squadron (Sky Wing) <Aircraft:CJ-6>


Taiwan Air Force

South Korea

Korean Air Force

Southeast Asia


Philippine Air Force
  • Blue Diamonds <Aircraft:F-5>


Republic of Singapore Air Force


Indonesian Air Force
  • Jupiter <Aircraft:KT-1>


Royal Malaysian Air Force
Meaning of "magic sword".After the dissolution, he belonged to the team, but became a leader and started again as a private team.[5][6].
  • Smoky Bandits <Aircraft:MiG 29>


Royal Thai Air Force
  • Blue Phoenix <Aircraft:PC 9>

Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu

  • Arap Arap Formation <Aircraft:PC 7>

South Asia


Indian Air Force
Indian Navy


Pakistan Air Force
  • Shell Dills <Aircraft: K-8>

West Asia


Turkish Air Force


Jordanian Air Force

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Air Force

United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates Air Force


Israeli Air Force



Australian Air Force
  • Roulettes <Aircraft:PC 21>

New Zealand

New Zealand Air Force
  • Red Checkers <Aircraft:CT-4E>
  • Black Falcons <Aircraft:T-6C>



Egyptian Air Force
  • Silver Star <Aircraft:K-8E>


Moroccan Air Force

South Africa

South African National Defense Force
  • Silver Falcons <Aircraft:PC 7>


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Air show

Air show(Kokuu show)aircraftThemedEvents..Of the new modelTrade fair(Announcement and business negotiations),army Ofpublic relationsIt is done for activities.Acrobat as an attraction (Aerobatic flight) Is also often held, and it is also open to the general public.

Fly as a competition, not as an exhibition to the audienceAerobatic flightTournament (Air race) Is not included,Red Bull Air Race World SeriesThen, as a sideshow, a demonstration flight will be held by the army of the host country, aerobatic aviators, and participating athletes.


United Kingdom-Farnborough Airshow,France-Paris Air ShowIs a show for business negotiations, and is divided into a trade day centered on business negotiations and a public day that is open to the public, and is known worldwide for its large number of exhibitors.Other than that, each countryMilitary airfieldIt is often held at private airfields, etc.Military aircraft,Commercial aircraftGround exhibitions or exhibition flights are held, and depending on the year, aerobatic corps of the military may fly.

Air shows held in Europe and the United States are aimed at public relations activities of the military, as well as the sale and promotion of aircraft as described above.Trade fairIn addition to exhibiting aircraft at such shows, there are also shows in each country.Aircraft manufacturerThere are also many briefing sessions and exhibition booths, etc., where manufacturers actively introduce products and promote sales to customers (various from private companies to the military).On the other hand, every yearThe United States of AmericaWisconsinOshkoshWill be held inEAA AirVenturelike,Home built aircraftThere are also many private events held on behalf of each other (the military also participates as a guest every year).


JapanIn the case ofJapan Air Self-Defense ForceAir festival is held every year at bases all over the countrySDFIn addition to the machine, depending on the host baseU.S. ForcesExhibition of machinesAcrobatic Exhibition Flight TeamBlue ImpulseAerobatic flight is also performed.Also,JMSDF,Japan Ground Self-Defense Force,US Army in JapanSimilar base festivals are held at bases and garrison where the aircraft of Japan is operated.

In Japan, most of the festivals are held for the purpose of publicizing the Self-Defense Forces, such as base festivals held by the Self-Defense Forces.Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismThe number of private air shows is increasing, such as events related to Sky Day (September 9th) advocated by.in recent yearsYoshihide MuroyaAerobatic aviators such as are flying at various events as well as air festivals.

Major air shows


United States flag The United States of America

Canadian flag Canada


British flag United Kingdom

French flag France

German flag Germany

Swiss flag Switzerland

  • Dudonberg Air Show
  • Freegel Demon Stration Axalp (Open training held at a shooting training ground in a mountainous area at an altitude of 2250 m)


Russian flag Russia


Japanese flag Japan

Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku

Republic of China(Taiwan

  • Taiwan Air Force Air Festival (all over Taiwan)

Republic of Korea flag South Korea

Malaysia flag Malaysia

Singapore flag Singapore

Indian flag India

United Arab Emirates flag UAE


Australian flag Australia

Other domestic air shows

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