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✈ | [Tokyo] Haneda Airport Souvenir Report, Asakusa Fortune-telling Experience, Gourmet Articles Best 10 (June 6-July 27)


[Tokyo] Top 10 articles to be worried about, from Haneda Airport souvenir repo to Asakusa fortune-telling experience and gourmet (June 6-July 27)

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For the time being, the classic "Jin Din Rou Xiaolongbao" is topped with black vinegar and ginger.

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    Jin Din Rou Xiaolongbao

    Black vinegar

    Black vinegar(Kurozu) is made from grainsBrewed vinegarKind of.blackIt is characterized by exhibiting color.However, there are differences in raw materials between Japanese black vinegar and Chinese black vinegar.[1]..Vinegar vinegar[1], Rice black vinegar[1]Also called.

    The traditional method is to use ceramic jars lined up in the open air.Saccharification, Alcohol fermentation, acetic acid fermentation and brewing[1].

    Japanese black vinegar

    Japanese black vinegar is made from rice, rice jiuqu, and water.[1].

    In Japan, in 1975, Akio Sakamoto (Chairman of Sakamoto Brewing Co., Ltd.) of Sakamoto Brewing Co., Ltd. in Fukuyama-cho, Aira-gun, Kagoshima Prefecture (currently Fukuyama-cho, Kirishima City) called the rice vinegar made in a pot "Kurozu (black vinegar)". It was the first time to name it and sell it nationwide.[Source required]..Is containedcitric acidFatigue recovery,amino acidIs said to be useful for dietinghealthy foodAs one of them, it has been booming, and various products have been developed and released on a large scale.Regarding the effect, it seems that each company is conducting a demonstration experiment.However, overdose can be harmful to your health.[2].

    Chinese black vinegar

    For Chinese productsSorghum,barleyIs also used, and is often called "rice vinegar" in Japan.[1].

    Nutritional value

    Essential amino acidsIncluding a lot.

    When black vinegar extract was orally administered to spontaneously hypertensive rats,blood pressureHas been reported to have decreased significantly depending on the dose.[3]..In addition, the effect of suppressing the increase in blood pressure was also observed by ingesting vinegar.This effect isRenin-Angiotensin-AldosteroneIt was due to the gentle suppression of the system[4].


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