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🚗 | Koji Murofushi, Commissioner of the Japan Sports Agency "We would like to cooperate in expanding the base of motor sports" New JAF Go ...


Koji Murofushi, Commissioner of the Japan Sports Agency "We would like to cooperate in expanding the base of motor sports" New JAF Go ...

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Mr. Murofushi also said, "Unfortunately, due to the influence of Korona-ka, many championships such as the Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Road Race, the WEC World Endurance Championship, the F1 Japan Grand Prix, and Rally Japan have been forced to cancel.

Japan Automobile Federation (JAF) has issued a newly issued go-kart license to Koji Murofushi Sports ... → Continue reading


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Suzuka 8 time endurance road race

Suzuka 8 time endurance road race(Suzuka Hajiki Taikiyu Road Race)ENDWorld Endurance ChampionshipEvery summer as one battle ofSuzuka CircuitJapan's largest held inMotorcycle racing.. Popular nameSuzuka 8 Hours(I want to be Suzuka),8 hours(Hachitai).


One of the famous summer Suzuka races, 8 hours by motorcycleEndurance race.2017The race currently starts at 11:30 am, ends in night race after sunset and ends in night race, and ends when the top team crosses the goal line just after 7:30 pm.

1978Will be held from1980FromWorld Endurance ChampionshipIncorporated as one of the races, especially in the 1980s and early 1990s, it became a great excitement, coupled with the peak of the Japanese bike population. The population of Suzuka City at that time was about 14, but the 1990 race recorded a spectator mobilization of 16, far exceeding that, and the total number of visitors during the tournament period was 36. .. Even though motorcycle sales have fallen sharply with the times, motor sports boasting one of the leading domestic customers as a summer tradition in the road racing world.Events.

1984ThanJapan Coca-Cola Crown sponsorHas become. The annual title is "Coca ColaBut, for a while "Coca-Cola Zero, Or sister productsSpriteThere was a year when it was the crown of ".

It used to be a gateway to young riders aiming for the world.Kevin Maggie,Kevin Schwantz,Michael DoohanWith the success of Suzuka 8 HoursWGPGrabbed the ticket.Wine GardnerBecame known as his first pole position in 1981 when he was unknown, and he became known (WGP debuted in 1983). Shortly after retiring from WGP, they grew up ahead of their success overseas.Kenny robertsAnd the leading person in JapanTadahiko TairaThe formation of a combination by 1985 was also a big topic, and since then the four major motorcycle manufacturers in Japan have put prestige on WGP andSuperbike World ChampionshipSince sending the top rider from the mid-1980s-just like the 1990 hours of the 8s "racing rider world championship" was booming to say.

In recent years, the number of overseas riders has been decreasing due to the overlap of schedules with MotoGP (formerly WGP) and the exhaustion caused by the harshness of the race itself. Japanese ace-class riders fighting in a fierce battle that is as fierce as before.

The day before the finalMfjA "Suzuka 4-hour endurance road race" will be held where only domestic license holders or freshman license holders can participate. Also, due to the large number of motorcycle visitors, a city parade mainly featuring motorcycles will be held. Once upon a time, thousands of runaway tribes gathered and police were dispatched.

Various events such as "night pit walk" and "bike parade" are held on the course at the eve of the festival, which is very lively with families. In 2000TRFThere was also an era when there was a grand stage, such as a live performance using a helicopter and a live show on the eve of the festival, and a campaign on stage. In recent years, from the concept of "closer to the race with visitors", we have started to devote time to the night pit walk without making a big stage. From 2010,SKE48Participated in the "Suzuka Circuit Motorsports Cheering Group" and performed live on the course, creating new excitement. Although unofficial8 Anti-manA pair of characters, called "," appears and disappears, adding flowers to make memories with visitors.

Until the time when it was promoted to the World Championship series in 1980 (1977 hours endurance before 6), regulation was gradual, soHonda CBX1000,Kawasaki Z1000,Suzuki・GS1000, A commercial vehicle modified car from to,Honda RS,Yamaha TZPure racers such as were running mixed without class. Among them, 500ccSingle cylinder engine40 hp privateer vehicle equipped withYamaha SR"Road Bomber", which was the prototype of, was awarded the 8th place (1978). In the TT-F1 era, the front wheel has a cantilever hub center steer unit, the rear wheel has a cantilever swing arm unit, and there is no main frame.elevenSuch as the enthusiastic machine, the Honda CBR600, who dared to compete in a lightweight and compact form, the Suzuki GSX-R400 with a turbo tuned by a trust, the BMW K75 with a Yamaha frame, etc. Rich machines participated.

In recent years, "Young Discount 0 yen campaign" that invites students for free (prior application required), "Campaign with children" that allows 1 children to enter for free for one adult, and in 5 At the Traffic Education Center next to the International Racing Course, we are also focusing on cultivating new fans such as "2017 festivals" where artists perform live during the race.

The traditional Suzuka 8 Hours has been held early in the championship, but it is the promoter of the championship.Euro sports・François Ribeiro, representative of the event, will hold the 2017 championship in September 2016.Bol d'or 24 hoursIt was announced that the final round of Suzuka 2017 Hours in July 7 will be started[2].

February 2019, with Mobility LandFrench West Automobile Club(ACO) signed a Le Mans friendship agreement with Suzuka Circuit. As a result, the "Le Mans Award" was awarded to the top European team in the Suzuka 8 Hours.24 Hours of Le Mans Road RaceAnnounced that it will make efforts such as presenting the "Suzuka Award" to the Asian top team at[3].


Tournament name

  • 1978-1979: International Suzuka 8 Hours Motorcycle Race
  • 1980-1983: World Championship Series Suzuka 8-hour endurance motorcycle race
  • 1984-1987: World Championship Series "Coca-Cola" Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Motorcycle Race
  • 1988: World Endurance Championship Series "Coca-Cola" Suzuka 8-hour endurance road race
  • 1989-1990: FIM endurance cup series "Coca-Cola" Suzuka 8 hours endurance road race
  • 1991-1996: FIM World Endurance Championship Series "Coca-Cola" Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Road Race
  • 1997: FIM World Endurance Championship Series"Sprite Cool" Suzuka 8-hour endurance road race
  • 1998-1999: FIM World Endurance Championship Series "Sprite" Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Road Race
  • 2000-2005: FIM World Endurance Championship Series "Coca-Cola" Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Road Race
  • 2006: FIM World Endurance Championship Series/FIM Cup Endurance of Nations "Coca-Cola" Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Road Race[4]
  • 2007: QMMF FIM World Endurance Championship Series"Coca-Cola Zero"Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Road Race
  • 2008-2012: QTEL FIM World Endurance Championship Series "Coca-Cola Zero" Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Road Race
  • 2013-2016: FIM World Endurance Championship Series "Coca-Cola Zero" Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Road Race
  • 2017 -: FIM World Endurance Championship Final Round "Coca-Cola" Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Road Race

Winner & Winning Team Machine

Yearsラ イ ダ ーTeam (machine)NumberNumber of lapstime
1978United States flag Wes Cooley
United States flag Mike Baldwin
Yoshimura Japan
1979Australian flag
Australian flag
OUR TEAMHonda·Australia
(Honda CB900F)
1980United States flag Wes Cooley
New Zealand flag Graeme Crosby
Yoshimura R & D
1981United States flag Mike Baldwin
United States flag David Ardana
Honda France
(Honda RS1000)
1982Japanese flag
Japanese flag
Blue helmet MSC
1983French flag
Belgian flag
HB Japanese sea bass·France
1984United States flag Mike Baldwin
United States flag Fred Markel
America Honda
(Honda RS750R)
1985Australian flag Wine Gardner
Japanese flag
Team HRC
(Honda RVF750)
1986Australian flag Wine Gardner
French flag Dominic salon
Team HRC
(Honda RVF750)
1987West Germany flag Martin Wimmer
Australian flag Kevin Maggie
Shiseido TECH21 Racing team ·Yamaha
(Yamaha YZF750)
1988Australian flag Kevin Maggie
United States flag Wayne Rainey
team·Lucky strike-Roberts·Yamaha
(Yamaha YZF750)
1989French flag Dominic salon
French flag
beams Honda with Ikuzawa
(Honda RVF750)
1990Japanese flag Tadahiko Taira
United States flag Eddie Lawson
Shiseido TECH21 Racing Team Yamaha
(Yamaha YZF750)
1991Australian flag Wine Gardner
Australian flag Michael Doohan
OKI Honda racing team
(Honda RVF750)
1992Australian flag Wine Gardner
Australian flag Daryl beaty
OKI Honda Racing Team
(Honda RVF750)
1993United States flag Scott Russell
New Zealand flag Aaron Slight
Ito HamRacingKawasaki
(Kawasaki ZXR-7)
1994United States flag Doug Paulen
New Zealand flag Aaron Slight
Team HRC
(Honda RVF/RC45)
1995New Zealand flag Aaron Slight
Japanese flag Tadayuki Okada
Team HRC
(Honda RVF/RC45)
1996United States flag Colin Edwards
Japanese flag Noriyuki Haga
Yamaha Racing Team
(Yamaha YZF750SP)
1997Japanese flag Shinichi Ito
Japanese flag Toru Ukawa
Horipro・Honda with HART
(Honda RVF/RC45)
1998Japanese flag Shinichi Ito
Japanese flag Toru Ukawa
Lucky strike honda
(Honda RVF/RC45)
1999Japanese flag Tadayuki Okada
Brazilian flag Alex Barros
Lucky strike honda
(Honda RVF/RC45)
2000Japanese flag Toru Ukawa
Japanese flag Daijiro Kato
(Honda VTR1000SPW)
2001Italian flag Valentino Rossi
United States flag Colin Edwards
Japanese flag
Team cabin honda
(Honda VTR1000SPW)
2002Japanese flag Daijiro Kato
United States flag Colin Edwards
Team cabin honda
(Honda VTR1000SPW)
2003Japanese flag Yukio Ikumi
Japanese flag
Team Sakurai Honda
(Honda VTR1000SPW)
2004Japanese flag Toru Ukawa
Japanese flag Hitoshi Izutsu
Seven Star·Honda
(Honda CBR1000RRW)
2005Japanese flag Kiyonari Ryuichi
Japanese flag Toru Ukawa
Seven Star·Honda

(Honda CBR1000RRW)

2006Japanese flag Takeshi Tsujimura
Japanese flag Shinichi Ito
FCC TSR ZIP-FM Racing team
(Honda CBR1000RR)
2007Japanese flag Kagayama Toshiomi
Japanese flag Kouki Akiyoshi
Yoshimura Suzuki with JOMO
(Suzuki GSX-R1000)
2008Japanese flag Kiyonari Ryuichi
Spanish flag Carlos Checa
Dream Honda Racing Team 11
(Honda CBR1000RRW)
2009Japanese flag Daisaku Sakai
Japanese flag
Japanese flag Nobuatsu Aoki
Yoshimura Suzuki with JOMO
(Suzuki, GSX-R1000)
2010Japanese flag Kiyonari Ryuichi
Japanese flag Takaaki Nakagami
Japanese flag Takumi Takahashi
(Honda CBR1000RRK)
2011Japanese flag Kouki Akiyoshi
Japanese flag Shinichi Ito
Japanese flag Kiyonari Ryuichi

(Honda CBR1000RRW)

2012Japanese flag Kouki Akiyoshi
British flag Jonathan Ray
Japanese flag Tadayuki Okada

(Honda CBR1000RRW)

2013Japanese flag Takumi Takahashi
British flag Leon Haslam
Dutch flag
(Honda CBR1000RRW)
2014Japanese flag Takumi Takahashi
British flag Leon Haslam
Dutch flag Michael van der mark
(Honda CBR1000RRW)
2015Japanese flag Katsuyuki Nakasuka
Spanish flag Pol Espargaro
British flag Bradley Smith
(Yamaha YZF-R1)
2016Japanese flag Katsuyuki Nakasuka
Spanish flag Pol Espargaro
British flag Alex Loews
(Yamaha YZF-R1)
2017Japanese flag Katsuyuki Nakasuka
British flag Alex Loews
Dutch flag Michael van der mark
(Yamaha YZF-R1)
2018Japanese flag Katsuyuki Nakasuka
British flag Alex Loews
Dutch flag Michael van der mark
(Yamaha YZF-R1)
2019British flag Jonathan Ray
British flag Leon Haslam
Turkish flag Toprak Razgat Riogle
Kawasaki Racing Team Suzuka 8H
(Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R)
2020New coronavirus infectionCanceled due to
2022Japanese flag Takumi Takahashi
Japanese flag Tetsuta Nagashima
Spanish flag Iker Lecuona
(Honda CBR1000RR-R SP)

Record number of wins

Record pole position

  • 7th-Shinichi Ito (98, 99, 03-06, 08)
  • 5 times-Wine Gardner (81, 84, 86, 87, 89)
  • 4th-Katsuyuki Nakasuka (12, 13, 17, 19)
  • 3 times-Graeme Crosby (79, 80, 83), Michael Doohan (90, 91, 93)
  • 2 times - Pol Espargaro(15, 16)
  • Once-(1), Pierre E. Samin (78),Kenny roberts(85), Wayne Rainey (88),Shinya Takeishi(92)、スコット・ラッセル(94)、(95)、アーロン・スライト(96)、加藤大治郎(97)、芳賀紀行(00)、梁明(01)、アレックス・バロス(02)、カルロス・チェカ(07)、秋吉耕佑(09)、酒井大作(10)、加賀山就臣(11)、Takuya Tsuda(14), Jonathan Ray (18), Tetsuta Nagashima (22)

Changes in regulations

  • 1980-1983 TT-F1 (4-stroke(1,000cc or less)
  • 1984-1993 TT-F1 (4-stroke 750cc or less, 2-stroke 500cc or less)
  • 1994-2003 Superbike (4-stroke 4-cylinder 750cc or less, 3-cylinder 900cc or less, 2-cylinder 1,000cc or less)
  • 2004-2006 Superbike (2006 only works JSB, 4-stroke 1,000cc or less), super production, super stock
  • 2007 Superbike JSB1000 (JSB/8 stroke 4cc or less only for domestic teams participating in 1,000hours only), super production, superstock
  • 2008 Formula EWC (4-stroke 4-cylinder 1,000cc or less 2-cylinder 1,200cc or less) and super stock

Chief Events

  • 1982 The race was shortened to 6 hours due to the approach of a typhoon. What was shaken 6 hours later,Checkered flagIt was not a red flag.
  • In 1989, Michael Doohan, who failed to pull out the machine that was delayed on the 126th lap, fell into contact with the delayed lap and fell. Doohan is retired by injuring the left ring finger and little finger.
  • After 1989 hours in 8, a spectator broke into the course and the red flag was presented before the checkered flag was shaken for all cars. Therefore, the result of the race was the control line passing rank one lap before, and the positions of 1rd and 3th place were swapped, and Yamaha was on the final lap.Peter Goddard/ Kawasaki, who should have pulled out the pair, tears. Also, while the winning Salon/VIERA group made 203 laps, the record was 202 laps. After that, with the slogan "Checkers for all riders"Etiquette upCampaignHas begun.
  • In 1993, Eddie Lawson, who had run fast on the top, fell off the course due to oil, and instead, Douhan/Beaty Douhan, who stood on the top, fell on oil while running alone. None of them processed the oil flag.
  • In 1994, 30 minutes after the start, one machine, which was delayed in the lap, blew oil over and burned. The top group approached there, and a few of them fell on the oil and plunged into the burning flame. As a result, the red flag was suspended and it was the first two-heat race ever. Part of the winning candidate,Satoshi Tsujimoto/Daijiro KatoUnfortunately, the team burned the machine and had no spare machine to retire. Also,Tadayuki Okada/Toru UkawaThe group restarted because it was the third rider because Ukawa, who had fallen, was injured. Since the race was delayed due to the interruption, priority was given to securing transportation for the spectators on their way back, and the race was ended with a red flag waving at 3:19.
  • 1995 From the start of this year's race, the live race announcer at that time called on the audience to start the countdown for everyone from 10 seconds ago. Even before that, announcers could countdown and spectators spontaneously clap, but this year was the first time that circuit spectators were united. This countdown also had a certain effect on preventing the rider from flying. At the same time, a countdown from 8 seconds before the lapse of 10 hours has also started from this year, and with count 0, Aaron Slight received the checkered flag of the Suzuka 8 Hours 3rd consecutive victory with an unprecedented count, 10 seconds before the countdown of Suzuka 8 Hours. It was established as a standard item.
  • 1997 The special stage was canceled due to a typhoon hitting directly during Race Week this year.Therefore, the grid was decided by the record of the timekeeping qualifying held on Friday.
  • 2000 At 12:46 during the final race, he fell at 130R. Died after being admitted to the hospital. Year 47. It was the first fatal accident in the history of Suzuka 8 Hours.
  • 2002 A record of 219 laps, the longest lap record, was set.any of the machinesHonda VTR1000 SPW OfDaijiro Kato-Colin Edwardsset,Makoto Tamada-Tadayuki Okadaset,Alex Barros-Yuichi TakedaRecorded by the group
  • Immediately after the start of the 2003 final race, an Over Racing machine blew off the end while blowing oil, and at the first corner of the second lap, several top teams crashed into this oil and crashed into a pace car. At that time, Atsushi Watanabe and Tadayuki OkadaNicky HadenIs disqualified because he returned to the pits in a recovery vehicle.It was a natural ruling as an official, but despite being disqualified, Okada ignored it and ran a protest for several laps.By the way, in the 1995 race where Okada won, Kagayama and Tamura who crashed in the first corner were carried to the pit road by a recovery car at the official judgment, but in this case it is treated as "East Course Shortcut" and the lap Erasure + 1 lap subtraction is enough.
    • After that, even if a trouble occurred and the recovery vehicle was used, it was no longer disqualified.The lap will be treated as canceled, but there is no penalty for using it.
  • 2007 actorKoichi IwakiHas been appointed as Honorary Counselor of the tournament. Pole position Tadayuki Okada was awarded the first flying penalty in the history of 8-hours.
  • 2011 Great East Japan EarthquakeConsidering the power supply shortage caused by the above, the start time for this year was increased by 1 hour from the usual year to 10:30. Along with this, the goal time was also 18:30 and the nighttime running time was gone.
  • It was the first start delay in history due to rain on the west course just before the start of the 2014 final.As a result, the start time will be 12:35, but the goal time will be 19:30 as before, so the race will be 6 hours 55 minutes.In addition, four safety car runs occurred during the race.Also, from this year, the phosphorescent type became NG for the light emitting device of the vehicle number, and only the self-luminous type by electricity was accepted, and it became easier to identify the vehicle number when driving at night.If it is a self-luminous type, the light source and display method do not matter, but due to the balance of weight and power consumption, the mainstream light source is LED or organic EL.
  • 2016 From this year, due to regulation changes,Light TheAlways onWill be.However, the light-on sign from the official, which has been customary for a long time, has been continuously carried out, and the meaning has become different from the signal of the light emission of the vehicle number.In the race, no safety car run occurred, and the winner was YAMAHA FACTORY RACING TEAM and 1nd place.Team GREENHas recorded the highest number of 218 laps in the current course layout. In addition, Honda's top team was sluggish, and it was the first time in 1988 years to miss the podium since 27.
  • Saturday's TOP2018 trial on Saturday (one time attack from the top 10 teams in the official qualifying)Typhoon 12Due to the influence of, the time was changed to 40 minutes for 10 cars at the same time. The race is of the same team as YAMAHA FACTORY RACING TEAMKatsuyuki NakasukaHas achieved four consecutive victories, and both have set consecutive win records. However, Nakasuka did not enter the final race because of the fall in qualifying only in this year.
  • 2019Typhoon 6The TOP10 trial was canceled due to the influence of. Two minutes before the end of the race, the Kawasaki Racing Team, who was running the top two minutes before the end, fell on the final lap. Immediately after that, the red flag was interrupted and it ended. According to EWC regulations, Kawasaki Racing Team was unfinished and Yamaha FACTORY RACING TEAM, which was running 2nd, was announced as the winner, and the award ceremony was held in this order.[5].. However, a protest over the prescribed operation was later accepted, and the position one lap before the red flag was applied was applied, and it turned around and the Kawasaki Racing Team won the result.[6]
  • The 2020rd in 43 was originally2020 Tokyo OlympicsIt was scheduled to be changed from the last week of July of the usual year to the final day of July 7, 2020, taking into account the date of[1]But,New coronavirus infectionPostponed from October 10th to November 30st as part of measures to prevent the spread of[7].. However, it was announced that the tournament will be canceled on August 8, saying, "It is difficult for foreign teams to enter the country because there is no prospect of lifting restrictions on overseas travel."[8].
  • 2021年も延期された東京五輪の開催日程を考慮したスケジュールだったが、3月17日に国内外の感染状況や渡航規制の見通しなどを受け「鈴鹿8時間耐久ロードレース」の延期と「全日本ロードレース選手権シリーズ MFJグランプリ」の開催日を変更。7月15日~18日に開催予定だった鈴鹿8耐が11月5日~7日に、当初11月6日・7日に予定していたMFJグランプリは7月17日・18日に開催される[9]..However, as in 2020, the cancellation of the tournament was announced on August 8th.[10].
  • In 3, when the 8rd Suzuka 43 Hours Endurance Road Race was held over the next three years, there were players who could not enter the country due to visa application problems and teams who declined to participate due to the lack of team structure, resulting in 2022 cars participating. stayed[11].In addition, due to the combination of bad weather with free practice and qualifying, there were many riders who fell or could not clear the 108% rule.As a special measure, the 108% rule was exempted, and the TOP10 trial was a 40-minute timed preliminaries for 10 cars at the same time.The cause has not been announced, but FCC TSR Honda France fell at the chicane during free practice before qualifying.Doctor helicopterIt is in a situation to be urgently transported in[12].In the race, Team HRC, who recorded the only time in the 2 min 04 sec range in qualifying, won the race by lapping all the cars behind. It was his 8th victory, the first in 28 years for his Honda.[13].

TV/Internet relay

Recorded video

  • In 1985 with Honda Land (later Suzuka Circuit)Asuka videoWill produce an official video recording.

live broadcast

  • In 1986, the first simultaneous satellite relay with Honda Land and Asuka images was held,Tama TechとHondaIt was sent to the Aoyama headquarters. Also, the patterns of 1985 and 1986 are summarized in one.Laser discWas released.
  • For a while since 1989NHK-BSThe full live broadcast was held. However, it was broadcast with voluntary restrictions such as not broadcasting the sponsor name. Also, in 1992 and 1994, four hours in the middle will be switched to baseball relay, in 4Atlanta OlympicsTherefore, it was hard to say that it was a complete broadcast because live broadcasting was not performed.
    • 1989-1997 until NHK highlights began to be broadcast in late August. Some of them were sold on laser disks (8, 1990 BGM modified version) and videos.
  • NHK-BS, Sky Sports (CS broadcasting,AfterJ SPORTS), TBS acquired broadcasting rights from 1996, and TBS BS digital station in 2002BS-i8 hours full live broadcast[Source required].
  • From 2002, Suzuka CircuitITWith the cooperation of companies, etc.StreamingbyインターネットThere was also a live video distribution, so in 2005Yahoo! JapanConducted live internet broadcasting. In addition, in 2006 live broadcast, both CS and netcircuitThe live commentary inside was used.
  • From 2003Pay Per ViewAs a (PPV) program,Perfect choicePreliminary program and 8 hours full live broadcast. It is also the official partner station of Suzuka CircuitTV OsakaThe digest program of the production was broadcast on TV Tokyo affiliates.
  • From 2013 to 2018,BS12 TwelveBroadcast on (CBC TVProduction cooperation). Although it was a delayed recording broadcast from 2013:13 in 2014, it has been broadcasting live from XNUMX, and it was one of the few live broadcast programs produced in-house by Twelby.
    • Since 2017, we have implemented a two-voice system. The main voice is the live commentary of the circuit, the sub voice is Twelby's original live condition, the sub voice is Shunji Yatsushiro,Master TakahashiWas invited to ask questions about the appeal of Suzuka 8 Hours and Twitter. For each of the seconds before the CM and after the CM, all were unified to Twelby's own voice, and at the beginning of the CM, the application phone numbers of prizes were notified.
    • In addition to broadcasting a number of broadcasts a few weeks before the race, in 2015, it broadcasted an hour special program on Saturday night.
  • Official Suzuka Circuit in 2015 and 2016UstreamWith the official of 4, all sessions on the Internet including 8 Hours (excluding 2017 Hours final)FacebookIn the distribution, all sessions were broadcasted on the Internet, including special sports driving and timing monitor distribution of the 8 endurance race. AlsoNico Nico Live Broadcastが公式生放送(2013年分以降トゥエルビ協力)で、2012年のフリー走行・予選・4耐の予選決勝の生中継、2013年・2014年の録画中継(2015年開催時)、2005å¹´ - 2015年のダイジェスト放映(2016年開催時)、2015年・2016年の全セッションの生中継(8耐決勝を除く)を行った。
  • In 2018, in response to the increase in entries from the Asian region in the Suzuka 8 Hours and the Suzuka 4 Hours Endurance Road Race co-sponsored,FacebookLive distribution outside Japan through. Suzuka 8 Hours will be broadcast in English and Thai, and Suzuka 4 Hours will be broadcast live in Thai.[14].
  • Nippon TVIncluding the Suzuka 8 HoursFIM World Endurance ChampionshipAcquired broadcasting rights for two seasons of 2018-2019, 2019-2020[15].. About Suzuka 8 HoursBS Nippon Television[16]-HuluOther live races on BS Nippon TelevisionNippon Telezitas(However, the 2019 Hours of Le Mans, which was held in May 5, was broadcast live on Nittele G + for 24 and a half hours, including before and after the goal).Prior to that, the 25-2018 season highlights were broadcast in 8 along with the 2017 Hours highlights.2021Is only continuing the highlight broadcast on BS Nippon Television.
  • In 2021, EWC broadcasting rightsJ SPORTSAnnounced that it was acquired.At the time of the announcement, it was stated that "the highlight program of all 5 races will be broadcast and distributed. Some live broadcasts and LIVE distribution will be planned." Was canceled)[17].
  • 2022 opened in the same yearBS Shochiku TokyuAnnounced in July of the same year that it acquired the broadcasting rights of the Suzuka 8 Hours and will broadcast it live for 8 hours on August 7, the same year.[18].

Planning/broadcasting within the program

  • 1985-1999 is a car information program "MOTORLAND』(Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.(Series) the digest version was broadcast.
  • "Do! Sports』(TV Tokyo series) has been broadcasting a special plan of 1983 hours every year since 8. In the programMoriwaki EngineeringWith the full cooperation of the team, he formed a team to participate in, and also participated in 4 and 8 hours.
  • "CLUB Shinsuke』(Asahi Broadcasting), every year after the program ends in AugustShimada ShinsukeLeadTeam ShinsukeWas documented in the war (1988-1995). In addition, Shinsuke is a Sunday morning live program "Sunday project』(TV AsahiAffiliated) was taking a rest, but the program was connected to the beginning of the program and a relay at the ending of the program each time the program was performed by Team Shinsuke.
  • 1986-1988TBS TVA related program was broadcast in.
  • Since 2009, CBC TV has been broadcasting a 8-minute document program as "Suzuka 30 Hours Document" a few weeks after the race.

Works in which Suzuka 8 Hours appears


  • "Two hawks』(Kaoru Shintani,Weekly Shonen Sunday, 1981-1985)-The first work in the comic book on endurance racing. In this work, a story set in the Suzuka 8 Hours is depicted twice in the middle and second half of the story.
  • "Winter sunflower" (Hiroyuki Itsuki, 1985)-A forbidden love story set in the stage of 1984 hours in 8. Near the 1st corner of the grandstand, there was a plate of the Itsuki song monument where Asako Tono and Toru Moriya met, but it was lost during the repair work of the stand.[19].
  • "Wind, to Suzuka] (Shimansuke Shimada, 1988)-A novel based on the challenge of Team Shinsuke, who first entered the war in 1986.
  • "D-LIVE !!』(Ryoji Minagawa,Weekly Shonen Sunday, 2002-2006)-The hero's super multi-driver, Satoshi Ikaruga, participates in place of an injured 8 resistance rider at the request of mechanic Hatsune Shimizu. (Volume 5 Episode 17 "On the Road")

Movies/TV dramas

  • "Passenger days gone by(1987)-In the playHonda MinakoThe (starring) concert scene was filmed at the 1987th Eve Festival in 8.
  • "Wind, to Suzuka" (TBS, 1988)-A TV drama based on the novel of the same name.
  • "Gachinko! ] (TBS, 2001)-Broadcasting "Bali Bali Legend", a plan for amateurs to participate in the Suzuka 8 Hours with a few months of special training.
  • "President Daisuke's production strategy! (TBS, 2011)-In response to the request of once retired rider Ryosuke Nakagi, with the slogan of "Ganbaro Japan", Team Shinsuke was revived for the first time in 16 years.


  • "Coca-Cola Suzuka Eight Hours" (Namco…AfterBANDAI NAMCO Games, 1992)-Experience game machine for business. Up to 4 people can play at the same time, and the pattern of the race will be played on the center monitor. 8 It is tied up with "Coca-Cola", which is a crown sponsor.
  • "Suzuka Eight Hours 2" (Namco ... later Bandai Namco Games, 1993)-A sequel in which all four courses can be selected.
  • "Suzuka Eighth Hours" (Namco ... Later Bandai Namco Games, 1993)-Super Nintendo ported work.


This song was written and composed by Shirai as the theme song for Suzuka 8 Hours.As the eve of the final race, Takako Shirai & CRAZYBOYS performed a live "NEXT GATE LIVE" on a special outdoor stage in the Suzuka Circuit, which was a great success.This is the first time in the history of Suzuka Circuit that an outdoor live performance will be held on the eve of the race.The great success of this live triggered the eve of the live performance by musicians every year at the Suzuka 8 Hours.
  • "Kaze no Tabibito" Lyrics: Hiroyuki Itsuki, Composition: Tsubame Umi (Yamazaki Hako)
  • "Boys on the road"/Nakamura Ayumi Lyrics: Ayumi Nakamura / Composition:Toshihiko Furumura
  • "The Boy's Eyes" / Ayumi Nakamura Lyrics and Composition: Ayumi Nakamura
  • "Wind, to SuzukaLyrics: Shinsuke Shimada / Composition:Takahara - A song produced as the theme song for the above TV drama of the same name.Even in the actual 8 hours, it is customary to be swept away in the hall after the awards ceremony.
  • "Kaze ga Unduru" Lyrics and composition:BORON
  • "8-Ho" Lyrics and composition: Hiroshi Sasaki
  • "Tomorrow no ONE MORE TRY" Lyrics:Naoki Matsubira/ CompositionRuddy Midnight Runners
  • "Lock ON SUMMER" (2003 Yasui Image Song)/Saltita
  • "Circuit Ondo" lyrics written by Takahara
  • "Rush-something in the future"/Elianna


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