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🚗 | [Yokohama] Motorcycle Photo Contest Held


[Yokohama] Held a motorcycle photo contest

If you write the contents roughly
Post a "landscape photograph with a motorcycle" and "thoughts of a motorcycle accident zero declaration" taken in Yokohama city on SNS, and win a prize.

"Yokohama City and Motorcycles" is the theme ・ Post your favorite photos in Yokohama City, "YOKOHAMA Bike Photoco ... → Continue reading

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Local / outing information site in the area around Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, such as Yokohama, Minatomirai, Motomachi-Chukagai, Kannai, etc.

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    Motorcycle Accident Zero Declaration

    Landscape photography

    Landscape photographyWhat is (Fukaishashin)?Everyday LifePhotographed写真It is a work. "Landscape" here meansNATURENot only the landscape of, but also the artificial landscape, that is,city,HouseAnd so on.


    When shooting a cityCity photo, When shooting the buildingArchitectural photography, When shooting a natural landscapeNature photography, When shooting mountains in natureMountain photographyIt is sometimes said. Also, recentlyAstrophotographyAnd as an intermediate area between landscape photography, an area called "starscape photography" has appeared.Railway photoEven in the area of, there are many things that take the railway as a scene of landscape photography.

    Targeting natureJapanLandscape photos ofJapanese paintingとPictorialismIt can be said that it started from the fusion of. Before the war, there were many works in which soft-focused, quiet, mostly dark Japanese landscapes were filmed.

    In addition, the scenery photograph is a souvenirPostcardIt is often told. The so-called “Yokohama Photography” in the Meiji era is an example of the first stage.


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