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🚗 | "A shameful crime while being a member of the Diet" Convicted by a former city council who collided with a motorcycle while driving under the influence of a drunk driver Kobe District Court


"A shameful crime while in the position of a member of the Diet" Convicted by a former city council who collided with a motorcycle while driving drunk Kobe District Court

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In the judgment on the 7th, the Kobe District Court pointed out that "a shameful crime while being a member of the Diet".

The Kobe District Court convicted a former city council in Koka City, Shiga Prefecture, who seriously injured a man riding a motorcycle while driving drunk ... → Continue reading

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    Kobe District Court

    Kobe District Court(Kobechihosaibansho) isHyogoKobe CityIt is inJapan OfDistrict courtOne of theHyogoHave jurisdiction over.AbbreviationIt is,Kobe District Court(This is small). Branches are located in Itami, Amagasaki, Akashi, Kashiwabara, Himeji, Shrine, Tatsuno, Toyooka, and Sumoto.

    It has jurisdiction over Hyogo Prefecture, and the Kobe District Court has the main office located in Chuo-ku, Kobe City,Itami City,Amagasaki,Akashi City, Kashiwara (Tamba city),Himeji, Company (Kato City), Tatsuno (Tatsuno City),Toyooka,SumotoWith 9 district courtsFamily courtIn addition to installing the branch of theNishinomiya,Tamba Mt. Sasayama,Kakogawa, Hamasaka (Bikata-gunShin Onsen Town) Added to 4 places to 14 placesSummary courtHas been installed. In addition, there are five of Kobe 5st, Kobe XNUMXnd, Itami, Himeji, ToyookaProsecution examination committeeIs also installed.


    1904(MeijiRed brick building (built in 37) (Kozo KawaiDesign)フ ァ サ ー ドIt has been saved.1991(Heisei3 years), renovation design by Kobe management office.



    Main office

    Itami Branch

    Amagasaki Branch

    Akashi Branch

    Kashiwara Branch

    Himeji Branch

    Company branch

    Tatsuno Branch

    Toyooka Branch

    Sumoto Branch

    *However, administrative cases and collaborative cases of branches of Itami/Akashi/Kashiwara/Sumoto and juvenile cases of branches of Itami/Akashi/Kashiwara are at the main agency, and those of company/Tatsuno branches are at Himeji branch. Respectively.

    * In addition, civil ordinary cases, bill cases, check cases, personnel cases, and maintenance orders cases under Nishi-ku, Kobe City will be handled by the Akashi branch, which is the original area of ​​jurisdiction, as well as by the central office due to special cases.

    *Main office and Itami, Amagasaki, Akashi, Kashiwara, Sumoto branch jurisdictionCriminal trial involving judgesIs the main office, and the criminal trials involving the judges in Himeji, the company, Tatsuno, and Toyooka branch are conducted in the Himeji branch.

    * Regarding execution cases of real estate auctions, the property is located in the central office of the central office, Akashi and Sumoto branch offices, and the property of the Amagasaki, Itami and Kashiwara branch offices is in the Amagasaki branch office, and the Himeji, company and Tatsuno branch offices are in the jurisdiction. The Himeji branch handles each of these properties.

    Issued judgment

    Successive directors

    (Term of office, post-employment, etc.)

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