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🚗 | Mazda CX-5 has a special white color ... North America's first "TAKUMINURI"

Photo Mazda CX-5 (US specification)

Special white color for Mazda CX-5 … First “TAKUMINURI” in North America

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By standardizing the i-ACTIV AWD, Mazda's driving dynamics will be emphasized.

On July 7, Mazda's US division announced the 26 model of the "CX-5" (Mazda CX-5).local… → Continue reading


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    standardization(Hyojunka,English : standardization(Standardization)) has various meanings depending on the context. The term "standard" includes the meaning of widely agreed guidelines for interoperability, and "standardization" generally refers to the process of establishing such standards.

    Social science,EconomicsThen, the idea of ​​"standardization" isGame theoryIt is close to the solution of.Each stakeholder arrives at a consistent decision as a whole, with some benefit to each. "Standardization" makes a better choice and uses the selection result as a standard.ApproveIt is a process to do.

    Incidentally,JISThe definition of "standard" in is as follows.
    "For the purpose of unification and simplification so that profits or conveniences can be obtained fairly among the people concerned (products of production activities) and non-things (organization, responsibility authority, system, method, etc.) (JIS Z 8002: 2006)


    engineering,industryIn the field of standardization, standardization is either "standard" or "standard" from among the many specifications on the market.specificationIt is a process of establishing the technical specifications that are said to be "Kikaku", and it is expected to bring profits without hindering the competitive principle of the market.It can also be seen as a mechanism for effective utilization of valuable resources such as forests consumed by the paper industry.For example, in EuropeelectricityIs 230 volt / 50Hz OfAlternating currentAnd of the lengthPhysical unit TheMeters.United KingdomOfficially approves the use of the metric system for business use, but generallyフ ィ ー トinchIs still in use.

    Social scienceThen, standardization means the process of establishing various standards and improving the efficiency of dealing with people, their interactions, and incidents.For example, formulation of judicial procedures, improvement of psychosis diagnosis, etc.Standardization in this sense is often discussed with (or synonymously) with large-scale social changes such as social modernization / bureaucratization / homogenization / centralization.

    In the exchange of information in business, standardization is a specific grammar using a specific grammar.Business processRefers to the process of developing a data exchange standard for.Such standards are non-profit standards bodies (UN / CEFACT,W3C,OASISEtc.) are often developed.

    de factoA standard is a standard that many people follow for convenience.De jureStandards are standards used for legal reasons such as contract terms.Government agencies often have to follow standards set by public standards bodies.Adoption of such standards may be a requirement in certain markets (or in certain companies, in certain organizations).thisIndustry standardThat.インターネットMany of the technical specifications forDe facto standardIs. To keep the term "standard" for institutions such as ISOW3CUses the word "Recommendations"IETFIs "Request for CommentsWe use the term "(RFC). These are also effectively included in the standard.

    To the standardopenWithProprietaryThere is something.

    The definition of ISO states that "the ISO standard is a technical agreement that provides a framework for establishing international technology compatibility."

    Other usages

    • Crude drug"Standardization" in-Concentrating the ingredients of crude drugs so that they can be used as ingredients for pharmaceutical products.
    • statistics"Standardization" in-Transforming the scale of a variable so that the mean or standard deviation has a specific value (of the variable)Standard scoreConversion to).
    • "Standardization" in an experiment-refers to an accurate and reproducible measurement method or its assessment.
    • supply chain management"Standardization" in-Strengthening commonality in processes, products, procurement, etc.This can delay manufacturing and procurement decisions.On the contrary, if many non-standard parts are used, it becomes inflexible.
    • New institutional economics"Standardization process"-A process started by a social problem called "coordination dilemma". "Standard" is the solution.

    Standards body

    International standardIt is,ISO,IEC,UPU,ITUIt is formulated and maintained by an international standardization body such as.In addition, as an international standardization organization for assembly and manufacturing quality in the manufacturing industry,IPC (electronics)And cooperates with many related international standards bodies.As a regional standards body, in EuropeCEN,CENELEC,ETSIand so on.Other regions include the American Standards Commission (COPANT), the Pacific Regional Standards Council (PASC), the African Standards Organization (ARSO), and the Arab Industrial Development and Mining Organization (AIDMO).As a standards body in a smaller area,MercosurStandards Organization (AMN),Caribbean communityStandards Organization (CROSQ),Association of Southeast Asian NationsStandardization Committee (ACCSQ) and others.More generally, each country (and industry) has a National Standards Body (NSB), which participates in various international standards bodies on behalf of the country.

    The NSB may be a public institution, or an industry group of companies from a particular industry (such groups often call themselves forums or consortiums, and the standards established by such groups are forum standards or consortium standards. Sometimes called (often called), something in between (for example)3GPPIt is,ETSI,ARIB,ATISIt is a standardization organization (standardization project) composed of standardization organizations of each country, but at the actual 3GPP standardization meeting,Ericsson,NTT DoCoMo,IntelThere are also companies such as (participating in the position of delegates of standards bodies in the country). In the NSB example, the NSBs in Canada, Mexico, and the United States are SCC, DGN, and SCC, respectively.ANSIIs. SCC is a state-owned public corporation in Canada, DGN is a government agency in Mexico, and ANSI is a non-profit organization in which the government and companies jointly participate.In order to judge whether an NSB is public or private, it is necessary to consider the historical background and the economic situation of the country.

    Standard statistics

    In Japan,Statistical methodBased onDesignated statistics, Has been implemented, and the government is conducting a survey and publication of official data.The preparation of official statistics makes it possible to evaluate the level of standardization activities and plays an important role.However, although statistics on patent activities of companies, etc. are prepared, statistics on standardization activities are not sufficiently prepared.

    2008The approval statistics carried out by the Japan Patent Office, "Intellectual PropertyIn the "Activity Survey", an item will be added to grasp the number of people engaged in patent activities who are also participating in standardization activities, and statistics on standardization activities have just begun to be prepared.


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