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🚗 | The 16rd generation crown pursues global safety performance [XNUMXth generation commemorative special project: The crown is ...


The 16rd generation crown has pursued safety performance that can be used globally.

If you write the contents roughly
Introduced riot police to lift the blockade of Tokyo University Yasuda Auditorium and Nihon University Faculty of Letters and Sciences
・Governor Minobe abolishes metropolitan gambling
・Tomei 346.7km line opened
・Nuclear ship "Mutsu" launched
・Beheiren holds an anti-war folk song rally at the West Exit of Shinjuku Station
・Apollo 11, the first human to land on the moon
・Prime Minister Sato visits the United States and meets with President Nixon
・"Tenjo Sajiki" led by Shuji Terayama opens an underground theater
・Pitcher Shoichi Kaneda achieved 400 wins and retired this year.
・Ikebukuro Parco Open
・Matsudo city's immediate department became a hot topic.

With the birth of the 16th generation Crown, a special serialization project to unravel the "first time" that has colored the charisma of each generation ... → Continue reading

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Prime Minister Sato visits the United States

    Tomei 346.7km line opened


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