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✈ | "Sky Day / Space Day" Commemorative Lecture, 9/13 Challenge of Rocket Development and Hybrid eVTOL

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"Sky Day / Space Day" Commemorative Lecture, September 9th Challenge of Rocket Development and Hybrid eVTOL

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This performance will be held at the Koku Kaikan in Shimbashi, Tokyo, based on online distribution.

A special lecture commemorating "Sky Day/Space Day" will be held on Tuesday, September 2022, 9.The Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences, Japan… → Continue reading

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Japan Aviation Association

Japan Aeronautic Association(Japan Airlines) isJapanAtSky sportsIt is the only organization that controls the (National Aero Club).International Aviation Federation (FAI)National Federation..In addition, the International Flight Departure and Arrival Coordination Secretariat, which is a subordinate organization,Narita International Airport,Tokyo International Airport,KIX,New Chitose Airport,Fukuoka AirportWe are also adjusting the schedule of the airlines that are operating in.


  • Meiji43 years(1910)- Ujihiro IgaBaron Japan Airplane AssociationTo establish.The chairmanOhte ShigenobuPiaget, Vice ChairmanYoshiro SakitaniBaron.To the presidentKunihiko Kunimiya.
  • Taisho2 years(1913) - CorporationImperial Flight AssociationIs launched.
  • 3th year of Taisho (1914) --Become a foundation.
  • 4th year of Taisho (1915)- National Flight AssociationIs established (Nagaoka GaishiChairman)[1]..Start training pilots (Yuuki Ozaki,Yozo Sato,Yukichi Goto,Kintaro Iinuma7 people were trained, but ended in 2 years)[2].
  • 7th year of Taisho (1918) --The Imperial Flight Association annexes the National Flight Association[1].
  • 8th year of Taisho (1919) --Join the International Aviation Federation.
  • Showa15 years(1940) - FoundationJapan Aeronautic AssociationReorganized into.
  • Showa 20 (1945) --After the end of the warGhqTraining, training, etc. of pilots and engineers are prohibited by the order of.Furthermore, the Japan Aeronautic Association was requested to dissolve by the end of the year.[3]Against this background, the Ministry of Communications Science Promotion Foundation was established.
  • Showa 27 (1952) --The Japan Aeronautic Association was established.
  • 24 (2012) --Transferred to the Japan Aeronautic Association.
  • 25 (2013) --The 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Imperial Flight Association.

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Successive presidents

The period in parentheses is the term of office. After the third chairman, Yanagida, "Japan Airlines,All Nippon AirwaysPresident of one of the two major aviation companies in Japan "transportationUnder SecretaryThe chairman is a person who has experienced either or both.

  1. Kiyoshi Gogo(1952-1961)Mitsubishi Heavy IndustriesServed as president and chairman
  2. Taizo Shoda(1962-1973)Japanese aircraft manufacturingServed as president and chairman of The Society of Japanese Aerospace Companies
  3. Seijiro Yanagita(1973-1981) President of Japan Airlines,Overseas Economic Cooperation FundServed as president
  4. Kaheita Okazaki(1981-1987) Served as President and Chairman of All Nippon Airways
  5. Mokuji Araki(1987-1991) Vice-Minister of Transport,Teito High Speed ​​Transportation CorpsServed as president
  6. Toru Akiyama(1991-1995) Vice-Minister of Transport,Japan Airport BuildingServed as president and chairman
  7. Shizuo Asada(1995-1996) Served as Vice-Minister of Transport and President of Japan Airlines
  8. Tokuji Wakasa(1997-1999) Served as Vice-Minister of Transport, President of All Nippon Airways, Chairman, etc.
  9. Matsuo Tomitsu(1999-2004) Served as President of Japan Airlines and Advisor of Japan Airlines
  10. Akio Kondo(2005-2011) Served as President, Vice Chairman, and Chief Advisor of All Nippon Airways
  11. Kichisaburo Nomura(2011-2019) Served as President and Chairman of All Nippon Airways, Special Advisor to ANA Holdings
  12. Osamu Shinobe (June 2019-) Served as President of All Nippon Airways and Special Advisor to ANA Holdings


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