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🚗 | Yukari Oshima, personal opinion on men who drive rough "The attitude towards women is also rough"


Yukari Oshima, personal opinion on men who drive rough "The attitude towards women is also rough"

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In a survey conducted by the Sirabee editorial department on 1,292 people with driver's licenses nationwide, 22.2% of them answered that they were "confident about their own driving."

["Baladan" talked about male car driving.Yukari Oshima seems to have a theory... Released on the 11th… → Continue reading


"Making'tell'intelligible" The news site "Sirabee" is a medium that combines survey data with news to convey information in an easy-to-understand manner.

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Driver's license

Driver's licenseWhat is (Untenmenkyo)?operationRequires a certain amount of skillmachineapparatus,FacilityFor drivinglicenseThat is. Issuing after certifying possession of license公 文書TheDriver's licenseThat.


AutomobileWith respect to the driver's license of, the license system based on the law is implemented in many countries of the world,testIt will be checked whether or not you have the skill and knowledge to operate safely, and it will be granted to those who are judged to have it as a result.

Driver's license of each country


In the Japanese system, regarding the driver's license system and rules,Road Traffic LawAnd lower order, and the management isPrefectures OfPublic Safety CommissionHowever, the actual work is done by delegation of laws and regulations.Metropolitan Police DepartmentAnd of each prefecturePolice headquartersHas done, and the driver's license isNational Public Safety Commission-National Police Agency Transportation BureauIt is a national qualification to receive management supervision.

道路InAutomobileandMotorized bicycle“Driving license” refers to the permission to specifically admit driving. And the driver's license isDriver's licenseIs to be delivered (Road Traffic LawArticle 92).


EuropeIf there is an instructor in the passenger seat,Public roadThere are countries where you can practice. Many driving schools do not have a practice field but only own an office and a training car. AlsoMoped(Motorcycle bicycle in Japan) does not require a license.


For example, France and so on, almost all schools, including urban areas such as Paris where many people live, do not have practice courses (because there is no space for practice courses in the city).

  • School facilities are at bestApartmentIt is an office and classroom for classrooms. On the day of admission to the driving school (after only a few hours of classroom attendance, it is the first day of admission), suddenly the practice on the street (public road) also begins. The vision required to pass isFranceIf 0.5 or more.

French schools are run by the state. In recent years, the number of instructors has fallen into a shortage, and as of January 2015, the average waiting time is 1 days from the time of application until the start of training. Since the people are demanding "immediate improvement of the situation," the French government will take measures to increase the number of instructors to "improve the situation from "waiting for 98 days" to "waiting for 98 days". Are being considered and realization is desired.

As an urgent measure, "post-state (state-owned) staff will be trained as a school instructor by providing short-term training to become a school instructor", but among ordinary people who are trying to obtain a license There are many people who feel that “an instructor who has not been adequately trained will be in trouble”, and the post office officials also said that “the unemployment rate is high, so no post office staff. Should not be a school instructor (the country should hire new instructors to help improve unemployment)."[1].

Middle East

Saudi Arabia

Women were prohibited from driving, but on June 2018, 6, women were prohibited from driving.[2][3][4][5][6].


In China, it is stipulated by the People's Republic of China Road Traffic Safety Law Ordinance and the People's Republic of China Motor Vehicle Driving Certificate Management Act, and is 18 years of age or olderTrackless trainCan be acquired at the age of 20 or older, medium passenger car is 21 years old, large passenger car is 26 years old, but there is an upper limit and it can be acquired until 70 years old (up to 50 years old for large and medium passenger cars, large cargo and trackless trains) Has become. At the age of 60, large and medium-sized licenses other than agricultural vehicles and general motorcycles were revoked. At the age of 70, all licenses were revoked except for small cars and mopeds.

Hong Kong


It is stipulated by the Road Traffic Safety Regulations, and those who drive cars or motorcycles on the roadMinistry of Transportation of the Republic of ChinaThe driver's license is to be issued by.

South Korea

It is stipulated by the Republic of Korea Road Traffic Act, and a person driving a car or motorbike on the road is supposed to issue a driver's license from the police chief (being acted by the Road Traffic Authority as a representative). Road Traffic Act Article 80).

The United States of America

The United States of AmericaThen the Road Traffic ActFederal lawnotState LawSo eachStateThe department in charge of the (road department or automobile department) is in charge of issuing. However, foreigners staying for diplomacy or official use (DiplomatAggreman・For foreign and public visa holders)United States Department of StateA driver's license can be issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The age of acquisition varies from state to state, but in most cases, the age is 16 years or older, and subject classes and written tests are available from the age of 15. Courses for under 18shigh schoolMost of them are held at schools and driving schools, and older people read the driver's guide and take the written test. Unlike in Japan, if there is a trainer in the passenger seat (must meet the requirements of age and years of driving experience), a person who has never driven will display "Student Driver" on the road. There are some places where you can practice. The practical test is considerably easier than in Japan, but if there is a dangerous driving or violation, the test will be disqualified and the test will end.Written testOffers multilingual exam questions, and there are also examination centers where you can take the exam in Japanese. The visual acuity (correctable) required for passing is 20/40 (0.5 in Japan) or more for ordinary cars. As in Europe, the driving school has space for offices and offices, but there is no practice course, and the street training starts from the first day of admission.

またTwo-wheeled VehiclesAs for licenses in many statesDisplacementThere is no classification.Moped(Motorcycle bicycle in Japan) does not require a license.


MexicoDomestically, in the capitalMexico CityAnd the system varies from state to state, but in the case of Mexico City, you can get a license without an examination if you can prove your voter card and address and a fee. In the past there was a testing system,corruptionThere was a history of being untested because[7].

Developing country

Developing countryThere is also a driver's license system, but it is not uncommon in some regions to drive without a license (driving skills are acquired through experience). The reason why I can not get a license isilliteracyBecause of this, it is not possible to take the test, and due to the lack of a system, many vehicles can be driven without a license.

International driving license

What is an international driver's license?Geneva Convention(Japan also ratified) orVienna Convention[Note 1]This is due to the mechanism that the countries that have signed the treaty mutually recognize the validity of their driver's licenses (without ratification by Japan). By a simple procedure, issue a document (or a card-like document made of cardboard) that proves that you have a license in your country. The validity period is one year after issuance, but it will be invalid if the driver's license in the home country expires. It is intended for short-term residents with a maximum of about 1 days, and in the case of long-term stay it is necessary to obtain a license in that country.

In addition, Germany,France,Switzerland,Italy,Belgium,Taiwan(Republic of China), you can drive in Japan as long as you carry your license and translation. However, it is within one year of landing in Japan, that the driver's license of the country concerned is valid, a person who has a resident card in Japan or an alien registration person who has passed more than 1 months from departure from Japan There is a limitation that

Since Japan has not ratified the Vienna Convention, it is not possible to drive in Japan with an international driver's license based on this convention.


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