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🚗 | [Suzuka F1 Winner / 3] A serial project celebrating the Japanese GP for the first time in three years.The first time introduces Vettel, who won Suzuka four times


[Suzuka F1 Victory Great Men / 3] A serial project celebrating the first Japanese GP in three years.The first time introduces Vettel, who won Suzuka four times

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In fact, when Vettel had the opportunity to fight the F2009 Japan GP at Suzuka for the first time in 1 (first year after transferring to Red Bull), he said, "This is a course created by God," referring to the wonders of the Suzuka Circuit.

This October, the F10 Japan GP at Suzuka Circuit is scheduled to be held for the first time in three years.In the long-awaited revival, once... → Continue reading


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2009 (first year after transferring to Red Bull),

    Suzuka Circuit

    Suzuka Circuit(Suzuka Circuit)MieSuzukacentered around a racing course inLeisure facilities.F1Japan Grand Prix,Suzuka 8 time endurance road raceIt is also a sacred place for Japanese motorsports fans because it is known for holding such events.Besides the racing courseamusement park,HotelAnd so on, forming a mobility resort (a resort area with the theme of automobiles).

    Equipped with both Japan's first full pavement and spectator seatscircuit[Annotation 1]As,1962ToHonda Motor Co., Ltd.It was built by (Honda).Currently, a company that operates motor sports related facilities in the Honda Group,Honda MobilitylandIt is operated by.


    the 1950sFrom the end, Japanese motorcycle manufacturersIsle of Man TT RaceStarted to challenge overseas, but as Japan's first permanent circuit1936Opened inTamagawa SpeedwayAfter the abolition in the late 1950s, the domestic permanent circuit was unpavedAsama Kogen Vehicle Test CourseThere was no choice but to make progress on the alternative course construction plan.[2]..Honda founder, also participated in the first tournament held at Tamagawa SpeedwaySoichiro HondaConvinced that a full-scale circuit was needed to win the race and popularize motorsport, he ordered it to be built in-house.

    There were voices that threatened huge investment, butTakeo FujisawaManaging director at homemortgageA race ground construction committee was set up in-house after summarizing opinions for promotion.After considering multiple candidate sites,Super cubSuzuka Seisakusho completed as a production increase factory[Annotation 2]It was decided to buy land in the neighborhood of.Initially closer to the northeast than it is nowPaddy fieldI was planning a course of about 1 km per lap by diverting[3], Honda's words, "If you crush the rice paddies, your eyes will be crushed! Don't treat the rice poorly!"hills50 tsubo of the zonePine forestIt was decided to create[4].

    Sadao Shiozaki, who later became a director of Honda Land, became the head of the course layout design group.Shiozaki was in charge of production management at Suzuka Seisakusho, but he was a complete amateur when it came to circuit design.[5]: 13f.. I made the first draft course layout in August 1960[6], This initial plan was a peculiar layout with three grade separations[3]..After that, I visited a circuit in Europe andZandhult CircuitAnd yet he is the manager ofMonza,Brands Hatch,Hockenheim Link,NürburgringThe circuit alliance AICP consisting of such as was organized and organized.John Hugenholtz We invited (John Hugenholtz) to request a detailed design and received advice on the entire construction.

    Yoshiyoshi Kawashima"Walked in the mountains (Suzuka's) with European course designer (Hugenholtz), wearing boots and scared by beetles." If you make it into a figure eight, you will be able to scrape both sides of the tire, "he testifies that he was proposed to design a grade separation.[7]..In Shiozaki's plan, there was a hairpin on the back of the paddock, but it was abolished with the advice of Hugenholtz, "If there is a hairpin corner in that place, the exhaust noise to the main stand will be loud and you will not be able to hear the on-site broadcast." rice field[8].

    When drawing a course line on the model of the terrain, Shiozaki said that he tried to avoid shaving as much as possible because he would spend more on facility construction than civil engineering work.[5]: 15.. As the draft changed from 1 to 5, it gradually took on the appearance of a high-speed circuit, and finally the layout was such that "going technically clears the corner and returns at high speed".[5][Source invalid]..When visiting Europe, scrape the pavement of the circuit with a shoehorn and take it home[5]: 14, Japan Pavement KK (currently) that received an order for pavement workNIPPO) Was provided as a sample.At that time, Hugenholtz provided the study team with a specimen (sample cone) in which the pavement of the road surface of each circuit was hollowed out in a tea cylinder shape so that the construction company could easily understand the structure of the special circuit pavement. ..With this specimen, we were able to bring back to Japan cutting-edge technologies such as rolling the paved road surface of AICP member circuits at that time and stacking multiple layers of pavement.Still in Japan at that timehighwayIs not maintained[Annotation 3], ShiozakiThere was no highway in Japan yet [Abbreviation], The road corporation came to investigate.It ’s like making a highway with reference to the circuit.It has said[5]: 16[Annotation 4].

    In February 1961, Motor Sports Land (currently, which became the operating body with a wholly owned investment by HondaHonda Mobilityland[Annotation 5]) Was established and construction started in June of the same year.[11]:3.. The circuit was completed in September 1962, and the 9st All Japan Championship Road Race was held as the opening race from November 11rd to 3th of the same year.[6][11]:3..The total construction cost including ancillary facilities is 15 billion yen (255 billion yen when converted to modern times)[12]) Has been reached.

    At that time, motorcycles scatter noiseKaminariHas become a social problem.Fujisawa said, "Enjoying the engine from childhood will contribute to the development of the future automobile environment.[13]From the beginning, I was thinking of adding an amusement park for families to the circuit.Under this "motor sports land concept", TokyoTama Tech(1961-2009), Nara PrefectureIkoma Tech(1961-1965), at Suzuka CircuitMotopia(1963-), Saitama PrefectureAsaka Tech(1964-1973) opened in sequence.

    On March 60, 2022, which marks the 3th anniversary of its opening, Mobilityland changed its name to "Honda Mobilityland], and the Suzuka Circuit changed its logo for the first time in 30 years.[14].In addition, Motopia "Suzuka Circuit Park』Changed to[15].

    Racing course

    Course layout

    The course is long and narrow from east to west, and the middle partMulti-level crossingIt has a figure-eight layout, which is rare in the world, with the clockwise and counterclockwise rotations interchanged across.[Annotation 6]..The total length of the course is 4 km with 5.807 wheels[16], 2 km with two wheels.This is the longest circuit in Japan.Course width is 5.821-10 m[16]..The number of corners is 20.Maximum height difference is 52 m[16]..Compared to many circuits in the worldCoefficient of frictionHighasphaltpavement.

    Main straight
    Total length 800 m[16].. 1% towards the first corner[17] OfDownhillIt has become a grandstand andpitThere is a step in each section.Because it is a downhill, if you release the brake at the start, the car will start moving,flyingEasy to commit.Fuel economy competition OfHonda Eco Mileage ChallengeThen, it is the fastest section with no accelerator and no brake, and the point is to efficiently connect from the sudden descent of the last corner immediately before to the next 1 & 2 corners.At the event by bicycle, it will be an uphill because it will be in the opposite direction due to the relationship with the final corner described later.
    1st corner, 2nd corner
    Two consecutive right corners approaching first from the home straight.2 while riding speedRPass the 1st corner of the car, decelerate in the middle section and go around the 60nd corner of 2R.
    S-shaped corner, reverse bank corner
    A section where medium-speed corners are continuous in rapid succession with left, right, left, and right.It is said that "the person who controls the S-shape controls Suzuka" because it greatly affects the lap time if the vehicle is not operated rhythmically and accurately.When it rains, there are places where rivers are formed on the road surface, and it is easy to disturb your posture.
    The last right curve is on the road surfaceCant (tilt)It is called "reverse bank" because it gives the illusion that it is tilted to the out side when running because it does not have.
    Dunlop corner
    Big sideGHigh-speed long corner on the left.The tightest 7.8% of the course[18]It is an uphill slope. Until the summer of 1987, in the sky above this courseダ ン ロ ッ プ Ofタ イ ヤGate sign in the shape of (Dunlop Bridge)[19]) Was named after it, and it has been called by that name since then (the bridge in the shape of a huge tire has disappeared, but Dunlop is still advertising).
    Degner curve
    Two consecutive angular right corners across a short straight line. This corner during the race of the opening event "2st All Japan Championship Road Race" held on November 1962, 11[Annotation 7]German rider who fell inErnst DegnerWas named.At the exit of Degner 2, underpass near the end of the west straight at a grade separation.The course changes counterclockwise due to grade separation.
    110R, hairpin
    Decelerate suddenly from the right 110R on the uphill and go around the left hairpin, which is the slowest on the course.This hairpin is the first left corner of the counterclockwise section, from April 2020, 4Nissin IndustrySigned a naming rights contract and was named "NISSIN Brake Hairpin"[20].
    200R, 250R (commonly known as Macchan)
    A section where a gentle downward curve continues.Former Honda employeeCSRThe place where the contract player (nickname: Macchan) suffered a fatal accident in the 1969-hour endurance race on August 8, 10.If it refers to the place where the accident occurred, it means 12R on the exit side, but it is often used to refer to 250R and 200R collectively from the rise of the hairpin.
    200R chicane (for 2 wheels only)
    In the two-wheel race, the "2R chicane" installed inside the 200R is used. From April 200, 2018 to April 4, 12Musashi Precision IndustrySigned a naming rights contract and was named "MuSASHi Chicane"[21][22].
    Spoon curve
    The left compound corner that turns back at the western end of the course.The name is that the shape of the corner is tablewarespoonBecause it resembles. It includes 60 corners from 200R to 5R, and has a high degree of freedom in line taking.The exit is downhill and up towards the following west straight.
    West straight
    The longest course, 1,200 m[16], Almost straight (the first half is slightly bent to the left).Record the highest speed on the course near the crossing overpass, and overpass near the Degner exit at the overpass while entering slow deceleration toward the next 130R.Up to here is counterclockwise.
    A super-high-speed corner on the left that slows down slightly from the west straight and jumps in.Known as a courageous test corner, it was initially a curve with a radius of curvature of 130R as the name suggests. After the renovation in 2003, it became a compound corner of 85R and 340R, and the difficulty level was a little lower than before.
    Right / left that suddenly decelerates from the state of riding the speed after passing 130RChicane.. It was newly established in 1983.At the beginning of installationCasioThere was an advertising signboard, course shape[Annotation 8]Therefore, it was named "Casio Triangle". From March 2014, 3Hitachi Automotive SystemsSigned a partner contractNaming rightsWas acquired, and the name was changed to "Hitachi Automotive Systems Chicane".[23]..Due to the company name change, the name was changed to "Hitachi Astemo Chicane" from March 2021, 3.[24].
    It is a mechanism for braking games,1989 F1 Japan GPInSena-ProstA number of dramas were performed, including the contact of. The two-wheel chicane is closer to the final corner than the four-wheel chicane.
    Last corner
    A loose right corner that accelerates towards the main straight.Contrary to the Dunlop corner, it is a steep descent.This courseBicycle raceThe reason for using it in the reverse direction is that this forward descent is dangerous (a major accident once occurred).
    Depending on the race event, it may be used on a short course divided into east and west.
    East course
    A course with a total length of 2.243 km using the east shortcut that goes from the Dunlop corner to the final corner.You can make one lap at the attraction "Circuit Challenger" when there are no races or sports runs.
    In the past, at the end of the Dunlop corner, turn right and the "East Special Course" (total length 130 km) that appears at the midpoint between 2.746R and chicane.Formula NipponHas been used in[25].
    West course
    A course with a total length of 3.475 km (two wheels: 2 km) using a pit in the middle of the west straight leading from the front of the chicane to the rise of the Dunlop corner.
    South course
    Mainly on the south side of the west straightJim Khana,Kart raceThere is a course with a total length of 1.264 km where is held.Built in 1989 in what used to be a parking lot, it is still used as a parking lot when big races are held.


    Technical circuit

    The balance between the height difference of the land and the low-speed to high-speed corners is well mixed, and it is evaluated as a course that is highly difficult and worth running.David Coulthard"It's a great course where you can really feel that you are a Grand Prix driver.[26]"2009 F1 Japan GPWonSebastian Vettel"I think it's a circuit made by God[27]I praised him.Jenson Button,Lewis HamiltonOther drivers have also given favorable opinions.[27].

    In 2005International Automobile Federation In a questionnaire conducted by (FIA) for F1 fans, in the item of "favorite circuit"Monte Carlo city course((I.e.),Spa Francorchamps(Belgium),Silverstone Circuit(United Kingdom),Monza Circuit(Italy), The fifth highest vote outside Europe[28].

    Spa Francorchamps in October 2017 and February 1024 Hours of Le Mans Road RaceHostFrench West Automobile Club Has a friendship agreement with (ACO)[29][30]..That is why there is a sign with the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Suzuka Circuit logo and the Spa-Francorchamps logo together.


    The FIA ​​has graded circuit safety standards with Suzuka in Japan.Fuji SpeedwayIs certified as the highest grade "Grade 1"[31][Annotation 9]..The course marshal response in the event of an accident and the rescue system for medical staff are in place, and it has been highly evaluated as the best in the world along with Monaco in the F1 holding circuit.[32].

    However, since the running speed of competition vehicles has increased 50 years after its opening, the width of the course and the narrowness of the safety zone have become issues in recent years.In the past renovation work, the truck was moved inward to expand the run-off area and a chicane for two wheels was added.Also, considering the safety of both two and four wheels, we have adopted a method called "half & half" in which gravel is laid on the outer circumference of the paved escape zone.Even so, there are restrictions on expanding safety capacity due to course layout and location conditions.

    2003 MotoGP Japan Grand PrixGot up inDaijiro KatoThe safety of the course became a problem due to the fatal accident ofInternational Motorcycling Federation (FIM) grade A approval withdrawn.

    The effect of the weather

    To the west of the circuitSuzuka MountainsMore flowing clouds can cause "street rain" and affect the race.Due to the long course from east to west, the weather may be different on the west and east sides.There is also a circuitKii Peninsula ThetyphoonIn some cases, the race was canceled or postponed due to the approaching typhoon.

    • In September 1972, the All Japan Suzuka Auto Race, which was scheduled to be held on the full course, was held only on the East Course due to the influence of the typhoon.
    • In August 1982, the Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Road Race was shortened to 8 hours due to a typhoon.
    • The Suzuka 1989km race scheduled for August 8 has been postponed to December due to bad weather.
    • 2004 F1 Japan Grand PrixThen.Typhoon 22Was forecast to pass near the circuit, so the race schedule was changed and the qualifying and the final were held on the same day.
    • 2010 F1 Japan Grand PrixHowever, due to the torrential rain, the race schedule had to be changed.
    • It was scheduled to be held in September 2011Formula NipponRound 5 isTyphoon 12It was canceled due to the heavy rain caused by.
    • In July 2014, the Suzuka 7 Hours Endurance Road Race was the first start delay in the history of the tournament due to the rain that started just before the start, and it was shortened by about 8 hour.
    • 2014 F1 Japan Grand PrixThe finalTyphoon 18Due to the heavy rain caused by the approach, the rain leg became stronger immediately after the start of the safety car lead, and the first red flag was interrupted on the second lap.After restarting, the rain leg became stronger again from around the 2th lap, and another car collided under the heavy equipment that was collecting the car off the course.Immediately after performing a safety car run for rescue work, it was terminated in the middle of the race.I was driving a machine that collided under a heavy machine in this accidentJules BianchiIs dead.
    • 2017October, all JapanSuper formula16th Championship FinalJAF Suzuka Grand PrixThe finalTyphoon 21It was decided to cancel due to the heavy rain caused by the approach.
    • 2018In July, the Suzuka 7 Hours Endurance Road RaceTyphoon 12Due to the approach of the event, some of the events in the venue were canceled and the top 10 trial on Saturday was changed to a timed qualifying with the top 10 cars.
    • 20198 HoursTyphoon 6Due to the influence of, the 4-hour endurance of the support race was interrupted by the red flag in about 2 hours and 40 minutes, and the TOP10 trial was canceled.
    • 2019 Year of 10 MonthF1 Japan Grand Prix TheFirst Year of Reiwa East TyphoonConsidering the impact of the approach of (Typhoon No. 19), the park was closed on Saturday except for some areas, and the qualifying was held on Sunday on the same day as the final.[33].

    Race Events

    Race events being held

    The main race events are Motorsport Fan Appreciation Day in March and Two Wheels in July.Suzuka 8 time endurance road raceIn NovemberF1Japan Grand PrixIs being held.

    All Japan Super Formula ChampionshipAll Japan Road Race ChampionshipIn April, the Suzuka 4 & 2 race (held at the same time) and the name of each governing body "JAF Suzuka Grand Prix"(October)·"MfjIt is customary for the "Grand Prix" (November) to be held as the final race.

    From 2018Suzuka 1000 kmInherited fromFIA-GT3The "Summer Endurance Suzuka 10 Hours Endurance Race", which is a world unification race for vehicles, was held in August, and along with this, Suzuka 8 km has been one of the series since 1000.SUPER GTSuzuka Round will be held in May.

    Motorsport Fan Appreciation Day from 2019Toyota (TOYOTA GAZOO Racing), Honda Giken Kogyo, and Suzuka Circuit co-sponsored as "Mospo Fes SUZUKA-Motor Sports Fan Appreciation Day"[34][35].

    February 2022Mobility Resort Motegiis usually held in November of the previous year.Honda Racing THANKS DAYWas held for the first time in Suzuka, and on March Motorsports Fan Appreciation Day, a kick-off event for the 3th anniversary of the opening of the event, "Suzuka Circuit 60th Anniversary Fan Appreciation DayIs done as[36].New coronavirus infectionThe Suzuka 10 Hours Endurance Race was not held in 2022 due to the continued influence of the fashion, and it was also abandoned overseas.SUPER GTA long-distance race is scheduled to be held in August.[37].

    Initially, a formula car race that is contested only by womenW series F1 Japan Grand PrixIt will be held for the first time in Asia as a co-sponsored race of[38]Although it was planned, the Suzuka event was postponed due to "unexpected operational issues".[39].

    ABCaaaaSuper endurance,Porsche Carrera Cup, Ene-1 Challenge[Annotation 10], Many two-wheel and four-wheel races such as the Asia Road Racing Championship are held.Other than motor sports, the national two-wheeled vehicle safe driving competition,Bicycle OfShimano Suzuka Road Race, etc. are also held.Also, some high schools in Mie Prefecture hold winter marathon events on the racing course or the east course.

    Impact of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)

    Initially in 2020Tokyo OlympicsAs a related event, the torch relay was held on April 4th on the racing course, and the Suzuka 8 Hours was scheduled to be held on July 8th, 7, which was changed from the usual last week of July.[40]が、聖火リレーはオリンピック順延に伴い中止。鈴鹿8耐は新型コロナウイルス感染症の拡大防止対策の一環で10月30日から11月1日に順延し、当初併催予定の4時間耐久レースと、10月31日・11月1日に開催される予定だった「第52回 MFJグランプリ スーパーバイクレースin鈴鹿」が中止すると発表されていた[41].

    August 8 Announced that the Suzuka 12 Hours will be canceled as "It is difficult for overseas teams to enter the country because there is no prospect of lifting restrictions on travel from overseas at this stage."[42]..Also, on August 8, it was announced that the canceled MFJ Grand Prix will be held from October 25th to November 10st.[43][44].

    In addition, regarding the impact and provisional schedule for each race category#Motor sportsSee

    Race events held in the past

    Fuji Speedway is the Japanese GP (1960s)Fuji Grand Champion Race(Fuji GC) etc.Sports car racingWhereas Suzuka took the route, long-distance endurance racesFormula carIt was set out to hold a race.domesticF2In the raceAll Japan F2 ChampionshipSeparately, the "Suzuka F2 Championship" was established for racing in Suzuka.

    Course record

    With 4 wheels2019 F1 Japan GPIn qualifyingSebastian Vettel(Ferrari) Recorded 1 minute 27 seconds 064. For two wheels, in the 2 Suzuka 2019 & 2 race qualifyingTakumi Takahashi(Honda) recorded 2 minutes 03 seconds 874.Records of other categories are posted on the Suzuka Circuit official website.[47].

    Course renovation

    The total length of the initial course was 6.00415 km, and in 1966 the FIA ​​international truck license was granted.[6].. From 1983 to 1987, the course layout and run-off area were gradually renovated to ensure safety and clear the standards for F1 holding, and the renovation has been continued since then.

    From opening to the 1990s

    • 1976-Main straight and pit lane separated by pit wall.
    • 1983-Course total length: 6.03335 km[11]:4
      • A chicane was installed in the final corner, and the speed of the final corner and the main straight was slowed down.[11]:4.
    • 1984-Course total length: 5.94315 km[11]:4
      • Move the spoon curve slightly inward[11]:4However, a large run-off area was secured on the out side.
    • 1985-Course total length: 5.91198 km[11]:4
      • Moved the first corner slightly to the front and expanded the run-off area on the out side.[11]:4..At this time, the three compound corners of 1R, 3R, and 100R from the first corner to the third corner were changed to a shape that connects the two corners of 70R and 60R with a short straight line.[11]:4.
    • 1987-Course total length: 5.85943 km[11]:4
      • 1 month - pit・ Major renovation of the control tower[11]:4..Rebuilt the control tower and expanded the driving lane and work area[11]:4..Besides, the medical office andheliportWas newly established, and the West Course Control Tower, which was on the rise of the hairpin, was relocated to the back straight.[11]:4.
      • July-Repaired the Degner curve, changing from one corner that makes a deep turn on the 7R to a shape that connects the two corners on the 80R and 1R with a straight line of 15 m.[11]:4..In addition, the hill inside Degner was shaved to ensure visibility.
    • 1991-Overall length: 5.86403 km[11]:5
      • Move the chicane 30 m closer to the final corner and 130 m closer to the pit road entrance to 70R[11]:5..This layout was used for 2000 years until 10, but in the first year of 1991.Gerhard BergerThe pole position time of 1'1, which he recorded in F34, was not broken to the end.

    the 2000s

    • 2001-Overall length: 5.85913 km[11]:5
      • Part of the S-shaped corner was moved slightly inward to expand the run-off area on the out side.[11]:5.
    • 2002-Overall length: 5.821 km
      • The section from the reverse bank to the Dunlop curve was moved inward to expand the run-off area.[11]:5.
    • 2003-Overall length: 5.807 km (4 wheels)[11]:5, 5.821 km[11]:5(2 wheels)
      • March --Changed 3R to a combined corner of 130R and 85R[11]:5..The run-off area on the out side was expanded and partly paved with asphalt.The chicane has a slightly gentle shape by moving the entrance to the front about 60 m, and a double chicane exclusively for two wheels is installed on the final corner side.
      • 6 month - Daijiro KatoDue to a series of accidents with chicane in two-wheel races such as the fatal accident of the chicane, double chicane was stopped and the chicane was separated into four wheels and two wheels. The two-wheeler is about 2 m deeper than the four-wheeler, and the curvature is tighter than the four-wheeler.
    • 2004 --Course total length: 5.821 km (2 wheels)
      • In order to suppress the approach speed to the 200R, which has a narrow run-off area, a chicane exclusively for two wheels was installed.The course layout has not changed since then.

    2007-2009 major renovation

    More than 40 years have passed since the opening, and the course width and run-off area have become narrower than the new circuit.In addition, the FIA ​​pointed out that the pit area, which has been renovated for more than 20 years, and the facilities such as the media center above it have deteriorated, and the pit and paddock areas have been expanded, motor home facilities have been strengthened, and computer equipment has been updated. Was requested.In particular, ensuring safety on the course was an urgent issue, and the renovation of the eastern course was untouched due to site problems, but toward the re-holding of F12007Repair work was carried out from.

    • Construction period
      • November 2007-May 11: Preparatory work for paddock expansion
        • Landfill of Yamadaike in the hall[11]:2
      • September 2008-March 09: Large-scale renovation centered on the East Course area
        • Renovation work such as demolition of the old pit building, construction of the new pit building, maintenance of the watching area, maintenance of the service road, etc.
      • October 2009-March 10: West course watching area development
        • This construction plan was canceled, and some of the construction contents were reviewed and advanced during the construction in 2008-2009.
    • Main renovation plans
      • Repair / expansion of grandstand[11]:8
      • Improving the environment and comfort of each watching area[11]: 8-11
      • New construction of pit building[11]: 11-13
      • New team office[11]: 14
      • Paddock expansion[11]: 14
      • Run-off area widening[11]: 15
      • Installation of service load[11]: 15

    Since the major renovation in 2009

    • 2012 --Repaving the road surface of the West Course (Dunlop Corner-Chicane)[48].
    • 2014-Repaving the road 60 meters at the entrance to the chicane[49].
    • 2017 ―― 1-2 Repaired the curb at the corner.The artificial turf part is removed and made into asphalt.The width of the curb is also expanded.[50]
    • 2018
      • February ――The curb of the spoon curve is also repaired in the same way as the 2 ―― 1 corner.
      • June-F6Abu Dhabi Grand Prix,24 Hours of Le MansIntroduced the LED light panel and information panel (Digi Flag) that are also used in[51].
    • 2019 --The curb of 130R will be repaired in the same way as the 1st and 2nd corners.
    • 2020
      • January-Repair the curb in the middle of the Degner curve as well.In addition, the first curve is repaved from 1 meters before the second curve.
      • May-Expansion of the gravel area on the left side of 5R. The artificial turf at the entrance of the two-wheel pit lane was removed and paved with asphalt.
    • 2022-South course renovation work
      • Construction period
        • 1 July-4 September
      • Construction contents
        • Repaving the entire course
        • Curve stone repair
        • Displacement renewal
        • Course line painting
        • Toilet shower toilet

    Amusement parks, resort facilities, transportation education centers, etc.

    Focusing on the racing course,amusement park"Suzuka Circuit Park”, Suzuka Circuit Hotel, Restaurant “THE DINING”, FamilyCampThere is a place, etc., and it is largeLeisure landIs forming.Since there is a hotel adjacent to the circuit, it is easy for players and team members to move from their accommodations to the circuit.AlsoSchool TripIt has a long history as a lodging place.

    PreviouslyDriving rangeAndノ ノ ー ボ ーSlope,Tennis courtAnd so on.

    In addition, a "Traffic Education Center" has been set up for the purpose of improving traffic manners and driving techniques, and provides guidance on driving skills for automobiles and motorcycles using Honda automobiles and motorcycles.I was also training to get a motorcycle license, but the application for admission was completed as of the end of March 2009.

    • 20127/7At the GP field in the venue to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Suzuka CircuitFormula car, MotorcycleoperationThesimulationA new attraction "Racing Theater" that you can experience at[52].
    • 20159/28In addition, the circuit cart business11/15Finished in20163/19From the racing driverTakuma SatoDebuted as a new attraction named "Circuit Challenger" developed with the project advisor[53].
    • 20175/2,twitter[54]Published a teaser site about new attractions at.6/26Information released at 16:XNUMX "World's first!DUEL GP, a racing coaster that you can control yourself. "20183/3debuted.
    • 2019Has renewed its bike attractions centered on Pipira's Motofield.3/21"Pinky Bike Plus" and "Kids Bike Training" have been renewed, and "Acro Bike" that runs on a motocross EV bike and "Moto Fighter" that runs on a racer EV bike have been newly established in the GP field.[55].
    • 2020On March 3st, Japan's first motorcycle coaster "GP RACERS" and a cart attraction "KART ATTACKER" opened in the GP field.[56].
    • "Flying Ship" will be closed for 2020 years on November 11, 23[57],2021On May 2Bowling alley"Circuit Bowl" is closed[58][59]..Also, from March 2021, 3, it was temporarily closed for equipment inspection.Natural hot spring Kur gardenWas confirmed to be aged and was closed due to the judgment that future maintenance would be difficult.[60].
    • On March 2022, 3, Motopia was renamed to "Suzuka Circuit Park".[15].


    Transportation is relatively blessed compared to many circuits in remote areas, especially about 20 minutes to 1 hour on foot from each nearby railway station.In addition, local governments such as Suzuka City and local residents are also cooperative with the circuit, and although problems such as traffic jams occur even when holding large-scale international race events such as F1, we have know-how based on many years of experience. It is generally operated smoothly.

    In 2009, the national government, Mie prefecture, Suzuka city, surrounding cities and towns, tourism, economy, transportation, etc. jointly "Suzuka F1 Japan Grand Prix Regional Revitalization CouncilEstablished. Shuttle bus from Shiroko station at the time of F1Nakase bypassThe construction site was operated as a dedicated bus route, and the time required was cut in half compared to when F2006 was held in 1. Even after opening in 2014, the section has been closed to traffic.

    2019 year 3 month,Shinmeishin ExpresswayThe section in Mie prefecture is opened.Suzuka parking areaToSmart interchangeHas been installed and is expected as a new access route[61].



    There are 2 companies and 3 lines in the vicinity, and it is easily accessible from the XNUMX major cities.There are special trains and direct shuttle buses when big races are held.


    the 1980sFrom the second halfthe 1990sIn the first half, helicopter flights were operated from the temporary heliport in the safety center to the temporary heliport near Shirako station in order to avoid traffic congestion from the circuit to Shirako station during the F1 period.

    Even now, when the F1 Grand Prix is ​​held,Nagoya Airport,Chubu International AirportOperates charter flights between the circuit and the circuit by helicopter[62].

    宿 泊

    As mentioned above, the "Suzuka Circuit Hotel" is located adjacent to the circuit site.It takes about 10 to 15 minutes on foot from the paddock area to the lobby, making it easy for players and team members to move around.

    Also, around Shiroko Station on the Kintetsu Nagoya Line and around Hiratachō Station on the Kintetsu Suzuka Line.business hotelThere are many.Kintetsu Yokkaichi Station/JRYokkaichi Station,Tsu StationAlso in the surrounding areaCity HotelThere are many hotels and business hotels, and it is often used when holding large-scale races.

    Transmission of information

    At the F1 Japan Grand PrixMini FMIs being broadcast at frequencies of 86.0 MHz and 87.5 MHz (English broadcast).[63].

    Also in some races from 2015Community broadcasting station OfSuzuka Voice FMYouTubeThe live broadcast of the live performance will be held at. From 2018GYAO!SUZUKA 10H is fully live-streamed at.


    At the time of F1 once, divers were waiting during the session as a countermeasure in case the machine and driver who went off the course rushed into Yamadaike.Also, it seems that it was breeding in Yamadaike.カ メThere were many accidents when he invaded the course and was run over by a racing car, but the reclamation of the pond eliminated such accidents.However, since it is extremely rare for a turtle to invade the course, it is often unbelievable for a driver who has run over a turtle while driving at an event at Suzuka Circuit to talk about such a story.


    [How to use footnotes]

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