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🚗 | [Shinji Nakano's F1 Analysis / Round 13 & First Half Round 1] Hamilton, who was fighting in another dimension.Redbull too big...


[Shinji Nakano's F1 Analysis / Round 13 & First Half Summary 1] Hamilton was fighting in a different dimension.Redbull too big...

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However, the risk at that time, if Mercedes and Red Bull were accustomed to that battle, they might have made a different decision in that area.

In F2022 of the 1 season, the power map and race development have changed significantly from last year due to the introduction of machines according to the new regulations.That world ... → Continue reading


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Red bull

Red bull(British: Red Bull) Is1987ToAustriaWas born inRed BullSold by (Red Bull GmbH)Energy drinkIs.Red Bull sells 1 billion cans a year (as of 75) and boasts the highest market share of any energy drink in the world.[7] [8][9][10].


Austrian entrepreneurDietrich MateschitzIt is,Chaleo Yoovidaya ThailandIntroduced and sold for the first time inKrating DaengInspired by the existing energy drink.He inherited this idea, modified the ingredients to suit the tastes of Westerners, and partnered with Chariao to establish Red Bull in 1987 in Chakkapon, Thailand.タイ 語Daen (Dane) means red,Kratin(Known in English as Gar or Indison)South AsiaLarge wild species of originIs.Uwittaya's heirs own a majority stake in both brands and continue to sell separate drinks in the Thai and Western European markets, using the same Red Bull and yellow sun logos.

Red Bull is sold in tall slim blue silver cans[11]..Initially with regular flavorsSugar-free typeIt was sold only, but since 2013, artificial fruitsflavor"Color Edition" has been added[12]..Red Bull's slogan is "Red Bull gives wings[13]",sometimes"No Red Bull, no wings"(Without Red Bull there are no wingsMeans).Red Bull does not follow the traditional mass marketing approach, but the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series,Red Bull Air Race,Red Bull Crashed Ice, Raise awareness through its own series of extreme sporting events, including prominent stunts like the Stratos Space Diving Project, "Brand"myth'[14] [15]Has made up[16].

Red Bull marketing includes ownership of multiple sports teams (Formula 1TeamRed bull racingScuderia Alpha Tauri,サ ッ カ ーclub'sRB Leipzig,Red Bull Salzburg,FC Liefering,Red Bull Bragantino,New York Red Bulls), Celebrity endorsement, record labelRed Bull RecordsMusic through is also included.

Energy drinksalcoholWhen taken withPoisoningThere are health risks such as hiding the effects of the condition[17], Overdose and repeated intake心 臓DiseasesMental illnessHas been said to have the potential to cause[18] [19]. But,European Food Safety Authority(EFSA) is safe for moderate consumption of Red Bull and other common energy drinks and is included in standard Red Bull canscaffeineConcludes that the amount of is unlikely to adversely affect other typical ingredients of energy drinks and alcohol.[20]..With caffeine for energy drinkssugarHas an effect, but there is no clear evidence that a wide variety of other ingredients are affecting it.[21].


Established in 1978,Krating Daeng"(タイ 語Then, "RedGaul"means. GaulBovineAnimals. ) Was developed in Thailand.The ownerChaleo YoovidayaOriginally established a company called TC Mycin, which manufactures and sells painkillers.

Initially in ThailandosotspaWas selling on behalf ofLipovitan D (Taisho Pharmaceutical) Had almost monopolized the market in Thailand. Therefore, TC Pharmaceuticals targeted the low-income group and made aggressive marketing efforts. However, it cannot outperform Ososupapper, which has its own M150 and Lipovitan D, and has a market share of just over 10%.

Austrian in 1984Dietrich MatesitzAcquired international sales rights.It took several years to improve with its own formulation and started selling under the name of Red Bull "Red Bull".When Mateschitz came to Japan for business, he learned that nutritional drinks formed a large market in Asian countries centered on Japan, and thought that a similar business could be established in Europe and the United States, and proceeded with the investigation. It is said that he met Krating Daeng while he was there.In addition, he said in an interview that product development was particularly influenced by Lipovitan D in Japan.[22], Its ingredients were referenced[23].

In Japan, the local subsidiary Red Bull Japan Co., Ltd. (located in Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo) is in charge of sales and import. It first appeared in clubs and bars in December 2005, and from April 12 onwards, in the Kanto and Kansai districts.Seven-ElevenStarting with sales atFamilyMart(June 2006 -) and someExxon mobil(CurrentENEOS), It will be sold at gas stations, and after that, it will be sold at convenience stores. From May 2013Kirin BeverageConcluded a sales license agreement with a corporation, which has jurisdiction over 185 ml cans of "Red Bull Energy Drink" and "Red Bull Sugar Free".vending machineStarted selling at[24].. Red Bull sold in Japan has a different country of origin.SwitzerlandCountry of origin such as can be seen.

20212/1Price revisions have been implemented in Japan.In total, 185 ml cans will be sold out as long as they are in stock.[25].

Then, on January 2022, 1, 18 ml appeared.

catch copy

Red Bull Energy Drink has expanded into North America, Oceania, Africa, and Asia, as well as Europe.In the United States, Great Britain, Japan, etc., "Red Bull, bestow wings" (Red Bull Gives You Wings)” is used.

Of course, drinking Red Bull doesn't give rise to wings, but this catch phrase is a false ad.the 2010sAmerican and Canadian consumersClass actionRed Bullsettlement moneyThere is a case of paying[26].


Red Bull contains caffeine. The caffeine content of the main beverages including Red Bull is as follows.

  • Red Bull (250 ml can) 1 bottle 80 mg (32 mg / 100 ml)[27]
  • 1 cup of coffee 40-180 mg
  • 1 cup of tea 50-80 mg
  • 1 can of cola 30-50 mg
  • 1 bottle of energy drink 30-80 mg

Product List

Below is a list of Red Bull products, but the company and contents are completely different between Red Bull in Austria and Krating Daeng in Thailand.


  • Red Bull 250ml
  • Red Bull 330ml (bottle can)
  • Red Bull 355ml
  • Red Bull 473ml[28]
  • Red Bull Sugar Free 250ml
  • Red Bull Yellow Edition 250ml-Pineapple flavor
  • Red Bull White Edition 250ml-Peach Flavor
  • Red Bull Red Edition 250ml-Melon Flavor
  • Red Bull Orange Edition 250ml-Iyokan
  • Red Bull Ruby Edition 250ml-Mango and Acerola Flavor
  • Red Bull Blue Edition 250ml - Lychee Flavor


  • Red bull
  • Red Bull Sugar Free
  • Red Bull Cola
  • Red Bull Total Zero
  • Red Bull The Red Edition
  • Red Bull The Blue Edition
  • Red Bull The Silver Edition
  • Red Bull The Green Edition
  • Red Bull The Summer Edition
  • Red Bull The Winter Edition
  • Red Bull The White Edition
  • Red Bull The Orange Edition

Gratin Dane from Thailand

  • Golden bull
  • extra


Sports sponsor

Red Bull is actively promoting through sports. In 2009, supported nearly 162 athletes in 500 fields[30].Extreme sports,e sports We are enthusiastically involved in sponsoring events (which are considered to be a type of sports overseas), and the support of the younger generation is extremely high. The owner MatesitzMotor sportsA lover ofF1,BMX,MotoGP,Dakar Rally,NASCARIs also widely involved. It is also known as an airplane collector, and is used for demonstration flights of many restore aircraft andAir raceIs sponsored by.

Motor sports
From 1995 to 2004Sauber, From 2001 to 2002ArrowsAlthough he was a sponsor of the company, in 2004 he announced that he would withdraw from F1.ジ ャ ガ ーAcquired the team from 2005Red bull racingAre participating as Also, after the end of the same seasonMinardiThe team was also acquired, and the second team of Red Bull from 2006Scuderia Toro Rosso[Annotation 1]Started in 2020Scuderia Alpha TauriRenamed to[33].
The drivers of these F1 teams areRed Bull Junior TeamIt is chosen from.
The Red Bull team has a promotion unit in addition to the main race unit, which uses an old model F1 machine as a show car and is demonstrating around the world.
In addition, we acquired A1 Link (formerly Osterreich Link),Red Bull LinkOwns as.
Manufacturer 2As a teamRed Bull SkodaParticipated in 10 races held in Europe and is the WRC 2008th consecutive driver's champion from 4 Rally ArgentinaSebastian robeTeams withCitroen・It is a sponsor of Total.
オ ー ト バ イrace
Is the same Austrian motorcycle manufacturerKTM OfWorks TeamIs the main sponsor ofMotoGPRoad races, includingMotocross world championship,AMA Super Cloth such asmotocross,trialAndDakar RallyIncludingRally raidAre active in.
In addition, Freestyle motocrossIs a series of battlesRed Bull X-FightersIs being held.
Competition drift
Formula driftThen.Red Bull Drifting World ChampionshipIn addition to being a sponsor of, the machine driven by Reese Millen in the competition (Solsticeas well as the Genesis Coupe) Is also decorated with Red Bull coloring. OtherNew ZealandD1NZ series (*D1 Grand Prix (All Japan Professional Drift Championship)Mad Mike who participates in (not related to) is used by the same playerRX-7RX-8Is also given the Red Bull coloring.
Air race
From 2003Red Bull Air Race World SeriesHeld. (Ends in 2019)
Free fall
Manned in October 2012balloonHighest altitude record by the human raceFree fallSupports the "Red Bull Stratos" project, which aims toFelix BaumgartnerHas achieved almost all of the goals, including achieving three of the four goals set.
サ ッ カ ー
Red Bull Salzburg (Austrian Bundesliga) AndRB Leipzig (Germany-Bundesliga),Red Bull New York (America·Major League Soccer) Has many sports teams, including soccer clubs. Also, although not the team ownerCerezo Osaka (Japan·J League) Is a top partner[34].
ヨ ッ トrace
America's CupAs a younger version of2013 (34 times) Will be the sponsor of "Youth America's Cup".
Extreme sports competition
Adventure racingOf the competitionRed Bull X-Alps,Ice crossOf the competitionRed Bull Crashed Ice,Free runningHosted the "Red Bull Art of Motion" competition.

Sampling car

Red Bull has been modified for PRBMW-ミ ニ(2st generation base, 3nd generation base, 2,000rd generation base all exist).However, since the upper part of the can mounted on the rear part of the car body exceeds 5 mm from the ground, even the first and second generations whose base cars are number 2 are registered as number 3 beyond the frame.

The biggest feature is a huge ``Red Bull can'' installed by remodeling the rear part, but this is an object, and at the bottom of it is a refrigerator that can store and move about 400-480 products cold Has been done.

In Japan, a group of two women called “Red Bull Girls” are sampling and distributing at various cities, ski resorts and event venues in Japan. All vehicle license plates are ".2". This is because it catches the wings (Tsubasa) and 1 of the catchphrase "Red Bull, give wings."[35].. The vehicle cost is 600 million yen (estimated) including the remodeling cost.

Event car

Separate from the sampling car, largeFour-wheel driveThere is an event car that is a modified car[36][37].Land rover-DefenderBase vehicle,Toyota-Mega CruiserThere is a base vehicle. Both are equipped with audio equipment and can play music at event venues.

Like the Mini, the license plates for these vehicles are all ".283".


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注 釈

  1. ^ Toro Rosso means "red bull" in Italian.In 2018, this team solicited the nickname of the machine on Twitter and in Japanese.Tohoku region OfdialectDecided to be "Akabeko" which means "red cow"[31], To the driver in chargeFukushimaAizuwakamatsuSpecially made with the word "Winning" from the mayor ofAkabekoWas given a message[32].


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