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🚄 | I asked JR if riding with the "Seishun 18 Kippu" is not counted as the number of users [Column]


I asked JR whether riding with the "Seishun 18 Kippu" is not counted in the number of users [Column]

If you write the contents roughly
JR West Japan Okayama branch office has heard about these efforts and the success of the depot event.

A month and a half ago, July 2022, 7.In accordance with the summer "Seishun 1 Kippu" release date, "Sunny Country Okayama ... → Continue reading

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West Japan Railway Company Okayama Branch

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    West Japan Railway Company > West Japan Railway Company Okayama Branch

    West Japan Railway Company Okayama Branch(Nishi Nihon Ryokaku Tetsudo Okayama)OkayamaOkayama CityKitaLocated in Ekimaecho XNUMX-chomeWest Japan Railway CompanyIt is one of the branch offices of (JR West).OnceJapan National Railway(JNR)Okayama Railway Administration BureauIs inherited.


    • 1950(Showa25 years)8/1 : Okayama Railway Administration BureauInauguration.
    • 1987(62)4/1: Inheriting the Okayama Railway Administration Bureau,West Japan Passenger Railway Okayama BranchWas launched.
    • 1988(63)
    • 1991(Heisei3 years) April 4: The section between Mimasaka-Kawai Station and Higashi-Tsuyama Station on the Imbi Line will be transferred from the Yonago branch office.
    • 1996(8)
    • 1999(11)
      • 1/11 : Ihara Railway Ihara LineOpened and started one-way access to the Fukuen Line.The facility between Kiyone Station and Soja Station will be shared with the Hakubi Line as a second-class railway company.
      • 10/2: The section between Haji Station and Mimasaka-Kawai Station on the Imbi Line will be transferred from the Yonago branch office.
    • 2002(14)4: Fukuen Line Fuchu Station (excluding premises) --between Shiomachi Station, Geibi Line Bingo-Ochiai Station (excluding premises) --between Shiomachi StationHiroshima branchTransferred to[2].
    • 2005(17)10/1: On the Sanyo Main LineKitanagase StationOpened[1].
    • 2006(18)6/23 : Okayama Shinkansen driver's office Hakata General Vehicle StationRenamed to Okayama branch and transferred to Fukuoka branch.
    • 2007(19)
      • 7/1: Shinkansen management headquarters (currently:), which was established on the same day by the Shinkansen operating organization under the jurisdiction of the Okayama branch office.Shinkansen Railway Business Headquarters) Will be transferred (station management in the area will continue).
      • 9/1: In some lines / sectionsPrepaid Card"ICOCABecome a usage area[3][4].
    • 2008(20)3/15: On the Sanyo Main LineNishikawahara Station(Nishigawara Station) opens[1].
    • 2009(21)1/25: Uno Line BitchÅ«-Mishima Station-Kuguhara Station is double tracked[5].
    • 2016(28)
      • 3/26: On routes starting from Okayama Station / Fukuyama StationRoute symbol・ Introduced line color[6]..In addition, the Uno Line will be nicknamed "Uno Minato Line" and the Kibi Line will be nicknamed "Momotaro Line".[6].
      • 5/12: Sanyo Main Line Kamigori Station-between Mihara Station (excluding the premises of both stations)Central train control deviceStarted operation of (CTC)[7].
    • 2020(Reiwa2 years)
      • 4/1: AmendmentHealth promotionAs a result, smoking is prohibited in the Okayama branch office.[8][9][10].
      • Introduced station numbers on the Sanyo Main Line, Hakubi Line, Ako Line, Uno Line, Honshi-Bisan Line, and Kibi Line and started using them (as of October 10).The introduction to the Tsuyama Line is undecided.
    • 2022(4nd year of Reiwa)
      • February 10:China HeadquartersWith the launch, operations other than the department responsible for the contact point with the region will be transferred to the China General Headquarters, and the system will be significantly reduced from the current 190 to 20 people.At the same time, the jurisdiction area will be reduced to Okayama Prefecture only (planned)[11].

    Jurisdiction line

    With the whole area of ​​Okayama prefectureHiroshimaEastern (formerlyKibi countryMost of), andTottoriYazu-gunChizu TownHas jurisdiction over a part of. In JR West, the area under the jurisdiction of this branch office is "Okayama / Fukuyama areaIs defined as[12].


    In JR West, on the business kilometerBranch boundaryIs separated by a station, so it is applicableparking lot(station-Signal fieldEtc.) as a boundary station.The lines marked with ◇ are all lines within the management section.

    Route namesectionOperating kiloNumber of stationsRemarks
    Sanyo Shinkansen(Okayama station-Shin Kurashiki Station-Fukuyama station-Shinomichi Station)-[*1]1 (4)Responsible only for station operation and sales operations at the 4 stations on the left
    Train operation and track facility managementShinkansen Railway Business HeadquartersJurisdiction
    Sanyo Main LineKamigori Station[13] - Itozaki Station[14](Excluding Kamigori Station)141.3km29 
    Ako LineSaga Station[15] - Higashiokayama Station37.8km[*2]12 
    ◇Tsuyama LineOkayama Station- Tsuyama Station58.7km[*3]15 
    Hime ShinsenKozuki Station[16] - Niimi Station(Excluding the premises of Kozuki Station)107.2km[*4]22 
    Cause lineChizu Station[17] - Higashi Tsuyama Station(Excluding Chizu Station)38.9km[*5]8 
    ◇Uno LineOkayama Station- Chayamachi Station - Uno Station32.8km[*6]14As for "Uno Minato Line", Okayama Station-Chayamachi Station-Uno Station
    "Seto Ohashi LineOkayama Station-Chayamachi Station-Kojima Station
    Honshi Bisan LineChayamachi Station- Kojima Station[18]12.9km[*7]4
    ◇Kibi LineOkayama Station- Binchu Takamatsu Station - Soja Station20.4km[*8]8Guide all sections under the nickname "Momotaro Line"
    Hakubi LineKurashiki Station - Xinxiang Station[19]82.8km[*9]17 
    Geibi LineBinchu Jindai Station - Bingo Ochiai Station44.6km[*10]10 
    Fukushio LineFukuyama station - Fuchu Station23.6km[*11]14 
    Notes on the number of stations
    1. ^ The number in parentheses is the number of stations including stations with conventional lines.
    2. ^ Higashi Okayama Station, which connects to the Sanyo Main Line, is not included.
    3. ^ Okayama Station, which connects to the Sanyo Main Line, and Tsuyama Station, which connects to the Kishin Line, are not included.
    4. ^ Niimi Station, which connects to the Hakubi Line, is not included.
    5. ^ Higashi-Tsuyama Station, which connects to the Kishin Line, is not included.
    6. ^ Okayama Station, which connects to the Sanyo Main Line, is not included.
    7. ^ Chayamachi Station, which connects to the Uno Line, is not included.
    8. ^ Okayama Station, which connects to the Sanyo Main Line, and Soja Station, which connects to the Hakubi Line, are not included.
    9. ^ Kurashiki Station, which connects to the Sanyo Main Line, is not included.
    10. ^ Bichu-Kojiro Station, which connects to the Hakubi Line, is not included.
    11. ^ Fukuyama Station, which connects to the Sanyo Main Line, is not included.

    "Sunny Country Okayama" held in the spring of 2016Destination campaignSanyo Main Line (Mitsuishi-Okayama-Fukuyama-Itozaki), Akaho Line (Kangawa-Higashi Okayama-Okayama), Hakubi Line (Okayama-Kurashiki-Niimi), Uno Line, Honshi Bisan Line (Okayama-Okayama-) On Chayacho-Kojima), Kibi Line, Tsuyama Line, Fukushio Line (Fukuyama-Fuchu)Introduction of station numbers, And in the same sectionLine color updateIs widely used for passenger guidance[21]..The Kishin Line, Imbi Line, Geibi Line, and Hakubi Line north of Niimi were excluded from the introduction, but all of the Imbi Line and Hakubi Line north of Niimi are separate.Yonago branchThe line symbol and line color will be introduced under the initiative (both use the same line color for all sections through the Okayama and Yonago branch offices).[22]..In addition, at stations where the fare table has been updated with line symbols and new line colors, the Akaho Line Banshu Akaho-Kangawa-Kangawa-Higashiokayama (Okayama) and Sanyo Main Line Kamigun-Mitsuishi-Mitsuishi-Okayama and Sanyo Main Line Itozaki-Shiraichi-Shiraichi-Hiroshima, Kure Line Wide-Kaita-shi (Hiroshima), Fukushio Line-Fukuyama-Fuchu, Gebi Line-Hiroshima And, the entire section of the Himeshin Line is written with the same line color and line symbol as Himeji-Kamitsuki.In addition, the other lines in the Hiroshima branch office, Kinki headquarters (excluding the Ako line Banshu-Ako-Sougo section), and Yonago branch office jurisdiction are indicated by the corresponding line color and line symbol, and all JR Shikoku jurisdiction is shown in gray.

    The jurisdiction of the Okayama Railway Administration Bureau during the JNR era differs from that of the Okayama branch office in the following points.

    • Imbi Line: All lines (excluding Higashi-Tsuyama Station) are under the jurisdiction of the Yonago Bureau.
    • Ako Line: Bizen-Fukukawa Station is Okayama Station.
    • Fukuen Line: All lines are under the jurisdiction of the Okayama Bureau.
    • Geibi Line:Shiomachi StationThe east is under the jurisdiction of the Okayama Bureau.

    Management station

    In JR West, a station manager is assigned to a major station, and that station is used as a management station. Furthermore, the base station (mainly a station that is open all day and important stations related to driving) is also a district station manager (inside the department) An assistant of the management station) is assigned (there are also management stations and district stations in the line section under the control of the railway department).The management stations under the direct control of the Okayama branch office and their jurisdiction are as follows.

    Management stationStations under the jurisdiction of the management station
    Okayama stationBetween Okayama Station-Niwase Station, Omoto Station-Kukuhara Station, Hokaiin Station-Fukuto Station, Bizen Sanmon Station-Bitchu-Takamatsu Station
    Higashiokayama StationBetween Mitsuishi Station-Nishigawara Station, Sogo Station-Odara Station
    Kurashiki StationBetween Nakasho and Kamogata Station, between Kiyone and Bichu-Takahashi Station, and between Ashimori and Tososha Station
    Kojima StationBetween Chayamachi Station-Uno Station, Uematsu Station-Kojima Station
    Tsuyama StationTsuyamaguchi Station-Kome Station, Mimasaka-Doi Station-Chugoku-Katsuyama Station, Toshi Station-Takano Station
    Niimi StationTsukida Station-Iwayama Station, Kinoyama Station-Niizato Station, Sakane Station-Bingo-Ochiai Station
    Fukuyama stationBetween Satosho and Bingo Akasaka Station, between Bingo Honjo and Fuchu Station, Shin-Onomichi Station
    Onomichi StationBetween Matsunaga and Itozaki Station

    Previously, Kitanagase Station and Niwase Station were Kurashiki Station (Nakasho Station), Omoto-Kukuhara Station was Kojima Station, Hakubi Line Kiyone-Binaka Hirose Station and Kibi Line Station were Niimi Station (Sosha Station) However, due to the policy of the Okayama branch office, which basically matches the administrative area and the jurisdiction range in the suburbs of Okayama, Kitanagase Station and Niimi Station will be around 2010 (time unknown), and Omoto-Kuharama stations will be until 2012. (Time unknown)[23], Hakubi Line Kiyone --The management range of each station on the Bichu-Hirosema and each station on the Kibi Line was changed when the Bichu Railway Department was abolished (Soja Station was changed to a district station under Kurashiki Station).

    Railway Department / Regional Railway Department

    As of June 2017, 6, the railway department in the jurisdiction has disappeared.

    Abolished railway department

    Crew ward office




    • Niimi train ward
    • Fukuyama Train District (Reorganization from Setouchi Crew Center, Setouchi Regional Railway Department. Inside Fukuyama Station) 


    Equipment maintenance / construction area

    Track maintenance, etc.

    • Fukuyama Track Maintenance (Reorganization from Fukuyama Facility Management Center, Setouchi Regional Railway Department)
      • Fukuyama Track Maintenance Office
      • Kasaoka Track Maintenance Office
      • Onomichi Track Maintenance Office
    • Okayama Track Maintenance
      • Okayama Track Maintenance Office
      • Chayamachi Track Maintenance Office
      • Tsuyama Track Maintenance Office
    • Bizen track maintenance
      • Seto Track Maintenance Office
      • Wake Track Maintenance Office
    • Kurashiki track maintenance
      • Kurashiki Track Maintenance Office
      • General company line management office
      • Niimi Track Maintenance Office

    Electric area, etc.

    • Fukuyama Electric Ward (Reorganization from Setouchi Regional Railway Department Fukuyama Electric Management Center)
    • Okayama Electric Ward
      • Tsuyama dispatch
    • Kurashiki Electric Ward
      • Niimi dispatch

    Machine area

    • Okayama Machinery District

    Building area

    • Okayama Architectural District

    Other ward offices

    • Okayama Civil Engineering Center

    About vehicles in the jurisdiction

    About the paint color of the vehicle115 seriesWest Japan common color117 seriesIt was divided by the rapid "Sun Liner" painting,2009From December, as in the case of the Hiroshima branch office, in principle, the color of the outer panel of commercial vehicles will be used.Electric train TheDark yellow,RailcarIs the same as the standard color at the end of the Japanese National RailwaysRed No. 5It will be changed to one color painting sequentially[24]..It has been announced that this is aimed at unifying the image of vehicles owned by branch offices.In addition, of stainless steel vehicleKiha 120 type・ 213 series and 223 series are out of scope.

    In addition, 202111/18From the official Twitter of this branch office2023And later227 seriesIt has been revealed that a new model vehicle will be introduced. On February 2022, 2, it has been revealed on the official Twitter of the Okayama branch office that a new vehicle is scheduled to be introduced in the spring of 27.


    At this branch office, a bear motif "All over", With a cat motifEvery time2 peopleMascot characterThere is.

    Establishment of a corporation

    November 2003, 11, on the Seto Ohashi LineBitchu-Minoshima Station - Chayamachi StationDouble-tracking project between and Chayamachi Station- Kojima StationFor the purpose of curve improvement project betweenSeto Ohashi high-speed railway possessionWas established.The business ended in 2009.


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