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🚗 | Check how the speakers sound and make full use of the time alignment!

Photo An example of the "Time Alignment" setting screen (Mitsubishi Electric, Diatone Sound Navi).

Check how the speakers sound and make full use of the time alignment!

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This is because the setting should be the same as the setting on the side far from the driver's seat.

If you want to enjoy better sound in your car, you should also use the sound tuning function.And then… → Continue reading


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far side


    cockpit(Sojuseki) (EnglishCockpit) is for operating a vehicleseatIs the general term for. Generally, it is installed at the top of the traveling direction.


    aircraft"Cockpit",Small vesselThen, "steering seat"(Yeah), For large vesselsbridge"AutomobileThen "driver's seat"(Yes.)Or "cab",Railway carThen, "driver's seat", "driver's cab"(Yeah)Called.

    Generally, the cockpit is equipped with instruments that indicate the running condition of the vehicle.switch,Lever (operating device),handle,pedal,ボ タ ンVarious devices necessary for operation are arranged.Transport passengersPublic transportThen, in order to ensure the safety of operation with the pilot, the driver's seat is separated by a door or bar, and a sticker such as "No entry except for those involved" is attached.CrewOther thanNo entry-RestrictionIn most cases, various typesdecreeByPenaltiesIs also provided.

    Public roadDemonstration experiment inSelf-driving carThen the driver's seat is left,Open pit digging OfmineIt was premised on the use at a vast construction siteHowl truckThen, a "cabless car" without a driver's seat has also appeared[1].

    Aircraft cockpit

    Railway vehicle driver's seat/cab

    Old-fashionedTramThere are some stools that do not have a stool for the driver (that is, you can stand while driving. Depending on the person, even if you have a stool, you can stand up from immediately before stopping until just after starting), and even nowCabThat's the remnant.

    For railway vehicles, the vehicle with the driver's seat is "Tc", "Mc", etc. cIt is expressed by adding "c", which is the acronym for ontroller.Kinki Nippon RailwayThen, the notation “cM” (“Tc” “Mc” means a vehicle with a simple cab),Tokyo Metro,Tsukuba ExpressThen use "CM" and "CT".

    That there are cabs at both ends of the vehicleBoth cabsIt is written as "cMc". If there is only one end of the vehicle,Single cab". Also oncesteam locomotiveWhen operating with more than two people, as represented by, for example, seats called "passenger seat" and "assistant seat" may be installed, and as in recent years, it is basically operated by one person. In some cases, seats are installed (maintained), and there are remnants of terms such as "passenger side" regardless of the actual presence or absence of seats. From the beginning, in the case of a private railway of the electric railway system where there is no driver as a driver and there is no concept of "assistant",Driver's stand(M units)", the other side is "Conductor platform(C unit)” and so on.

    Also on the cab partThrough doorWhen is providedThrough typeIf not,Non-penetrating typeCall. Also, if the driver's cab is not completely separated from the passenger seat,Semi-room typeAnd say that it is an independent roomAll roomsSay Even in the through-type all-cabin cab, there was also a structure where the passenger compartment side could be folded up when the train entered the middle of the formation, excluding the part with the driver's seat (JNR Kuha Type 111 Initial Car,Corps Type 300/400Such).

    An instrument and an indicator lamp are installed in the driver's cab as an information device for the driver to know the condition of the vehicle. One of the most important instruments is the speedometer, which is installed at the most visible position on the front in consideration of the punctuality and safety of checking the speed limit with traffic signals, points, and curves and accurately protecting the timetable. , There are many round shapes, but rarely horizontal ones. In recent vehicles, liquid crystal displays installed on the front of the vehicle display other information meters as well. The speed of the speedometer is displayed by converting the speed of the wheels after attaching a small generator to the axle and measuring the number of rotations of the wheels. There is one that counts and measures with magnetic induction. In addition, since the wheels of a railroad vehicle are regularly ground, it is necessary to correct the wheel diameter, and the mechanism can be adjusted accordingly.

    Speedometers were not always the most important factor in railcars of the old days,Air brakePressure gauge that indicates the state of (source air reservoir, direct pipe, balanced air reservoir, brake pipe, auxiliary air reservoir, pressure of brake cylinder, etc.),steam locomotiveThen.boilerWater level gauge and steam pressure gauge,Electric locomotiveThen.Ammeter,voltmeterHowever, they were placed in positions that were easy for the driver (engineer) to see. In many cases, the speedometer was not installed in the early trains, and in some cases, the old locomotive was installed with the speedometer installed far from the driver's seat.

    There are status indicators and failure indicators as the indicator lights. The former is a pressure gauge for displaying the air pressure in the air tank (called an air reservoir) of each part of the vehicle or the brake cylinder of the air brake, and the overhead line voltage, current and control. A voltmeter that displays the voltage of the circuit, an ammeter, and an indicator light for checking the open/closed status of the door (called a door lock notification light). In the latter case, an abnormal voltage or current in the main circuit or an auxiliary power supply There were indications such as malfunctions, and as the light source of the indicator light, a light bulb was used in the early days, but after that, an LED (light emitting diode) is used, so misidentification (non-lighting) due to out-of-bulb or replacement It is no longer needed. In recent vehicles, it is possible to display an indication of the status of each vehicle and a failure on a monitor of a liquid crystal display installed in the driver's cab, and to take action accordingly.

    Train In a train, if you are sitting down, the driver's cab door will be supported and you will not be able to open it (all train doors will open inward), soDriver changeIn that case, the seat surface is stored, and after it goes down to the assistant side, it is opened by a substitute and replaced.



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    1. ^ <Exhibited at MIN Expo INTERNATIONAL 2016 in Las Vegas, USA> Komatsu develops a completely new concept cabless unmanned dump truck - Komatsu Works(Announced September 2016, 09) Read June 26, 2018

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