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🚗 | The charm of Alpine A110 S and Mazda Roadster 990S.Passionate about lightweight sports


The appeal of the Alpine A110 S and the Mazda Roadster 990S.Passionate about lightweight sports

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The legs are stiff and move directly to the operation of the accelerator pedal, brake pedal, and steering wheel.

"Light weight sports car", just by this sound, you can imagine "a car that is fun to drive".In recent years, this category… → Continue reading

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Accelerator pedal

Accelerator pedalIt is,AutomobileThe name of the part.British EnglishThen. accelerator,American EnglishThen it is called gas pedal.throttleTo operate.There are two types of shapes: pendant (hanging) type and organ (floor-standing) type.It is said that the pendant (hanging) type has more freedom of placement, while the organ (floor-standing) type has less burden on the body and less accidents due to misstepping.The pendant (hanging) type is the mainstream in the industry as a whole, and the organ (floor-standing) type is being actively adopted in Porsche and recent (since 2012) Mazda models.

Steps to follow

As a general rule, the accelerator pedal is operated so that it is depressed gradually.

AT carNow, by operating the accelerator pedal,gearCan be intentionally selected.

  • Downshift
    When you depress the accelerator pedal a lot, you can downshift and accelerate suddenly. thisKick downIt is used when joining a highway.
  • Shift up
    If you release the accelerator pedal that you are stepping on a little, you will shift up,engineThe rotation speed of can be reduced. The use of higher gears reduces engine noise andFuel efficiencyCan be expected to improve[Source required].

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    break pedal

    break pedalIt is,AutomobileOne of the driving devices of.Foot brakeTo operate.In most three-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles, it is located at the foot of the driver's seat,Accelerator pedalIt is on the left side of.Normally, rubber is pasted on the surface of the pedal to prevent the foot from slipping, but many after-parts that emphasize dress-up performance do not have non-slip rubber.If you install the after-parts brake pedal, you need to be careful when operating it when your feet are wet.

    The shape is mainly a pendant (hanging) type, but most air brake vehicles are organ (floor-standing) type.

    Steps to follow

    The brake pedal is basically operated with the right foot.[1]If you do this, you will always take your foot off the accelerator when braking, soFail-safeOperation.Furthermore, it is possible to prevent the meaningless act of stepping on the brake while accelerating.However, it should be noted that it takes time to change the pedal in an emergency.

    Left foot brake

    In a commercial vehicleClutch pedalSince the left foot is free to drive an AT car without a car and the brake pedal of the AT car is slightly larger than that of the MT car, it is possible to step on the brake pedal with the left foot.

    Even if it is an AT carCreep phenomenonSome of the weaker models will retreat when you take your foot off the brake pedal after stopping on an uphill slope.In this case, it is effective to depress the accelerator pedal with the right foot while depressing the brake pedal with the left foot so that the vehicle does not move backward when starting.

    Brake hold

    When the car is stopped by stepping on the brake pedal while driving, some models have a function to hold the braked state even if the foot is released from the brake pedal.[2]..However, it has been reported that in some car models, the brake hold is released unintentionally by the driver due to a defect in the control software or the influence of power supply noise, and the car starts to move.[3][4].

    Mercedes-Benz has adopted this feature early on and put it to practical use.The operation at that time can also be operated by a simple operation of stopping and depressing the brake pedal even more strongly.


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