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✈ | Malaysia Airlines, A330neo20 aircraft to be introduced from 2024

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Malaysia Airlines to introduce 330 A20neo aircraft from 2024

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The A330neo to be introduced can reduce fuel consumption by up to 25% compared to current aircraft, and will also cooperate in the use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

Malaysia Airlines has announced that it will lease all 330 Airbus A20neo aircraft.This 20… → Continue reading

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    Aviation fuel (SAF)


    sustainability(Because of Jizokuka,British: sustainabilitySustainability,Sustainability>) refers to systems and processes that can continue to function in the present society into the future.Generally speaking, this mechanism refers toEnvironmental studiesbiological systemsDiversityProductivityIt refers to the ability to continue indefinitely, and as an organizational principle, it means sustainable development.That is,Human activity,In particular文明It is a concept that expresses whether or not the activity using the equipment can be sustained in the future.Ecology, Economics, politics, and culture.Economy,社会It is used for all human activities, but especiallyEnvironment issues,Energy problemsUsed for.This concept is the "Brundland Report" (United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development, 1987).[1]Was raised in.From the above, in relation to corporate social responsibility (CSR), it is sometimes discussed in terms of whether a company can sustain its activities, but this is different from the original usage.[2].

    Sustainability of fishery resources

    Originally, sustainability is how to keep the maximum catch without reducing fish stocks.Fisheries resourcesIt was a technical term in the field of resource evaluation in Japan.The Japanese government, tooUnited Nations Food and Agriculture OrganizationAgainst (FAO)Sustainable developmentAnd Japan's proposal on marine products trade.

    Sustainability of livestock resources

    Population growth,Middle classMeat consumption has increased against the backdrop of the rise ofFood shortageThere is growing concern about.Under these circumstances, efforts for "meatless" that do not use animal-derived ingredients and ingredients are spreading."Made from plant-derived raw materials"Meat substitutes / plant-based meat (vegetable meat)As a source of protein instead of meatInsect foodStartups that develop are attracting attention.[3]

    Sustainability of limited resources

    Receivable yearsHuman activity that continues to consume limited substances is unsustainable.

    • Fossil fuelCan't be obtained if it is mined all the way.Civilizations that rely on fossil fuels are unsustainable because of the limited reserves of fossil fuels.AlternativeEnergyAs a source再生 可能 エネルギーIs expected.
    • 金属(-copper-Rare metalEtc.) also have a limited recoverable amount, and human activities that continue to consume these metals are unsustainable.It is expected that resources will be recycled by recycling and that alternative metals will be developed.

    Sustainability of waste treatment

    wasteIs not sustainable unless it is completely harmless.

    • The landfill of garbage will soon be filled.

    Sustainable development

    Bruntland CommissionLists "meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the needs of future generations" as a condition for sustainable development, and this condition, not limited to development, is a condition for "sustainability". ..

    Learning for sustainability isAichi ExpoGlobal Citizen's VillageIt is the theme of.

    Sustainability by UNESCO

    United NationsWhile many international organizations are pursuing sustainability, it is easy to attract attention in Japan.United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural OrganizationThis is probably the trend of (UNESCO).world HeritageSustainability proposals can be powerful enough to attract attention (see "For more information"Sustainable Development # Sustainable Development at World Heritage SitesSee).

    Intangible cultural propertyIt is regarded as a World Heritage Site of the editionIntangible cultural heritageIs in danger of being handed down because of its founding philosophyFolkloreEntertainment,Traditional craftsIn the inheritance of精神culture,skillIt seeks the sustainability of.

    Natural heritageOf the "MAB (Human and Biosphere) Project" that became the prototype of (World Heritage)Biosphere reserve(Eco Park) is an environmental resource (environmental resources) in the biosphere reserve, while natural heritage aims at strict and strict protection.Environmental goods-Cultural environment) Is allowed to be used to a certain extent and is intended to coexist with nature.Behind thisConvention on Biological DiversityAlso昆虫,microorganismからplantHealthy and impartial utilization of various organisms (for example)New drug development) Is also covered.

    Creative city network TheCreative industriesbycity OfgrowthThe city evokes消费Not onlyCultural economyIt also aims to provide sustainable sustainability.Regarding the promotion of creative industries, traditional industries (cultural heritage) To promote developmentHeritage and creativity"Project" is also promoted, "Declaration of Sustainability on Creativity"[4]Has also been issued.


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