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✈ | [Korea] Korean Air, Corona Vaccine Transport Team Formation [Transport]

Photo Korean Air has formed a specialized team for the transportation of vaccines, for which demand is expected to increase in the future (provided by the company).

[Korea] Korean Air, Corona Vaccine Transport Team Formation [Transport]

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In June 2019, Korean Air acquired the drug transportation qualification "CEIV Pharma" from IATA.

Korean Air, a Korean full-service carrier (FSC), is preparing for transportation demand after the completion of the new coronavirus vaccine on the XNUMXth. → Continue reading

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Korean Air

Korean Air(Daikankou,HangulKorean Air; HanchaKorean Air; RRJusikhoesa Daehan Hanggong, British: Korean Air) Is South Korea OfAirlines(Flag carrier).United Kingdom OfSky traxAccording to the airline's rating by the company, it has been certified as "The World's 5-Star Airlines", which is the highest rating in substance.


One of the largest airlines in South Korea and Asia,Incheon International AirportAs a hub airport for international flightsEurope,Africa,Asia,Oceania,North AmericaWe are building an aviation network that connects the two. It is also the second largest in the world for international freight transportation and the 2th largest in the world for international passenger transportation.[2].. Domestic hub airportGimpo International Airport.Airline ticketSeat reservation system (CRS) IsAmadeus IT GroupOperated byAmadeusAre using[3][4].

As the core company of Hanjin Group

Hanjin GroupCho Yang-ho, who became the group chairman in the early 2000s, is a core company and is managed by the founder Cho Yang-ho.One manIt is regarded as a company. Later, Cho Yang-ho's family also took up important positions on Korean Air, but in 2014 he was the vice president at the time.Heather Cho Korean Air Nut Return IncidentIn addition to the above, allegations that other clan brought their personal belongings into the country without paying tariffs as Korean Air's equipment have surfaced.[5]There have also been incidents that have destroyed the corporate image, such as the Korean Air headquarters being searched for a house.[6].. In 2017, he was the eldest son of Cho Yang-ho.Cho Won-taeWas appointed president, but problems were pointed out in the past procedures for university transfer.[7]The founder's family is still being scrutinized. At the 2019 General Meeting of Shareholders, Chairman Cho Yang-ho's proposal to reappoint a director was rejected by opposition from the second largest shareholder, the National Pension Service and foreign shareholders.


1946/Of establishmentKorean National AirlinesIs a state-owned enterpriseKorean Air CorporationAs1962/Was established in.

During the era of national airlines, domestic flights and short-distance international flightsDouglas DC-3,DC-4,Japanese aircraft manufacturingYS-11However, because the deficit continued, he was the president at that time.Park Park Hanjin GroupConsulted with Zhao Shigehisa, the founder of the company, for privatization.1969/It was privatized under the leadership of Hanjin Group and became a joint-stock company.

The first international flight was in Japan, which was opened in Osaka (Itami at that time). At the time of privatization, it was operated by a total of eight aircraft, one jet aircraft and seven propeller aircraft. Before and after thatBoeing 707,Douglas DC-8Introduced in line with the rapid growth of the Korean economyEurope,Americaline,Middle EastOpened long-distance routes such as lines.

1984/The English name was changed from "KOREAN AIR LINES" to the currently used "KOREAN AIR". However, until recently, "Korean Airlines" was used in the ticketing airline name column of ATB tickets, and even now, the official company name in English is "KOREAN AIR LINES". Before the English name change, the aircraft had "Korean Air KOREAN AIR LINESWas written in kanji and English, and the abbreviation "KAL" was also written.

Until 1988, he was the only airline in South Korea,Asiana AirlinesWith the establishment of, the two companies have become rivals with a long history, and are fiercely competing in terms of flight aircraft and air routes.Especially in EuropeAirbusRegarding the Airbus A380, the world's largest super-large aircraft developed by Korea, Korean Air ordered 10 aircraft and started operation in 2011, followed by Asiana Airlines, which ordered 6 aircraft, three years later in 3. It will start operating in the year.

The coloring of the aircraft used to be a design with red and blue on a white background, but before and after the change of the English name, it was based on the current light blue and silver, and at the same time the symbol markSouth Korean flagAlso drawn in "Tai Chi(In the official logo, this mark is applied to the letter "O" of KOREAN AIR).2007/January,LCC"Air Korea" (laterJin Air(Renamed) was established.

2016/From September 12th,Japan Airlines(JAL) "JAL Mileage BankStarted mutual tie-up with. Applies to Japan-Korea routes other than the Okinawa / Naha-Seoul / Incheon routes operated by Korean Air[8].

2020/XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,2019 New CoronavirusDemand for aviation has dropped sharply as the infection spreads.Announced that 1% of the 9000 employees will be temporarily taken off for 7 months.[9].

2020/May 11, Korean AirAsiana AirlinesWas officially decided to be acquired and merged[10][11].

2020/May 12,United KingdomOf an aviation services research company based inSky traxCertified as a 5-star airline[12].


The uniform that has been worn since October 2005 is a light beige jacket, skirt and pants.For assistant parsers and above, a light blue jacket, two-color blouse, cardigan,scarf,apron, And there are hair ornaments. The designer isGianfranco Ferret.

In-flight service

Among the in-flight services, especiallyIn-flight mealThen, in the in-flight meal section awarded by the International In-flight Meal Associationオ ス カ ーIn the Mercury Prize, which is called the award, it has been highly evaluated, such as receiving the Best In-flight Meal Award (Gold Award) twice. (1998/-"Bibimbap"2006/-"Bibim-gukkus(Korean style somen) "Best in-flight meal award).

Seat class formation

Long-haul routesfirst class, Prestige class (business class),Economy classHowever, from 3, as a measure to efficiently operate seats and increase profitability, we have announced measures to abolish first class on 2019% of routes and shift to business class.[13].

In-flight magazine

"Morning Calm』(Morning Calm) South Korea OfAirlines,Korean Air OfIn-flight magazineIs.30 copies are issued every month and will be installed on all Korean Air domestic and international routes and all flights.In addition to Korean, English and Chinese pages are posted.

そのJapaneseThe edition is published monthly and will be installed on all Korean Air flights to Japan.


In service to 43 cities in 121 countries[1][14][15].

Flight route map

Korean air destinations.png

   South Korea
  Cargo only

List of destinations

(Some information has not been updated)
Temporary suspension:COVID-19Suspended due to the influence of[16].

Republic of Korea flag South KoreaSeoulIncheon International AirportInternational hub
Gimpo International AirportDomestic hub
DaeguDaegu International AirportTemporary suspension
BusanGimhae International Airport
JejuJeju International Airport
CheongjuCheongju International Airport
GwangjuGwangju Airport
GunsanGunsan AirportTemporary suspension
SacheonSacheon AirportTemporary suspension
YeosuYeosu AirportTemporary suspension
UlsanUlsan Airport
WonjuWonju AirportTemporary suspension
PohangPohang AirportTemporary suspension
Japanese flag JapanSapporoNew Chitose AirportTemporary suspension
AomoriAomori AirportTemporary suspension
NiigataNiigata AirportTemporary suspension
KanazawaKomatsu AirportTemporary suspension
TokyoNarita International Airport
Tokyo International AirportTemporary suspension
NagoyaChubu International Airport
OkayamaOkayama AirportTemporary suspension
FukuokaFukuoka Airport
KitakyushuKitakyushu AirportCargo only
OitaOita AirportTemporary suspension
KagoshimaKagoshima AirportTemporary suspension
OkinawaNaha AirportTemporary suspension
Flag of the People's Republic of China ChugokuBeijingBeijing Capital International AirportTemporary suspension
GuangzhouGuangzhou Baiyun International Airport
NanjingNanjing Lukou International AirportTemporary suspension
DalianDalian Zhoushuizi International Airport
MudanjiangMudanjiangami AirportTemporary suspension
ShanghaiShanghai Hongqiao International AirportTemporary suspension
Pudong International AirportTemporary suspension
SanyaSanya Phoenix International Airportcharter
XiamenXiamen Takasaki International AirportTemporary suspension
ShenyangShenyang Taoxian International Airport
深圳Shenzhen Bao'an International AirportTemporary suspension
Xi'anXi'an Xianyang International AirportTemporary suspension
WuhanWuhan Tianhe International AirportTemporary suspension
YanjiYanji Chaoyang AirportTemporary suspension
WeihaiWeihai AirportTemporary suspension
ZhangjiajieZhangjiajie Heika International AirportTemporary suspension
ZhengzhouZhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport
Jinan CityJinan Harukai International AirportTemporary suspension
ChangshaChangsha Huanghua International AirportTemporary suspension
成都Chengdu Shuangliu International AirportCargo only
QingdaoQingdao Liuting International AirportTemporary suspension
KunmingKunming Changshui International AirportTemporary suspension
TianjinTianjin Binhai International AirportTemporary suspension
HaikouHaikou Meilan International Airportcharter
HangzhouHangzhou Xiaoshan International AirportTemporary suspension
HefeiHefei Shimbashi International AirportTemporary suspension
HuangshanHuangshan Tunxi International AirportTemporary suspension
Hong Kong flag Hong KongHong KongHong Kong International Airport
Republic of China flag TaiwanTaipeiTaoyuan International Airport
Mongolia flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euUlaanbaatarBoyant O'Har International AirportTemporary suspension
Malaysia flag MalaysiaKuala LumpurKuala Lumpur International Airport
PenangPenang International AirportCargo only
Myanmar flag MyanmarYangonYangon International Airport
 Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euHanoiNoi Bai International Airport
Nha TrangCam Ranh International AirportTemporary suspension
DanangDa Nang International AirportTemporary suspension
DalatLien Quong International AirportTemporary suspension
Phu QuocPhu Quoc International AirportSeasonal / Limited Edition
Temporary suspension
Ho Chi Minh CityTan Son Nhat International AirportTemporary suspension
Singapore flag SingaporeSingaporeSingapore Changi International Airport
Indonesian flag IndonesiaJakartaSoekarno Hatta International Airport
DenpasarDenpasar International AirportTemporary suspension
Kingdom of Thailand flag ThailandBangkokSuvarnabhumi International Airport
ClubbyClubby International Airportcharter
Chiang MaiChiang Mai International AirportTemporary suspension
プ ー ケ ッ トPhuket International AirportTemporary suspension
Cambodia flag CambodiaPhnom PenhPhnom Penh International Airport
Siem ReapSiem Reap International AirportSeasonal / Limited Edition
Temporary suspension
Philippines flag フィリピンManilaNinoy Aquino International Airport
CebuMactan Cebu International Airport
ClerkClark International AirportTemporary suspension
Uzbekistan flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euTashkentTashkent International Airport
NavoiNavoi AirportCargo only
Indian flag IndiaMumbaiChhatrapati Shivaji International Airport
DelhiIndira Gandhi International Airport
ChennaiChennai International AirportCargo only
Nepal flag ネ パ ー ルKathmanduTribhuvan International Airport
Sri Lanka flag Sri LankaColomboBandaranaike International Airport
Maldives flag MaldivesMaleIbrahim Nasir International AirportVia Colombo
United Arab Emirates flag UAEDubaiDubai International Airport
Israeli flag IsraelTel AvivBen Gurion International Airport
 AustriaViennaVienna International Airport
Belgian flag Belgiumブ リ ュ ッ セ ルBrussels International AirportCargo only
 Czech RepublicPragueRuzyne International Airport
 DenmarkCopenhagenCopenhagen International AirportCargo only
French flag FranceParisCharles De Gaulle International Airport
German flag GermanyFrankfurtFrankfurt airport
Croatian flag CroatiaZagrebZagreb International Airport
 HungaryBudapestList Ferenc International Airport
Italian flag ItalyMilanMilan Malpensa International Airport
RomeFiumicino airport
Dutch flag NetherlandsAmsterdamAmsterdam Schiphol Airport
 NorwayOsloOslo airportCargo only
Russian flag RussiaSt. PetersburgPulkovo airportSeasonal / Limited Edition
MoscowSheremetyevo International Airport
IrkutskIrkutsk International AirportSeasonal / Limited Edition
VladivostokVladivostok International Airport
Spanish flag SpainMadridAdolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport
BarcelonaBarcelona-El Prat Airport
 SwedenStockholmStockholm Arlanda AirportCargo only
Swiss flag SwitzerlandZurichZurich airport
British flag United KingdomUKLondon Heathrow Airport
Turkish flag TurkeyIstanbulIstanbul Airport
Canadian flag CanadaTorontoToronto Pearson International Airport
VancouverVancouver International Airport
United States flag The United States of AmericaAnchorageTed Stevens Anchorage International AirportCargo only
AtlantaHartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
ChicagoChicago O'Hare International Airport
DallasDallas/Fort Worth International Airport
HonoluluHonolulu International Airport
Las VegasMcCarran International Airport
Los AngelesLos Angeles International Airport
MiamiMiami International AirportCargo only
ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クJohn F. Kennedy International Airport
San FranciscoSan Francisco International Airport
SeattleSeattle-Tacoma International Airport
Washington DCWashington Dulles International Airport
HoustonGeorge Bush Intercontinental Airport
Duffel BagGeneral Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport
Australian flag AustraliaSydneySydney International Airport
BrisbaneBrisbane Airport
New Zealand flag New ZealandAucklandAuckland International Airport
Fiji flag FijiNadiNadi International Airport
Guam flag GuamGuamGuam International Airport
Palau flag パラオKororRoman Tometucer International Airport

List of past destinations

Republic of Korea flag South Korea
MuanMuan International Airport
XiangyangYangyang International Airport
GangneungGangneung Airport
MokpoMokpo Airbase
SokchoSokcho Airport
ReisenSaisen Airport
Japanese flag JapanMemanbetsuMemanbetsu Airportcharter[17]
KushiroKushiro Airportcharter[18]
AsahikawaAsahikawa Airport
HakodateHakodate Airport
AkitaAkita Airport
AndMatsumoto Airportcharter[19]
ShizuokaShizuoka Airport
NagoyaNagoya Komaki AirportMoved to Chubu International Airport
OsakaOsaka International AirportMoved to Kansai International Airport
NagasakiNagasaki Airport
KumamotoKumamoto Airport
MiyakojimaMiyako Airportcharter[20]
ShimojishimaShimojishima Airportcharter[21]
IshigakijimaIshigaki Airportcharter[22]
Flag of the People's Republic of China ChugokuSanyaSanya Phoenix International Airport
YantaiYantai Laishan International Airport
ShijiasoShijiazhuang Shengding International Airport
NanningNanning Wulong International Airport
GuiyangGuiyang Longdong International Airport
XiningXining Baojia Airportcharter
UrumqiUrumqi Diwopu International Airport
Hong Kong flag Hong KongHong KongHong Kong Kai Tak International AirportMoved to Hong Kong International Airport
Macau flag MacaoMacaoMacau International Airport
Republic of China flag TaiwanTaichungTaichung International Airport
Democratic People's Republic of Korea flag north koreaPyongyangPyongyang Sunan International AirportSpecial charter[23]
Cambodia flag CambodiaSiem ReapSiem Reap International Airport
Malaysia flag MalaysiaKota KinabaluKota Kinabalu International Airport
Kingdom of Thailand flag ThailandPattayaUtapao International AirportSeasonal / Limited Edition
Saudi arabia flag Saudi ArabiaRiyadhKing Khaled International Airport
JeddahKing Abdulaziz International AirportVia riad
British flag United KingdomUKLondon Gatwick Airport
French flag FranceMulhouseEuroAirport Basel-Mullose AirportCargo only
 SwedenLuleåLuleå AirportCargo only
Russian flag RussiaKhabarovskKhabarovsk airport
Australian flag AustraliaCairnsCairns International AirportCargo only
MelbourneMelbourne Airport
 EgyptCairoCairo International Airport
 KenyaNairobiJomo Kenyatta International Airport
Brazilian flag BrazilSao PauloGuarulhos International AirportVia Los Angeles


1960 eraIn contrast to Japanese airlines, which have begun to enter Japan in Japan and are concentrated between Tokyo and Seoul, they have been aggressively entering local cities without profitability in order to attract transit passengers from the Japanese market.[24].

In particularNarita-Haneda-Kansai-Central part-New Chitose-FukuokaToSeoul(Incheon-Gimpo), And since August 1, we have multiple flights each day.Japan AirlinesCode share flightsMake a tie-up[Annotation 1]It realizes high-frequency operation and boasts high convenience. The Narita-Honolulu route is also in operation.

Due to the deterioration of Japan-South Korea relations, the number of flights to and from major airports including Kansai International Airport has been gradually reduced since July 2019.[25].

Owned equipment

  • As of January 2021, it owns a total of 1 aircraft, with an average age of about 174 years.[26][27].


  • Usage Guide
    • Possession : Number of possessions (received)
    • order : Number of orders (ordered, unreceived)
    • 追加 : Number of additional orders (ordered, unreceived)
    • F : first class
    • P : Business class (Prestige class)
    • Y : Economy class
Korean Air owned aircraft
Passenger plane
Airbus A220-30010000140140[28]2 machines are specially painted for the 50th anniversary[29][30].
Airbus A321neo030
Ordered in 2015[31].
Scheduled to be introduced sequentially by 2025.
Airbus A330-20080030188218[32]One isSky teamPainting.
Airbus A330-300220024248272[33]
Airbus A380-8001001294301407[36]Two machines are specially painted for the 2th anniversary. Scheduled to retire by 50.
Boeing 737-80020012126138
Boeing 737-90014008180188[37]Most owned in the world[38].
Boeing 737-900ER6008165173[39][40]
Boeing 737 MAX 832708138146Ordered in 2015[31].
Boeing 747-8I100648314368[41]Scheduled to retire by 2031.
Boeing 777-200ER120828225261[42]
Boeing 777-30040635297338[43]
Boeing 777-300ER260842227277[44]One is painted by SkyTeam.
Two machines are specially painted for the 1th anniversary.
Boeing 787-91010024245269[46]2 machines are specially painted for the 50th anniversary[47][48].
Boeing 787-10020
Ordered in 2019[48].
Boeing 747-400ERF40
Boeing 747-8F70
Boeing 777F120
Dedicated aircraft (business jets, etc.)
Boeing 737-700 / BBJ110
Bombardier global express10
Gulfstream G-650ER10
Sikorsky S-76C +10
AgustaWestland AW13940
Cessna 525 Citation CJ1 +20
Cessna 560 Citation Ultra40

About owned equipment and ordered equipment

Korean AirAirbusWith equipmentBoeingIt is also characterized by the fact that it operates almost uniformly.

7 aircraftAirbus A380I ordered a model machine and for 3 machinesOptionsAlso add. The first A380 will be delivered from the end of 20072009/Delivery will start by[52]Although it was planned, it was delayed from the delivery schedule, and delivery began in May 2011. After that, receipts proceeded smoothly, and on July 5, 2014, the 7th aircraft (HL28), the final unit, was introduced.[53][54], 10 aircraft were available as originally planned.

On October 5th of the same year,Boeing 747-400ERFI have ordered 8 aircraft.

In the passenger sector in 2006Boeing 747-400Positioned as an alternative toBoeing 777-300EROrdered 9 aircraft (1 delivery, 4 options), and in 2009Boeing 747-8ICI have ordered 5 aircraft[55][56][Annotation 2].. In the freight sectorBoeing 747-8F7 aircraft, andBoeing 777FI have ordered 5 aircraft. The company is the only airline in the world to operate both passenger and freight on the 747-8.[57].

Boeing 787-9Received the first model (aircraft number HL8081) on February 2017, 2. Arrived in Korea on February 22th (this year)[When?]There are plans to introduce 4 more aircraft and 2019 more by 5 (10 aircraft in total). It consists of 6 first class seats, 18 prestige (business) class seats, and 245 economy class seats, for a total of 269 seats. It will start operating in Korea from March 3. Scheduled to operate on long-haul routes such as Toronto, Madrid and Los Angeles from around June[58].

In addition, Korean Air placed an orderBoeing aircraft customer number (customer code)Is B5 and the model name of the aircraft is 747-4B5, 747-4B5F, 777-2B5ER, 777-3B5And so on.

On November 2015, 11, it announced that it had placed a firm order for 7 small A321neo aircraft.The contract also sets options for 30 aircraft.this year[When?]Based on its first commitment, Korean Air is the first to order the A320 family.

Mileage service

Mileage serviceIt is,SKYPASSIs. Until June 2008, the added miles did not expire, but from July of the same year, there is an expiration date of 6 years.[59].. Up to 5 spouses, parents, children, grandparents (paternal only), and grandchildren (paternal only) can be used for benefits by adding up mileage. In addition, there is a dedicated membership organization called "Skypass Junior" for children up to the age of 11. Korean Air is a memberSky teamIn addition to the member companies, we are affiliated with the following airlines.

In Japan,Mitsubishi UFJ Nikos("DC card"VISA-MasterCard[General / Gold] >>, "MUFG card"American ExpressOnly >>) andJCBPartnered with (general / gold)Credit cardMileage will be added by using.

KAL limousine bus

Incheon International Airport(Gimpo International Airport)WhenSeoul cityIs tied. It can be used regardless of the boarding airline.

Once in BusanGimhae International AirportThere were departure and arrival routes, but they were abolished.

Aerospace Division

Korean Air1976/Has established the Aerospace Division "Manufacturing Division" in Japan and is now known as the Korean Air Aerospace Division (KAL-ASD).

In addition to research and development related to aerospace, we also undertake licensed production of aircraft and parts production, making it the only airline in the world that has a division that manufactures aircraft.[60]. UH-60,F-5,F-16We are also involved in a wide range of licensed production and parts for Boeing and Airbus passenger planes.

The Manufacturing Division is located at Gimhae International Airport and is called the Tech Center by industry workers.

Incidents / Accidents / Trouble

Korean Air crashed for the third consecutive year from 1997 to 1999,Federal Aviation Administration(FAA) downgraded Korea's aviation safety management system rating from category "1" to "2"[Annotation 4]..After that, the companyDelta AirlinesInvited the vice president of the company to the president, and now it has returned to the original category "1".[Source required]

Takeshima Demonstration Flight Case

2011/(23)May 6, Narita-Incheon, new model "Airbus A380Prior to launching, the company's chairman and the media were boarded.transponderThere is a territorial dispute with Japan after cuttingSea of ​​JapanAt seaTakeshimaA demonstration flight was conducted over the sky.

On the other hand, JapanMinistry of Foreign Affairs"Clearly violates the territory"JapanAll officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that they would refrain from using Korean aircraft for public affairs for one month from July 7 of the same year.[61][62].

In response, the South Korean government said it was "extremely regrettable" and demanded withdrawal, but the self-restraint was carried out as planned.[63][64].

About this matterSearchinaAccording to the report, flying over Takeshima with the chairman of Korean Air and the ministers of Korean ministries on board the passenger plane labeled "KOREAN AIR" is not sensitive to Japan, which claims sovereignty. I told the aviation officials' view that I would not get it[65].


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注 釈

  1. ^ Initially, KAL code-share flights from Japan to South Korea were all flights, while JAL code-share flights from South Korea to Japan were some routes. From April 2014, 4, it was expanded to all routes between Japan and South Korea of ​​both companies. On the other hand, JAL's own aircraft operations were reduced to Narita and Haneda.
  2. ^ For the first time in the world, we ordered both passenger and cargo types of 747-8.
  3. ^ Limited to award tickets on JAL-operated flights between Tokyo (Haneda) and Seoul (Gimpo). Mileage accrual to SKYPASS with JAL flight number and award tickets on JAL routes other than direct flights between Japan and Korea cannot be used. Alliance started from December 2016, 12. ((JAL and Korean Air (KE) start mutual exchange of award tickets
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