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✈ | To hold the first special exhibition "Flying Car Technology" for flying cars. On display of the actual SkyDrive

Photo "Sky Drive" that carried out manned flight

To hold the first exhibition "Flying Car Technology" specializing in flying cars. On display of the actual SkyDrive

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Flying car technology exhibits a wide range of materials and parts, as well as actual machines of interest.

Special exhibition "Flying Car Technology" with the theme of "flying car" will be held from Wednesday, November 2020, 11 to 4 ... → Continue reading


sorae is a "sora" web media that provides information on space development, astronomy, aviation, and drones. If you want to know the universe, know about celestial events, are interested in aviation, and want to become familiar with the latest drones, we will deliver it.
We will quickly and easily introduce information about the past “sora” and future “sora”.

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