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🚗 | Car Fairy Passo's Giving Back 9th Future Concept Car


Car Fairy Passo's Giving Back 9th Future Concept Car

If you write the contents roughly
A heartwarming gag manga with the theme of a car by manga artist Zunda Croquette.

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Gag cartoon

Gag cartoon(Gag manga) makes readers laughgagMainly drawnJapanese cartoonThat.Comedy cartoonIn modern Japan, comedy is mostly used in the image of a healthy laugh, and gag is not necessarily aimed at inducing a smile (even in the heart).


"Punch pictureHas been calledMeiji periodSince then, the word manga has become establishedTaisho periodFrom the middle ofShowaSince entering the manga, manga has long been a politicalsatireIt was positioned as something that can be laughed at. In both adult and child comics, laughter was an inseparable element for comics, and no comics without laughter existed, without saying that it was a comic with gag.

However, in cartoons for children,1960 eraThe element of laughter was lost from the latter half ofDramasAppeared. At the same timeFujio Akatsukaof"Osomatsu-kun』In other boys magazines, comics specialized in laughter have become popular. Thus, from the late 1960s1970 eraTo begin with, the cartoon has no element of laughterDramasAnd differentiated into gag comics specializing in gag. The genre of gag manga was established.

It was the mainstream of manga until then, and still laughable and inseparableユ ー モ ア,NonsenseAdult manga with a strong element ofStory cartoonIn the form of being eaten by gag manga,1970To文藝 春秋Adult comic magazine ofComic book], the genre itself has declined, such as the suspension of publication.

Absurd gag

The 1980s prevailedYoshida Tank"Absurdity[1]Often the ancestor of "manga"[2]. But,Eiji OtsukaDisagrees with this,Cartoon historyTypicallyHideo Azuma 1978から1979Announced overAbsurdity diary"(10thNebula AwardAward winning work)AbsurditygagArgues that it should be considered the roots of[2].

However, "Absurd Manga"-like works were also created before Azuma.Tsuge Yoshiharu"Screw type] OrEbisu Nozomi"Love storm],Akasegawa Haradaira"Sakura Pictorial"SuchGallo systemBy the writerAvant-gardeManga works,Genius BakabonSuch asFujio Akatsuka,Kunio Hase,Mitsutoshi FuruyaEt al.Fujio ProNo gag mangaTanioka Yasuji,Tatsuhiko Yamagami,Kamogawa Swallow,George Akiyama,Autumn dragon mountainByNonsenseThere are gag works etc.,Osamu TezukaCollects them as "absurdity gag"[3].

Also, I'm not always aware of gagStrange cartoon,Girl cartoonHowever, it may be re-evaluated later in the context of absurd gag because of the strangeness and absurd development of the content.Yoshihiro Yonezawa,Kentaro TakekumaWas supervised byOta PublishingReprinted cartoon label "QJ Manga Selection BookFromSeiichiro Tokunanof""(Akebono Publishing) And special styleRental book cartoonWas reproduced many times. AlsoRensuke Oshikiri TheBook rentalHorror cartoon"A horror that only looks like a gag"SkylarkI was conscious of the taste of "horror" and created it with a style that fused horror and gag.

Minor period

Formerly "irrational manga" works,1960 eraWas published inSeirindoIssuedAlternative comicmagazine"Monthly Manga Gallo』(1964~2002)Including,1970 eraFrom the end1980 eraEarlyNew WaveManga mania magazines that were launched one after another, orEbisu Nozomi,Kei Nemoto,Yamanoichi(Nekojiruhusband of),Hiromi Hiraguchi,Maruo Suehiro,Kazuichi Hanawa,Kazuhiro Watanabe,Hanako Yamada,Sugisaku J Taro,Michio HisauchiEt al.Gallo systemWas written byVending machine book,Erotic movie magazine, Or maniacSMThe place of announcement such as magazines is extremelyUndergroundMinor magazines andErotic booksWas limited to.

SeirindoFounderガ ロ] The first editor-in-chiefShoichi Nagai"Once upon a timeGallo systemThere were times when other publishers didn't publish the book," he recalled, and there was a common understanding in the industry at the time that "irrational manga was a major failure."[4].

Major period

1980 eraFrom the middleMikio Igarashi"Bonobono],Koji Aihara"Kojien], [Once polar bear] Will become popular. Aihara Koji was serializedBig Comic Spirits』(Shogakukan) Then,Aihara AwardIs provided,Hinobuyuki,Shunji EnomotoContributed to the production of junior gag cartoonists[5].

1989ToYoshida Tank"It's contagious.] Has begun, and will be a work symbolizing the genre of absurd gag manga. "It's contagious. The design of the bookShin SobueWas in charge of making mistakes intentionally, making it into a bound book that seems to be a disorderly book, and exuding absurdity from the making of the book itself[5].

"It's contagious. ] Since then, each adolescent magazine has an active role of an absurd cartoonist representing each magazine, and the absurd gag comics boom will take root.[5].. In this way, the absurd cartoonist moved the main field from the minor magazine to the major magazine.[4].

Writer'sTakana Seina"Papa is New GuineaIs described as "a work that can be said to have reached the peak of the boom" of this period.[5].

From the perspective of “absurdity,” it is contagious, which is one of the masterpieces of absurd gag manga. "than,Shunji Enomoto"GOLDEN LUCKY』Is more absurd, and some people think that enthusiastic fans were born, but on the contrary, it seems that some readers could not understand the fun at all, and Enomoto's style sparked pros and cons.[6].


2000 eraWhen you enterインターネットDue to the popularization of manga, the number of amateur gag manga works is increasing on their own site, manga posting site, story posting site, picture posting site, video posting site, etc. Compared to professional works, 2 ch The originalParody,Absurdity,Hetauma, Chaotic things, etc.IndiesStrong element.Kobayashi Dougushi(CurrenteveningSerialized in),Nya melon(CurrentWeekly Shonen Champion(Serialization),Takatsu Karino(CurrentYoung GanganSerialized in),Choborau Nyopomi(CurrentManga Parette LiteSerialized) and published gag manga on the Internet, and the number of cases where popular amateur manga artists will be serialized in manga magazines is increasing. In addition, serialization of gag manga on websites operated by publishers is beginning to appear. For exampleGangan ONLINESerialized inDaily lives of high school boys』(Yasunobu Yamauchi) AndMonthly Shonen SiriusIs being serialized in the web version ofWitch girl Tsukune-chan WEB』(Hiroaki Magari) Is this.

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