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✈ | Listen to opinions and take appropriate measures in a timely manner = About airlines Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Akabane


Listen to your opinions and take appropriate measures in a timely manner = About airlines Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Akabane

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Regarding the report that ANA Holdings <9202.T> is considering the secondment of employees, he declined to comment, saying, "I do not know that it was announced by ANA."

[Tokyo, XNUMXth, Reuters] -Kazuyoshi Akaba, Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, said at a post-Cabinet press conference on the XNUMXth that airlines continue to experience sluggish demand ... → Continue reading


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ANA Holdings

ANA Holdings Co., Ltd.(NA Holdings,British: ANA HOLDINGS INC.) IsTokyoMinato-kuIs a Japanese company located in Japan, whose main business is air transportation.ANA Group OfHolding company.


Was doing an air transportation businessAll Nippon AirwaysLtd. (old) 2013Transferred the business to a subsidiary (formerly ANA Holdings Co., Ltd.) on April 4Holding company systemHas been migrated to[2].. A holding company for the purpose of controlling the management of the corporate group centered on the regular air transportation business, which holds shares in companies that carry out the air transportation business, travel business, and trading company business, and formulates management strategies and management of the ANA Group. I do. The company name was changed to the current one when the holding company system was transferred. The registered name of the aircraft remains in ANA Holdings after the transition to the holding company system.

The subsidiary that inherited the air transportation business (formerly ANA Holdings Co., Ltd.) has changed its name to All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (new).[3].


Airline company

  • 1952(27)12/26 -Far East Airlines Co., Ltd. is established.
  • 1952 year (Showa 27 year)12/27 - Japan Helicopter Transport Co., Ltd.Is established.
  • 1957(Showa 32) December-Nippon Helicopter Transportation Co., Ltd. namedAll Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.change to.
  • 1958(33)3/1 -Far East Airlines Co., Ltd. and All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. merged.
  • 1961(Showa 36) June- TSEWith the second partOSEListed in the second part.
  • 1975(50)7/21 -Listed on the first section of both the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the OSE.
  • 1991(Heisei03) December- London Stock ExchangeListed on.
  • 2012(24)4/2 -Established ANA Holdings Co., Ltd. (former), a subsidiary company for the air transportation business to become a holding company.

Holding company era

  • 2013(25)4/1 -Transferred the air transportation business to a subsidiary ANA Holdings Co., Ltd. (former) and became a holding company.ANA Holdings Co., Ltd.Changed to (new).
    • ANA Holdings Co., Ltd. (old), which acquired the air transportation business, changed its name to All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (new).
    • Is also the largest shareholderNagoya RailwayThere are various forms and deep connections with the group.
  • 2016(28)3/22 -System failure, 87 domestic flights canceled[4].
  • 2017(29)4 - Equity method affiliateMetPeach AviationAcquired additional shares of Industrial Corporation from Japan Industrial Innovation Organization and First Eastern Aviation Holdings Limited and raised its investment ratio to 67%, making it a consolidated subsidiary.[5][6].

Group companies

In addition to these, affiliated companies are also affiliated (see homepage for list)[8]).

Skymark support

2015(27),Sky markHas been decided to invest 29 million yen (7%)[9].. In the same year, SkymarkCivil Rehabilitation LawThe rehabilitation team organized after applying for the application of recruitment of sponsors. From other aviation industries,Delta Airlines,American airlines,Air AsiaEtc. expressed their intention to support, but it is said that no specific proposal was made.

July 8st of the same year,a creditorThe rally was held and our companyDevelopment Bank of Japan・Investment fundintegralSide support plan and creditor side US aircraftleaseIntrepid Aviation Co., Ltd. and Delta Air Lines have voted for their own proposal. As a result, a support plan by the Company was adopted with a voting right amount of 60.25% and the number of creditors was 135.5, and it was concluded.[10].. At the same time, the two points that were necessary for the establishment of this revitalization plan (the majority of the number of creditors who voted, more than half of the total voting rights) were met.[11].. The decisive factor was the large passenger aircraft that Skymark canceled the aircraft purchaseAirbus A380It is said to be a proposal that includes the purchase of. In this case SkymarkAirbusUp to about 7 millionDollarHuge amount ofpenaltyWas holding. On the other hand, Delta Air Lines, which embarked on support at the same time, did not propose to Airbus to order equipment by the deadline.

After determining support measures,MediaWas a question of the significance of Skymark's existence as a "third pole" in Japan, but Toyoyuki Nagamine, director of the Company, said, "Skymark's management independence is guaranteed, and in terms of fares and routes. ANA will not be involved,” said Skymark. Integral representative Sayama also had some scenes of opposition to ANA's approach during the negotiations, but after the reorganization proposal converged, "Act 3 ended, now the second ship starts on the same ship. "Someone said that Skymark's fare will stay high due to ANA's investment, but ANA's investment destination Skymark's sales will decrease, so it is meaningless."[12].
ANA isCode sharePolicy to support activities for aircraft maintenance and market development by sending human resources from the maintenance and sales departments to Skymark in the future, including discussions on system integration and system integration.[13].. On the other hand, "Skymark aiming for relisting is wary of increasing dependence on ANA and is sticking to its own system."Nihon Keizai ShimbunHas been rated by[14].

As a result of this, weHaneda airportIncluding a landing slot of 8% per day for 36%, we have invested inArrival and departure slots at the same airportShare of about 6%[15][Source invalid].

Related item

  • LDP Policy Research Institute --An organization that sends employees from All Nippon Airways, which is under the umbrella of Holding.[16].
  • --A catch phrase for corporate commercials, known as ANA's heartfelt message.[17][18]


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