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🚄 | Higashi-Hannou Tuna! (Laughs) [Station Bura 04] Seibu Ikebukuro Line


Higashi-Hannou is a tuna! (Laughs) [Station Bura 04] Seibu Ikebukuro Line

If you write the contents roughly
It feels like one local train runs every 30 minutes between Seibu-Chichibu Station and Hanno Station.

* The top image taken in July 2020 is the Semi Express Ikebukuro line departing from Hanno Station Platform 7.Higashi-Hannou Station [Station Bura], station name ... → Continue reading

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Seibu Chichibu Station

Seibu Chichibu Station(Seibuchi Chibueki) isSaitamaChichibu CityLocated in Nosakamachi XNUMX-chome,Seibu RailwaySeibu Chichibu Line OfstationIs.On the same lineend point.Station number TheSI36.

It is the westernmost and northernmost station of Seibu Railway.Also, in the Kanto regionMajor private railwayIt is also located at the westernmost point of the station.


Includes "Seibu" in the station name.The local name is "Seibu Station'[Note 1].

"JTB Timetable" (JTB publishing) Is not listed as a representative station in Chichibu City on the index map[Note 2] Although,Tokyo WardSince trains arrive and depart from Chichibu City, tourist guides etc.Chichibu districtIt may be introduced as a gateway to.

Chichibu Station(Chichibu RailwayChichibu Main Line) Is away fromTransfer stationNot, but on the nearby Chichibu Main LineOhanabatake StationYou can change trains atTicket gateFrom the side, the commercial facility "Seibu Chichibu Ekimae Onsen Matsuri no Yu" and the Chichibu Main LineRailroad crossingAfter passing through, you will arrive in about 5 minutes on foot[Note 3]..There are also direct trains to the Chichibu Railway, but the number is small, so you often change trains to Ohanabatake Station on foot.

Some trains are from this station on the Chichibu Main LineMitsumineguchiIn the directionDirect operationIt is carried out.

As Seibu-Chichibu Station DistrictMusashi Yokote Station --It manages each station between Seibu-Chichibu Station.

Seibu-Chichibu Station, which was renewed in 2017Good Design AwardWon[1].


  • 1969(Showa44 years)10/14 --Saitama Prefectural Chichibu Agricultural and Industrial High School (currentlySaitama Prefectural Chichibu Agricultural and Industrial Science High School) Opened on the site.
    • Chichibu StationThere was also a plan to build a station adjacent to the station, but it was decided to set up a station at the current location because a vast site could be secured by relocating Chichibu Agricultural and Industrial High School.In addition, it is said that there was strong opposition from the Chichibu Railway side because it would be a competition for transportation to the city center.
  • 1989(HeiseiXNUMXst year) --Start of direct operation with Chichibu Railway.Due to its structure, it only departs and arrives in the direction of Mitsumineguchi.Passing in the direction of Nagatoro.
  • 1991(3) --The directly managed commercial facility "Seibu Chichibu Nakamise Dori" opens.
  • 1994(6) --Instead of buzzer at all homesDeparture melody(Canno WorksIntroduced).
  • 2000(12)- XNUMX selections of stations in KantoSelected as
    • Other passengersServiceAs part of, without rebuilding the station buildingescalatorとエ レ ベ ー タ ーIntroduction·wheelchairWCInstallation ・ Renovation of some general toilets to Western-style toilet seats ・Air conditioningComplete Ofwaiting room(Inside the ticket gate) ・ Informationcounter・ We are renovating the ticket vending machine section, installing a curtain-type departure guidance display, raising the platform, and installing slip protection.The departure guidance display was later replaced with an LED type.
  • 2010 year (Heisei 22 year)
    • A banner will be set up to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the selection of XNUMX Kanto stations.
  • 2016(28)
  • 2017(29)
    • March-Station building renewal completed[4].
    • 4/24 --Opened "Seibu Chichibu Ekimae Onsen Matsuri no Yu", a complex hot spring facility[4][5].

Station structure

Single platform1 sides 1 linesIsland homeHas 1 sides 2 lines, total 2 sides 3 linesGround station..The single platform part is the 1st platform, and the island platform part is the 2nd and 3rd platforms. At home 1Limited express"Chichibu"Departs and arrives.

There is a concourse inside the ticket gate on the east side of Platform 1 (below Platform 1 in the wiring diagram).The concourse inside the ticket gate and platforms 2 and 3overpassI am contacting you atescalatorとエ レ ベ ー タ ーIs installed.In addition, a manned intermediate ticket gate is set up between the concourse inside the ticket gate and Platform 1, and station staff check the ticket and limited express ticket.

From Chichibu Railway, which is not a magnetized ticketticketPassengers in possession of such types can be handled and used in the manned aisle (customer information counter).Also, 1994ThanAutomatic ticket gateHas been installed (updated in 1999 and 2014),PASMO-SuicaCan be used (the Chichibu Railway Mitsumineguchi area is outside the area and cannot be used).There is also a temporary ticket gate,Chichibu Night FestivalIt is used in such cases.

WCIs installed not only in the ticket gate, but also in the commercial facility "Ekimae Onsen Matsuri no Yu". It was also set up during the "Nakamise Shopping Street" era.

2003IsHitsujiyama Park OfMoss phloxTemporarily unable to accommodate passengers for sightseeingTicket gateI have been stopped.

Bus stop

1SI Seibu Chichibu LineHanno-Tokorozawa-IkebukuroaspectLimited expressChichibuDedicated home
2 · 3Home for general type
■Chichibu Railway Chichibu Main LineKagemori-MitsumineguchiaspectOnly direct from Hanno
  • With the Chichibu Railway Chichibu Main LineContact line YokoseIt's close by, and direct trains come and go.The crossover isDouble slipIt has become.Trains going back and forth between Yokoze and Nagatoro do not enter the platform of this station, but directly connect Yokoze Station and Ohanabatake Station.On the other hand, trains going to and from Mitsumineguchi stop once at the platform of this station, treat them as passengers, and change crew members.SwitchbackAnd go directly to both routes.For this reason, the combined trains for Nagatoro and Mitsumineguchi are not at this station but at Yokoze station in front of you.Split / merge workI do.
  • When calculating the fare for a direct train, use this stationOhanabatake StationAre treated as the same station.For example, if you board the Mitsumineguchi train from this station, the fare will be calculated assuming that you boarded the entire section of the Chichibu Railway from Ohanabatake Station.In addition, if you board the train departing from Nagatoro from Ohanabatake Station, the fare will be calculated assuming that you have boarded the Seibu Railway for all sections from this station.
    • The Chichibu Railway does not support Suica / PASMO, so if you want to board the Chichibu Railway direct train from Seibu Railway, you need to purchase a ticket at the boarding station in advance.If you transfer from Seibu Railway to Chichibu Railway with Suica / PASMO as it is, after paying the fare from the boarding station in full cash at the getting off station[6], It will be processed at the boarding station of the introduced railway company at the next boarding.Also, if you board the Seibu Railway directly from Ohanabatake Station, you will have to purchase a ticket in cash because there is no IC card compatible facility at that station.
  • This station is the terminal station of the Seibu-Chichibu Line, and there are no passing trains because the direct train bound for Nagatoro branches off in front of the station and enters the Chichibu Railway Chichibu Main Line (which connects to the premises of Ohanabatake Station).Head-end homeThe ticket gate and Platforms 2 and 3 are connected by an overpass.
  • 2nd and 3rd homeEffective lengthHas 10-car components, and on regular trains, this station is on Saturdays and holidays. Motomachi/Chukagai StationA direct train with reserved seats that runs betweenS-TRAINIs operated one round trip using the Seibu Railway 40000 series[7]、こちらのホームに発着する。それ以外の列車は、2・3番ホームに最大8両編成まで発着する。2013å¹´5月1日の深夜から2日の未明にかけて、東急5050ç³»4102編成(10両編成)が試運転として当駅に入線した[8].
  • There were two detention lines between Platform 1 and Platform 2.These days, it is not used on regular trains, and even throughout the year, it only enters at the time of the special timetable of the Chichibu Night Festival on December 2, and there is no evidence that it was used from around 12. From around November 3, about 2016 cars on the confluence side of the main line of the electric train were removed, the alignment of the line 2017 was slightly changed by utilizing the site, and the effective length of the limited express platform is 11 series "Laview" operation. It was stretched to 4-car components in preparation for the start.In addition, all detentions such as night berthsYokoze StationHas been forwarded to.

Wiring diagram

Seibu-Chichibu Station / Ohanabatake Station premises wiring schematic
To Mitsumineguchi

Seibu-Chichibu Station / Ohanabatake Station premises wiring schematic →
To Nagatoro

↓ Hanno / Ikebukuro area
Usage Guide

Commercial facility

Seibu Chichibu Nakamise Dori

19914/23Directly managed by Seibu Railway, which opened on the premises adjacent to the stationCommercial facility..With the ticket gate of this stationChichibu Railway OfOhanabatake StationOn both sides of the wide covered passageway, which also serves as a connecting passageway restaurant,StandIn addition,Sake,Japanese buckwheat noodlesSuch,Chichibu districtThere were many stores selling local specialties, and an event space was also set up.Due to the renovation work to the following new facilities 2016Closed the connecting passage in February, from April5/29All stores were closed and most of them were dismantled.

Seibu Chichibu Ekimae Onsen Festival Hot Spring

20174/24Grand opening in Japan, a complex type with product sales and restaurantsSpaIt is a facility[4][5]..It is a two-story building, consisting of a newly built part and a renewal part of Seibu-Chichibu Nakamise-dori, and has been divided into three areas: hot springs, restaurants / events, and product sales.

Aiming to improve Chichibu tourism and the Chichibu hot spring brandChichibu Night FestivalWith the theme of "festivals" held annually in the Chichibu area, including the above, the entire facility is designed with the concept of festivals.

Most of the first floor is "Chichibu Souvenir Market(Product sales area, about 466 square meters) "and"Feast of the drinking place festival(Eating and drinking / event area, about 736 square meters) ”, there is a space for selling souvenirs and specialty products and a shop from the ticket gate, and a food court is set up in the center to serve meals. "Festival hot water(Hot spring area, about 2170 square meters) ”is a reception and restaurant at the back of the 1st floor, and the entire 2nd floor is a hot springBedrock bath・ It was a break space.Outdoor bathThere is an indoor bath and an open-air bathRock bathHanami-yu, an artificial hot spring that draws hot springs from all over Japan, and indoor hot springs such as high-concentration artificial carbonated springs and jet bathssaunaThere is.The rock bath uses hot springs,Spring quality TheIodine-containing-sodium-chloride cold spring[10]..The rest space is a large room type and a private room (premium lounge) where you can take a nap until the next morning.

At the same time, the station was renewed, and the exterior of the station building, the concourse inside and outside the ticket gate, the limited express ticket gate, the limited express platform, and the overpass were remodeled into a Japanese-style image, and the station square and parking lot were also improved.

Usage situation

Average daily boarding and alighting in recent yearsBoarding personnelThe transition of is as follows.

Daily average boarding/alighting personnel by year[*1]
年度Daily average
Boarding and alighting personnel[*2]
Daily average
Boarding personnel[*3]
1990 (Heisei02 years)9,2054,694
1991 (Heisei03 years)9,1604,685
1992 (Heisei04 years)9,3094,761
1993 (Heisei05 years)9,3374,770
1994 (Heisei06 years)9,3924,801
1995 (Heisei07 years)9,0874,644
1996 (Heisei08 years)8,9694,580
1997 (Heisei09 years)8,4914,329
1998 year (Heisei 10 year)8,3284,250
1999 year (Heisei 11 year)8,0154,057[Saitama Prefecture Statistics 1]
2000 year (Heisei 12 year)8,0454,068[Saitama Prefecture Statistics 2]
2001 year (Heisei 13 year)7,9223,981[Saitama Prefecture Statistics 3]
2002 year (Heisei 14 year)8,0344,045[Saitama Prefecture Statistics 4]
2003 year (Heisei 15 year)8,1944,131[Saitama Prefecture Statistics 5]
2004 year (Heisei 16 year)8,2704,194[Saitama Prefecture Statistics 6]
2005 year (Heisei 17 year)8,0654,092[Saitama Prefecture Statistics 7]
2006 year (Heisei 18 year)7,8794,002[Saitama Prefecture Statistics 8]
2007 year (Heisei 19 year)7,5583,844[Saitama Prefecture Statistics 9]
2008 year (Heisei 20 year)7,5703,834[Saitama Prefecture Statistics 10]
2009 year (Heisei 21 year)7,1943,639[Saitama Prefecture Statistics 11]
2010 year (Heisei 22 year)6,9193,514[Saitama Prefecture Statistics 12]
2011 year (Heisei 23 year)6,6913,384[Saitama Prefecture Statistics 13]
2012 year (Heisei 24 year)6,6553,360[Saitama Prefecture Statistics 14]
2013 year (Heisei 25 year)6,8143,444[Saitama Prefecture Statistics 15]
2014 year (Heisei 26 year)6,9443,520[Saitama Prefecture Statistics 16]
2015 year (Heisei 27 year)7,0433,589[Saitama Prefecture Statistics 17]
2016 year (Heisei 28 year)6,9373,511[Saitama Prefecture Statistics 18]
2017 year (Heisei 29 year)7,4183,771[Saitama Prefecture Statistics 19]
2018 year (Heisei 30 year)7,2293,665[Saitama Prefecture Statistics 20]
2019 (first year of Reiwa)7,146

Around the station


Bus route

The rotary in front of the station is a bus terminal that connects Chichibu city and the surrounding area.Most lines leave this stationChichibu RailwayCrossing the west side of the city centerChichibu StationIt is a course that stops at and heads to various places.

Platform系統Main transit pointdestinationOperatorRemarks
Seibu Chichibu Station1Ogano LineChichibu Station-Municipal hospital・ Izumida / Ogano ShakoKurioSeibu sightseeing bus
Chichibu Station, Aioicho, Izumida, Ogano Shako
2Misawa LineChichibu Station / Yamada / Tochiya / Naka MisawaMinano Station
Sadamine LineChichibu Station / Yamada / Tochiya / SadamineSadamine Pass entranceAll flights stop at Sadamine on Saturdays and holidays
3City lineChichibu StationKagemori Elementary School・ Urayama Tokiwa BridgeHanami no Sato
Kuna LineChichibu Station, Kagemori Elementary School, Urayama Tokiwabashi, KunaSeibu Chichibu Station
Sakura Bridge, Kuna, Urayama Tokiwa Bridge, Kagemori Elementary School
Chichibu Yoshida LineChichibu Station, Fudasho XNUMX Ban, Shimoterao, Yoshida General BranchYoshida Genki Mura
Chichibu Station / Municipal Hospital / Shimoterao / Yoshida General Branch
Yokoze LineChichibu Station / Nekoya /Ashigakubo Station・ NagabuchiMatsueda
4Seibu Chichibu Station LineChowakabanbaOgano Town Hall・ In front of both shrinesRyokami Onsen Yakushi no YuOgano Town Bus
5Haratani LineChichibu Station / Aioicho /Onohara Station前Wado Kuroya StationSeibu sightseeing bus
Nakatsugawa LineMitsumineguchi Station-Otaki Onsen Yuyukan・ KawamataNakatsugawaOnly once on Saturdays and holidays from this station
Express (Mitsumine Shrine Line)Mitsumineguchi Station, Otaki Onsen Yuyukan,Lake ChichibuMitaka Shrine
6Muse Park CirculationKagemori Junior High School ・Muse ParkCentral Music TempleSeibu Chichibu Station
Chichibu Station / Music Temple / Muse Park Chuo
Seibu Chichibu Station entrance Urayama LineKagemori Junior High SchoolPrevious·Urayama DamUrayama DainichidoChichibu Municipal Bus
 In front of Chichibu station
  • The Seibu-Chichibu Station entrance bus stop is just ahead of the road in front of the station.National Route 140It is in.


Next station

Seibu Railway
SI Seibu Chichibu Line
■Rapid Express■Local trains (Rapid Express only goes up)
Yokoze Station (SI35)- Seibu-Chichibu Station (SI36) - Kagemori Station(Chichibu Railway Chichibu Main Line)


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注 釈

  1. ^ For example, there is a taxi company whose sales office name is "Seibu Ekimae Sales Office".Information on city taxi companies --Chichibu City Hall
  2. ^ The mark indicating the representative station of Chichibu City is written on Chichibu Railway Chichibu Station.
  3. ^ For the time being from February 2016, 2, due to the renewal work of the former "Nakamise Dori", a detour route using general roads was taken between this station and Ohanabatake station.The time is about 22 minutes.


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  10. ^ Information on hot springs(Festival hot water)

Usage situation

Average number of private railway passengers per day
Private railway statistical data
  1. ^ Statistics Chichibu --Chichibu City
  2. ^ レポート -Kanto Transportation Advertising Council
  3. ^ Saitama statistical yearbook - Saitama
Saitama statistical yearbook

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