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🚗 | GM has 30 full EV models by the mid-2020s ... All brands such as Cadillac and Chevrolet

Photo GM's "Altium" chassis for new-generation EVs

GM has 30 full EV models by the mid-2020s ... All brands such as Cadillac and Chevrolet

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Among them, the "Altium Battery" uses a method that allows large-capacity pouch-type cells to be stacked vertically or horizontally in a battery pack.

GM (General Motors) will have 11 full EVs worldwide by the mid-19s on November 2020th ... → Continue reading


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Battery pack

Battery pack(Denchi pack) isPower InputA container that is easy to handle.battery packAlso called, most of them are multipleSecondary battery(ChargingBattery).


Large-scalecalculator,laptop,Portable audio,カメラ,mobile phoneIt is used for small items that consume a large amount of power.

Vacuum tubeFor radio and photographystrobeUsed forLaminated batteryAlthough the term is similar to, a laminated battery often refers to a battery composed of a plurality of primary batteries in order to obtain a high voltage.

Battery packs are roughly classified

  • It is housed in a sturdy housing (mostly made of resin) for end-user handling.
  • OEMMultiple batteries wrapped in thin resin so that the previous manufacturer can incorporate them when manufacturing the final product. It is not expected to be replaced by the end user and must be returned to the manufacturer when replacing the battery.

There are two types.

Secondary battery used

Previously AA typeNickel cadmium secondary batteryMost of them used, but in recent years even the same AA typeLithium ion secondary batteryBecame mainstream.

Most of the commercially available AA and AAA secondary batteriesNickel metal hydride rechargeable batteryIs adopted because of the characteristics of dry batteries used in unspecified equipment.Alkaline batteriesBecause it is desirable to be close to. In addition, lithium ion secondary batteries are a raw material.lithiumDue to the characteristics of, there is a risk of combustion and explosion if there is a problem with the manufacturing and usage environment. However, since the device to be used is specified for the battery pack, it is possible to design the battery pack optimized for that device.



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