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🚗 | Suzuki Escudo releases special specification car "S Limited" ... High quality design

Photo Suzuki Suzuki Escudo Special Edition S Limited (Sphere Blue Pearl Gray 2 Tone Roof)

Suzuki Escudo releases special specification car "S Limited" ... High-quality design

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The special edition car has a part of the interior and exterior decorated with copper brown as an accent, as well as machined 17-inch aluminum wheels, a special seat skin that combines genuine leather and suede, and stainless steel pedals. By adopting a plate, the design has a high-quality feel.

Suzuki has set a special specification car "S Limited" for the compact SUV "Escudo" and will release it from November 11th ... → Continue reading


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Cutting(Seriously)Cutting toolsThis is a processing method for cutting an object using a class.Also called removal process[1]..It should be noted that a large external force deforms the object to obtain the desired shape.Plastic workingIs distinguished from.

In this paper, we explain the common points of various cutting tools, focusing on physical phenomena in cutting, and do not deal with the individual circumstances of various cutting tools.For cutting tools and machines that perform cuttingCutting toolschecking ...


Cutting is金属 加工Aroundtimber processingIt is a general processing means in various modeling operations such as plastic processing and plastic processing.Many are dedicated to using mechanical powerMachine ToolsIt is done with various special tools,plane(Kanna)chiselCutting by human power such as (only) is also performed.[1].


In the machining section, the cutting tool physically cuts and splits the work material, and while cutting out a part of the work material as chips, the cutting edge is continuously pushed forward.When the cutting edge of the tool enters at a depth that allows the work material to be cut out reasonably, the fragments of the work material that are removed as chips are destroyed by the shearing surface that extends from the cutting edge to the surface of the work material. , It slides on the rake face and deforms, and is finally removed from the work piece.

Chips have various shapes depending on the material of the work material, processing method, blade shape, and other cutting conditions. In particular, a part of the work piece sticks to the tip of the cutting edge of the tool and behaves like a cutting edge. When a phenomenon called "" occurs, this part grows and peels off repeatedly, which causes the machined surface to become rough, which is not preferable.The flow type, in which chips are generated smoothly and continuously, gives the most beautiful finish on the machined surface, but depending on the material, it may have other shapes, such as a shear type or a peeling type for soft or easily deformable materials, and cracks for brittle materials. May become a mold.

GrindingIt is the same principle as cutting in that minute abrasive grains cut the work material.[1].


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