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🚗 | Accident on Joshinetsu Expressway One person on a motorcycle died Tobu Yunomaru IC-Komoro IC closed


Accident on Joshinetsu Expressway One person died on a motorcycle Tobu Yunomaru IC-Komoro IC closed

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The person riding the motorcycle was confirmed dead, and the road is closed on the up line including the site.

Before 24 pm on the 6th, there was an accident on the Joshinetsu Expressway in Tomi City, Nagano Prefecture, where a fallen motorcycle was hit by a following truck ... → Continue reading

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Road closed

Road closedWhat is (Tsukodome)?道路so,Pedestrian,vehicleIt is to prohibit the passage of such things.

road sign

JapanWhen restricting traffic closure in, various types shown in the figureroad signIs basically installed at both ends of the road to be regulated.

Regulatory entity

Road Traffic LawPrefectures based on Article 4Public Safety CommissionOr, when the police chief installs road signs, etc. based on the Public Safety Commission (hereinafter, simply "Public Safety Commission") or Article 5, Paragraph 1.Road lawBased on Article 46Road managerMay install road signs, etc.

In addition, the Public Safety Commission or the police chief may not be able to install road signs in time due to an emergency, etc.Police officerIt is possible to regulate traffic closures according to the instructions at the site. In addition, police officers can prevent dangerTraffic jamIf there is a particular reason such as the elimination of the problem and it is urgent, the road closure can be regulated by the judgment at the site.

A road supervisor appointed by the road administrator may temporarily prohibit or restrict the passage of roads to the extent necessary for road maintenance and risk prevention.

Examples of closed road signs

Be applicable

Differences depending on the time of day

There are cases where (vehicle) road closures are restricted at specific times, such as on narrow roads in remote areas and on roads in tourist areas, or at midnight as a measure against runaway tribes and runners.

Application of dangerous driving fatal injury crime

Driving Injury Punishment LawWith the enforcement of (Law No. 25, November 11, 27)Automobile-Motorized bicycleA person who has caused a traffic accident and injured a person in violation of the traffic prohibition regulationsImprisonment for up to 20 years (up to 30 years due to weighting) for dangerous driving fatal injury (traffic prohibited road driving)Also, the driver's license is based on the basic score of 45-62 points.License revocation / disqualification period 5 to 8 years administrative sanctionIt is supposed to be.

However, it is a "closed road (301)", "closed vehicle (302)" and other road closure signs, which are universally closed to automobiles and motorized bicycles.[3]And set up by the Public Safety Commissionroad signorRoad markingIs[4]Is a requirement. (See below)

Regulatory entity in traffic closure regulations

Road signsApplicable laws and substantive effects differ depending on the installerIn some cases.

The aforementioned#RegulatorAs of,Orders for road signs, lane markings and road markingsByroad sign(OrRoad marking) Is set up by the Public Safety Commission[5]When,Road managerIt is roughly divided into those installed by. The substantive effects in each case are described below.

At present, the installation entity is not clear at first glance of these road signs, and there are cases where it is necessary to investigate the installation status of road signs at public offices, etc. (the actual effect is difficult to predict at the site).[6]

Basically, in the case of road signs set up by the Public Safety Commission, most of the above-mentioned traffic closure regulations areRoad Traffic LawAccording to Article 8, violation of the regulation is a "traffic prohibition violation". In the case of road signs installed by road managers, it is a violation of the Road Law orVehicle restriction orderIt is a violation of the Road Law based on.After that, the applicable laws and substantive effects will be applied depending on whether it is set up by the Public Safety Commission or by the road administrator.What really differs a lotI will list about.

Road signs and road closure regulators
NamenumberPublic Safety CommissionRoad manager
Road closed301○○
Vehicle closed302○○
Vehicle entry prohibited303○○
Two-wheeled carOther than car closed304○○
largeLorryEtc. closed305○
Closed to traffic such as freight vehicles with a specific maximum load capacity305-2○
Closed to large passenger cars, etc.306○
Two-wheeled automobiles and motorized bicycles are closed307○
Light vehicles other than bicycles are closed308○
Bicycle closed309○
Vehicle (combination) closed310○○
Prohibition of traveling outside the designated direction311-A --F○○
Dangerous goods loading vehicle closed319○
Weight Limit320○○
Height limit321○○
The greatest width322○
For automobiles only325○
For bicycles only325-2○○
For bicycles and pedestrians only325-3○○
For pedestrians only325-4○○
For permitted vehicles only325 5-A --C○
Only for permitted vehicles (combinations)325-6○
one-way326-A --B○○
Bicycle one way326 2-A --B○○
slow down329-A --B○○
Pedestrian closed331○

Bicycle only, bicycle pedestrian only and pedestrian only

The following road signs areBicycle road,Bicycle pedestrian road,Pedestrian road(Pedestrian heaven) Is installed.

When set up by the Public Safety Commission

  • "Bicycle only (325-2)" isOrdinary bicycleVehicles other than, andPedestrianProhibit the passage of.[7]
  • "Bicycle and pedestrian only (325-3)" isOrdinary bicycleThe passage of vehicles other than is prohibited.[8]
  • "Pedestrian only (325-4)" means "to ensure the safety and smoothness of pedestrian traffic",vehicleProhibit the passage of.Pedestrian roadSee also

The penalties areRoad Traffic LawIs applied and the above#Application of dangerous driving fatal injury crimeBe targetedIn some cases. Also, compared to the case by the road administratorOrdinary bicycleDoes not correspond tobicycleIs closed to trafficBe the target.

When installed by the road administrator

罰則は、上記に違反している者に対する道路法第四十八条の十六による道路管理者の措置命令(道路監理員による現場の指示を含む)に違反した場合にはじめて科される(50万円以下の罰金[12])。また前述の#Application of dangerous driving fatal injury crimeNot applicable.

No traffic (Article 46 of the Road Law or Article 8 of the Traffic Law)

The actual effect of road signs is the same regardless of whether they are installed by the Public Safety Commission or the road administrator, but the applicable laws and regulations are different.

When set up by the Public Safety Commission

The penalties areRoad Traffic LawIs applied and the above#Application of dangerous driving fatal injury crimeBe targetedIn some cases.

When installed by the road administrator

罰則は、道路法が適用される(直罰規定、6月以下の懲役又は30万円以下の罰金[13])。また前述の#Application of dangerous driving fatal injury crimeNot applicable.

Prohibition of traveling outside the designated direction

For permitted vehicles only

「許可車両専用(325の5-A、325の5-B、325の5-C)」。「許可車両(組合せ)専用(325の6)」の道路標識は、 であって、道路標識に図示した種類の車両のうち、特定車両停留施設の管理者(道路管理者)の許可を得た車両について停留させる事ができる事を示す規制標識である。はであるため、道路附属物たる駐車場(道路管理者が設置するRoad Stationの一部など)などと同様に、道路交通法および道路法に則り適法に進入しただけでは、これらの法令に直罰規定が無いため、これらの法令で直ちに処罰されることはない[14]。そのため、厳密には通行止めの規制標識には当たらない。以上から、許可車両専用の道路標識は、単に図示した種類の車両の特定車両停留施設である事を示すに過ぎず、図示した種類の全ての車両の停留を許可するものではない[15].

特定車両停留施設においては、車両ごとに道路管理者に申請して停留許可を受けなければ停留してはならず、また許可を受けた者から料金を徴収することができる[16]。無許可、不法に停留させた場合は直罰規定がある(6月以下の懲役又は30万円以下の罰金[13])。なお、緊急用務中のEmergency car、道路の管理、維持、改築、修繕または災害復旧に関する工事その他の工事用車両などであって国土交通大臣が定めるものは、許可申請および料金徴収の対象外である[15].

For permitted vehicles only325の5-AShared busorCharter Busの特定車両停留施設であること。
For permitted vehicles only325の5-BTaxiの特定車両停留施設であること。
For permitted vehicles only325の5-Cfor businessLorryの特定車両停留施設であること。
Only for permitted vehicles (combinations)325-6図示された車両の特定車両停留施設であること。


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