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🚗 | Announcement coming soon !? Mercedes-Benz C-class next model, body panel almost completely visible

Photo Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan Next-generation prototype (Scoop photo)

Coming soon !? Mercedes-Benz C-class next model, body panel almost completely visible

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At the rear end, the horizontal design that extends to the boot lid has been redesigned to create a wider body feel.

The camera captured the latest prototype of the next model of Mercedes-Benz's flagship model, the "C-class sedan."So far ... → Continue reading


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Trunk (car)

trunk(English: trunk) ortrunk room(Japanglish: trunk room) Orboot(English: boot) isAutomobileMain loading platform or packing box (Luggage), Or cargo compartment (compartment).


The trunk is mainlyNorth American English,Jamaican EnglishUsed in otherEnglish-speaking countriesIn, the name "boot" is used.また非英語圏、特にAlso non-English speaking countries, especiallyEast AsiaThen Dickey dickie is used.それ以前の使用法では、ブートとはIn earlier usage, what is boot?coachOf the form calledCarriageInLordShowed seats and luggage storage.

The trunk is most often in the engine compartment of the vehiclecabinIt is often placed on the opposite side of the.Since the front engine is the mainstream in passenger cars, the trunk and luggage space are often behind the cabin, butMidship(en: Mid-engine design) CarsRear engineIn cars, it is often placed in front of the cabin.The front trunk issteeringThe front wheel house in charge is large,Steering mechanismBecause it also requires space, it becomes a distorted shape, and the front view andス タ イ リ ン グSince the height is also limited from the aspect of, it is not easy to use as a luggage compartment.Volkswagen Type 3like,Horizontally opposed engineThe shape and layout of the accessories have been reviewed, and the engine room has been kept low so that the upper space is also the luggage compartment (second trunk), as in some mid-engined vehicles that emphasize practicality. Some models have luggage compartments on the front and rear of the vehicle, and efforts are being made to overcome the lack of volume that comes from the engine mounting position.

Medium or largerbusThen,High deckerThe car is under the floor of the guest room between the front and rear wheels,2 storiesCars often have a luggage compartment at the top of the rear wheels.Luggage can be taken in and out through the side door.MicrobusAlthough the rear end of the cabin is the luggage compartment, it is not particularly separated from the cabin, and can be accessed from both the interior and the back lid (back door).

At the opening of the trunkEngine hoodlikeHingeOf the formulaTrunk lid(Trunk lid)deckLid(en: decklid) Is provided with a lid.This boot lid is also described in this section.


Closed type and open type

The luggage compartment represented by the trunk can be classified into a closed type and an open type according to its structure.

A closed luggage compartment with a deck lid is typicalsedan,coupeOften seen in.荷室は車体のThe luggage compartment is the car bodynext door(Bulkhead)trimSeparated from the guest room by (interior), but partly with a small hole in the bulkheadSkiIn some models, it is easier to store long items by providing a hole, making the opening larger, and moving the backrest of the rear seat forward to make it a trunk through.

The open luggage compartmentStation Wagon,Minivan,SUVな どバ ンSome have a shaped body and manyhatchbackFound in cars, usually referred to as "luggage space" or "luggage room".

In the closed luggage compartment, a simple material is generally used for the trim material, but many station wagons have a luggage compartment on the extension of the cabin (the trim is visible), so the cabin side Better materials that conform to the trim may be used[Note 1]..ステーションワゴンやSUV、典型的なハッチバックの場合にはFor station wagons, SUVs, and typical hatchbacksPoliciesTo protect your luggage and prevent theft of your luggageBlindfoldBecomeTonneau coverCan be attached.The tonneau cover has a roll curtain-like winding type (station wagon or SUV), a plate-shaped split type or a foldable type (folding type).luxury carIt is often found in high-priced cars.SneakerShape,鎧戸There is also a roll-up type. )、バックドアから), From the back doorStringSuspended by, shapedtray(ManyMassesThere is a hatchback and a station wagon with a very short luggage compartment (actually a hatchback), which can be stored and removed.Also, for station wagons and SUVs,Sudden braking,collisionThe upper space is strong and durable so that luggage does not attack the occupants at the time ofnetworkSome can be attached.これは、バリアネットや、荷室にThis is for barrier nets and luggage compartmentsdog(Hound,PetIt is also called a dog net in the cultural area where large dogs) are placed.

Excluding the hatchback,Japanese carMany of the cars sold exclusively in Japan do not have these blindfolds, and few expensive station wagons or SUVs are equipped with a net.[Note 2].

Active or passive safety

The presence of the trunk is the active safety of the vehicle (Active safety) And passive safety (Passive safety) Contributes.Generally, when loading luggage, even a small amount can be loaded in the trunk, which is an isolated space rather than inside the cabin, to prevent the occupants from being injured by the luggage moved in the event of a collision or sudden braking. Can be done.

In addition, safety is enhanced by firmly fixing the luggage in some way, as shown below.

Active safety when loading luggage

Active safety can be promoted or reduced, especially in partially loaded vehicles.When luggage is partially loaded in the trunk, the lashing eyes inside the trunk are used for sufficient fixation to minimize damage to the vehicle body and occupants during heavy maneuvering. it can.Especially when cornering hard, it is possible to prevent accidents due to loss of grip by preventing the partially loaded luggage in the trunk from moving unexpectedly and causing a sudden change in load. Connect.

Conversely, it should be remembered that if the fixation is not sufficient, the load changes due to the moved luggage, which can sometimes lead to an accident.

Incidentally,light truckFor relatively lightweight vehicles such as light one-box vehicles, heavy luggage (sometimes) is intentionally near the rear end of the vehicle for the purpose of increasing traction of the rear wheels when driving on unpaved roads such as forest roads and farm roads.sandbagEtc.) may be piled up.

Passive safety when loading luggage

IfACCIDENTIn the event of an accident, the luggage in the trunk can be sufficiently fixed and loaded with the loading eye to prevent the luggage from colliding with the occupants due to the impact of the accident and causing more severe accident damage.ヨーロッパ車、特にEuropean cars, especiallyBMW X3,BMW X5,Volkswagen,AudiVarious vehicles in Japan have adopted a loading eye system that moves on rails, and are sometimes devised to allow more flexible fixing of luggage.

For transportation since ancient timesバ ン,aviationIt is also important to use the appropriate loading accessories depending on the load to be loaded, as is done in transportation.例えば、仕切り板やFor example, a partition platebikeFor example, the use of carriers.

Barrier net and partition bar

In vehicles with open trunks, luggage that needs to be protected from unfixed luggage in the event of a collision, or that needs to be isolated from passengers to some extent (eg,)AnimalEtc.) as a partition bar made of simple metal[Note 3]May be provided.Another solution for non-fixed luggage includes the use of barrier nets.

These devices may be mounted directly inside the vehicle or provided as a roll-shaped removable cassette similar to a tonneau cover.With proper use of these devicesTraffic accident,Sudden brakingIt is possible to prevent the luggage from colliding with the occupant at the time.

Barrier nets can be installed in much less space than partition bars, but partition bars are often designed to fit inside the car body, allowing for tighter luggage loading than barrier nets. there is a possibility.

Addition of functions

Most car trunks carry a variety of other equipment behind the trim.These equipment can be used by customers and mechanics by removing openable hatches (which may be locked in some cases), carpets, support boards, and so on.


If a child (or even an adult operating the vehicle) is trapped in the trunkasphyxia,heatstrokeMay die in.There is a hole in the rear bulkhead of many vehicles with a closed trunk, but the hole is so small that adults may not be able to escape through this aisle, and conversely children. May not be able to get out by entering the trunk from here.そのため、アメリカではTherefore, in the United States 2008From the sales model, it shines even in the dark inside the trunkLuminescent paintIt was obligatory to install a lid release painted with.

However, in the case of hatchbacks, wagons, vans, and SUVs, they are excluded from this requirement because the partition of the luggage compartment is only a simple tonneau cover.

Trunk lid

Trunk lid(English: trunk lid) IsMotor vehicleInstalled in the trunk oflidIt controls access between the luggage compartment and the outside.英語圏ではIn the English-speaking worldDeck lid(American English: Deck lid),Boot lid(British English: Boot lid) Is sometimes called.

The name of the trunk lid issedanLimited to vehicles with closed trunks that are completely isolated from the cabin, such ashatchbackIn the case of a vehicle with an open trunk that is semi-integrated with a cabin such as a station wagon or a station wagon, it is simply called a rear hatch or a rear gate.

The boot lid is attached to the car body by hinges,HingeTo hold the boot lid in the open position when fully opened in the position ofス プ リ ン グ,Gas damperMay be provided.オーソドックスなフロントエンジンでトランクが車体後方に存在する車両の場合には、近年ではトランクリッドの中央にIn the case of an orthodox front engine with the trunk behind the vehicle body, in recent years it has been in the center of the boot lid.High mount stop lampIs sometimes provided, and the trunk lid is decorative for vehicles that emphasize the appearance and driving image such as sporty grade.Rear spoilerMay be installed.GT wingMany full-scale additional aero parts such as are also installed on the boot lid.

Trunk options

Boards and shelves

Equipment such as boards and shelves are provided in the trunks of some vehicles.They are useful for many purposes other than loading luggage.Chrysler/PT CruiserThe multi-position rear shelf equipped on the is used as a partition plate for the luggage compartment, as a protective fence, and as well.picnicIt can also be used as a table in.

In addition,Citroen C3The trunk is equipped with a movable floorboard that can be used when the rear seats are folded to sort the luggage compartment and cabin, and to level the floor for easy loading and unloading. There is.

Centralized door lock

In some cases, the trunk lock may be linked to the guest room lock.


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注 釈

  1. ^ OurleatherIn the case of interior, only the appearance is prepared合成 皮革(vinyl) Is sometimes used.
  2. ^ Not installed by the manufacturer, but as an "accessory"Sales outletYou may be able to purchase it at.
  3. ^ The partition bar is a "separator bar" depending on the automobile manufacturer.Toyota)[1], "Partition pipe" (Nissan Motor) Etc., and in Japan, if you drive without thisIllegal modificationIf you do not wear it again車 検Will not be able to receive[2].


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