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🚗 | Daihatsu, head office and Shiga No. 2 factory reopened ... Parts procurement

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Daihatsu to reopen its head office and Shiga No. 2 factory ... Aiming to procure parts

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The head office factory produces Thor, Roomy, Boon, Subaru Justy, and Toyota Passo, and the Shiga No. 2 factory produces Rocky, Tanto, Move Canvas, Toyota Raize, and Subaru Chiffon.

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. will open some domestic finished vehicle factories that had been suspended due to parts shortage due to a fire at a supplier from November 11th ... → Continue reading


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Daihatsu Move Canvas

Daihatsu Move > Daihatsu Move Canvas

Move canvas(MOVE CANBUS) IsDaihatsu industryManufactured and sold byMoveOf the seriesLight tall wagon..Nominally, it is the first model in the Move series to use a sliding door.


Light carAmong the women who make up the majority of the market composition of this model, we focus on "the behavioral characteristics of women in recent years" and give a little change to our daily lives, so that young female users who enjoy their lifestyle In recent years, as the number of households living with parents has increased, the tendency to share private cars within the household is increasing, with a view to the actual usage situation, and young female users who are the core of this model. Not only that, it was developed as a light tall wagon that is easy to use for a wide range of generations and has both design and functionality, and is a model that is close to female users who enjoy the lifestyle.The catchphrase is "a minibus that can be done", and the commercialTakahata MikiWas appointed.

The concept car "" that was exhibited for reference at the 2015th Tokyo Motor Show in October 10.HINATA(Hinata) ”is a model that was put on the market and is a derivative model of the 6th generation Move.

In the Move derivative model, the 3rd generation Move baselatté(August 2004-March 8), 2009th generation Move-basedConteThis is the third model after (August 2008-March 8).TantoThey both use almost the same platform and engine.

In addition, this carCopenHijet CaddySimilarly, for nowSUBARU(Formerly Fuji Heavy Industries)Toyota(Parent company)OEMNot supplied, in successive Move serieslattéSince then with ToyotaSubaruThere is no OEM model for.


The exterior features a rounded silhouette due to the surface composition and a long cabin with a horizontal tone, and the body color includes three new colors, "Fine Mint Metallic", "Smooth Gray Mica Metallic", and "Natural Beige Mica Metallic". In addition to setting 3 colors, 9 colors except "Pearl White III" are characteristic parting lines.StripesThe color is also set, and "Pearl White III" or "Smooth Gray Mica" is combined depending on the body color.

The interior is beige, but the seat color can be changed to black by setting the manufacturer's option "Black Interior Pack".In addition to adopting a large self-luminous center meter, Japan's first "placement easy box" with a drawer-type storage space under the rear seat is adopted.There are two ways, a "case mode" that allows you to store your luggage under the rear seat, and a "basket mode" that stabilizes the luggage that is likely to fall by standing the insole while it is pulled out.

"Makeup" is set for some grades, plated bumper moldings (front and rear) and plated side moldings are added, the door outer handle is plated and decorated, and the rear combination lamp (LED stop lamp) is installed. Clear crystal.The interior is decorated with plating and interior accent colors (the colors assigned differ depending on the body color), and the seats are specially designed with seat piping.

The rear part is the first mini passenger car with a total height of less than 1,700 mm, including the Move series and the light tall wagon.both sidesslide door[Note 1]Has been adopted.

Mechanism / mechanism

Lightweight and high used for the 6th generation Moverigiditybody"D monocoque, "D Suspension" and "D Assist" are also used for solid handling.rollIn addition to ensuring high steering stability with less wobblingSteeringOn the pad mounting part ofrubberBy using woodDamperBy giving it a function to absorb vibrations and reducing gaps and holes in the body panel to reduce the sound intrusion path.quietnessWas given.

Also, "Cooled i-EGR", When coldCVT fluidCVT thermo controller that warms up in a short time, of the outer panelResinBy adopting "e: S technology" such as "e: S technology", it has excellent fuel efficiency. 2WD (FF) vehicles have "32 fuel efficiency standard + 20%" and 4WD vehicles have "32 fuel efficiency standard + 10%".[Note 2]Have been achieved respectively.

In terms of safety, the 6th generation Move and the 3rd generationTantoWith the camera that is also used inlaserradar,SonarThe combination of sensors helps avoid danger by activating the emergency brake when the risk of collision with the vehicle in front increases, and also detects pedestrians and alerts when the vehicle deviates from the lane, and accelerates forward and backward. Collision avoidance support system that suppresses popping out due to incorrect brakingSmart Assist II(Hereafter, Smart Assist II) ”is adopted and is standard equipment on all models except some grades.Start on a slopeA hill hold system that prevents the vehicle from retreating, and a brake lamp that lights up when the brakes are pressed hard when traveling at 60 km / h or higher.Hazard lampHas also adopted an emergency stop signal that automatically flashes at high speed to alert the following vehicle.

In addition, for vehicles equipped with Bi-Angle LED headlampsSteeringDepending on the operationhead lampIn addition to adopting the steering-linked headlamp "AFS", which is movable to illuminate the direction of travel, for the first time in a mini vehicle, the front, rear, left and right of the vehicle are projected by four cameras, and an image that looks down from above is displayed on the navigation screen. For the first time, Daihatsu vehicles have adopted a "panorama monitor" that can be used even when passing by on narrow roads or when driving at intersections with poor visibility by switching the display mode.

Chronological Table

  • 2016年
    • September 9-Official announcement/release[1].
      • The grade system is a low-priced grade "L" equipped with an electrically retractable colored door mirror (heated for 4WD vehicles), keyless entry, dial-type manual air conditioner, 14-inch full wheel cap, etc., a storage box (rear seat), driver's seat Lifter, tilt steering, push button start, key-free system (Immobilizer(Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismEquipped with (approved product) function and request switch), the colored door mirror has been changed to an auto retractable type (key-free interlocking), the air conditioner has been changed to a push type auto, and the 14-inch full wheel cap has been changed to a "canvas" logo. Equipped with popular grade "X", super UV & IR cut glass (front door), Bi-Angle LED headlamp (with AFS, auto leveling mechanism, LED clearance lamp), LED fog lamp (with plating ring), super clean air filter, etc. , Self-luminous large center meterTachometerBasically, there are 3 grades of the advanced grade "G" which has been changed to the attached 3 eyes, and "L" and "X" can select the presence or absence of Smart Assist II ("L" SA II "" for Smart Assist II. (It becomes "X" SA II ""), "G" becomes "G" SA II "" because Smart Assist II is standard equipment.In addition to the standard equipment of Smart Assist II, the "X" has power sliding doors on both sides (with one-touch open function and reservation lock function) and sliding door easy, which are also equipped in the advanced grade "G" SA II "". The "X" Limited SA II "" with additional closers (left and right) is also available.
      • "X" Makeup SA II "", "X" Limited Makeup SA II "" and "G" Makeup SA II "" have SRS side airbags (driving) in addition to the exterior and interior exclusively for "Makeup" mentioned above. (Seat / passenger seat) and speed-sensitive auto power door locks (all doors) will be additionally equipped.
    • October 10-It was announced that the cumulative number of orders received for about one month until October 11 of the same year was about 10, which is four times the monthly sales target (10).[2].
    • December 12-"9-2016 Japan Car of the YearReceived the Small Mobility Award.This is the first time that a Daihatsu car has won this award.
  • 2017年January 9-Partially improved[3].
    • The previously installed "Smart Assist II" has been replaced with "Smart Assist III" (hereinafter referred to as "Smart Assist III") (the grade equipped with "Smart Assist III" has been renamed to "SA III").In addition, some grades and manufacturer option settings have been revised, and the "X" has been abolished by integrating it into the "X" SA III "".
  • 2018年August 8-Some improvements announced (released September 20)[4].
    • "X" Limited SA III "" and "X" Makeup SA III "" have been abolished due to the review of the grade system, and "L" has also been abolished due to the integration into "L" SA III "".As a result, the "Smart Assist III" has become standard equipment on all models.
    • "X" Limited Makeup SA III "" and "G" Makeup SA III "" are equipped with a new upgrade pack for panoramic monitor compatible genuine navigation, and the grade name is "X" Makeup Limited SA III "". And "G" Makeup Limited SA III "" respectively.In addition, new grades "X" Black Interior Limited SA III "" and "G" Black Interior Limited SA III "" equipped with a D assist changeover steering switch and a black interior pack have been added.
    • The "X" SA III "" is newly equipped with the power sliding doors on both sides (with one-touch open function and reservation lock function) and the sliding door easy closer (left and right) that were previously equipped on the "X" Limited SA III "". However, the design of the 14-inch full wheel cap became the same as the "L", and the body color "Silky Blue Pearl" was abolished.
    • With exhaust gasFuel consumption rateHas newly acquired the "08 Emission Standard 30% Reduction Level (☆☆☆☆)" certification by supporting WLTC mode driving (the fuel consumption rate is also shown by the value obtained by JC50 mode driving).
  • 2019年4/22 --Launch of special edition cars "White Accent Limited SA III" and "Black Accent Limited SA III"[5].
    • The former is based on "X" Makeup Limited SA III "" and "G" Makeup Limited SA III "", and the latter is based on "X" Black Interior Limited SA III "" and "G" Black Interior Limited SA III "". Bumper molding (front / rear), side molding, door outer handle, front grille, colored door mirror (automatic retractable (key-free interlocking)), pinstripe (installed at dealers) are white for the former and white for the latter In black, the 14-inch full wheel cap is silver x pearl white for the former and silver x black for the latter, and the LED fog lamp ring is specially equipped in common.The former has "Natural Beige Mica Metallic" and "Fine Mint Mica Metallic", and the latter has "Smooth Gray Mica Metallic" and "Pearl White III (manufacturer option)". The former will be released in June of the same year. A new color "Blooming Pink Metallic" is also available.
  • 2020年12/14 --Special edition cars "G" Makeup VS SA III "", "G" White Accent VS SA III "", "G" Black Interior VS SA III "", "G" Black Accent VS SA III "" released[6].
    • "G" Makeup VS SA III "" and "G" White Accent VS SA III "" are based on "G" Makeup Limited SA III "", and the front grille and colored door mirrors are pearl white, 2 for both grades. Change the inch full wheel cap to silver x pearl white with "canbus" emblem, one-push type auto open cup holder (driver's seat) and warm pack (driver's seat heater, windshield deicer, 14WD car to 2WD car Specially equipped with a heated door mirror and rear heater duct that are standard equipment).In addition, "G" Makeup VS SA III "" adopts a white roof stripe scalar, and "G" White Accent VS SA III "" also has bumper molding (front / rear), side molding, door outer handle, and pinstripe. It will be pearl white and will be equipped with an LED fog lamp with a pearl white ring.
    • "G" Black Interior VS SA III "" and "G" Black Accent VS SA III "" are based on "G" Black Interior Limited SA III "", and the instrument panel center shift is silver-decorated genuine leather for both grades. A warm pack is specially equipped as well as "G" Makeup VS SA III "" and "G" White Accent VS SA III "".In addition, the "G" Black Interior VS SA III "" has a unified gray front grille, colored door mirrors, and roof stripes. "G" Black Accent VS SA III "" has a front grille, colored door mirrors, bumper moldings (front / rear), side moldings, door outer handles, pinstripes unified in black, equipped with LED fog lights with black rings, 2 Changed the inch full wheel cap to silver x black with the "canbus" emblem.
    • The body color differs depending on the grade, "G" Makeup VS SA III "" is a two-tone color with "Pearl White III", and "G" White Accent VS SA III "" is "Blooming Pink Metallic", " "Fine Mint Mica Metallic", "Natural Beige Mica Metallic" 2 colors, "G" Black Interior VS SA III "" is 4 tone color 3 colors with "Smooth Gray Mica Metallic", "G" Black Accent VS SA III " "Pearl White III (manufacturer option)" and "Smooth Gray Mica Metallic" are available in two colors.

Origin of car name

CANVAS =キ ャ ン バ ス(canvas) And BUS =Vehicle busCombinedCoined wordSo, "CAN = anything can be done" + "BUS = minibus-like design" expresses a mini vehicle that can expand the possibilities of living.


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注 釈

  1. ^ Incidentally,Only one sideIn the case of, the second generationMitsubishi eK seriesAnd itsOEMFifteenth generationNissan OttiPower sliding door specifications exist as a precedent.
  2. ^ ReiwaIn April 2019, the notation was changed to "4 Fuel Economy Standards" due to the revision to


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