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🚗 | It is natural to exceed new cars! ??3 old cars with soaring used car prices

Photo Toyota Land Cruiser 60

It is natural to exceed a new car! ??3 old cars with soaring used car prices

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In addition, Land Cruiser, which has the potential to be used on harsh roads around the world, is highly evaluated for its durability and running performance, so it is difficult for used car prices to fall.

Some of the cars that were once sold have prices that rise for some reason.Some are more than double the selling price of new cars ... → Continue reading

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Toyota land cruiser

Land cruiser(Alphabet notation:LAND CRUISER,English name:Toyota Land Cruiser)ToyotaManufactured and sold byCross countryIt's a car.JapanThen "Land Cruiser"ofNicknameIs widely accepted[Note 1].


It is a world-famous cross-country car, and its durability is highly evaluated all over the world.[1][2].. The car name "Land Cruiser" has been used since June 1954, and is a trademark of Japanese-made cars that are currently being sold as new cars (as of June 6) and that are continuously produced under one car name. Has the longest history of over 2020 years[Note 2].

Initially, it started with only the hood model, but now it has a large 4-door body and advanced and high-end equipment.Station Wagon"70 Heavy" (heavy duty), which develops a variety of vehicle models mainly for business use, and "70 Light" (light duty, the vehicle name in Japan is Land Cruiser Wagon)[Note 3] Developed from "Land Cruiser Prado"Car classAlsoSpec.Three different series are produced and sold in parallel.

The current station wagon model isLexus LX570 OfSister carBut alsoV8 cylinderEquipped with engineLand cruiser 200AndEuropeDepending on the destination, the car name may beLand Cruiser V8 (The European name of the 100 series isAmazon = Amazon).

The current heavy model is70 seriesIs.Has a long body78と79Exports to countries around the world are continuing.Cargo registration (1, 4) for domestic usenumber)ofDiesel CarBecause it was[Note 4]Act on Special Measures for Reduction of Total Amount of Nitrogen Oxides and Particulate Matter Emitted from Vehicles in Specific AreaandPMRegulationOrdinanceBy 2004(16) Sales were discontinued in July.In response to the strong request of fans who wish to revive, the period until June 7, 70 (Heisei 30) production to commemorate the 2015th anniversary of the birth of the 27 seriesLimitedWas released for the first time in about 10 years[3].

Land Cruiser PradoaboutThe articleSee.

The total production of the Land Cruiser series by 2012 is about 729 units.[4]

Land Cruiser Prado on September 2019, 9LexusLX and LX sold under the brandGXIt was announced that the cumulative global sales volume of the series including the above was 8 million units as of the end of August of the same year, and exceeded 1,001.5 million units in 68 from the launch of the BJ type.[5].


War timeA small number were produced by ToyotaJapanese Army-Type XNUMX small freight carThat "AK10 type" four-wheel drive vehicle isフィリピンでCatchingCommonly known as "Bantam Jeep"copyWas designed.At that time, from the military(I.e.There was an instruction to "do not look like a jeep" in order to distinguish it from the person.It was not easy to imitate a jeep whose function appears as it is, but the production type also has a shortage of materials.woodThe first is a simple exterior that also useslampSo-called "Wartime typeAs a result, the appearance was completely different.

"AK10" suspension has 4 wheelsLeafRigidHowever, while the rear is a method of hanging a general semi-elliptical leaf spring with a shackle, the front is a 1/4 ellipticalCantileverIt is a leading arm type using a leaf spring.[6][7],(English edition) OfFirst C type engine(Water-cooled in-line 4-cylinder 2,585 cc) and 3-speedT / M, 2 speedT / FThere is no direct connection with the Land Cruiser after BJ type mechanically.However, Toyota engineers, including engineer Masao Morimoto, who was the chief engineer of the AK10 model, gained a great deal of experience, and it is said that the remaining parts of the AK10 model were very useful in the development of the BJ model.[8].

Also, Toyota(English edition)Based on the four-wheel driveKCY type four-wheel drive truckAnd based on KCY typeAmphibiousTrack Ofarmy-Su-Ki 4-wheel drive amphibious vehicle( 194318 units produced from <Showa 198>)Four-wheel drive (all-wheel drive)I have experience working on cars, and unlike the AK10 type, these configurations, which are based on trucks, have something similar to the BJ type, and Toyota itself has a ski car or KCY type chassis configuration directly from the BJ type or Land Cruiser. Describes that it became the basis[8].

BJ / FJ type (1951-1955)

BJ / FJ type chronology

  • 1951(Showa 26) Completed the prototype car on August 8.Mount FujiUp to the 6th stationClimbingSuccessful exam,Off the roadHowever, it is a licensed production car of Willis Jeep, which has achieved excellent results but has a proven track record in the bid of the National Police Reserve.Mitsubishi JeepLost to.
  • 1954(Showa 29), highloadFirefighting to drivePump carMore powerful forF type engineAdd.This is the engine for heavy trucks that succeeds the B type, and was 95 at that time.horsepowerNominally, afterLand CruiserAlthough it is inseparable from this, it was still exclusively for the "FJJ type" fire-fighting chassis at this time.

20 series (1955-1960)

  • 1955In August, the Land Cruiser received its first model change and became the 8 series.
  • WheelbaseStarts with two types, short (# J25, 21 etc.) 2,285mm and slightly longer middle (# J28, 24 etc.) 2,430mm, and long (FJ35V, 2,650mm) will be added later.
  • The engine is conventionalB type (first generation) Water-cooled in-line 6-cylinder OHV gasoline engine 3,386cc 85hp / 3,200rpm 22.0kgm / 1,600rpm In addition, the previous generation was exclusively for fire-fighting chassis.F type gasoline engine Water-cooled in-line 6-cylinder OHV gasoline engine 3,878cc 105hp / 3,200rpm ~ 125PS / 3,600rpm 27.0 ~ 29.0kgm / 2,000rpm was set from November 1955, and later both engines became available for most car models.
  • The transmission is 4-speed, and the transfer is a floor shift without a center-through auxiliary transmission.
  • The body is a soft top (short / middle), a hard top (short / middle), a pickup (middle), a van (middle), and a chassis for fire fighting (middle).Later long 4-doorStation WagonHas joined.Besides these, there were also special equipment.
  • Approximately half of the lineup, including patrol cars for national police, is two-wheel drive (Rear wheel drive) Was also a feature of the 20 series.
  • From this 20 series, sample cars were sent to each country and exports started.Especially in North America, instead of the crown, which did not fit the market and had a poor reputation,Toyota Motor Sales, USASupported the sales and management of (currently TMS).
  • 1959Land Cruiser's first full-scale station wagon, which was given a 4-door body in response to strong exports, was added.The model was FJ20V, which represents long (30st place is 5) in the 35s because all the 28s have already been used up.The body production of this model was not Arakawa Sheet Metal Industry, but already shared the production of FJXNUMXVGifu Auto Body Co., Ltd.I was in charge of. The FJ40V, which was introduced in less than a year before the model change to the 35 series, can be said to be the advance production of the 40 series FJ45V (first generation), and it was tight before the strong demand outside Japan. You can see the situation at that time.

40 series (1960-1984)

1960(35) Launched in January.20 seriesAppeared with a full model change.Already20 seriesUsed numbers in the 30s, so the model is40Was taken.

1984(Showa 59) In March70 seriesIt continued to be sold for 24 years until it was fully remodeled, and became a super long-selling model.Also in North America1960 eraUntil the first half, it was Toyota's top-selling model.

Therefore, many of them are still active for business use all over the world, and even in the world of hobbies, they are nicknamed "Yonmaru" and "Forty", and many of them are popular.愛好 家Is cherished by.

In addition, it still receives strong support andLand Cruiser PradoWas born based onFJ CruiserIt also became a design motif for.

2017(29) November, "11Japan Motor Hall of Fame Selected as one of the "historical heritage cars"[9]

  • The original concept was the demands of the North American market for the 20 series (mainly improving comfort with an emphasis on high-speed driving).Passenger carIncorporating the atmosphere of) was the main focus of the design.
    • The changes in the drive system areT / MFrom 4th gear to 3rd gear with a wide ratioshift leverWas changed from floor to column (excluding North America, the conventional 4-speed floor and 3-speed floor could also be selected).Also,T / FWas changed from 1st gear to 2nd gear (from center through to offset), and the T / F lever was moved from the floor to the instrument panel.By adding an auxiliary transmission, the final differential gear ratio was increased (to 3.36 or 3.7).
    • As the final was raised, the engine characteristics were made closer to high revs and the suspension was softened.
    • The exterior has been changed to one that makes it easy to put on and take off the soft top, and the radiator grill has been changed.Ford-A truck-like oval shape.
  • ホイールベースはショート(2,285mm)の40とやや長いミドル(2,430mm)の43、ロング(2,650mm)の初代45でスタート、その後、さらにフレームを300mm延長したスーパーロング(2,950mm)45(B)が追加され、初代ロングであった45を廃止し、2代目ロングの45とした。
  • The body variations are soft top and hard top short for middle and long (2nd generation), pickup long and cab chassis long for (2st generation) / long (B) / long (XNUMXnd generation), station wagon and The chassis for fire fighting was set to long (first generation).
  • Manual transmission
    • Column shift 3-speed J30 type January 1960-September 1
    • Floor shift 3-speed J30 type January 1960-January 1 1975-speed H1 / 4F type January 41-October 41 (H1960F type for North America October 1-October 1984) (LX for Japan Grade only 10-speed H42F type October 1972-October 10) The abbreviation F is a floor type.

Issue 1

  • 1960(35)1Start of production.As a result of prioritizing exports, the domestic hardtop model (Van FJ40V) will appear later.
  • late45 (B)Introducing the series.It was pointed out that the loading platform was narrowpick-up truckAnd the wheelbase for the cab chassis was set to 2,950mm.45 (B)A super long called is added.The pickup model will switch from FJ45P to FJ45P (B).

Issue 2

  • 1967(Showa 42) March,55 typeWith the start of production of the 4-door station wagonFJ45VIs discontinued.At the same time, the long wheelbase has been unified to 2,950mm.45 (B)Is simply again45Will be called.Since models of the same model but different length and form are mixed, the hobby classification is 1967 before 45.First generation, After that2 generationAnd
    • Redesigned short hardtop and backdoor.Roof from steel plate pressFRPChanged to a molded product.The rear quarter window and back door window have been expanded, and a rear corner window has been newly installed to improve rear visibility.
  • 1973(48), in-line 2,950-cylinder 2cc OHV 45 PS on a long wheelbase model (6mm 3,576nd generation 95 series) for overseas marketsH typediesel engineEquippedHJ45Add.It will be the first diesel engine in the history of Land Cruiser.
  • 1974(Showa 49),B type (2nd generation)diesel engineIs thrown in and is long40It will be a turning point in the history of.
    • For short and middle modelsU10 series dynaWas well received for useInline 4 cylinder, 2,977ccB type (2nd generation)It was equipped with a diesel engine called. The 4-cylinder engine will be the first Land Cruiser.
    • BJ40とBJ43This model called is the finalGear ratioWas the same as the FJ40 / 43 3.700-speed car, including the T / M, except that it was reduced by only 4.111% from 1 of the FJ40 / 43 to 4 (actually, the number of teeth of the pinion gear is one less). However, due to the characteristics of the diesel engine, its running performance is comparable to that of the F type (130PS and 85PS), and because it has 4 cylinders, the engine mounting position is retracted.Front midshipThe layout also has the effect of improving the weight balance and handling of the vehicle.in JapanSmall registration(No. 4) It was well received because it could be done, but its excellent economy and outstanding performance, combined with its high durability, became a worldwide hit, and the number of units sold increased dramatically. became.
    • With the addition of two types of diesel engines, diesel engines can now be selected for all body types.OriginallyOil shockHowever, since then, diesel engines have become the mainstream of Land Cruiser.[Note 5]
  • 1975(50) April
    • WiperPivot was changed from the top to the bottom of the windshield frame, and the wiper motor cover was exposed to the outside of the car.
    • Changed the hardtop door from a prefabricated sash to a full press.
    • The rear quarter window, which was fixed until then, has been changed to two types: a sliding type and a rear end flip-out type.ventilationPerformance has been significantly improved and rear seat comfort has been improved.
  • 1976(Showa 51) In August, the position of the outer rear view mirror (rearview mirror) was changed from the cowl side to the door, and it was domestic.bonnetFirst in a model cardoor mirrorAnd a passenger car ( 1983<58>) It was a little earlier than that.After that, the number of users switching from passenger cars increased rapidly, and many people said that it was difficult to grasp the feeling of the vehicle, and when the door was removed with the hood model, the mirror disappeared together, so in 1980 (Showa 55) ) July, domestic model onlyFender mirrorIt was changed to.
  • This is often regarded as a vintage model.

Issue 3

  • 1979(54) April
    • The body has been significantly redesigned.Uses a lot of large pressed materials to reduce the number of panels and assembleMan-hourWas reduced.Also, of steel plategaugeWas also lowered (thinned).
    • 20 seriesSince then, it has been placed indoorsFuel tankWas changed to an outdoor (underfloor) layout to eliminate the oily odor and improve the safety and capacity shortages that had been a concern (expanded from 65L to 95L).
    • In line with law revisionhead lampThe spacing between the two is widened, and the radiator grill also changes from an oval to a rectangle.
    • Diesel engine from B type to 3,168cc for exhaust gas measures only in Japan2B typeChange to, modelBJ41とBJ44Will be.Although it was a power-up in terms of numbers, it will be mildly seasoned by changing the advance angle characteristics, and fuel efficiency will also deteriorate slightly.
    • Front ventilatedDisc brakeAnd rearLSD OptionsSet.
    • The trim color in the room is changed from black to gray.
  • Around September of the same year, the introduction of fabric interiors was considered as a measure for general users in Japan, which has been increasing since the conversion to diesel, and this was the first time for research.Special carWill be announced.The body color was dark blue, and the seat trim was a gray background with thin dark blue diagonal stripes.
  • September of the same year,bumperSuch asplatingThe exterior is differentiated by the decoration and the ring type wheels that are exposed to the truck but painted white, and the interior has a fabric sheet with a vivid contrast of red and white.L packageAppeared.This is the first grade setting in Land Cruiser history. The door trim and floor mat of the L package are bright ocher, and the interior is very gorgeous in combination with the red and white sheets, and the atmosphere for business use is no longer felt.This change has paid off, and the number of users switching from passenger cars will increase further.

Issue 4

60 seriesEngine, to match the debut ofT / M,T / F,brake, Main parts such as suspension spring shackle are shared with 60 series,Parking brakeFrom the dedicated center drum type to the foot brakeShoeIt will be changed to a two-wheel drum type after sharing.
Long wheelbase diesel engine from H type to 6 cylinders, 3,980cc2H typeAnd 4 cylinders, 3,431cc3B typeChanged to, shared with 60 series, eachHJ47,BJ45Will be. This is the first time that a 4-cylinder engine has been installed in a long engine. HJ47 was widely exported mainly to Australia (abbreviation ARL), and BJ45 was widely exported to other regions (Europe = EUR, General Country = GEN). The B / 2B type has also been improved, making it less compatible with earlier engines.
manual·FreehubIs also installed in Japan, and the mounting width of the front fender can be expanded by using a resin spacer as a countermeasure against rotating protrusions.For Japan onlyFender mirrorBecomes
  • 1981In May (56), "The Mighty" appeared as the second stage of the special specification car (domestic), commonly known as "Mighty BJ" and "Mighty Black".Black body with gold child-bearing lineEnjiIt was a combination of stripes, enji and gray interior trim.
  • In August 1981 (Showa 56), the instrument panel design was changed.CenterclusterAlthough it became a type, the impression that it was simple and clean disappeared, and the reputation was not good.Also in JapanRadial tireIs now available, and an extension is added to the rear fender as a countermeasure against rotating protrusions, increasing the overall width.Power steeringとTachometerThe highest grade with a dedicated interior trim"LX"Is added.
  • 1982(57) In February, "The Mighty II", the last special specification car, appeared (domestic). It had the same color and trim as the "Mighty BJ", but equipped with power steering and a tachometer, and the same equipment as the "LX".
  • In 1982, in Japan, the engine was changed from 2B type to 3,431cc as a measure against exhaust gas.3B typeChanged to, at the same timeInjection pumpWill be changed from Bosch A type (row type) to Bosch VE type (distribution type).The models of vehicles equipped with 3B engine, including short and middle vehicles for overseas marketsBJ42とBJ46(There is no change in the BJ40 / 43 for outside Japan equipped with B type and the long BJ3 for outside Japan equipped with 45B type).
  • 1984(59) April70 seriesModel change to.Discontinued domestic production.

Type 55, 56 (1967-1980)

A unique body style full of passenger car mood, and despite being a unique cross-country car, it is safer than passenger cars.The high-power engine, ideal vehicle weight distribution, and outstanding high-speed performance are stated in the manual at that time.

This model is strongly conscious of the North American market and is the first Land Cruiser series to use styling by an industrial designer (in-house).

Moose in North AmericaElk), And the large dented sliding (electrically elevating) rear window, which has become a unique style that is not bound by conventional wisdom.
However, since a young person with no field experience was in charge, there were many parts that were unfamiliar with panel splitting, and even after the start of production, it was necessary to make corrections with a hammer on the line, and it took many months for the quality to stabilize. became.

In order to meet North American safety standards, the instrument panel was covered with urethane foam pads and a large pad was also installed in the center of the steering wheel (later changed to a smaller one common to the 40 series).

The power train40 seriesExactly the same as 125 horsepowerF typegasoline engineAnd offset type 2nd speedtransferToColumn shift3thM / TIs a standard combination, and a floor shift 3-speed or 4-speed M / T can be selected as an option.The standard final ratio (diff reduction ratio) is 3.700. The 3-speed M / T was non-synchronous with the 1st speed and reverse.
after that, 1969The engine output has improved to 130 horsepower.

  • 1967July-Appeared as a successor to the FJ7V (first generation, 45-door).The back door has a tailgate (opening downward) with a sliding window (electrically elevating type) and swing outdoor (opening downward).Double door) Was set.
    It was popular at 45 (first generation)Fire truckThe chassis for domestic use (for domestic use) has also been replaced by the 55 base.
  • 1972August-Steering gearChanged from worm & roller to recirculated ball (ball nut).
  • 1973February-The backup lamp has been enlarged and the brightness has been increased (safety measures).
  • September 1973-EngineLead-freeChanged to specifications (environmental measures).
  • 1975January-All models are 1cc, 4,200PS to meet emission control2F typeIt was changed to a gasoline engine, the 3-speed M / T was abolished, and it became a floor-shifted 4-speed M / T. Due to the engine change, the model was changed only in Japan for the convenience of type approval.FJ56VIt became.In addition, the triangular window on the front door was abolished, the shape of the front turn signal was changed, and a small lamp was also adopted.
  • 1977May-Changed the shape of the front door glass and the front corner of the sash to R (safety measures).
  • September 1977-The outer rear-view mirror (rear-view mirror) is foldable, the rear combination lamp (tail lamp) is vertically long and large, and the position is also lowered (safety measures).Already60 seriesSince the design of was started, the shape was similar to that.
  • 1979August-Rocker arm,Push rodLightweight,Rocker armCover from steel plate press to aluminumDie-castIn addition, the front wiper has been changed from silver to black.
    This improvement is for the next model60 seriesTo2F typeThis was done as one of the noise countermeasures when continuing to install.The engine sound became like a passenger car, which made old fans mourn.

For destinations other than North America, Toyota55 typeDid not give the diesel engine to the end.In that respect, the positioning of this model is well represented.
For destinations that need a more practical model,H typeEquipped with a diesel engineHJ45(1967-1980 Second generation FJ45Each type of wheelbase (2,950 mm, 2-door model) was prepared and supplemented.

Most of the production was as originally plannedNorth AmericaIt was exported to other countries than Japan.Although it boasted a lot of delivery records for commercial use in Japan, it was said that it was a bottleneck because it was expensive, it exceeded the compact car frame, and there was no diesel engine, so sales to individuals were sluggish. ..

Phantom 50 "system"

50 "system"Initially, the development plan for the project was a two-door hardtop with a short wheelbase and a four-door station wagon with a long wheelbase.50 "system"Met. The 2-door model has been examined for styling with a 1/10 clay model, and if this model is produced,FJ50 typeWas supposed to call himself.However, sales in North America were strong.FJ40Possibility of batting with, selling price,Arakawa bodyAs a result of considering the production capacity of the two-door model, the plan for the two-door model was canceled.Currently in the 2s55,56 type 50 "system"not,"Type"This is the reason why it is called.

Incidentally50 "system"Is a "(Toyota Bandeirante)" developed from the knockdown of the Land Cruiser produced by Toyota Brazil.OJ,BJ50 series(1954-November 2001) is calling himself.

Generally, this distinction is very difficult to understand except for those who are familiar with Land Cruiser.55,56 "Type"Collectively50 "system",OJ,BJ50 series The"Banderante"Is often called by the car name.

Series 60 (1980-1990)

1980August, station wagon,55 typeAppeared as a successor model.It is a model that breaks away from the Land Cruiser 40 series and aims to become a full-scale station wagon independently.By abolishing the independent fender on the front, the image of the predecessor was completely wiped out, and it was reborn as a station wagon-like style that was popular in North America at that time.The basic design of this body hasn't changed much since then, with the addition of vertical opening types to the chrome-plated bumper and rear gate, the adoption of door mirrors, the setting of high roof specifications, the setting of side steps and over fenders, etc. Many additions and changes have been made.

From the beginning of its debut, the body colors set for the 60 series in the previous term are white, freeborn red, traditional beige, and feel-like blue. In the latter model with high roof specifications such as HJ4V, wild stage toning (two-tone color of silver and navy blue metallic) and beige metallic (dark brown metallic) are added to the advanced grade, and each color is optional. Matched side stripes (decal stickers, not paint) were available.

By making the best use of the benefits of the expanded body, the comfortability has been improved, and in terms of interior, the luxury has been enhanced from the previous models, and passenger cars such as interior carpets have been promoted.In particular, the setting of advanced equipment options called "G package" and the grade setting due to the difference in equipment and trim made from the latter model will accelerate the evolution of the interior.In addition, among the advanced grade equipment and optional equipment, luxurious equipment such as electric adjustable seats, electric moon roof, front seat heater, and overhead console were also prepared, pioneering the subsequent luxury SUV route.

Gasoline engine55 type6 cylinders, 4.2L2F typeHowever, it was the first 6-cylinder 4.0L in Land Cruiser.2H type(Domestic 1982From) and 4-cylinder 3.4L3B typeTwo types of diesel engines are set.For the first time, a diesel engine has been added to the station wagon lineup.Almost 2 years have passed since this model was sold, but like its successor model, there are still many production vehicles and it is very popular.

  • In August 1980, the back door of the domestic model was only a double door (model code C, catalog feature code VKC).The grade can be selected from vinyl sheet and semi-trim standard (STD), and fabric sheet and full trim "G package".
  • 198110
    • A vertical opening type back door (model code M, catalog feature code VLS), which was only available outside Japan, is also available in Japan.
    • Power steering is also set in Japan.
    • Soft ride springs are also used in Japan.
  • 1982/10
    • The domestic model is also equipped with a 6-cylinder, 4,000cc 2H diesel engine.Van 4000GX(HJ60V-MMZ high roof only) has been added.
    • A new 5-speed M / T is installed on the diesel model.
    • A high roof has been added to the diesel model.
    • GX grade is newly installed in the diesel model in Japan.
    • Electric remote control fender mirrorGXAdopted in (domestic).
  • 1984January,70 seriesMinor change to match the debut of.
    • 4,000cc gasoline engine3F typechange to.The strength was lost due to the setting closer to high rpm such as shorter stroke and lighter flywheel and measures against exhaust gas.
    • A 5-speed M / T is also available for gasoline-powered vehicles.
    • The rear bumper is divided and a new step is installed.
  • 198510
    • Added turbo model to diesel.The highest grade in JapanVan 4000VXLimited to (HJ61V-MMZX) only.2H typeDirect injection12H-T typeWas installed.For this modelDiff lockWas set as an option.
    • 12H-T,2HThe model is equipped with a 4-speed A / T.
    • Suspension seat is set (floor shape change).
  • 19868
    • 3B typeEngine abolished.
    • VXChange the trim of.
  • 1987August, minor change.
    • Changed the headlamps to 4 square lamps.
    • At the same time as changing the instrument panel, the audio space is converted to 2DIN.
    • Wide tires (31X10.50R15 LT) in JapanVan VXSet the over fender to.These changes were under development at the time80It was designed to encourage smooth replacement by purchase.
  • 1988August, gasoline engine3F typeElectronically controlled3F-EEquipped with a mold,70 wagonIt will be a passenger car registration model followingWagon 4000VX(FJ62G-PEZE) is added.
  • 198910[10] , end of production.Only the stock will be sold.
  • 198912[11],End of sale.
At the beginning80 seriesTo switch to 1989It was scheduled for October, but it took a lot of time to solve the problem of the new mechanism part, and it was postponed to November.60 seriesThe production plant could not meet the last-minute demand, and the release of the 80 series was finally delayed to January 1990, the beginning of the year.
Therefore, the 60 series will continue to be produced until the same month.

The best-selling products were overwhelmingly two colors, traditional beige and white, but nowadays, there are many repainted cars that are not the original painted body color.Fire engine specifications are deployed mainly in the mountains and can still be seen today.

Series 70 (1984-2004, 2014-2015)


  • Debuted in November 1984 in place of the previous 11 series.
  • Both front and rear suspensionLeaf springとRigid axleIt was a combination of, but in a minor change in 1999, only the front axle was changed to a leading arm (3 links) + coil spring.
  • 1984-2004 sales time, about pickupHino MotorsInheritance fromHiluxBecause it is unavoidable to lap with the Hilux 4WD, it is not sold (for the general public) in the Hilux 70WD sales area such as Japan and North America, and conversely, the Hilux 4WD is sold in the Land Cruiser XNUMX pickup sales area such as Australia and emerging countries Absent.
  • July 2004 Discontinued in Japan.
  • Starting with Australia in March 2007, a new model with a drastic change in the design around the front debuted.This model was also sold in Japan for a limited time from August 3 to June 2014 (details will be described later).

This is a new typeV8 cylinder(1VD-FTV) Diesel engine (4,461cc,Intercoolerturbo) Was put in the narrow engine bay so far, probably because there was not enough room.By the way, since its debut in 1984, the front mask has been changed three times, but this is the first time that the entire bonnet has been significantly changed.

  • In addition, WAGON has been newly set, and the semi-long wheelbase, which was once exclusively for Japan, has become a catalog model again.
  • For overseas markets, all classes of Land Cruiser traditionally have lower grade settings such as STD (standard), with no airbag notation (mainly for the Middle East, with airbag function), without ABS (with airbag function). LSPV is equipped), narrow body without side steps, no overfender, tires and steel wheels with tubes set for pickups for Japan, vinyl interior, front bench seats, luggage compartment facing seats for trooper carrier specification cars ( There are variations such as short 7-seater / long 10-seater).
  • Wheelbase is short 2,310mm (70,71), middle 2,600mm (73,74), semi-long 2,730mm (77,76), long 2,980mm (75,78 international and domestic fire chassis), super long 3,180mm 79 types (XNUMX chassis for overseas and domestic fire fighting)

* 78 and 79 are the same model as the light type (70 Prado) semi-long.

  • The body is a 2-door shortHard topSoft topThe set. 2 Doamidol with "hardtop"FRPSet the top (middle).The semi-long usually has a 4-door body and a 4-door prototype (middle BJ73V modified, 74V modified rear door shape) in Nagoya.Toyota dieselSold through).A 2-door hardtop toe loop carrier is set for the long, and for the long and super long chassis for overseas and domestic fire fighting,PickupAnd set the cab chassis.
  • engine
    • gasoline engine
    • diesel engine
      • 3B (Inline 4 cylinder OHV turbulent chamber type 3,431cc 1984-1990)
      • 13B-T (in-line 4-cylinder OHV with direct injection supercharger 3,431cc 1984-1990)
      • 2H (In-line 6-cylinder OHV turbulent chamber type 3,980cc 1984-1990 Not set in Japan)
      • 1PZ (Inline 5 cylinder OHC effluent chamber type 3,469cc 1990-1993)
      • 1HZ (In-line 6-cylinder OHC effluent chamber type 4,164cc 1990-)
      • 1HD-FTE (In-line 6-cylinder OHC with direct injection supercharger 4,164cc 2001-2006) For overseas markets
      • 1VD-FTV (V8 cylinder DOHC direct injection type intercooler turbo 4,461cc 2007-) For outside Japan
  • ト ラ ン ス ミ ッ シ ョ ン
    • MT
      • H41F type (4-speed floor shift 1984-1993 No setting in Japan)
      • H55F type (5-speed floor shift 3F type engine-equipped vehicle 1984-1992, 3B type engine-equipped vehicle 1984-1990, 1HZ engine-equipped vehicle 1984-1999)
      • H151F type (5-speed floor shift 1FZ type engine equipped vehicle 1992-)
      • R151F type (5-speed floor shift 1PZ type engine-equipped vehicle 1990-1994, 1HZ-equipped vehicle 1999-)
    • AT
      • A440F (4-speed floor selector 1985-199?)
      • A442F (4-speed floor selector 199?-)

Heavy system, 30th anniversary revival model

The heavy series was revived for the first time in about 2014 years on August 8, 25 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the release of the "30" series for a limited time until June 2015, 6 production.[3]..The body type is the first double cab specification in Land Cruiser in Japan, equipped with a "van (GRJ76K type)" that realizes a land cruiser-like form and high comfort, and a robust deck space that can carry up to 600 kg of cargo. Two types of "pickup (GRJ79K type)" are available.The reason for the limited-time sale in Japan is that it cannot comply with the new safety standards that apply to production vehicles after July 2, 2015 (Heisei 27).[Note 6]

The engine is a V6 / 4.0L 1GR-FE type, which is the first to be adopted in Japan.Lightweight and compact designAluminumMadeCylinder block, Increase intake efficiencyVVTs、ACIS(2段階可変吸気システム)を採用することで「平成17年基準排出ガス50%低減レベル(☆☆☆)」認定を取得する環境性能と最高出力170kW(231PS)、最大トルク360N・m(36.7kgf・m)の動力性能を両立。トランスミッションは信頼性と操作性に優れた5速マニュアルを採用するが、2速と3速にトリプルコーンシンクロメッシュを組み込むことで滑らかなシフトワークを実現し、オフロード走行時の素早いシフトチェンジにも対応。駆動方式はトランスファーレバー操作による駆動モード切替が可能なパートタイム4WD(デュアルモードオートマチックLocking hubWith) is adopted.Two-wheel drive with excellent quietness and fuel efficiency is used for driving in urban areas and highways, and two types of four-wheel drive are used depending on the road surface conditions when driving on rough terrain, snowy roads, and steep slopes. By switching, the running performance was improved.

In addition, the front exterior and interior will be more modern in design to meet the demands of the times.The shape of the front grille and hood was changed, the emblem attached to the grille used Toyota CI, and the headlamp was a modified type with a turn signal lamp integrated.The instrument panel has a horizontal straight design to ensure functionality so that the posture of the vehicle body can be easily grasped during off-road driving.Special emblems for the 30th anniversary are attached to both sides of the body, and the key box and car verification case are made of genuine leather.At the same time, driver / passenger SRS airbags and ABS are standard equipment.

The body color set for the 30th anniversary revival model is 7 colors for both van and pickup, and "white", "silver metallic", "gray metallic", "dark red mica", "blue", "beige" and "beige mica metallic" are set.

In addition, the tires installed on new pickups are iron ring wheels, which are rarely used as general commercial vehicles.Tire with tube.

Light system

1984In November, it appeared as a derivative of the 11 series light duty version (in Japan, October 70 <Showa 1985>).

1990In April, with the addition of a 4-door semi-long body"PRADO"Is given the subname of. (Details belowToyota Land Cruiser Prado(See)

  • There are three types of wheelbases: short 2,310mm (70,71) middle 2,600mm (73,74 not set in Japan) semi-long 2,730mm (78,79).[Note 8]
  • The body has 2 doors and a hard top (metal top).There was no other setting for Japan, butSoft topAnd there was an FRP top. The 4-door is called semi-long.
  • The engine is for domestic use, diesel engine2L-T, 2L-TE,1KZ-TEEtc. were installed.For overseas markets, 2L, 2L-T II, ​​3L, 1KZ-T, etc. were installed.It is also a gasoline engine22R, 22R-E,3RZ-FEEtc. were also installed for overseas markets.

Series 80 (1989-1997)

The body size is one size larger than the 60 series, and it will be a model developed for the main markets of North America and Australia.
The 80 series is high-class by improving the texture of the interior and exterior and enhancing the equipment from the rigid cross-country skiing until then.Sports utility vehicleIt can be said that this is the first model whose personality has changed to (SUV).However, the same rudder frame and front and rear rigid axles have been maintained, and the suspension spring has become a coil spring with a ride comfort and long stroke that surpasses that of the leaf spring, so on-road comfort and steering stability. Was greatly improved, and it had sufficiently high running performance even on off-road.

  • The wagon was equipped with gasoline and the van was equipped with diesel.The 1HZ diesel engine is installed in the early basic grades STD and GX, and the late GX and advanced grades VX and VX Limited have a turbo.Direct injection typeThe 1HD-T type (1990-1995) and 1HD-FT type (1995-1997) were installed.
ト ラ ン ス ミ ッ シ ョ ン
  • It is installed in the Land Cruiser 80 series for other destinations, including in Japan.Light truckForAisin SeikiA442F type, 4-speed AT made byNorth AmericaFor passenger carsAisin AWMade by A343F type, 4 speedATAdopted.
    Compared to Aisin Seiki's A442F typeAisin AWA343F type made by AXNUMXF is lower in terms of allowable torque and durability, but shift shock andnoiseAnd weighs about 40 kg lighter[Note 9].
  • The 60-series part-time system has been changed to a full-time system with a bevel gear center differential with a diff lock, but some van grades (STD, GX) are part-time 4WD.
    The model of the conventional transfer was not mentioned in the new model manual, but in the 80 series, the full-time 4WD is the full-time HF2A type.transferToABSDo not limit the operation of ABS to the equipped vehicleViscous couplingHF2AV type with LSD added (V stands for with viscous coupling) is now described.This transfer is 2nd speed (Hi 1.000, Lo 2.488)Sub transmissionIt also doubles as a vehicle, and is forcibly directly connected in the low range to prevent excessive torque concentration on one wheel.
  • Coil springs are used for both front and rearLinked rigid axleIt became.This is the first method adopted in the Land Cruiser 70 light system, but it is the first to be adopted in a station wagon.
For Japan, 8-seater wagons and 5-seater vans are available, and the grades are part-time 4WD "STD" and "GX", and full-time 4WD "VX" from the bottom. There is "VX Limited".The grades that have always existed throughout the model life are VX and VX Limited, STD sold in 1989-1993 and GX sold in 1989-1998.The top two grades are equipped with high-quality interiors and high-end equipment as standard or optional as Land Cruiser's new generation flagship, and the bottom two grades are slender large diameter tires without over fenders (the late model for GX (2-2) It was installed in the diesel turbo of wagons and vans).The width of the back door is different on the left and right, similar to the 1995 series for STD and GX.Double door, VX and VX Limited have adopted a vertical opening.
  • At the Tokyo Motor Show, the 70 series will be unveiled for the first time along with the 4-door semi-long of the Land Cruiser 80 light wagon (later Land Cruiser Prado).
  • 60 series80 series announced as a successor car.
Initially released to 80 series 1989It was scheduled for October, but with ToyotaArakoBoth 80 series are full of new mechanisms and there are many inexperienced parts, and it took a lot of time to solve them, so it will be postponed to December once.However, the production plant could not meet the last-minute demand for the 12 series, and the start of production for the 60 series was delayed until January 80.[Note 10]At the time of debut, all cars except STD were equipped with a moon roof as standard equipment.In addition to "White (045)", "Dark Blueish Gray Metallic (183)", "Red Mica (3H4)" and "Light Beige Metallic (4K1)", the upper half silver called "Adventure Road Toning (20R)" (181) ・ A total of 5 colors are available, including the lower red mica two-tone color (optional for VX Limited). The STD had no tachometer, only "white" (# 045) body color, and only gray vinyl leather trim.
  • The rear seat belt has been changed to a 3-point type for safety measures.An air conditioner is standard equipment on all models, and an interval adjustment function is added to the front wiper.In addition, some grades have adopted audio with 4 speakers.
  • After a minor change, it became a medium-term model.In terms of appearance, the design of the aluminum wheels of wide-body cars has changed.Changed the gasoline engine from 4.0L 3F-E to 4.5L 1FZ-FE.The straight 6 remains the same, and the power performance is greatly improved by changing the valve mechanism from 12-valve OHV to 24-valve DOHC.The AT to be combined is electronically controlled, improving economic efficiency.The suspension becomes a little stronger and at the same time the vehicle height drops slightly.In terms of safety, side door beams and front under mirrors are standard equipment on all models, and 4-wheel ABS is newly available as an option (full-time 4WD only).Added "Dark Green Mica" to the body color.Refrigerant gas for air conditioners has been changed to environmentally friendly products.
  • Added GX to the wagon.Van STD was abolished and the back door of Van GX was changed from a vertical opening type to a double door type. The optional two-tone body color for VX Limited has been changed from "Adventure Road Toning" to a silver and gunmetal two-tone color called "Field Runner Toning".Also, the "LAND CRUISER" white letter engraved on the mud flap has been abolished.
  • A special specification car "Memorial Package" is set to commemorate the cumulative production of Land Cruiser 250 million units.A special body color, aluminum roof rails, and a special exene skin sheet are used for the interior.
  • Based on VX Limited, a special specification car "G Package" is available.Specially equipped with exclusive body color "Urban Night Toning", colored bumper, colored disc wheel, front hood emblem, etc.
  • After a minor change, it became a late model.The diesel engine 1HD-T was changed to an improved 1HD-FT, and in order to respond to the tightening of exhaust gas regulations at that time, the intake and exhaust valves per cylinder of the 1HD-T type remained single cam.4 valvesImproves output and combustion efficiency.Also,EGRNOx in the exhaust gas was reduced by adopting.For the exterior, the design of the front grill has been changed, the emblem has been changed from "TOYOTA" to the oval-shaped "Toyota CI" mark, the instrument panel design has been simplified for the interior, and at the same time the seat fabric and design have been changed, and the driver airbag has been changed. Option setting.The moon roof will continue to be standard equipment on VX Limited and VX.The body color has been greatly expanded to include "White", "Dark Green Mica", "Dark Blue Mica Metallic", "Gray Metallic Opal", "Red Mica Metallic", "Fluxen Mica Metallic", and "Mountain Mist Toning". A total of eight colors, called dark green and gunmetal two-tone color, and warm gray pearl mica called "morning mist toning" and gunmetal two-tone color, were set at the time of this minor change.
  • During this minor change, TV and radio commercials were aired (CM songEmiko ShiratoriIs in charge, and the vehicle used is Van VX Limited).
  • Based on 80 seriesFront grill,Headlight,frontbumper,Alloy wheelLexus's first premium SUV with a special design and a higher-grade finish with wood grain panels and high-quality paint on genuine leather seats LX450It was released mainly in North America.
EngineInline 6 cylinder 4,500 cc1FZ-FEMold,ト ラ ン ス ミ ッ シ ョ ンIs a passenger car systemAisin AWMade by A343F type, 4 speedATでNorth AmericaSame as Land Cruiser 80 series.The drive system is a center differential full-timeAWDonly.There is no rear spare tire setting.
  • A diesel turbo will be added to the van GX, and the wagon GX will be changed to a wide body equipped with 275 / 70R16 tires and over fenders along with the van GX diesel turbo.All models are equipped with front seat airbags and 4-wheel ABS (full-time 4WD only) as standard equipment with the aim of further improving collision safety.
  • The sale ended while maintaining high popularity, and it was baton-touched to the 100 series.
In the next-generation 100 series, the front wheels have become independent suspensions.[Note 11], There were many users who dared to continue riding the 80 series with an emphasis on off-road driving.In the vanCamper vanSome cars were remodeled into, and the manufacturer's genuine camper specification car "Active Vacation" was also set.
In Australia, there was a six-wheeled vehicle that was locally modified for an attraction tour, with a luggage compartment extended by one window and two axles behind (the rear axle is not equipped with a differential). ..

Series 100 (1998-2007)

The 80 series, which was born as a successor to the 100 series, is a luxury car that has been tougher than the extremely tough and practical cross-country vehicle in the Land Cruiser family that has been running on the rough roads of the world for half a century. It is a model that has made a big leap to a premium SUV with a background, and Toyota itself declared it as a "top of SUV" and was regarded as the highest peak of Toyota SUV.[12].. The 100 series is equipped with the first V8 gasoline engine of all time, the full-time 80WD system first adopted in the previous 4 series has been refined electronically, and the sky hook that combines rough road running performance and ride comfort at a high level. Introduced TEMS.On top of that, the quietness of the V8 engine, the latest technology and high-end equipment, such as the heavy use of genuine leather seats and trims and wood grain panels for the interior, have been well received since its launch, and it is said to be the "Celsior in the off-road world" in Japan. There was also.アメリカ合衆国In the owner'sHousehold income OfMedian It became a luxury car with more than 20 dollars (about 2,400 million yen).

Chassis body
  • The chassis adopts a traditional rudder frame, and has a tough body and a four-wheel drive system with high running performance like its predecessor.
  • The wagon was a domestic car at that timeCenturyIt is virtually the maximum displacement of mass-produced vehicles except forV8 cylinderDOHC32 valve 4,663cc2UZ-FEThe van is a water-cooled in-line 6-cylinder OHC 24-valve 4,164cc IC turbo diesel.1HD-FTEAdopted two types.
ト ラ ン ス ミ ッ シ ョ ン
  • 4 speed transmissionAT(2002 speed with minor change in August 8), but 5 speed for VX of vanMTWas also set (the minor change in August 2002 was abolished).
For North America, it is a light duty specification including LX470,Aisin AWLoaded with 4A / T for passenger cars made by, for other destinationsAisin SeikiMade ofLight truckThe weight is about 4kg lighter than the one with 40A / T.It was later changed to 5A / T.
  • Coil spring used from the previous generation on the front + 3-link rigid axle suspensionFromTorsion barSpring + Double wishbone suspension OfIndependent suspensionThe steering system has also changed from a ball circulation type to a rack and pinion type, improving maneuverability and comfort.This significantly reduces front wheel travel andOff-roadThere was a concern that the grounding property would decrease in (especially extremely illegal land),hydraulicVehicle height adjustment function byTraction controlWas set, and the running performance was maintained without being ashamed of the name of the "Land Cruiser" brand.
  • With the equipment of hydro-pneumatic suspension (standard equipment in G selection) and many controls being digitized,Cross countrySome people think that the reliability of the car has decreased.
  • With a simple coil spring, omitting electronic and hydraulic control of posture and vehicle heightshock absorberThere was also a grade that was only a combination of.

Like the 80 series, there are wagon and van specifications, and the grades are VX, VX Limited, VX Limited G Selection from the bottom, and added in the middleLexusLX470There is a domestic version of Cygnus.

In the Japanese marketLexus LX OfBadge engineeringThe car was released under the name "".The model has four headlights and large diameter chrome-plated wheels. In addition to the equipment equivalent to G selectionLexusThe electric rear quarter window, engine hood, and sound insulation inside the door, which are exclusive to the LX, have been added.In addition, foot lamps and mood lamps (for center consoles)Downlight), Inner door handle lamps, step lamps, etc.

The back door of the general model in Japan is set to open up and down only,riot policeOn-site commander car andJapan Highway Public Corporation OfPatrol carThe back door of the model delivered as is asymmetricalDouble doorIt has become.

  • Full model changeTo 100 series.
  • Active TRC (Traction Control) and VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) have been newly set as options in the same G selection as VX Limited of the V8 gasoline specification wagon.
  • Added the advanced grade "Land Cruiser Signus".
  • Partial improvement of Cygnus.Adopts VSC that supports safe on-road driving and Active TRC that enhances off-road driving performance.Electro multi-vision is set as an option with DVD navigation and audio.
  • Partially improved.Immobilizers and highly crime-preventive key cylinders are standard equipment, improving security performance and newly setting water-repellent windshields for all grades.
  • A special specification car commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Land Cruiser's birth is also set in Cygnus along with the Land Cruiser 100.The body color is white pearl crystal shine, the aluminum wheels are chrome plated, and the roof rails are the same color as the body.
  • The first minor change.The instrument panel design has been completely changed, and the visibility and operability of the multi-information display in the center has been improved. In addition, a night view aimed at ensuring night visibility by near infrared rays has become an option.The transmission has been changed from 4-speed AT to super-intelligent 5-speed automatic (5Super ECT) for all models, and a variable gear ratio steering system (VGRS) that improves maneuverability and driving stability has been newly adopted.Both V8 gasoline and direct 6 diesel turbo engines comply with the latest emission regulations and improve fuel efficiency and horsepower.Large-diameter aluminum wheels are standard equipment on VX Limited and VX Limited G Selection.In terms of grade composition, the V8 gasoline wagon VX has been changed from a 3-row seat 8-seater to a 2-row seat 5-seater.The VX was abolished for the direct 6 diesel van, and the lineup was limited to the same G selection as VX Limited.In addition, all vans were put into effect in October of the same year.Act on Special Measures for Reduction of Total Amount of Nitrogen Oxides and Particulate Matter Emitted from Vehicles in Specific Area(Automobile NOx / PM Law) ”, so it is no longer possible to purchase or register in regulated areas.
  • In addition to the above, Cygnus is equipped with Mark Levinson's premium sound system for audio, an engine immobilizer system for security, and an auto alarm function.In terms of appearance, the design of the front grill has been slightly changed.
  • Partially improved.Higher performance navigation system.The performance of VICS, which receives traffic information, has been improved, Toyota's latest functions such as G-BOOK have been incorporated, and a back guide monitor has been adopted at the same time.In terms of safety performance, both the active TRC and VSC systems have been expanded not only to wagons but also to vans.
  • The second minor change.In the exterior, the headlamps are equipped with a manual leveling mechanism for adjusting the optical axis to reduce dazzling oncoming vehicles, and along with the design change of the rear combination lamps, the LED, front grille, and aluminum wheels have been changed to give a sense of luxury. It was further enhanced.In addition, the rear spare tire specification was abolished. The V8 gasoline engine has been further improved to slightly improve fuel efficiency and meet the 22 fuel efficiency standards.As special specification cars, VX Limited Touring Edition, VX Limited G Selection Touring Edition, and "Interior Selection" with stone-colored interior are available for Cygnus.
  • Along with the Land Cruiser 100, a special edition "60th Special Edition" is available.Equipped with a dedicated black wood grain steering wheel and shift knob, a dedicated black wood grain panel (center cluster, front console, power window switch base), and EMV with DVD navigation compatible with G-BOOK.
  • End of production of Cygnus.Only the stock will be sold.
  • Due to non-compliance with the 17 exhaust gas regulations, production of all remaining grades for Japan was discontinued.Only the stock will be sold.
  • Ended inventory sales and touched the baton to the successor 200 series.

Monthly sales are always over 2,000 units, and rival Nissanサ フ ァ リ, MitsubishiPajeroWas greatly pushed out and maintained strong sales.Also, reflecting the high price and popularity, we aimed only at the Land Cruiser 100 in Japan.ThievesTheft caused by the victims occurred frequently from the late 90's to the mid 2000's.

105 type

Although it was a 100 series that gained high on-road performance by suspending the front independently, the performance as a work hose that was popular in the 80 series such as durability in harsh conditions, rough road running performance, loadability, etc. Asked, (Corrugated road or Washboarding) Calledwashing boadHas many unpaved roadsオーストラリアDue to strong requests from some countries such as, while the body is 100 series as collateral for the unproven front wheel independent suspension, the chassis such as the engine and drive system follows the 80 series, and the suspension adopts front and rear rigid coils. A special overseas-only specification called "105 type" is set.

mainlyUnited NationsExported to Australia and the engine is the same 80 liter direct 4.5 as the 6 seriesgasoline1FZ-FE type and 4.2 liter straight 6dieselIt is a setting only for 1HZ type.There is also 5MT in the gasoline engine.The interior was equipped with bench seats and vinyl floors, which are not available in Japan, and standard grades, as well as the "GXL" grade, which is fully equipped.

For Australia, like the 70 series toe loop carrier, it has a spare fuel tank (180L in total),instrument panelAdditional fuel gauge and pumping to the main tankpumpEquipped with a switch for.

It has gained great popularity in Australia and is used as a base vehicle for campers and work vehicles.In Japan, albeit a small numberReimportThere are also solids that have been made.

200 series (2007-)

The 200 series is designed to be conscious of the Land Cruiser of the past, and it is characterized by the fact that the interior and exterior are given more luxurious while maintaining the running performance of the Land Cruiser so far, and the domestic price greatly exceeds 400 million yen.It has been announced that the monthly sales target in Japan is 700 units. 2008In (20), it will be sold in more than 100 countries, and it has been announced that the global target annual sales volume is 10 units.

The grade is ZX ( 2009<21>4Added to), AX G Selection, AX, GX ( 2010<22>7(Addition) is lined up.

Chassis body
  • It uses a tough rudder frame with excellent torsional rigidity and bending rigidity.In addition to improving the basic performance of on-road driving, it also aims to reduce vibration transmission and road noise.
  • At the base of the door mirror and the side surface of the tail lamp,F1We adopted aero-stabilizing fins that use the aerodynamic technology accumulated in.As a result, a small vortex is generated in the airflow to press the vehicle body from the left and right, improving steering stability.
  • エンジンには、2007年(平成19年)9月登場型にV型8気筒DOHC 4,663cc(2UZ-FE)が採用されていたが、2012年(平成24年)1月改良型以降にはV型8気筒DOHC 4,608cc(1UR-FE)を搭載している。また、国外向けには V型8気筒DOHC 4,461cc(1VD-FTV)ofTwin turbodiesel engineAnd V8 DOHC 5,663cc (3UR-FE), V-type 6-cylinder DOHC 3,955cc () is on sale.[Note 12]
  • The V8 DOHC 4,608cc (1UR-FE) uses an aluminum die-cast block and Dual VVT-i (continuously variable valve timing mechanism for intake and exhaust).At the same time, we succeeded in improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions by reducing friction.
  • Coil spring type high mount double wishbone suspension is used on the front and trailing link type suspension is used on the rear.
  • 4-Wheel AHC & AVS (4-wheel active height control suspension & adaptive variable suspension system) is installed in the "ZX".
  • 4-Wheel AHC = Vehicle height adjustment function can be selected according to the situation: normal driving (normal mode), getting on and off (low mode), off-road driving (high mode).Also, when driving at high speed, the vehicle height is automatically switched from normal mode to low mode. When driving L4, it automatically switches to high mode depending on the situation.
  • AVS = Automatically controls damping force according to driving conditions.While ensuring a damping force that emphasizes riding comfort during normal driving, it switches to a damping force that suppresses changes in posture when turning, suppresses lifting inside, improves ground contact on the outside, and improves cornering performance.
  • KDSS (Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System) is installed in "AX G Selection".
KDSS connects the front and rear stabilizers with a hydraulic system and automatically controls its effectiveness according to the driving conditions.The stabilizer is effective when turning on paved roads, achieving excellent stability.On the other hand, on rough roads such as rocky areas, the stabilizer is not effective and a large wheel stroke is secured.
Four-wheel drive system
  • Multi-terrain select is used for the drive system in all models ("GX" is a minor change in August 2015).
The latest system that optimally controls traction and brakes to improve 4WD performance in off-road driving.With the mode selector switch, select the one that suits the road surface condition from the five modes (ROCK / ROCK & DIRT / MOGUL / LOOSE ROCK / MUD & SAND), and it will automatically switch to the brake hydraulic control according to each mode and change the driving force. A system that optimally distributes to four wheels.

The driving force isDiff lockTorsen type center with mechanismDifferential gearTherefore, in the released state, it is distributed at 40:60 before and after, but it fluctuates between 30:70 and 50:50 before and after depending on the road surface condition and running condition. transferIs a drive system that uses a silent chain, and the gear ratio is 4 when H1.000 is selected and 4 when L2.618 is selected.

Chronological Table

Full model change[15].
The world's first crawl control that automatically controls the engine and brakes to maintain extremely low speeds and achieves excellent vehicle stability in road surface conditions that require delicate speed adjustment such as rocky roads, sandy roads, and steep slopes. In addition, Japan's first Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS) will be set to optimally control the operation of the front and rear stabilizers according to the driving conditions. For the monograde setting of "AX", we will prepare "G Selection" equipped with KDSS, VGRS (Variable Gear Ratio Steering), wood grain + genuine leather-wrapped steering wheel, genuine leather with heater & power seat.Super intelligent 5-speed AT only.As safety equipment, VSC (Vehicle Stability Control), dual & side & curtain shield airbags, active headrests are standard equipment, and an advanced pre-crash safety system is set to pursue class-leading safety performance. Achieved "22 fuel efficiency standards".Furthermore, NOx (nitrogen oxides) and NMHC (non-methane hydrocarbons) will be reduced, and the certification of "17 standard exhaust gas 50% reduction level" will be obtained.Enhanced functions such as engine immobilizer system, auto alarm with intrusion sensor and tilt sensortheftEquipped with a prevention system as standard equipment.
The 200 series for Japan is equipped with a VVT-i version of the 100UZ-FE type used in the 2 series with improved output. AT is in 5th speedDischarge headlampAnd moon roof are not equipped.
Some improvements[16].. (Released on October 5nd)
All cars 2UZ-FE type engine,Crown Majesta,Lexus LS460The same new generation as1URReplaced with a mold.However, torque is emphasized according to the character of the cartuningAnd the fuel supply methodport噴射式へ変更(よって型式は1UR-FE型となる)。最高出力を318PSへダウン(それでも2UZ型に比べ30PS以上の出力向上)させる代わりに最大トルクを46.9kgf・mまで向上させ、かつATも6速化されて燃費も向上(「AX」は、10・15モード燃費を7.1km/L(従来型比約8 %向上)、「AX Gセレクション」は6.9km/L(従来型比約5 %向上)している。
In addition, the tilt and slide electric moon roof, which was standard equipment in the 80 series era and was often requested, was newly set ("ZX" described later is standard equipment and optional for other grades).
The newly added new grade "ZX" is the successor to the "Cygnus" that appeared in the 100 series, and is a 20-inch aluminum wheel and tire (same tire size as LX570) and LX570 designed exclusively for "ZX". Same asAeroThe rear spoiler, tilt & slide electric moon roof, side view camera, etc. are standard equipment on the type side step.In addition, the HDD navigation system and Toyota premium sound system (18 speakers) are also standard equipment, making it a premium grade suitable for calling it the "Toyota version LX570".
The 4WD system of the "ZX" also uses the same "570-Wheel AHC & AVS" as the LX4, pursuing a comfortable ride while improving on-road and off-road driving performance.
Some improvements[17].. (Released on October 8nd)
To commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Land Cruiser's birth, the commemorative packages "ZX 60th Black Leather Selection" and "AX G 60th Black" have adopted black leather for the seat skin and door armrest, a special emblem for the quarter pillar, and a special logo for the smart key. "Leather Selection" is newly set.In addition, a new 5-seater grade "GX" has been newly established, mainly for government offices, with simplified equipment and reduced price.
Minor changes[18].. (Released on January 2012, 1)
In all grades except "GX", traction and brake control can be switched by switch operation according to the driving environment, and multi-terrain select that enhances off-road driving performance and multi-terrain monitor that can check the surrounding road surface condition from the image of the in-vehicle camera. (Equipped as a set with the manufacturer's optional HDD navigation system).The speed setting of the crawl control has been increased from 3 steps to 5 steps, and a turn assist function has been added to improve the rotation in tight corners.
In the design, the front area, rear combination lamps, aluminum wheels, etc. have been changed, and projector-type headlamps and LED positioning lamps have been newly adopted. In all grades except "GX", the door mirrors have been changed to those with side turn lamps, and the front wipers have been changed to auto types with raindrop sensors.In addition, a steering heater (also equipped in the "AX G Selection") has been added to the "ZX", and front and third seat functions have been added.
The body colors have been replaced, "Green Mica Metallic" and "Gold Mica Metallic" have been abolished, new colors "Attitude Black Mica" and "Beige Mica Metallic" have been added, and the interior color has become three colors by adding a shell. It was.
Some improvements[19].
Bi-xenon type for all cars except "GX"(Discharge) Head lamp(With auto-leveling mechanism) is adopted.
Some specifications changed.
Highly sound-insulating front windshield glass is used for all models. (No official announcement)
Launched special edition "ZX" Bruno Cross ""[20].
Based on the "ZX", aluminum wheels with super chrome metallic paint and premium nappa genuine leather seats are used, and the door mirrors are plated and decorated.In addition, the smart key has been changed to a special design, and the key box and car verification case have been changed to genuine leather specifications.
Minor changes[21].
The design has been redesigned mainly on the front and rear, and while maintaining the convex shape from the engine hood to the front grille, the hood center part is gouged, and a front mask with plating on the top and bottom of the three grille bars is adopted.The headlamps have been changed to LEDs, and the lamps have been placed on the back side to avoid damage, and the design has been changed to have a sense of unity with the grill frame that is continuous from the front grill to the lamps.The rear is designed to connect the license plate garnish and the lower side of the rear combination lamp, and the rear combination lamp is also changed from the back door panel to a continuous design, and the red lamp is laid out at a high position to express a high lift image.The design of the aluminum wheels has also been changed, and the 3-inch aluminum wheels used in the "ZX" combine a V-shaped design with a combination of cutting and gloss treatment and gray. The 20-inch aluminum wheels used in the "AX" and "AX" G Selection "" have a three-dimensional design with five twin spokes that spread radially.The body color has been expanded to 18 colors by adding "Copper Brown Mica" and "Dark Blue Mica".
The interior is a combination of a decorative part with a hairline treatment that looks like carved metal and a soft skin roll, and the center cluster is a collection of switches and displays that are arranged by function.The Optitron meter uses a 6-eye meter that allows you to grasp the situation of the car at a glance, and the board is also decorated with hairlines, and a 4.2-inch TFT color LCD screen is placed in the center.Semi-aniline genuine leather is used for the seat skin, and black is added to the ceiling color.Brown was added to the interior color to develop four colors.
Safety performance has also been enhancedMillimeter waveradarCollision avoidance support type with pedestrian detection function by combining with a monocular cameraPre-crash safety,radarCruise controlThe Toyota Safety Sense P, a pedestrian-friendly collision avoidance support package consisting of (with brake control), lane departure alert (LDA), and automatic high beam (AHB), was adopted for the first time in Toyota vehicles and is standard equipment on all vehicles.In addition, a blind spot monitor (BSM) that detects vehicles traveling in the adjacent lane with radar and assists in checking backwards when changing lanes is adopted, and vehicles approaching when reversing in the parking lot are used using the BSM radar. Set a rear cross traffic alert that detects and alerts the driver.All vehicles are equipped as standard with an emergency brake signal that automatically blinks the hazard lights when sudden braking is applied to alert the following vehicle.
The "GX" is also equipped with all functional equipment such as crawl control + turn assist function, multi-terrain select, and "Toyota Safety Sense P" as standard equipment, adding luxury such as sunroof, genuine leather seats and 18-inch aluminum wheels. The functional equipment is superior to the "GX-R" grade for export.
Also, on the underfloor view and display where you can check the information under the vehicle and the tire position.地平線TheLevelThe air pressure of each of the four wheels can be displayed in the multi-terrain monitor and multi-information display, which are the world's first two functions of the front view rotation display that allows you to intuitively check the road surface shape and the inclination of the vehicle in front of you. A new tire pressure warning system (TPWS) to be displayed has been set.
Released "ZX G-FRONTIER", a special specification car commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Toyota store.[22].
Based on the "ZX", the 20-inch aluminum wheels have been changed to black paint + cutting brilliant specifications, as well as specially equipped roof rails with chrome plating + silver paint and premium nappa genuine leather seat skin with quilting stitch processing.Eight body colors including "black" are set.
Some improvements[23].
Power easy access system (driver's seat) that adds an automatic storage function to the electrically retractable remote control colored door mirror with side turn lamps (optional setting only for "GX", standard equipment for other grades), and the steering automatically slides when getting on and off Is standard equipment on the "ZX".Also,trailerFor installing a trailer hitch that pulls etc.Hitch memberIs set as an option for all cars (when equipped with a hitch member, the shape of the rear bumper changes and it comes with a cover).
"Neutral beige" is newly adopted for the interior color (except for some body colors of "GX", it is necessary to specify when ordering).Changed the smart key to a design with the Land Cruiser logo.
The name of the collision avoidance support package is changed from "Toyota Safety Sense P" to "Toyota Safety Sense"change to[24].. (No official announcement)
The license plate lamp has been changed to LED, and the specification has been changed so that the car name logo appears on the door mirror foot lighting (manufacturer option for "ZX" and "AX G selection").
May 2020, 5 (supplement)
TokyoWith the simultaneous sale of all car models in all regions exceptOsaka Toyopetexcept forToyopet store,Corolla store, Nets excluding Toyota TotoNets storeas well as the Osaka ToyotaStarted selling at.In particular, Osaka Toyota has resumed handling for the first time in about 13 years and 9 months since it switched to Osaka Toyopet due to the company name change.

Motor sports

Bought for its high running performance and durability, 1979The 1thParis-Dakar RallyAs many as 25 Land Cruisers have participated in the race for a long time.Rally raidHas been favored by privateers participating in[25]. 1995To ToyotasubsidiaryMetArakoOrganized "Toyota Team Araco (TTAR)" and started to participate in Works in the non-remodeling division of commercial vehicles in the Paris-Dakar Rally. 2004Araco's body divisionToyota bodyToAbsorption mergerHowever, he changed his name to "Team Land Cruiser (TLC)" and continues to participate in the race.The activity has been held 1995 times from 2020 to 25, and has won a total of 6 class championships, including 7 and 20 consecutive victories.Also, 2002Showed an activity to be ranked 9th overall.Was a rival in the same categoryNissan TerranoとMitsubishi PajeroMost entrants, including privateers, have now wiped outLand cruiserorLand Cruiser PradoHas been adopted.

In addition, 2007From Team Land CruiserWaste oilPurifiedBiodieselBegan to use as fuel 2012Succeeded in running 100 km in Dakar with 9,000% biodiesel fuel[26]..This effort continues as of 2018 with 100% biodiesel. 2020AT (Automatic transmission) Was adopted and challenged.

2009ToベルギーPrivateer,Fish and chipsParticipated in the HJZ79 Land Cruiser with stall specifications.After the first stage was over, the fish and chips were actually cooked and served to the people.After that, he continued to run safely and finished in 1th place overall.[27].

Dealers until April 2020, 4

* Sapporo Toyota Diesel- 1973Since the organization was changed to Toyota Corolla North Sea, it will be sold at Sapporo Toyota thereafter.
* Miyagi Toyota Diesel- 1969Since the organization was changed to Toyota Corolla Miyagi, it will be sold at Miyagi Toyota thereafter.
* Saitama Toyota Diesel-Since the organization was changed to Toyota Corolla New Saitama in 1969, it will be sold at Saitama Toyota thereafter.
* Chiba Toyota Diesel-Since the organization was changed to Toyota Corolla Keiyo in 1969, it will be sold at Chiba Toyota thereafter.
* Tokyo Toyota Diesel- 1980Since it was dissolved in January, it will be sold at Tokyo Toyota thereafter.
* Yokohama Toyota Diesel- 1970Since the organization was changed to Toyota Corolla Tokyu, it will be sold at Kanagawa Toyota thereafter.
* Shizuoka Toyota Diesel-Since the organization was changed to Toyota Corolla Tokai in 1969, it will be sold by Shizuoka Toyota thereafter.
* Nagoya Toyota Diesel- 1989The organization was changed to Toyota Corolla Meito (later merged with Toyota Corolla Aitoyo), so it will be sold by Aichi Toyota thereafter. 73-door based on BJ74V / 4VPrototype vehicleWas also sold.
* Osaka Toyota Diesel- 1972Since the organization was changed to Toyota Corolla Osaka, the (former) Osaka Toyota Motor (currently)Osaka Toyopet) For sale.
* Kobe Toyota Diesel-Since the organization was changed to Toyota Corolla Hyogo in 1970, it will be sold at Hyogo Toyota thereafter.
* Fukuoka Toyota Diesel-Since the organization was changed to Toyota Corolla Fukuoka in 1970, it will be sold at Fukuoka Toyota thereafter.
  • Toyota store
    • Toyota diesel storeIn the area where was not installed,Toyota storeHas been handled since its appearance.
    • Nagoya Toyota Diesel has been around for a long time, so Aichi Prefecture (Aichi Toyota) Only from January 1989 (1 series / 60 series).
    • OsakaAs mentioned above, it was handled by (former) Osaka Toyota Motor Co., Ltd., which was transferred from Osaka Toyota Diesel, but due to the company name change on August 2006, 8, it was transferred to Osaka Toyopet.
    • As mentioned above, in Tokyo, it was handled by Tokyo Toyota, which was transferred from Tokyo Toyota Diesel, but with the abolition of the sales channel system on April 2019, 4,Toyota West Tokyo CorollaとNets Toyota TamaAll stores other thanToyota Mobility TokyoWas handled by Netz Toyota Toto).
    • ChibaAs mentioned above, it was an exclusive model of Chiba Toyota that was transferred from Chiba Toyota Diesel, but from April 2019, 4, it was sold together by Chiba Toyota and Nets Toyota Toto.


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注 釈

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