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🚗 | Shin Tomei Expressway, maximum speed 120km / h to full-scale operation — depending on the situation

Photo Shin Tomei, maximum speed 120km / h

Full-scale operation of Shin Tomei Expressway with maximum speed of 120km / h — depending on the situation

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The up line between Nagaizumi Numazu IC and Shin-Shizuoka IC (about 53km) and the up and down line between Fujieda-Okabe IC and Shimada-Kanaya IC (about 15km) will be available from December 12nd with 22 lanes on each side, and Gotenba JCT ~ There will be 3 lanes between Hamamatsu Inasa JCT.

The 145-lane construction between the Shin Tomei Expressway / Gotemba JCT and Hamamatsu Inasa JCT (about 6km) will be completed on December 12nd ... → Continue reading


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Hamamatsu Inasa Junction

Hamamatsu Inasa Junction(Hamamatsutsusa Junction) isShizuokaHamamatsu cityKitaLocated in Higashi Kuroda, Inasa-choShin Tomei Expressway Main Line,Tosa connecting road,San-en Nanshin ExpresswayConnectJunction.


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E1A Shin Tomei Expressway Main Line
(14) Hamamatsu Hamakita IC - (14-1) Hamamatsu SA / SIC - (15) Hamamatsu Inasa JCT - (16) Shinshiro IC
E69 Shin Tomei Expressway Insa connecting road
(15) Hamamatsu Inasa JCT - (15-1) Hamamatsu Inasa IC
E69 San-en Nanshin Expressway
Shibukawa Terano IC - Hamamatsu Inasa Kita IC(Gateway only for Iida) /Hamamatsu Inasa Kita Toll Office - Hamamatsu Inasa JCT


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