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✈ | From Narita Airport to returnee chartered bus service

Photo From Narita Airport to returnee chartered bus service

From Narita Airport to returnee chartered bus service

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Apart from this, the Narita Airport Company is also considering the introduction of railway companies operating at the airport and vehicles exclusively for returnees and immigrants.

As a measure against the border of the new coronavirus, we are looking for returnees and immigrants from overseas who are required to wait for two weeks in Tokyo. → Continue reading

 Cibatere + Plus

It will be "Ciba Tele + Plus" operated by Chiba Television Broadcasting.

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Narita International Airport (company)

Narita International Airport Co., Ltd.(Now I'm going toEnglish: Narita International Airport Corporation; NAA) Is2004(Heisei16 years)May 4Was enforced onNarita International Airport Co., Ltd.ByNarita International Airport (Narita Airport)Established for the purpose of installation and management ofSpecial company.. The popular name is "Narita Airport Company. "


Special corporationNew Tokyo International Airport Public CorporationBusiness andAsset-liabilitiesSucceededSpecial companyAnd allstockTheJapanese Government(ShareholderIt is,Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transportas well as the Minister of Finance)But所有To do.Abbreviation NAA Is the English abbreviation of the Airport Authority (New Tokyo International Airport Authority) Is the same.

Interest-free loan from the Government of Japan based on the Narita International Airport Corporation Law,Investment,loan guaranteeCan receive[2]..On the other hand, everyBusiness plan,Issuance of new shares-Corporate bondRecruitment / borrowing of funds,CEOSelection ・Articles of IncorporationFor changes, etc.Minister of Land, Infrastructure and TransportRequires approval[3].

Japanese GovernmentIs a wholly owned companyNational taxBesidesDividendConnected asFinal profitAbout 3% ofNational treasuryWill be paid to[4](2018May 6The companyGeneral meeting of shareholdersThe amount of dividends resolved in Japan is 107 million yen.[5]).In addition to this, when the company was converted into a joint-stock company, 3,016 million yen out of the 1,496 billion yen invested by the government of the New Tokyo International Airport Authority was transferred as a government interest-free loan, and the debt repayment was continued. , Pay off in 5,300 (Heisei 2017)[4][6][7][8].

The scope of the company's businessNarita International AirportIn the surrounding areaaircraft OfnoiseCaused byPollutionPrevention andLoss compensationIncludes businesses for[9].

Since becoming a joint-stock companyAirport terminal buildingI live in restaurant-SHOP-AirlinesSuch as an officetenantThe rental income from the above is called "non-aviation income", and sales are being strengthened by increasing the floor space of the store area, which was the main income during the public corporation era.Airport feeWe are aiming for a management structure that does not depend on "aviation revenue". In FY2017, non-aviation revenue accounted for 56% of NAA's total revenue (34% at the time of privatization).[10]..In addition, at Narita International Airport in 2017Terminal buildingOverall store sales reached a record high of 1,246 billion yen.Shopping centeras,Gotemba Premium Outlets,Lazona Kawasaki PlazaBoasts the highest sales revenue in Japan for 5 consecutive years[10][11].

Chiba PortTo Narita AirportAviation fuelAbout 47 kilometers to transportPipeline transportationHas a pipe and is the only operator in Japan to which[12][13][14].

Jewelry business

Business purpose

By efficiently setting up and managing Narita International Airport, etc., we will improve the convenience of air transportation users, thereby contributing to the overall development of aviation, and in Japan.industry,TourismEtc.International competitivenessContribute to the strengthening of. (Narita International Airport Corporation Law Article 1)

Business stipulated by laws and regulations

The main businesses stipulated in Article 5 of the Narita International Airport Corporation Law and Article 2 of the Articles of Incorporation are as follows.

  • Installation and management of Narita International Airport
  • Necessary to ensure the safety of aircraft takeoff or landing at Narita International AirportAviation security facilityInstallation and management
  • Air passengers andAir cargoConstruction and management of aviation security facilities necessary to ensure the functions of Narita International Airport, such as handling facilities, aircraft refueling facilities, etc.
  • The office, Stores and other facilities that are deemed appropriate to be constructed on the premises of Narita International Airport in order to contribute to the convenience of those who use Narita International Airport.
  • Projects to prevent obstacles caused by aircraft noise around Narita International Airport or to compensate for their losses (relocation compensation, noise prevention work, etc.)
  • Projects to contribute to improving the living environment around Narita International Airport (environmental evaluation around the airport, grants to local governments, etc.)

In addition, based on the approval of the Cabinet, as part of efforts for coexistence with the community,Organic farmingTraining and company-owned landFarmlandWe also provide loans[15][16][17].

Business sector

At the companyDivision systemWe have adopted the business "Airport management business""Retail business""Facility loan business""Railway businessIt is classified into four categories.

Peripheral measures grant

In order to ensure the smooth operation of the airport, NAA will cover the costs of preventing obstacles caused by aircraft noise and improving the area around the airport in Chiba Prefecture.Ibaraki10 cities and towns (Narita City,富 里 市-Katori-Sanmu City-Kanzaki-Tako Town-Shibayama Town-Yokoshiba Hikarimachi-Inashiki-Kawachi Town)Narita International Airport Area Measures GrantIs delivered.

The total amount of grants up to FY2016 was about 1214 billion yen, and about 41.6 billion yen was delivered in the same year.

The grants are used for maintenance costs of public facilities that have undergone soundproofing work, as well as roads around the airport.park・ Allocate for expenses for maintenance of firefighting facilities, agricultural facilities, etc.[18].


The office

  • Headquarters / Narita International Airport: ChibaNarita CityFurugome1-1 Furugome (NAA Building in Narita International Airport, Narita City)
    • 2007May 4By the old, adjacent to Terminal 2 BuildingANAThe head office function was moved to the building.
  • Tokyo office: TokyoChiyoda WardMarunouchi2-1-11 Kishimoto Building XNUMXth floor
  • Chiba Port Office: Chiba City, Chiba PrefectureMihamaShinkoNo. 234
  • Yotsukaido Office: Chiba PrefectureYotsukaido-shiYamanashi character Matsuyama 2351

Old head office building

1996Old in front of Terminal 7 Building from JulyJapan AirlinesThe site of the building has been used as the NAA headquarters building, but the former headquarters building was demolished after the move, and the site has been used for airport users since 2008.Multistory parking lot(P5 parking lot).

The former head office building was the operation center building of Japan Airlines, which has existed since the opening of the airport in 1978.TV drama"Stewardess storyThere is a history that it was also used for locations such as.


Government-made negotiation case

2005May 11OldNew Tokyo International Airport Public CorporationOrder adjustment, etc. led by the Airport Authority for the construction of electrical equipment at Narita AirportOfficial riggingSuspicion emerged, and the electric companies involved and the Narita International Airport companyTokyo District ProsecutorTokusou Department OfsearchReceived.Two employees of Narita International Airport (dismissal of disciplinary action) were accused of this government-manufactured negotiation.Auction bid obstructionIn doubtArrestA series of allegations of collusion developed into a government-manufactured collusion case.[38][39].


Consolidated subsidiary

The company's consolidated subsidiaries are as follows (as of March 2016, 3).

Equity method affiliate

The equity-method affiliates of the company are as follows (as of March 2016, 3).


  • "Kutan"
    • Narita International Airport Corporation celebrates its first anniversary of privatization2005It was made in April (17).The character setting is male.Age is unknown.My dream is to be a hero.My hobby is walking on the runway at midnight.


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