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🚄 | [Sorrowful Tetsuko no Monogatari 18] Ride the SL at the Kyoto Railway Museum


[Sorrowful Tetsuko no Monogatari 18] Ride the SL at the Kyoto Railway Museum

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It's the first machine in Ome Railway Park, so maybe it's my sister's part.

I went to Umekoji for the first time since I was reborn as the Kyoto Railway Museum.When I went, I entered as a measure against corona ... → Continue reading

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Ome Railway Park

Ome Railway Park(Oumetsu Dokouen,English name : Ome Railway Park) IsTokyoOmeLocated at 2-155 Katsunumapark.JROme Line-Ome StationIs the nearest station.


As a project to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the opening of the railway1962(Showa37 years)10/19, Northeast of Ome StationNagayama ParkOpened in a cornerRailroad parkIs.The real thing used in the pastRailway carIn addition to exhibiting 11 cars outdoorsRailway modelThere is also a memorial hall where driving and special exhibitions are held.1987(Showa 62)Privatization of the national railway divisionByEast Japan Railway(JR East) took over the operation and1997(Heisei9) From April, related organizationsFoundationTransportation Culture FoundationWas entrusted with the operation.2009(21) From April, JR East related organizationsPublic interest incorporated foundationEast Japan Railway Culture FoundationIs entrusted with the operation.

As the facility name indicates, "博物馆"not"parkAt the beginning of the park, there was no admission fee, and it was possible to freely enter the railroad cars on display.However, due to the devastation of the preserved vehicles due to the outdoor exhibition for many years, the park was temporarily closed in 1997 (Heisei 9), and the exhibited vehiclesRepair and maintenanceSince then, the admission fee of 100 yen has been collected for elementary school students and above.

It ’s rather small from a modern point of view,National railwayLast new constructionsteam locomotiveFamous for its unique style and operationE10 typeAnd the nearest Ome LineNambu LineAttention was focused on the last operation inSemi-railway memorialED16 typeDCElectric locomotiveIn addition to exhibitingShinkansen 0 seriesIt is also known that there is an exhibition of.There is also a low-priced admission fee setting, so it is easyVacationIn addition to being popular as a spot, it used to beSpecial effectsIt was also used to shoot programs.

For a long time, all the vehicles were open-air exhibits,2007Construction work was carried out to install a shed in (19), and most of the vehicles (except Shinkansen 0 series trains) are currently covered with roofs.

2010(22)9/23, Has lived in this park for 7 years as the director of Ome Railway ParkCalico catWas appointed as a female "Nora"[1].

Exhibition vehicle

Past exhibition vehicles

  • Mayte 39 11 (JNR Suha 32 series passenger car)-Entered on November 1963, 9
    1930, Ministry of RailwaysOi FactoryNew Momoyama style interiorObservation carSuite 37010 Type Suite 37011 was transferred to the JR East Oi Plant (currently the Tokyo General Rolling Stock Center) in 1987 due to severe damage over time.It has been repaired and is now still preserved at the Railway Museum.
  • C51 5 (JNR C51 steam locomotive)-Entered on November 1962, 1
    June 1982, 9 night,Typhoon 18Due to the heavy rain caused by the heavy rain, the ground of the place where it was exhibited at that time collapsed and capsized and damaged, but it was repaired and the exhibition position was partially changed. In May 2007, it was transferred to the Railway Museum and kept static.The Kumoha 5 is now on display at the place where the aircraft was on display.
  • 110 (JNR Type 110 Steam Locomotive)-Entered on October 1962, 9,Railroad memorial
    Japanese railway openingSometimes one of the 10 locomotives that ran between Shimbashi and Yokohama.1924After the car was scrapped (Taisho 13)Omiya FactoryEach part of the car body was incised and remodeled so that the internal structure could be seen, and it was exhibited and stored there.It was the oldest vehicle in the park since the park opened, but it is one of the new complex building "JR Sakuragicho Building" that will open on the south side of Sakuragicho Station in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture in June 2020 (Reiwa 2). The exhibition will end on August 6, 1 because it will be relocated to the floor and will be exhibited together with British materials and wooden passenger cars reprinted with the cooperation of experts.[6][7]Was carried out on September 9nd[8]..After that, the incised part was restored, and the "former Yokohama Railway History Exhibition (commonly known as the former Yoko Gallery)" of the commercial facility "CIAL Sakuragicho ANNEX" opened on June 2020, 6 in this building was medium-sized. Published in the form of connecting a full-scale replica of a wooden passenger car.
  • At the beginning of the park, several steam locomotives on display were able to whistle with compressed air.

Usage guidance

  • 開園時間:3月〜10月 10:00〜17:30(入園は17:00まで):11月〜2月 10:00〜16:30(入園は16:00まで)
  • Closed days: Monday (Open on public holidays, transfer holidays, and Tokyo Citizen's Day, and closed on the following Tuesday.)
  • entrance fee
Elementary school students and above: 100 yen for individuals / 50 yen for groups (applicable for 20 or more people)

Free for persons over 70 years old and holders of disability certificate

Directions and Parking



  • Toei Bus6 minutes walk from the "Nishibun" bus stop.


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