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🚄 | Some Skyliner vehicles have started a new service of Keisei for "returnees / immigrants only", and the image of ventilation inside the vehicle is also open to the public


Some Skyliner vehicles have started a new service of Keisei for "returnees / immigrants only", and the image of ventilation inside the vehicle is also open to the public

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Service users board a dedicated vehicle with countermeasures and head to Keisei Ueno Station.

December 2020, 12 (Monday), Keisei Electric Railway's new transportation service "KEISEI SMART ACCESS" ... → Continue reading

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Keisei Ueno Station

Keisei Ueno Station(Keisei Ueno-eki) isTokyoTaitoUeno ParkIt is in,Keisei Electric RailwayMain line Ofstation.Station number TheK.


Keisei Main LineIt is the starting station ofNippori StationIt is also a terminal station on the Tokyo side of Keisei. However, the number of users isYamanote Line,Keihin Tohoku LineThere are quite a lot of Nippori stations that are easy to transfer to JR lines such as. In the vicinityEast Japan Railway(JR East)Tokyo subway(Of Tokyo Metro)Ueno StationThere is, and it is possible to change trains on foot.


Keisei is on the city center sideTerminalI had a license to enter Ueno asTsukuba High Speed ​​Electric RailwayWas acquired and the license was used to extend to this station.

Originally as a condition when constructing the Ueno Park underground lineUeno Onshi Park Landから1924,at that timeTokyo cityIt was sold to "Park Trees, EspeciallyCherry BlossomsDo not damage the roots of.Kaneiji TempleIt must not affect buildings such as "." Particular attention was paid to the environmental conservation of the park even during the large-scale improvement work carried out in later years.

Pacific WarDue to expropriation by the Land Transport Control Ordinance at the end of the period, the business between this station and Nippori station was suspended, and the down line was stopped.Dual gaugeAfter the conversion, a Japanese National Railways vehicle was brought into the underground line and command equipment was placed, but it seems that it was not used much in reality.[Note 1].. In addition, it is said that the war ended while the premises of Ueno Station was being considered for conversion to a munitions factory, and equipment layout drawings were being created and conditions were being negotiated. At the time of resuming business, the restoration of the track on the down line and the removal of the vehicle were delayed, so it was decided to operate on a single track using the up line. In addition, depending on the literature, it is described that it was used as an evacuation site for power saving and a departure and arrival place for schoolchildren's evacuation trains.[2] There are some, but the truth is not clear.

Chronological Table

  • 1929(Showa4 years)2/12 - Tsukuba High Speed ​​Electric RailwayGet a license[3].
  • 1930(5)10/15 --Tsukuba High Speed ​​Electric Railway is Keisei Electric Railway (currentlyKeisei Electric Railway) And merged[4].
  • 1933(8)12/10 --Opened as "Ueno Park Station". At the time of opening, it has 2 lines on 4 sides and 4 effective lengths.
  • 1945(20)
    • 6/10 - Ministry of TransportDue to a requisition order, business between this station and Nippori station will be suspended.
    • 10/1 --Business resumed.
  • 1953(28)5/1 --Renamed to "Keisei Ueno Station".
  • 1967(Showa 42) ――With the start of operation of the 6-car train, Line 1 was closed and the platform was extended to become 2 sides and 3 lines.
  • 1972(47)10/25 -"Skyliner"Large-scale improvement work started with the start of operation. Reduced to the form at the time of opening. The 6-car train returns at Nippori Station.
  • 1973(48)
    • 6/16 --Due to the progress of large-scale improvement work, business will be suspended for half a year (during that time, all trains will return at Nippori Station).
    • 12/16 --Resumed business using 1 lines on 2 side of the completed home.
  • 1976(Showa 51) --Installed the second automatic ticket gate in Keisei. Also, since the tickets issued by other stations were not magnetic tickets, they were used as automatic ticket gates exclusively for admission.
    • July-Large-scale improvement work is completed by adding a platform with two lines on one side, and it will be in its current form.
  • 2019(Heisei31 years)3/19 --Renewal work completed[5][6].Departure melodyIntroduced[5].
  • 2020(Reiwa2 years)1/31 --New toilet on Platforms 1 and 2[7].

Station structure

Before the 2019 timetable revision, Keisei was omitted and the station name was sometimes referred to as "Ueno", but it is one of the Keisei stations where many signs were traditionally written with the official station name.

Island homeHave two lines on one sideUnderground stationでKeisei Main Line OfTerminal station.Ueno Onshi ParkLocated directly below. It has a two-story basement structure, and the first basement floor isConcourse, The second basement floorplatformIs. On each staircase during station renovation workescalatorWas installed andBarrier-freeContact the concourse and the platform next to the stairs at the front entranceエ レ ベ ー タ ーIs also installed. In addition, a barrier-free toilet is installed inside the concourse ticket gate.[8].

On the concourseDeparture markIs the same as other stations LED I used to use the ceremony (before that, the curtain ceremony),Narita Airport Line (Narita Sky Access)From 2010, when it openedフ ル カ ラ ーLCDThe expression is used.

The doorway to the ground isEast Japan Railway(JR East)Ueno StationAnd Ueno Park (SaigoThe front entrance near the entrance (near the statue) andIkenohataThere are a total of 2 places (3 places). Also, through the underground passage outside the ticket gateChuo-doriFacing each otherYodobashi Camera Multimedia Ueno StoreAlso, as a connecting passage to this stationAmeya YokochoA direction exit is set, and it is connected via the first basement floor of the store (from the first train to 1:22)[Note 2]. Tokyo subway(Tokyo Metro) ・ JR EastUeno StationHas been in contact with the above-mentioned underground passage outside the ticket gate since its opening, and it is possible to change trains.[9].

Take the main exit (ground entrance) to JR East Ueno StationInformation signAlthough it is displayed by, neither Keisei nor JR East directly informs that there is an underground passage connecting both stations. In addition, both JR East and Keisei Electric Railway stations can buy commuter passes as commuter pass stations.[10].

It is also connected to the Ueno Chuo-dori underground passage, which started operation on March 2009, 3. This willUeno Hirokoji Station,Ueno Okachimachi StationIt is now possible to transfer underground to 4 stations around Okachimachi. However, in the station yardToei Oedo LineAlthough there is a guide sign to, there is no contact transportation at all 4 stations[Note 3].

In addition, on the entire wall on the right side of the front entrance,Carp streamerとwindmill"Fugetsu Ennen" (Mexico's famous Japanese mural painter,)Luis NishizawaWork) is installed.19819/26It began to be installed in the station yard and was later relocated to the current location.

The first generationAutomatic ticket gateWas installed in 1976.1990 eraWhen renewed or expanded to, the central manned passage will beAE100 typeIt was made a ticket gate exclusively for "Skyliner" with the motif of the leading car of. After that, the dedicated ticket gate disappeared and it was changed to a normal automatic ticket gate. Currently, two wide automatic ticket gates are installed on the right side of the center. (See photo)

NTTBPPublic wireless LAN equipment is installed,docomo Wi-FiIs available. AlsoUQ CommunicationsPublic wireless LAN equipment is installed,Wi2Public wireless LAN service is available.

The station bookstore at the time of opening is from the current front exit of this stationChuo-doriIt was built in a position facing each other, and had names such as "Keisei Juraku Building" and "Ueno Keisei Building". The design isKuno clauseIs. The building is on all floorsDainippon Shokudo (currently Juraku)There was a restaurant operated by[11](In the prewar old postcards, there is a signboard of "Shokudo / Department Store" along with "Keisei Juraku"), but after the war it functioned as the Keisei Electric Railway headquarters, and was used as "Ueno Keisei Hotel" from 1969 to 1977. At the endYodobashi CameraTenants such as the Ueno station square store and restaurants have moved in, and the station entrance / exit in the building was left as the "Ameya Yokoguchi", but it was dismantled in 2006 due to aging. A Yodobashi Camera building was built on the site, and it has become the Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Ueno store. After the Ueno Chuo-dori underground passage is completed, it connects to the first basement floor of the building through the passage.[Note 4].

Keisei Electric Railway started renewal of the station in April 2017 and completed it in March 4.[5][6].. Since many foreign visitors to Japan get on and off the Skyliner, a tourist information center has been set up on the concourse outside the ticket gate, which is large.suitcaseAddition of wide automatic ticket gates that are easy for travelers with[6].. The interior of the station is designed with a lot of wood and stones in the image of "Ueno no Mori", and the convenience has been improved by renovating the toilet and adding restaurants and retail stores.[5][6].

Departure markHas a full-color LED typeNippori Station,Airport Terminal 2 Station-Narita Airport StationSimilarly, English broadcasting is also carried out.

Single station management only for this station at the station assigned by the stationmaster.

Bus stop

1 - 4KS Narita Sky Access Line"Skyliner'Pictograms-nps-airport.svg Narita Airportaspect
Access limited expressAoto-Keisei Takasago-Hokuso Line-Pictograms-nps-airport.svg For Narita AirportBoarding only after 17:XNUMX in the evening
KS Keisei Main Line"Cityliner"AotoKeisei Funabashi-Keisei NaritaaspectIrregular operation after December 2015, 12
"Evening liner"Aoto / Keisei Funabashi /Yachiyodai-Keisei Sakura・ Keisei Narita ・Pictograms-nps-airport.svg For Narita Airport
General trainAoto, Keisei Takasago, Keisei Funabashi, Keisei Narita,Pictograms-nps-airport.svg Narita AirportKeisei Chibaaspect
  • The route names in the above table areNarita Airport LineIt is based on the name of the passenger guide after opening.
  • At rush hourThere is no particular division of departure lines according to train type, but during the daytime hours, lines 1 and 4 are normal, line 2 is "Skyliner", and line 3 is limited express / rapid limited express.
  • When you arrive at "Skyliner," "Evening Liner," or "City Liner," you will hear a guide broadcast about boarding precautions and interior cleaning.
  • "Skyliner" and "Cityliner" cannot be used only between Keisei Ueno and Nippori Station.In addition, "Skyliner" cannot be used only between Keisei Ueno and Aoto Station.
  • Departure melody has been introduced in all homes since March 2019, 3 (combined with departure bell)[5].

Station premises facilities

All are installed outside the ticket gate.

  • FamilyMart Keisei Ueno Station Store (am / pmConversion store)
  • Mizuho Bank-Seven BankTMJ
  • KEISEI GIFT JAPANESE SOUVENIER Keisei Ueno Station yard store
  • Foreign currency exchange specialty store "Travelex" Keisei Ueno store[12]
  • Tokyo Tourist Information Center Keisei Ueno Branch-It is installed because it is one of the first stations in Tokyo visited by foreign tourists arriving at Narita Airport.
  • Delifrance Keisei Ueno Station Store
  • MatsumotokiyoshiKeisei Ueno Station Store
  • 地下TaxiPlatform
  • Keisei Ueno Station Baggage Counter

Usage situation

2019Daily average of degreesGetting on and offpersonnel The50,235(Number of passengers: 27,489, number of passengers getting off: 22,746)[13], 69th out of 8 stations on the Keisei Line.隣駅であるNext stationNippori StationIt is about half of (103,670 people).

Average daily boarding and alighting in recent yearsBoarding personnelThe transition is as shown in the table below.

Daily average boarding/alighting personnel by year[14]
年度Daily average
Boarding and alighting personnel[15]
Daily average
Boarding personnel[16]
1990 (Heisei02 years)34,244[*1]
1991 (Heisei03 years)33,571[*2]
1992 (Heisei04 years)33,011[*3]
1993 (Heisei05 years)32,167[*4]
1994 (Heisei06 years)31,619[*5]
1995 (Heisei07 years)31,511[*6]
1996 (Heisei08 years)30,742[*7]
1997 (Heisei09 years)29,197[*8]
1998 year (Heisei 10 year)28,123[*9]
1999 year (Heisei 11 year)27,571[*10]
2000 year (Heisei 12 year)26,992[*11]
2001 year (Heisei 13 year)49,82826,797[*12]
2002 year (Heisei 14 year)50,00726,619[*13]
2003 year (Heisei 15 year)47,96225,956[*14]
2004 year (Heisei 16 year)47,26525,696[*15]
2005 year (Heisei 17 year)47,51825,786[*16]
2006 year (Heisei 18 year)48,00026,033[*17]
2007 year (Heisei 19 year)47,56125,825[*18]
2008 year (Heisei 20 year)46,81425,400[*19]
2009 year (Heisei 21 year)46,50325,153[*20]
2010 year (Heisei 22 year)44,39924,507[*21]
2011 year (Heisei 23 year)43,24123,806[*22]
2012 year (Heisei 24 year)44,00224,197[*23]
2013 year (Heisei 25 year)43,57623,901[*24]
2014 year (Heisei 26 year)43,36323,863[*25]
2015 year (Heisei 27 year)44,81424,664[*26]
2016 year (Heisei 28 year)46,43225,559[*27]
2017 year (Heisei 29 year)49,02826,940[*28]
2018 year (Heisei 30 year)50,81827,871[*29]
2019 (first year of Reiwa)50,23527,489

Around the station

JR East is in the northeast and Ueno Station on the Tokyo Metro is in the east. This station is located between Ueno Park and the downtown area.

  • JR East / Tokyo MetroUeno Station
  • Ueno Onshi Park(Ueno Park) --This station is located in the basement of the southern end of this park.

(For cultural facilities that are facilities in the park, see Ueno Onshi Park)

Bus route

Near the front entrance"Keisei Ueno Station"と"Ueno Park Yamashita"Two ofStopIs located.In addition, bus stops are scattered around Ueno Station and Okachimachi.詳細はDetail isUeno Station # Bus RouteSee.

Next station

Keisei Electric Railway
KS Main line
■Rapid limited express■Access limited express■Limited express■Commuter Express■Rapid·■ordinary
Keisei Ueno Station (KS01) - Nippori Station(KS02)
  • On certain days such as New Year's Eve and New Year's Eve■"City linerAlso arrives and departs.
  • This station-once in NipporiMuseum Zoo Station(Abolished in 2004)Kanei-jisaka Station(Abolished in 1953) existed.
  • The maximum speed between stops from this station (Keisei Ueno Station) to the adjacent Nippori Station (maximum speed between stations specified for each type) is 50 for all trains. km / hHowever, due to the continuous sharp curves including the underground section and the speed limit of 40 km / h, it runs 2.1 km for nearly 4 minutes.


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注 釈

  1. ^ Manabu Kanematsu, "A Testimony of a Railroad Man Before and After the End of the War" (Transportation Cooperation Association,1986), Although the central function was transferred, it was only used by the train command department due to poor physical condition caused by insufficient ventilation and inadequate communication function with other ministries and agencies.
  2. ^ In the past, at the old bookstore of this station, Ameya Yokoguchi,Asahi LifeThe Hirokoji exit was set up in front of the building, and the park exit was set up directly above the station in Ueno Park, but neither is currently available (only the park exit still exists as an emergency exit).
  3. ^ Of the lines that have stations in Okachimachi, each line other than the Toei Oedo Line also goes through Ueno Station, so we carry out liaison transportation between Ueno and Keisei Ueno.
  4. ^ Before the construction of the Ueno Chuo-dori underground passage, the Keisei Ueno Station Gallery existed in the underground passage that once connected the station concourse and the Ameya Yokoguchi, and the wall of the passage was made into a glass space to display photographs and paintings. Was supposed to be.


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Tokyo statistical yearbook


  • Yukichi Ishimoto "Keisei Electric Railway" Mysterious Discovery "" "Railway pictorialNo. 632, Denkisha Kenkyukai, January 1997

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