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🚗 | Beware of getting stuck due to heavy snow during the New Year holidays — Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism urgently announces

Photo The situation of the Kan-Etsu Expressway stuck (December 2020, 12)

Beware of getting stuck due to heavy snow during the New Year holidays — Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism urgently announces

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Since it is necessary to be cautious about getting stuck due to heavy snow, we are requesting that we refrain from going out unnecessarily.

From December 12th, December 28th to January 122st, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism will be stuck in heavy snow ... → Continue reading


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StuckWhat is (Ojo)?Mahayana BuddhismInBuddha Ofmethodologyone of.

Is a real BuddhaShakyamuniHow to get the guidance of Buddha in the present without the worldBuddhaIt was sought after thinking about getting the guarantee of.variousPure LandThere is a stalemate, but in generalAmida BuddhaIt is said to be the Pure Land ofParadiseSay mortality to.this isParadiseIt is said to be (Gokuraku Ojo)toIs going to Sukhavati Jodo,LivingBy metaplasia there, the metaplasia to the Pure Land isLotus flowerThat.

MetaplasiaThe way of birth of creatures is divided into four types: embryo, oviparity, wet, and metaplasia.ShiseiOne of (sho).

  1. Viviparity Born from the mother's womb (body) like humans and beasts
  2. Being born from an egg like an oviparous bird
  3. What is born out of humidity like a wet insect
  4. Metaplasia Being born by being formed by the power of past work.Heaven, etc.

The birth to Sukhavati Jodo is born thereWorkIt is said that it metaplasias with the power of.Lotus flowerMeans that it metaplasias in the lotus flower of Sukhavati Jodo.

Original significance

StuckThe original meaning of is to be born in the country of Buddha in order to become a Buddha and gain enlightenment.Therefore, the true meaning of mortality is not just to go to Sukhavati Jodo, butBecome a BuddhaThere is a thing.


The reason why it is a way of becoming a Buddhahood to get stuck in the land of France isBuddhaIsBuddha's guidanceとGuarantee to the Buddhahood by the BuddhaBecause there must be (certification), the original training without these isArakhan(Arhat)PratyekabuddhaIt can be (byakushibutsu), but when it comes to them, it will never happen againBuddhaIt was thought in Mahayana Buddhism that it could not be.
Buddhism OfSatori TheProof of selflessnessIs.In order to realize that oneself is empty, one must not have the position of "self" in the training.If the Buddhahood is impossible as long as the self-consciousness remains, it is impossible to dispel the self-consciousness by oneself.Here in the BuddhahoodBuddha,BuddhaIt is the position of the Pure Land Buddhist Gate that there is a reason to need.

In general, what is "getting stuck"?

StuckAndParadise,Pure LandAs it is said, humans are deadFrance countryBorn in, generallyAfterlifeIt means.What's more, the world where you get stuckBuddha worldAnd what is born thereBuddhaIs to do.
The meaning is derived from it,StuckAndBuddhaIt is thought thatStuckIs in realitydeadAnd furtherBecome a BuddhaBecause it isBuddha when deadIt is thought that the idea is generalized.Above all, the death due to natural death such as senility and associated multiple organ failurepeaceful deathOften called.
The meaning of this mortality has become more popular, "when you are sick and have nowhere to go"Get stuckIt is thought that it became.

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