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🚗 | Great expectations for new models debuting in 2021!Show all the new models you want to pay attention to this year!

Photo Toyota Voxy special specification car ZS "Glitter III" October 2020 model

Great expectations for new models debuting in 2021!Show all the new models you want to pay attention to this year!

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The design of the new Outlander is based on the design motif from the concept car "ENGELBERG TOURER" exhibited at the Tokyo Motor Show 2019.

2021 is finally starting!This year as well as 2020, there will be a series of exciting new models from domestic manufacturers ... → Continue reading

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Concept car

Concept carIt is,Car makerMade for exhibition purposesAutomobileThat.motor ShowAnd each manufacturershowroomIt is often exhibited at such places.North AmericaThen.1950 eraExists from "Dreamcar","Futurecar","HelloIt was called "model".


The purpose of creating a concept car is for each automobile manufacturer in the futureDesign,TechnologyThis is to express the direction of.

Concept cars that are not premised on the market are mainly announced as works for presenting the design, and in many cases they cannot run on their own, but some of the design and power elements may be reflected in the commercial vehicle.On the other hand, the concept car that is supposed to be on the market is produced as a car that can be put on the market as it is, and it will be announced in advance (TeaserCampaign) Will be exhibited.

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  • Documentary "" series (Discovery channel)
    • The 1st "phantom"
    • The 2st "phantom"
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    • 6th "PhantomFord mustang'
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    • 9th "PhantomFord Thunderbird'
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    • The 12st "phantom"



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  • American car ――The reason for its appearance and spread was that it appeared frequently in science fiction pulp magazines in the 1950s.Flying carThe exhibition of the concept car that adopted the design of the above was well received at exhibitions, etc., and it was actually desired to commercialize it.
  • GM Futurliner - General MotorsAlthough it is a concept car of, the car body itself is an exhibition booth, and there are multiple carscaravanAll over North America (according to the English version)Latin AmericaMay be included)Pilgrimagedid.
  • Pike car
  • (Mitsuoka Motor,Dome,Tesla Motors,Salin, Tucker ("Tucker torpedo”Only development / production)) --In the case of new entrants, there are many cases where the first model on the market (or the first model to be marketed) is the highest priority for design, like the concept cars of existing manufacturers.In another similar case, although it is a prestigious manufacturer with a long history, new model development has entered a long stagnation period due to political reasons (such as the country where the company is located has entered the communal bloc), and the political system In some cases, the company has adopted a drastic design and design concept as it returns to the international market as an ordinary automobile company as it shifts to a free economy.
  • Volkswagen Type 1 --Each country where sales cost reduction is likely to be the highest priorityNational carAlthough it is a plan, if the political system that it sponsors emphasizes cutting-edge political propaganda, it is a typical example of a case where design is emphasized even for a popular national car.
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