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🚗 | [New Year's holiday special project] Special release of novelist BKB's short novel "Timing"


[New Year's holiday special project] Special release of novelist BKB's short novel "Timing"

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Love, mystery, science fiction... A series of big bangs that appeal to you in a variety of genres, from emotional movements that make you cry tears to black comedies that make you laugh.

BKB's familiar bike Kawasaki Bike.The other day, BKB's ultra-short story that got a lot of attention on the work posting site "note" ... → Continue reading

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Black joke

Black joke(British: black joke, black comedy) Is ethically avoidabletabooAbout (life, death, discrimination, prejudice, politics, etc.)satireDepiction,Negative-grotesque・Including a bit of contentjoke-comedy-ユ ー モ アIs a word that refers to.

Some of the most depicted topics includedead,sick,戦 争,Racism,rape,tragedyThere are serious problems such as.

In English speaking, the etymology is "Black humor Black humor," and "Black comedy Black comedy"Dark comedy Dark comedy", but there is no big difference in the meaning.


1935LiteraryAndre BretonBegan by classifying laughter as described above with the term "black humor"[1][2] .. In this classificationSatireWas defined as the largest[3][4],cynicismAnd skepticism are also considered important factors[5]. AlsodeadThe biggest taboo is also a frequently used theme (and avoided in other areas)[6][7].. Breton is a writer as a model for black humorJonathan Swiftof""(1710), "Moderate proposals to prevent Irish poor children from burdening their parents and the State and to being a beneficial part of the national community』(1729), "Slavery』(1731) Three works[8].

Recognized as a prominent black humor writerRoald Dahl[9],Thomas Pinchon[3],Kurt Vonnegut[3],Warren GivonとJoseph Heller[3],Philip Ross[3]Can be mentioned. In addition, as with other humors, since it is inseparable from comedy dramas, some actors who have such black jokes have appeared. laterTom HanksThe legendary satire who also starred in the movieLenny Bruce[4]Including,George Carlin,Bill Hicks,Chris Morris,Monty PythonIs mentioned.

Even in recent years, black humor has a history of being actively used as a genre in dramas, theaters, movies, novels, manga, games, etc.Stanley Kubrick 1964Made toDoctor's extraordinary affection or how I stopped worrying and came to love the hydrogen bomb] Is a movie of intense satire and humor on the theme of nuclear development.[3].

Black humor is popular in many countries, but it is particularly popular in England, and it has a history of producing excellent works in various cultures.Jonathan SwiftAlsoIrishIs).

Black jokes don't always work.Professor Emeritus of Meiji University and a literary scholarMark Petersen"When I first came to Japan, a woman asked me why I came from Tokyo at a bar in a small village in Okayama Prefecture. "At this time, I was so noisy, I thought I'd leave town for a while... "” and then the table was thin, and the woman just looked around the store as if embarrassed, avoiding my gaze," he reveals in a failed story about the black joke.[10].


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