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🚗 | The truth of the attention middle class EV "Tesla Model 3" [Video] 1/2 times

Photo CEO Elon Musk, one of the charisma of the automotive industry

The truth of the attention middle class EV "Tesla Model 3" [Video] 1/2 times

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Consumer Reports tested the Model 3 and reported that it shouldn't be bought by consumers because it has longer braking distances than the Ford F-150 full-size truck, and has more interior squeaks and mounting glitches.

This article is a free publication of an article that was distributed for a fee in January 2020.Tesla is CEO Elon Musk ... → Continue reading


Auto Prove Web is a site that contains information that satisfies people who are interested in cars, especially those who are enthusiasts. The catchphrase of the site is "automobile site where information turns into knowledge." In addition to primary information from car manufacturers, we also value information from suppliers.

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Consumer reports

Consumer reports(English: Consumer Reports) IsNon-profit OfconsumerThe organization Consumers Union (Consumers Union)But,1936Issuing fromThe United States of America OfMonthly magazine.


Performed at our own testing facilityConsumer goods(Wide rangeProduct,Service) Is reported as a result of a comparative study.In addition, improving the quality of products and services for companies,United States Federal GovernmentThe magazine also actively appeals to the government regarding the development of regulatory laws and regulations.Annual survey cost is about 2,100 millionU.S. dollarSo, the monthly circulation is about 400 million.[2]The total number of subscribers for magazines and the web version is about 700 million.

In order to maintain the independence and fairness of the report, each issue is written by a general company, except for magazines, books and services published by Consumers Union.AdsIt never publishes, and does not even allow the article to be used for corporate advertising purposes.

"" Issued every AprilAutomobileSpecial issue (The annual Consumer Reports New Car Issue) ”Has the largest circulation.Regarding the ride comfort and performance of each manufacturer and each car published in the special issueVotesAnd safety / reliability /Resale valueSuch asRankingResult is,North AmericaNew and used cars inSaleIs said to have a great impact on.

Fate with Japanese cars

Imported into the magazine and the US marketJapanese carThere are many causes related to1960 eraIn the second half(English edition)Was founded by(English edition)Worked on importsSubaru 360On the other hand, at that timeFull size OfAmerican carFrom the aspect of collision safety against Not Acceptable Was sentenced[3]Is known.

1988 year 6 month,Suzuki JimnyNorth American export specificationsSuzuki SamuraiNegative evaluation of the rollover of the product led to Samurai's withdrawal from the North American market in 1995, and from 1996 to 2004.Japanese sea bassDeveloped into a mud litigation drama with a US corporation ((English edition))[4].

1996 years,Isuzu Motors OfSUV,TrooperFrom a fall accident during testing Not Acceptable However, it became a problem that it was done intentionally during the test run, and I was involved in the trial.[5].


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