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🌤 | The beginning of the week is almost nationwide


The beginning of the week is almost nationwide

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The strong cold south is a weekend, and the pressure distribution is high in the west and low in the east, so it is necessary to pay attention to snow in the regions on the Sea of ​​Japan side.

Due to the low pressure that passed through the southern coast of Japan and the influence of fronts, it rained from eastern Japan to western Japan, and there were many snowy areas mainly in the mountains of eastern Japan ... → Continue reading

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West High East Low

West High East Low(Seikou Totei) is a local areato East MalaysiaTo(I.e.,WestTo(I.e.ExistsPressure patternRefers to.Polar regionsFrom the cold region on the sideWindIs easier to blow inNorthern hemisphereThen, in this case, the wind from the north (northwest wind) blows in.

Unless otherwise noted in this sectionJapanese archipelagoDescribe the pressure distribution with respect to.


Weather mapAbove, between the low pressure system in the east and the high pressure system in the west,IsobarIt becomes a characteristic figure running from north to south many times.

  • In particularJapanIn the area, to the northSiberian cold air group(→Siberian high pressure) Is coming up, so strong cold air will come in in winter.This high pressure is dry due to the continental high pressure, so it will be dry in winter in Japan.Therefore, in Japan,West High East LowThe pressure distribution of is called "winter type pressure distribution" and is used exclusively when explaining the winter weather.
  • The climate of this season is typicallySea of ​​JapanHeavy snow on the side (sometimesHeavy snow,Wind and snow),Seto Inland SeaSide andThe Pacific OceanOn the side, days without precipitation continue.
  • West High East LowWhen it comes to the pressure distribution in Japan, severe cold weather will come andSea of ​​JapanCame acrossContinentBecause the wind from the sea accumulates water vapor at sea and hits the mountainsSea of ​​Japan side climateArea (Northern Japan Sea of ​​Japan side- San'in districtIn)(I.e.(Even if the temperature on the ground is less than 0 ° C or the temperature on the ground is 0 ° C or higher, the 850hPa weather map (weather map showing the temperature of 1500m above the sky) is less than -6 ° C, or 500hPa weather map (as a guide) A weather map showing the temperature of 5500m above the sky) at less than -30 ℃snowAlso heavy snow below -36 ° C, also below -42 ° CHeavy snow),Pacific climate-Seto Inland Sea climate-Central highland climateIn the three areas of, a dry downwind wind over the mountains (WindEtc.) become stronger (Wind direction-Wind powerDepending on the area, there is precipitation in 3 areas beyond the mountains).For this reason, the air dries in winter in the three areas.火災Is more likely to occur.AlsoNansei IslandsThen, the number of precipitation days (days when precipitation of 1 mm or more is observed) increases a little,Yamaguchi North- KyusyuNorthern Sea of ​​Japan side- East China SeaThe number of rainy days increases a little toward the side.
  • Of the west high east low type, the pattern in which the isobars run from north to south near Japan is called the "mountain snow type", and heavy snow falls easily in the mountains.On the other hand, the pattern in which the isobars curve like a bag in the Sea of ​​Japan is called the "satoyuki type", and heavy snow tends to occur in the plains.Also, when strong cold air flows into the middle and upper layers, the Sea of ​​Japan (especially)JPCZVery unstable and cold near Akita)Extremely low pressureMay occur.This cyclone is activeCumulonimbusWhen this cyclone lands on land, it causes a great deal of snowfall even on flat ground, sometimes accompanied by lightning and hail.
  • Of the west high and east low types, the "pushing monsoon" type is when the Siberian high pressure has a strong force and the intervals between the isobars are relatively narrow, and the seasonal wind blows so as to be pushed out from the high pressure.On the contrary, when a low pressure system over the eastern sea of ​​Japan develops and the isobars are relatively narrowed in this case as well, and the seasonal wind blows in a way that is drawn into the low pressure system, it is called the "monsoon type of pulling".Furthermore, it is called "mixed type of push monsoon and pull monsoon" when both high and low pressures are strengthened and the monsoon blows.[1]..Nowadays, "pushing monsoon type" is sometimes called "sustained type", and "pulling monsoon type" is sometimes called "instantaneous type". In the case of the "instantaneous type", it often passes around Japan quickly while developing a low pressure system, causing storms and heavy snow (rain) in various places, and the Pacific side of the Tohoku region.Chukyo area-Keihanshin - Sanyo region-Northern ShikokuAlthough it may cause snowfall (rain) even in rural areas, the name comes from the fact that stormy weather such as storms is temporary compared to the "sustained type".

weatherIn fields other thanstatisticsAbout distribution such as resultsEast JapanとWest JapanOr, when there is an explicit difference between the eastern and western parts of an area, the term is diverted or vice versa.'[2]And so on.

Expressions used outside of the weather

Generally, "west high east low" is a word used to describe weather conditions, but it is also used as an expression to describe the situation in the world.

Public competition

Public competitionIn, in the thickness of the layer of high-ranked athletes and racehorses and the power map of the base of the winner of the high prize money race, the media such as specialty papers indicate the situation where the West Japan side is dominant May be expressed as.

Central horse racingIn eastern Japan, the base of human horses isIbaraki OfMiura Training Center, Western JapanShiga OfRitto Training CenterIt is centrally managed in two places, and the horses that belong to it are called "Kanto horse" and "Kansai horse", respectively.Comparing East and West for the past 2 years, Kansai horses have continued to overwhelm Kanto horses in terms of results such as the number of wins in the group races, the amount of prizes won, and the number of G20 titles. Is sometimes used (For more informationMiura Training CenterSee).In the past, until the first half of the 1980s, there was a time when Kanto had good results, and "East high west lowWas sometimes used.

In addition,Boat racingHowever, since the latter half of the 2000s, Western Japanese players have become dominant in major title competitions, and the situation continues to occupy most of the frame of runner-up competitions and championship competitions. Seen used in articles and columns on paper[3].


KyusyuThe maintenance of the transportation network inKyushu Expressway,Kyushu ShinkansenIs steadily maintained, whileNippo Main Line(SaekiSouthNobeokaNorth,Miyazaki(South) is untouched, and no plans for future measures have been made.Regarding this, the business community in Miyazaki Prefecture has pointed out that it is "high in the west and low in the east."[4][5]..The progress of construction and planning was delayed.Higashikyushu ExpresswayIt is,2016ToKitakyushu JCT-Kiyotake JCTThe entire line is open, and construction is underway south of Kiyotake JCT.


AichiWhat is West High East Low inMikawa districtThanNagoya-Owari regionIt means that policies and investment are biased.[6].

hip hop

hip hopIn music1990 eraIt is,US West Coast(Los AngelesThe sound emitted from (etc.) was the birthplaceUS East Coast(ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク) Was so popular that it could be compared to this.


Mainland China,East AsiaThe terrain is described as "topography of high west and low east" because there are many mountain ranges in the west and flat land spreads in the east.In addition, north and south, bothAmericaAlso corresponds to the same terrain.South America TheAndes,North America TheRocky mountainsThe "topography of high west and low east" is formed around.

Birth rate

The total fertility rate by prefecture in Japan is generally high in western Japan and low in eastern Japan, and is called "west high east low".[7][8].. This tendency was not seen before 1990, but in 2010, it was pointed out that the birth rate in Hokkaido and Tohoku was declining in the areas other than the Greater Tokyo Area and Kinki, and it became apparent.[7]。2019年の合計特殊出生率では、上位10県のうち6県を九州沖縄地方が占め、中四国からも3県が10位以内に入っており、中四国以西で最も低い福岡県でも1.44となっている。一方で、関東以東では福島県が1.47で14位(同率で5県が並ぶ)に付けている以外は軒並み低く、それ以外の全県が1.40以下となっている[9].

The crude birth rate and the ratio of the young population also tend to be high in the west and low in the east.


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