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🌤 | Swing warmth this weekend


The warmth of the swing this weekend

If you write the contents roughly
Swing, soap bubbles, boat races, seaweed, etc. are the spring season words.

The cold season is over, and the temperature is changing periodically.During this season, we go to winter and spring ... → Continue reading

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Soap bubble

Soap bubble(Shabondama) is mainly outdoorsplayIt is a sphere formed from one of the bubbles or the soap bubble film formed by its play.Made in the air泡It can be said that.石 鹸The etymology of "shabon", which means, is the 16th centurySpanishDerived from xabón (shabon) (the word for soap in modern Spanish is jabón (habon), but in the 16th century J was pronounced in the sha line).俳 句InSpring: OfSeason wordsIt has become.


Generally, in an aqueous solution (shabon solution) such as soap (shabon)strawImmerse one end of a thin tube such as, put a thin film on the end opening, pull up the thin tube, blow exhaled air into the thin tube from the other mouth of the thin tube to inflate the shabon membrane (thin film) stretched on the end opening, and shabon at the thin tube mouth Make a liquid sphere.The soap bubbles can be floated in the air by breathing more vigorously or by moving the thin tube appropriately to shake off the spheres formed by the soap bubbles.Depending on how you blow it, you can make a small number of large soap bubbles or a large number of relatively small soap bubbles.


The following tools are used to make soap bubbles.

Soap bubble liquid
There are products on the market, but soap (neutral for kitchen)detergent),Polyvinyl alcohol,Glycerin,sugar,gum syrupYou can also dilute such things with water and make your own.It can be made only with household liquid detergent.Several formulas have been devised to make soap bubbles last longer.
It is a tool that produces soap bubbles by blowing with the mouth.There are also commercially available ones.
Besides the method of blowing with the mouthwireThere is also a method of sticking a soap bubble on the frame made in step XNUMX and moving the frame or blowing it with the mouth to fly the soap bubbles.In order to soak a lot of soap solution, put it in the frameYarnEtc. are often wrapped around.


When the tank of the main body is filled with soap liquid and the trigger is pulled (or the handle is turned), many soap bubbles pop out from the tip.
Soap bubble generator
A device that automatically generates and flies a large number of soap bubbles in order to create a production by flying soap bubbles at party venues, stages, etc.Some soap bubble generators used at events use a special device that generates bubbles only with water so that it does not affect the surroundings.


"Herbs』Shabon means soap as in the grass soil part[1]..However, at the beginning, soap was a luxury item and was not common in Japan.Therefore, Sapindaceae (sapindaceae), potato husks, tobacco stalks, etc. were baked and processed into powder and used by immersing them in water.[1].

"Morishada ManuscriptIn the twenty-eighth, about the sabon ball sale, "All three cities sell exclusively in the summer months.LesYuki, Osaka sells exclusively on the day of the Tokudojin ritual, kid's tampering, soak sabon powder in water and blow with a thin tubeLesAt that time, Kyosaka wrote the lyrics, butterbur balls, sabon balls, and five-colored balls that were blown, and Edo said, "Tama yatama yatama yatama ya".Edo PeriodIt is known that it was done from.

1677(EnpoFor the first time in 5 years), Shabon Tamaya appeared ("Kojien, "Encyclopedia of Britannica").

It is relatively new to be used as a season word,Kenkichi Yamamoto"As far as I know," he said, "It is an early example that it was included as a spring season word in" Taisho New Saijiki "published by Aoi Takagi in the XNUMXth year of the Taisho era."[2].

1970In July, the Ministry of Health, if swallowed a neutral detergent (synthetic detergent),liver,kidneyI issued a notice not to use it for children's soap bubble play because it may cause troubles.However1971, A child who accidentally swallowed soap bubble liquid containing ABS had symptoms such as crushed voice, nausea, and face irritation, which became a problem.[3].


Special soap bubbles

Touched soap bubbles
A normal soap bubble breaks in a few seconds to a few tens of seconds.ThereforePolysaccharideThere are commercially available soap bubbles that harden the soap bubbles that are made using soap bubbles.
Soap bubbles that people can put in (giant soap bubbles)
It is often seen at soap bubble shows.Many types allow people to enter the soap bubble film made from a large ring-shaped soap bubble forming tool.There are also commercial products (Tomoda Shokai,Soap bubble kit that people can put in).

Science experiment

  • scienceIn experiments etc.hydrogenWhen showing the combustion of, a hydrogen cylinder is used to make a soap bubble containing hydrogen on a metal plate, etc., and when ignited, it burns leaving a loud explosion sound.To the source of hydrogenIgnitePay attention to.
  • Hula hoopYou can also use soap bubbles to get inside the soap bubbles.
  • glovesLightly while wearingPreparatory gymnasticsAnd so onStatic electricityWake up and soap bubbles風 船You can touch it like this. (Nippon TV"Post! Tokuhou Kingdom"Tasumi Kurima OfTejikaraFrom the series)
  • Soap bubblesfreezing pointBelow, the thin soap film on the surface freezes.For this reason, small objects freeze and fall while remaining curled up almost neatly.In addition, it is not possible to make a large one due to the temperature, atmospheric pressure, nature, etc. (If you try to make it, it will burst in the middle and a thin soap film will scatter).


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