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🌤 | It rains and stops in Kanto West-Eastern Japan also has rain gear


It rains and stops in Kanto, and west to eastern Japan also have rain gear

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In Kanto, it is likely to rain or stop all day long.

Atmospheric conditions will be unstable over a wide area today (Monday).The Amami region of Okinawa, which is close to the rainy season front, is temporarily raining ... → Continue reading

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1 days(Tachitachi, Ippi, XNUMXst, XNUMXst)calendarEach of the aboveMonthAt 1DayIt's an eye.

Sorrow,SakuIs also referred to as "Sakujitsu" when it comes to Sakushu. "SakuIs the new moon, which originally meant the day of the lunar calendar. The reading "tsutachi" is a variation of "tsukitsuki". When we read "Ichi-nichi" and "Ichijitsu," it means not only the first day of the month, but also "a certain day without specifying the month and day."

New year(Gregorian calendar)·JapaneseOld calendarSee below for the first day of each month in.

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