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🌤 | Typhoon No. 6 Very close to the Toshima Islands with a very strong force.

Photo Today 23rd (Friday) 11:6 am Typhoon No. XNUMX position and course forecast

Typhoon No. 6 approaches the Toshima Islands with a very strong force. Strict caution against long-term storms, heavy rains, and storm surges.

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Also, in the Amami region, strong winds will blow over the 25th and the weather will be rough, and it is expected that a big swell will continue.

Typhoon No. 6, which is large and strong, will slowly move northward as it develops, and will reach the Toshima Islands with a very strong force over the 24th. → Continue reading

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Amami regionWhat is (Amami Chiho)Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euOne of the regional classifications announced at. Kagoshima prefecture·Amami archipelagoIn addition to the entire area of ​​KagoshimaToshima Village(Tokara Islands) Is included. The climate isSouthern Japan climate.Toshima VillageAreas that do not includeAmami archipelago) Is misused.

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