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🌤 | Typhoon No. 10 Approaching eastern Japan over the weekend or fear of rough weather and heavy rain mainly on the Pacific side

Photo forecast of rain and wind at 5:9 pm on Thursday, 6th and 6:XNUMX am on Friday, XNUMXth

Typhoon No. 10 Approaching eastern Japan over the weekend or fear of rough weather and heavy rain mainly on the Pacific side

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In the Okinawa and Amami regions, the atmospheric conditions will become extremely unstable over the 6th (Friday), and it is expected that there will be heavy rain accompanied by lightning.

Due to the impact of Typhoon No. 10 that occurred in the northeast of Naha City, strong winds blew in the Okinawa and Amami regions until Friday, 6th ... → Continue reading

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Heavy rain

"Heavy rain』(Very heavy candy,Hard Rain) Is1976Was released onBob Dylan OfLive album.. "Phase 1976", which started in April 4Rolling Thunder Review"ofMay 54 songs from the performance,May 5Five songs are recorded from the performance.

Billboard 200No. 17 on the chart[1],British Album ChartIt recorded 3rd place.RIAAThanGold discCertified by[2].


In this work May 5Fort CollinsThe performance is positioned as the main. This performanceColoradoIt was an outdoor live performance at Hughes Stadium of Tate University. However, it was raining on the day and the spectators had to wear umbrellas and gofu. inside that"Heavy rainIt is said that the name of this album was derived from the fact that "was played" (not included in this work).

In this performancetv setRecording was also done at the same time as this album announcementNBCIt was broadcast in the United States as the TV special "Hard Rain" (not yet video). In Japan, following the year of Dylan,1977Change some songs toChannel 12 in Tokyo (currently TV Tokyo)"Bob Dylan Live Concert Special Heavy Rain" was broadcast.

1975The arrangement of the performance and the live format are different from those of "Rolling Thunder Revue" which was held in October-December. Whereas the first period was guerrilla and reverberant, there was no such excitement in this second period, and the reputation at that time was never good. However, in the later years, this live and TV broadcastBoot legAs a result, it has become popular.

2010May 8of"Rolling stoneArticle said a person close to Dylan said he was working on a DVD release for the TV special "Hard Rain."[3]

This album is on May 5thFort WorthFour songs have been recorded from the performance. The 4th song "Hiding place from the stormThe beginning of "" was edited again, but in the remastered version of 2013, many of the inter-track parts are newly edited.

recorded music

Unless otherwise stated, the song is composed by Bob Dylan.

Side 1

  1. - Maggie's Farm - 5: 23
  2. In the usual morning -One Too Many Mornings-3:47
  3. - Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again - 6: 01
  4. - Oh, Sister - 5: 08
    • Lyrics and composition: Dylan, Jack Levy
  5. - Lay Lady Lay - 4: 47

Side 2

  1. Hiding place from the storm -Shelter From The Storm-5:29
  2. You are big -You're A Big Girl Now-7:01
  3. - I Threw It All Away - 3: 18
  4. - Idiot Wind - 10: 21

On the back cover of the LP, the songs were arranged appropriately, and the proviso "See Label For Sequence" was written. The intention is unknown.

Songs not included in the album while being televised


Participating musicians

Production staff


CountryDateLabelspecificationCatalog numberNote
America1976/9/13ColumbiaLPPC 34349
The United KingdomCBSLPS 86016
Japan1976CBS SonyLP25AP 290
Japan1991/12/1[4]SonyCDSRCS-6169NICE PRICE LINE
Japan2014/4/23[5]SonyBlu-spec CD2SICP-304962013 Digital Remaster, Paper Jacket, Limited Edition


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Amami region

Amami regionWhat is (Amami Chiho)Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euOne of the regional classifications announced at. Kagoshima prefecture·Amami archipelagoIn addition to the entire area of ​​KagoshimaToshima Village(Tokara Islands) Is included. The climate isSouthern Japan climate.Toshima VillageAreas that do not includeAmami archipelago) Is misused.

Secondary division of Amami region


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