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🌤 | First winter pressure distribution of this season Also the first snow


This season's first winter pressure distribution also the first snow

If you write the contents roughly
It seems good to prepare a heater in a cold place.

It will rain extensively in the morning as low pressure systems and fronts pass near Japan today.It rains gradually in the afternoon ... → Continue reading

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heating(Danbo,HeatingTomo)InteriorA general term for the act of warming and raising the temperature.

Winter:It takes place in the cold season of.

Daily average temperature is 10° CIf it goes below, more people will do the heating.For exampleTokyoThen, the heating period is from the end of November to the middle of March of the following year.[1].


In the old days,Ancient romeでHypocaustWas used.A method similar to northeastern ChinaOndolIn each case, heating was performed by passing air warmed by fire under the floor.[2].

In the mid-1700sThe United KingdomでSteam heatingWas used for the first time. In the late 1800sAmericaMade of cast ironboilerWas manufactured, and the development of heating technology progressed.[2].

in JapanMeijiSince the times, various methodsStoveWas manufactured,Cold districtDue to the low airtightness of the house except for火 鉢Kotatsu continued to be used.The reason why heating appliances that heat the entire room are widespread isAfter World War IIIs that[2][3]..However, even in modern Japan, in areas other than cold regions,こ た つAnd electricityAnkaMainly using only local heating such asThick clothesBy surpassing it, many people do not use heating to heat the entire room.

Heating appliances

By fire

By operating a compressor driven by a gas engine

  • heat pump(Commonly known as: heat pump, heat pump by gas)

Due to gas circulation (flames, etc. are not in the same space)

  • Air that warms and circulates by solar and geothermal heat (mainly OM system)
  • Ondol

By hot water

By electricity

Electric heating appliances are becoming more popular because they do not pollute the air and there is less risk of fire.[4].

Those that use multiple methods

  • (Using two methods of burning kerosene and electricity)


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