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🌤 | Northern Japan and the Sea of ​​Japan side are stormy over Thursday due to the effects of a rapidly developing low pressure system. Northern Japan and Hokuriku are wary of storms and high waves.


Due to the influence of the rapidly developing low pressure, northern Japan and the Sea of ​​Japan side will be rough over Thursday, 2nd. Northern Japan and Hokuriku will be wary of storms and high waves.

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From eastern Japan to northern Japan, atmospheric conditions are expected to become extremely unstable over the 2nd (Thursday).

Due to the effects of the rapidly developing low pressure system, it will be rough from western Japan to the Sea of ​​Japan side of eastern Japan and northern Japan until tomorrow 2nd (Thursday). → Continue reading

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Northern Japan

Northern Japan(Kitanihon, Kita Nippon)JapanIt is a word used when roughly divided and refers to the northern part of Japan. The antonym isSouthern Japan.

In general,HokkaidoとTohoku region[1][Annotation 1].Hokuriku region[Annotation 2][Annotation 3]May be included in northern Japan.


As of October 2018, 10, the estimated population in the region is approximately 1 million.Except for Miyagi prefecture and Hokkaido, it is exposed to a serious population decline of 1404% every year, and until 1 it had a larger population than southern Japan (Kyushu Okinawa), but it was reversed in 2015.In addition to the severe population outflow, the birthrate is declining and the population is aging the most, and the number of births is 2016% less than that of South Japan (1431 million), which has a population of almost the same size, and the number of deaths is 25%. There were many. According to 8 statistics, the ratio of births to deaths reached 2019 times.The gap with South Japan has widened further, with births 2.2% lower and deaths 26% higher.

In addition to the small number of young people, the total fertility rate is at the lowest level in Japan, and it is expected that the population will continue to decline for a long period of time. The National Institute of Population and Social Security Research estimates that the population in 2045 will be 1020 million (-7000% compared to 2015).

Prefecture namepopulationPopulation change rateNatural increase/decrease rateSocial change rate
Hokkaido528 (6000th)-0.65% (29th)-0.57% (34th)-0.07% (21th)
Aomori126 (3000th)-1.22% (46th)-0.78% (45th)-0.44% (46th)
Iwate124 (1000th)-1.12% (45th)-0.77% (43th)-0.35% (43th)
Miyagi231 (6000th)-0.33% (11th)-0.34% (11th)+0.01% (14th)
Akita98 (1000th)-1.47% (47th)-1.03% (47th)-0.44% (47th)
Yamagata109 (0000th)-1.04% (42th)-0.77% (43th)-0.27% (38th)
Fukushima186 (4000th)-0.99% (39th)-0.65% (36th)-0.34% (42th)
Northern Japan 7 prefectures1404 million 1000 people
全国1-0.21%-0.34%+ 0.13 %

Estimated October 2018, 10 (national ranking in parentheses)

Population pyramid of each prefecture

All according to the 2015 census.

Major companies bearing Northern Japan

Tohoku region and Hokuriku region (especiallyToyama) Is often used by companies that have a sales base.

otherBourbon(Niigata PrefectureKashiwazaki)But1989 Until the current company name was changed to "North Japan Food Industry" (North Japan Confectionery), it was sometimes the official name.Jacks(Credit salesCompany: Founding and registration The head office is HokkaidoHakodate) Was formerly known as "North Japan Credit Sales".

Japanese Embassy in Northern Japan

Foreign embassies to JapanTokyo WardTherefore, some foreign countries will have foreign consulates in Japan or foreign consulates in Japan with jurisdiction over Hokkaido, Tohoku, and Hokuriku.Sapporo,Sendai cityOrNiigataIt is installed in. This item lists foreign consulates in Japan (excluding Honorary Consulates in Japan) and foreign consulates in Japan (excluding Honorary Consulates in Japan) established in each region of Hokkaido, Tohoku, and Hokuriku. The source is"Ministry of Foreign Affairs, List of Foreign Residents in Japan"(Asia(Northeast asia-Southeast Asia-South AsiaLimited to),North America,Latin America,Europe(Central AsiaandCaucasian countries), Oceania (Oceania),Middle East(West Asia),AfricaIt is divided into 7 pages and posted).

注 釈

  1. ^ Tohoku JapanEast JapanSynonymous with. In terms of geological structure, geology, and topography, it is often synonymous with northeastern Japan and eastern Japan.[2].
  2. ^ Northern countries are synonymous with Hokuriku and partially overlap with northern Japan[2]. "中 世After that, it was used until the Meiji periodJapanese archipelago OfSea of ​​JapanIn the northern part of the side, especiallyNiigataNorth[3].
  3. ^ Hokuriku RoadCountries of[4].



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East Japan

East Japan(Higashi Nippon, Higashi Nippon)JapanIs a term used to roughly divideto East MalaysiaPoint to half. The antonym isWest Japan.

範 囲

In generalHokkaido-Tohoku region-Kanto regionPoint to[Annotation 1][Annotation 2].

In a broad senseChubu regionIncluding[3], In a narrow sense, the Hokkaido and Tohoku regionsNorthern JapanClassified into[Annotation 3], Kanto region only or Kanto region and Chubu region.

In the field of geology,Fossa Magna OfItoigawa~Himekawa~Lake Aoki~Azumino~Shiojiri pass~Kamanashi River~(I.e.~Fuji RiverEast of East Japan[5][6][7] If there is a theoryItoigawa Shizuoka Structural LineThere is also a theory that the east is East Japan.

In the field of dialectsJapanese OfEast Japan dialect(Eastern dialect)Hokkaido dialect-Tohoku dialect-Kanto dialect-Tokai Higashiyama dialect OfNiigata(Sado Islandexcept for)·Nagano-Gifu-AichiPointing east[8].

From various cultural aspectsNiigata-Nagano-ShizuokaEast of each prefecture may be referred to as East Japan[9][10](However, Sado Island may be excluded).

In the weather forecast, there are 4 classifications of Northern Japan, Eastern Japan, Western Japan, Okinawa and Amami,KantoKoshin-Hokuriku-Tokai(MieIncluding), HokkaidoTohokuIs considered to be Northern Japan[11].

In addition,KinkiTo the Kanto region,KinaiAgainstSouth Kanto,Western countryAgainstEastern country(Example:East Japan Broadcasting) May point to. Other than thatBiotaThere is[Annotation 4].

"JTB Private Railway Timetable East Japan Version" (JTB publishing) Lists the times of all trains east of Shizuoka, Nagano, and Niigata prefectures. According to "23 University Admissions Center Examination Precautions", the jurisdiction of the East Japan area in the supplementary examination of the University Admissions Center Examination is Hokkaido.Tohoku,KantoKoshinetsu,ShizuokaHas become[13].

Of Aichi prefecture, which is located in the center of JapanWebsiteStates that "Aichi Prefecture is often geographically included in eastern Japan."[14].

East Japan at power frequency

The frequency of AC power in the eastern Japan region is 50Hz in most regions.It is 60Hz in some areas, and the boundary is in Shizuoka prefecture.Fuji River,Yamanashi,GunmaAnd in NiigataItoigawaEast. For more information"Commercial power frequency#Japanese commercial power frequency"checking.


As of October 2018, 10, the total population (Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto region) was 1 million, accounting for 5740% of Japan's total population.

On the other hand,Total fertility rateIs a very low area. In 2018Three major metropolitan areasNo prefecture, including the Tohoku region of Hokkaido, has surpassed Aichi prefecture, which occupies one corner. According to the ranking by prefecture in 1, Fukushima prefecture (2018th place) is the only prefecture in the 25th place.In particular, Tokyo and its suburbs (Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama) and Hokkaido Tohoku prefectures (Hokkaido, Miyagi, Akita) are concentrated in the lower 20-1th place.

Names of major companies and organizations bearing East Japan

Those that reflect the actual conditions of the region

Name only


[How to use footnotes]

注 釈

  1. ^ It is a "generic term for Kanto, Tohoku, and Hokkaido."[1].
  2. ^ Normally, the three regions of Kanto, Tohoku, and Hokkaido are designated as East Japan.[2].
  3. ^ "Tohoku region/Hokkaido"[4].
  4. ^ For example, the group of chromosomes of the gerbilToyama-浜 松It is divided into east and west with a line[12].


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