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🌤 | Unclean weather on the Sea of ​​Japan side Typhoon is approaching the Ogasawara Islands


Unclear weather on the Sea of ​​Japan side Typhoon is approaching the Ogasawara Islands

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On the other hand, Typhoon No. 21 may approach the Ogasawara Islands from dawn to morning on the 4th.

Since the pressure distribution around Japan on the 4th (Saturday) will be a winter type, the weather on the Sea of ​​Japan side is likely to be unclear. 4th ... → Continue reading

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Typhoon No. 21

Typhoon No. 21(21 days) or Typhoon 21(21 days ago) occurred 21th of the yeartyphoonName of[1].

Past major typhoon No. 21


1951 Typhoon No. 21 that occurred at the earliest time since the start of statistics1971 OfTyphoon 21(Occurs on July 8)[2]Typhoon No. 21 which occurred at the latest date and time1975 OfTyphoon 21(Occurs on September 12)[3].


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Ogasawara Islands

Ogasawara Islands(Ogasawara Shoto)TokyoOgasawara VillageRefers to the administrative area of.Tokyo special wardsAbout 1,000 south-southeast ofKilometers OfThe Pacific OceanOver 30 above島 々Consists of.Total area is 104square kilometer.Minamitorishima,OkinotorishimaexceptIzu, Ogasawara, Mariana Island ArcIt forms a part of (Izu-Ogasawara Arc).Ogasawara Islands is another nameBonin IslandsTo say[2].


The Ogasawara Islands except MinamitorishimaOceanic crustFormed onOceanic island arc.Pacific plate Philippine Sea PlateIt was born by sinking along the eastern edge of.

Civilians live inChichijima-Hahajima2 islands.SDFChichijima is an island where civil servants such asIwo Jima-MinamitorishimaThere is [Annotation 2].

The islands except theseUninhabited islandIs. By the way,Ogasawara IslandsIs a part of the Ogasawara Islands, but it is sometimes confused and is sometimes called the Ogasawara Islands in the sense of the Ogasawara Islands.

Islands that make up the islands


Ogasawara IslandsBiogeographic areaOnly in Japan in terms of classificationOceanian realmBelongs to[3]..Also, since its formationContinentThe island's creatures are unique because they were isolated from進化Has achieved, "Oriental OfGalapagosThere are so many precious animals and plants that it is also called.However, due to the creatures brought in by humans and the development of islands.Bonin flying fox,Ogasawara Buzzard,Red-faced crow dove,Hahajima MeguroSuch as animalsMunintsutsuji, Such as plants, etc.Endemic speciesIs on the verge of extinction.In the surrounding waterswhale,DolphinInhabit, many people visit the island to see them.Also, on land, humans brought it into the wild.GoatAlso inhabits.



JapaneseClimate classificationThen "Southern Japan climate"Köppen climate classificationThen, Mukojima Islands, Chichijima Islands, Hahajima Islands, NishinoshimaTemperateToVolcanic islands-Minamitorishima-Okinotorishima 熱 帯However, areas that belong to the temperate zone are generallySubtropicalIs said to be.Along with thatOceanic climateAlso belongs to.

It is warm throughout the year and the temperature difference between summer and winter is small.Spring:From early wintertyphoonApproaches.Rainy season frontAppears north of this landPacific highTo be under the control ofHokkaidoalikerainy seasonIs said to be missing[5].

Japanese Meteorological AgencyManned observation facility byChichijima Meteorological Observatory・ (Both placesHigh-rise meteorological observationAlso implemented),AmedusIs installed on Hahajima (observing only rainfall).No weather radar has been installed in the Ogasawara Islands, and no observations have been made by the weather radar.[6]..Also, until March 2008, 3, it is the only one in Japan.weatherAboutWarning-alarmAnd the weekly weather forecast was not announced[7]..However, the waters around the Ogasawara Islands are still local maritime forecast zones as of 2017.[8]It is outside the area of, and no maritime warning is announced.


Chronological Table

  • Paleogene --Formed from submarine ejecta such as tuffaceous sandstone, mudstone, and limestone[9].
  • On North Iwo JimaPrehistoric(1st centuryIt seems to be from around)Ishino RuinsThere is[10]..Even at the ruins of Mt. Daine on ChichijimaLithic stone axHas been discovered, but the detailed era is unknown.
  • 1543 April (astronomicalSeptember 12)- Spain OfRuy Lopez de Villalobos(Ruy López de Villalobos) conductsGalleonBy the San JuanVolcanic islandsIs discovered[11]..This timeHahajimaThere is a theory that it was discovered, but it is uncertain.[12].
  • 1593 (Tensho20 years)- Shinano OgasawaraSelf-proclaimed clanOgasawara Sadayori Izu IslandsDiscover three uninhabited islands to the south.However, the description of "Tatsumi Uninhabited Island", which is the basis for this, states that the size of Chichijima is much larger than it actually is.fur sealIs inhabiting, etc.SubtropicalThe credibility is low because there are some descriptions that cannot be found on the island of[13].
  • 1639 August 7(Kanei16 May 8)- (English edition(Matthijs Quast) conducts,Dutch East India CompanyThe Engel and Graft affiliations discover two uninhabited islands.They are named Engeløya and Fraft Island, respectively. Engeløya is named Hahajima and Fraft Island is named Chichijima.In addition, of this fleetAdjutantLater onTasmaniaNew ZealandBe the first European to reachAbel Janszone TasmanWas (Abel Janszoon Tasman)[14].
  • 1670 August 4(Kanbun10 May 2)- KishuDeparted from the portAwakuniTangerine ship drifts to Hahajima.afterwards,Choemon7 peopleHachijojimaviaIzukuniShimodaSurvived in, the existence of the islandShimoda Magistrate's OfficeviaShogunateWill be reported to. As of 2021, this report exampleJapaneseBelieved to be the first discovery report by[15].
  • 1675 (Enpo3 years) --Based on reports of driftersEdo Shogunate Matsuura PartyTo the Ogasawara Islands.The research vessel Tomi Kunijumaru conducted a 36-day survey of the islands.OmuraAfter naming the place names such as Okumura and Okumura,Kojima Dainippon Nouchiya"MonumentWas installed.The results of these surveys areGeneralWas shown to the upper ranks of the Shogunate[16][17], Since then, the Ogasawara IslandsUninhabited islandIt was called (Buninjima).
  • 1702 (Genroku15 years) --The Spanish sailing ship Nuestra-Senora del RosarioNishinoshimaWas discovered and named Isla de Rosario.
  • 1722 years(Kyoho7 years)- Izukuni OfDeputy official, Requests an uninhabited island expedition to the shogunate[18].
  • 1727 (Kyoho 12) --Called a descendant of SadayoriRonin OfOgasawara SadatAsked the Shogunate to confirm the facts of Sadayori's expedition and to occupy the island.Tatsumi Uninhabited Island ComplaintTo sue[19]. "Tatsumi Uninhabited Island ComplaintThe names of the islands such as Chichijima, Hahajima, and Anijima are written in "", which is the origin of the island names of each island.It was later called Ogasawara Island.[20].
  • 1728 (Kyoho 13 years)- Minamimachi delegationTadashi OokaSince Sadato was given permission to travel to the uninhabited island, the advance team was dispatched to the uninhabited island.TobaGo missing while leaving[19].
  • 1735 (Kyoho 20th year) --As a result of a re-investigation by the Machi-bugyo, the appeal of Sadato was finally dismissed, and the existence of his ancestor, Sadato, was denied, let alone the fact of the expedition.For this reason, SadatoscamWas accused of confiscation of property and was punished for heavy expulsion[21].
  • 1774 years(Ernst & Young3 years) March --Hachijojima's local officials Genroku Hattori, Koshi Yamashita and others explore an uninhabited island at the behest of the Shogunate.TorishimaI was hit by a storm in the seaTosukuniIt ends in failure because it was washed ashore[22].
  • 1779 (8th year of Anei)- (English edition(John Gore) conducts,United KingdomwarshipResolution(HMS Resolution)(English edition(HMS Discovery) overlooks the volcanic archipelago[11].
  • 1785 years(Tenmei5 years)- Hayashikodairaof"Sangoku Tsuru Illustrated], The name "Ogasawara Island" appears.However, Hayashi Shihei has not visited the Ogasawara Islands.
  • 1810 (culture7 years) --AstronomicalTakahashi KageyasuEnters "uninhabited island" in "New Revised World Map".[23]
  • 19st centuryWhen you enterWestern OfWhaling shipWill call at the port.
  • 1817 (14th year of culture)- FrenchJean-Pierre Abel-Remusa(Jean-Pierre Abel-Rémusat) introduces the Bonin Islands to the French Academy magazine with a map of uninhabited islands from "Sangoku Tsuru Illustrated".
  • 1823 (Bunsei6 years) September-United KingdomBristol OfWhaling shipThe Transit arrives at Hahajima, naming Hahajima Fisher Island and the offshore port Port Coffin.The Transit was the first record to call at the Ogasawara Islands.Whaling shipIs[24].
  • 1826 (9th year of Bunsei) --The British whaler William is wrecked in the bay of Chichijima.Most of the crew leave Chichijima on another whaling vessel, but two sailors remain on Chichijima and become the first settlers.[25].
  • June 1827 (10th year of Bunsei) --British warship(English edition(HMS Blossom) arrives at Chichijima.CaptainFrederick William Beechie(Frederick William Beechey) misunderstood the discovery of Niijima, named Chichijima as Peel island, Futami Bay as Port Lloyd, and Hahajima as Bailey island, and declared territory.[26]..However, this declaration of territory was not officially approved by the British government.[27].
  • 1828 (11th year of Bunsei) May- Friedrich Petrovic Lutke(Фёдор Петрович Литке) ConductRussiaExploration vessel Senyabin (Сенявин) Comes to Chichijima.Two William crew members also left Chichijima at this time.[28].
  • June 1830, 6 (26th year of Bunsei)May 5)- Nathaniel Savory(Nathaniel Savory) et al.WhiteWith 5 peoplePacific Islands25 people fromHawaiian KingdomOahuSettled in Okumura, Chichijima[Annotation 3].
  • 1835 years(Tempo6 years) --ResidentMacauTrade inspectorCharles Elliot(Charles Elliot) asks British government to send warships to Chichijima to occupy the area[29]. this isQing DynastyTo seek a British base for[29]In response to this request, the Royal Navy decides to dispatch a warship (HMS Raleigh).[29].
  • 1835 (6th year of Tenpo) --- Richard Millichamp of ChichijimaUKTemporarily returned to Japan[29]Petition the British government to protect Ogasawara immigrants[30][29].
  • August 1837, 8 (2th year of Tenpo)May 7) --The Raleigh arrives at Chichijima and conducts various investigations.It also reports that the population of Chichijima at that time was 42.[31]..The results of this investigation were reported to the British government, but broke out three years later.Opium WarAnd with itNanjing TreatyAs a result ofHong KongThe occupation of the Ogasawara Islands was postponed due to the acquisition of[31].
  • 1839 (Tenpo 10)- Barbarian prisonByKazan WatanabeEleven people are arrested for attempting to travel to the Ogasawara Islands.Subsequent investigations cleared doubts about traveling to the Ogasawara Islands, but four died in prison and five died.PushIt became.Takahide NaganoIs a permanent prisonlife sentence), And Watanabe KazanHouse searchI was refraining from announcing at that timeShinkironWas discovered,SnailIs ordered[32].
  • 1840 (Tenpo 11)- Rikuzentakata"Nakayoshi Maru" was washed ashore on Chichijima, and when they survived, six people took two months to repair the ship, and thenShimosaChoshiReturn to[33][34].
  • 1846 years(Hiroka3 years)- Dejima OfDirector of the Dutch Trading HouseJoseph Henrij LevijssohnNagasaki magistrateOn the other hand, in the Ogasawara IslandsEffective dominationI advise you to do this, but the bakufu silently kills it[35].
  • 1847 (Koka 4th year)- John ManjiroComes to Ogasawara on a rice whaling ship.Later years, this time the Japanese sideOfficialWill come to Ogasawara.
  • 1849 years(Kaei2 years) September-ChichijimaPirateA few islander women were abducted and robbed of livestock, food, medicine and $ 2000 in cash.[36].
  • June 1853 (Kaei 6)-Commander of the US East India SquadronPerryOn the way to JapanRyukyuCall at Chichijima Futami Port.For the islanders,sheep,goat,VegetablesIn addition to purchasing the site for a coal supply station, enacting the Peel Island Colonial Covenant consisting of Article 3 and encouraging the establishment of an autonomous government.[37].
  • August 1853, 6-Peel Island Colonial Government is established under the Peel Island Colonial Covenant, with Nathaniel Savory as chief.[37].
  • 1857 years(Ansei4 years) --The Mottley family lives on Hahajima (Okimura).
  • 1862 years(BunkyuFirst year) --The ShogunateForeign magistrateMizuno Tadanori, For Ogasawara Island reclamationSmall flower SakusukeCommanded toAmericaJust returned fromKanrinmaru(The captainOno Yugoro) To OgasawaraKiritaro SasakuraEt al.OfficialDispatch[38]And do a survey.In addition, we call on the residents to be Japanese territory and protect the indigenous people and obtain their consent.June of the same year (May, 6nd year of Bunkyu) Notification of sovereignty over the Ogasawara Islands to representatives of each country in Japan[38].
  • September 1863 (August 9nd year of Bunkyu)- Hachijojima38 people will be settled from.
  • 1864 June (May, 6rd year of Bunkyu)- Namamugi IncidentByJapanese-English relationsJapanese immigrants withdrew from Chichijima in response to the deterioration[39].
  • 1864 years(MotoharuFirst year)- HawaiiThe Morning star, the missionary ship ofMinamitorishimaTo discover[40].
  • 1866 years(Keio2 years) --Frederick Roth lives on Hahajima (Okimura).
  • 1875 years(Meiji8) December- Meiji governmentIs the Ogasawara Recovery CommitteeMeijimaruDispatch to Chichijima.
  • 1876 (Meiji 9) March --Notification of Japanese rule on Ogasawara Island to each country (Japanese territory confirmed).Ministry of InteriorWill be under the jurisdiction of.37 Japanese settled in Chichijima.Ministry of InteriorSet up a branch office.
  • 1877 (Meiji 10) --Opened regular shipping routes three times a year by sailing ships.
  • 1878 (Meiji 11) --Established a branch office of the Agriculture Bureau of the Ministry of Interior in Kitafukurozawa, Chichijima.
  • 1879 (Meiji 12) --Six Japanese settled on Hahajima.
  • 1880 (13th year of Meiji)May 10 - TokyoWill be under the jurisdiction of[41].
  • October 1880, 13 (Meiji 10) --In Chichijima,TokyoOgasawara branch officeInstalled.
  • 1882 (Meiji 15) --A conference center with the right to consult was set up in the administration of the Tokyo branch office, and 15 members were elected.WesternAll Japanese residentsNaturalizationdid.
  • November 1886, 19 (Meiji 11) --Renamed the Ogasawara branch office to the Ogasawara Island Office.
  • May 1891 (Meiji 24) --Tokyo Prefecture makes each village on Ogasawara Island publicly elected to take care of it.
  • 1891 (Meiji 24)- Volcanic islandsUnder the jurisdiction of the Ogasawara Island Agency,Iwo JimaWas officially made into Japanese territory.
  • November 1893 (Meiji 26) --In the Ogasawara IslandsPolicemenBut,Metropolitan Police DepartmentWill be under the jurisdiction of.
  • 1898 (Meiji 31)- MinamitorishimaIs under the jurisdiction of the Ogasawara Island Agency.
  • June 1911 (Meiji 44) --Opened in Chichijima.
  • August 1920 (Taisho 9) --- Chichijima branch was established.Or later,BatteryArmy facilities such as will be built.
  • 1925 (Taisho 14th year)May 3 --Prefectural Ogasawara Shusai Gakuen abolished.
  • 1926 (Taisho 15) --The Ogasawara Island Agency, with the abolition of the county system, Tokyo PrefectureOgasawara BranchRenamed to (North Iwo Jima and several other islands remain under the direct control of the Ogasawara branch office).
  • 1927 years(Showa2 years)- Emperor Showa Battleship"YamashiroChichijima and HahajimaYukiyukiThen, we will investigate marine life at Miyukihama on Hahajima.
  • 1928 (Showa 3)- TokyoTokyo cityShimotani Ward(I.e.so"Tokyo Taisho ExpoHeld. Ogasawara residents are "displayed" at "Ogasawarakan".
  • 1931 (Showa 6)- OkinotorishimaIs under the jurisdiction of the Ogasawara branch office.
    Prewar TheTruck Islands,SaipanShips heading to the South Sea, such as, called at the port once every half a month. At the time of 1936 (Showa 11), the second class charge to Chichijima was 2.Yen[16].
    Like the presentvinyl houseIt was out of season in Ogasawara when there was nofruit,VegetablesCultivated and sent to the mainland and was touted in the mainland[16]Therefore, the inhabitants lived a rich life[16]It is said that.
  • 1940 (Showa 15) April 4-Chichijima, Hahajima, IwojimaMunicipal systemIs enforced,Omura,Ogimura Fukurozawa Village,Okimura,(I.e.,Iojima VillageIs launched. (Several other islands remain under the direct control of the Ogasawara branch office).
  • 1943 (18)May 7 - Tokyo Metropolitan GovernmentBy the enforcement ofTokyoWill be under the jurisdiction of.
  • Second World WarSometimes Iwo Jima became a fierce battlefield, including ChichijimaJapanese armyWas fortified by (Father Island Fortress).
  • 1944
    • July-7 residents (6,886 remaining) were forcibly evacuated to the mainland (however, more than 825 of them died in an accident when they were withdrawn).
    • September 9-When the US Army bombed the Japanese Army's Chichijima Muden Tower1989 ToPresident of the United StatesbecomeGeorge HW BushThe torpedo bomber on which the lieutenant (at that time) was on board was shot down by the Japanese army.Bush is rescued by friendly troops.
  • 1945 (20) June 2nd-September 19th- Battle of Iwo Jima, And 18,375 Japanese soldiers and 6,821 US soldiers are killed in action.
  • 1945 (Showa 20) --The execution of U.S. POWs by the Japanese garrison on Chichijima (there is a disagreement about carnivorous eating) occurred (Chichijima Incident).
  • September 1945, 20-US ArmyDestroyer(English editionSigned the surrender of the Japanese army in Ogasawara on the issue (USS Dunlap (DD-384)).
  • January 1946, 21-Allied Forces General HeadquartersSCAPIN-677The administration of Japan to the Ogasawara Islands will be suspended.
  • October 1946 (Showa 21) --Allied Forces General HeadquartersFormer WesternersOnly 135 members of the family and their families are allowed to return to the island.129 of them are destroyersKeyakiReturned to the island with the Bonin island councilFive-member committeeIs established.
  • 1946 (Showa 21) --The Ogasawara branch office and village office move to Shitaya Elementary School in Shitaya-ku, Tokyo.
  • July 1947 (Showa 22) --The Ogasawara Island / Iwo Jima Homecoming Promotion Federation is established by the former islanders.
  • 1948 (Showa 23) --Ogasawara branch office and village office move to Minato Ward.
  • 1948 (Showa 23)- Bonin Islands Trading Company(Bonin Islands Trading Company abbreviation: BITC) is established.
  • 1951 (Showa 26) --JapanJapanese Meteorological AgencyWas commissioned by the U.S. government in MinamitorishimaWeather observationDo business[40].
  • 1952 (27)May 4 - San Francisco Peace TreatyOgasawara IslandsUnder the administration of the United StatesPlaced in.In addition, the Ogasawara branch office and the above five villages will be abolished, and general affairs of the government office will be carried out in the regional section of the administrative department of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of General Affairs.
  • 1956 (Showa 31)- Admiral Radford Elementary School(Admiral Radford Elementary School) is established.
  • 1963 (Showa 38)- Minamitorishima Loran C StationIs completed.In response to this, in MinamitorishimaUS Coast GuardWill be stationed and Japanese Meteorological Agency staff will withdraw[40].
  • May 1965-The first grave troupe goes to Oshima.
  • September 1967, 42 (Showa 11)- Agreement between Japan and the United States regarding Southern Islands and other islands(Ogasawara return agreement with the United States)Will determine the return of the Ogasawara Islands to Japan.
  • December 1967-Established the Ogasawara Return Preparation Countermeasures Headquarters in the Japanese government.
  • 1968 (43)
    • April-The Ogasawara Return Agreement was signed between Japan and the United States.
    • August 4- Agreement between Japan and the United States regarding Southern Islands and other islandsAbout the conclusion of国会Regarding the matter of seeking approval ofCabinetDecision.
    • May 5-The agreement is approved by the Diet.
    • August 5- The United States of AmericaNotify the agreement to.According to Article 6 of the Agreement, the Agreement will come into effect on the 30th day after the date of receipt from the Government of Japan by the Government of the United States of America (June 6, the same year).
    • June 6-Promulgation of the agreement (Convention No. 12 of 43).
    • May 6 --The agreement came into effect,In JapanreturnBe done..Established Ogasawara branch office in Tokyo.Covers the entire Ogasawara IslandsOgasawara VillageIs installed.
    The former Omura, Ogimura, Fukurozawa, Kitamura, Oki and Iojima villages before the war will be Ogasawara villages.It used to be under the direct control of the Ogasawara branch officeNorth Iwo Jima, Minamitorishima, Okinotorishima andNishinoshimaIs also the area of ​​Ogasawara Village.
  • 1969 (Showa 44) --Connecting the mainland and OgasawaraWireless telephone lineWas opened.
  • 1970 (Showa 45) --The Ogasawara reconstruction plan is decided by the Cabinet.
  • 1972 (Showa 47)- TEPCOIs Ogasawara ChichijimaInternal combustion power generationStarted operation of the place (120)V60HzTo 100V / 50Hz).
  • October 1972, 47-Designated the Ogasawara Islands as a national park.Establishment of Ogasawara Branch Office Hahajima Branch Office and Ogasawara Village Office Hahajima Branch Office
  • 1974 (Showa 49) --The entire area of ​​Chichijima and Hahajima is designated as a city planning area.Ogasawara reconstruction plan (revised 10-year plan) is decided by the Cabinet.
  • 1976 (Showa 51) -Completed.Is open.
  • 1979
    • March 3-The Ogasawara Islands Reconstruction Special Measures Law is amended as the Ogasawara Islands Promotion Special Measures Law.
    • April 4-Ogasawara village is established as a true municipality in the election of village council members and village chiefs, and the village administration is established (until then, the chief of the Ogasawara branch office in Tokyo was the village chief's executor).
  • December 1981, 56 --The basic concept of Ogasawara Village was decided.
  • April 1983, 58 (Showa 6)- Communication satelliteDial the phone with Immediate call start.
  • 1984
    • Extension / revision of the Ogasawara Islands Promotion Special Measures Law.
    • October 10-The Ogasawara Coast Guard was established as the 1nd Japan Coast Guard for the purpose of salvage of marine accidents in the waters around the Ogasawara Islands and control of poaching of foreign fishing vessels.
  • 1989 (Heisei XNUMX) --The Ogasawara Islands Promotion Special Measures LawOgasawara Islands Promotion and Development Special Measures LawAmendment.10th anniversary of the establishment of village administration.Archaeological research begins on Chichijima and Hahajima.
  • 1990 (Heisei 2) --Monitoring area of ​​the National Land Use Planning Act (200m)2(Above).Archaeological survey of North Iwo Jima.
  • July 1991-A survey of archaeological sites was conducted on North Iwo Jima.Ishino RuinsIs discovered.
  • 1993 (Heisei 5) --The facility of Minamitorishima Loran C BureauJapan Coast GuardHanded over to the United States Coast Guard withdrawal[40].
  • 1994- Emperor-QueenEnlightens the Ogasawara Islands.Partial amendment of the Ogasawara Islands Promotion and Development Special Measures Law.
  • 1995 (Heisei 7) --Monitoring area of ​​the National Land Use Planning Act (500m)2) Is respecified.
  • 1996- tv setTerrestrial waveBroadcast started.
  • 2002 (14) --George HW Bush visits Chichijima after the resignation of the President of the United States and mourns a colleague who died in the war when his plane was shot down and planted a commemorative tree."News from Ogasawara Villagers" No.457 July 2002, 7 issue (PDF) .
  • 2011 (23)
  • March 2013, 25 --On Chichijima and Hahajima,NHK OfRadio No. 1,Radio No. 2,FM broadcast3 wave relay station is installed[Annotation 4], Finally start broadcasting in Ogasawara.[42]

Settlement history

19st centuryBeginningHayashikodairaWhen the Ogasawara Islands were introduced to Europe as the Bonin Islands from the "Sangoku Tsuru Illustrated", ships from each country began to call at the Ogasawara Islands.

1827 Royal NavyWhen Frederick William Beechie, who leads the Blossom, landed from the current port of Futami, Chichijima, he encountered two crew members of the British whaler William, who had disappeared the previous year, and ships from other countries were also arriving. Beechie left the island by hitting a territorial declaration board against a tree on the island.Residents who received a report from the beach about the existence of the Ogasawara IslandsHonoluluThe British Consul is proceeding with a settlement plan for the Bonin Islands,1830 A settling group consisting of 5 Westerners and 25 from the Pacific Islands was formed and settled in the present Chichijima.After this, vessels from each country frequently called at the Ogasawara Islands for various purposes, such as securing water and food and disembarking the sick.

Drifted to Ogasawara and helped by a foreign shipJapaneseInformation transmitted fromPerryThe Ogasawara Islands attracted the attention of the leaders of the Shogunate from the evaluation of this area in the "Memorandum of Understanding on the Ogasawara Islands".1861 Edo ShogunateNotified the ministers of the nations about the development of the Ogasawara Islands. January 1862 (December 1st year of Bunkyu)Foreign magistrateMizuno TadanoriOne lineKanrinmaruI went to Ogasawara and told the foreign islanders that Japan would manage it.afterwardsHachijojimaJapanese settlers were sent in from Japan and the settlement began.[43]..As the latest research shows, the development of Ogasawara during the Bunkyu period caused not only diplomatic challenges for the Tokugawa Shogunate, but also intellectual and environmental changes.Yugoro Ono, who was involved in the surveying of the Ogasawara Islands, took advantage of the latest methods of drafting, and explorers such as Sakunosuke Obana gathered information about the exotic environment.Several Honzogaku scholars, led by Rekisai Abe, interacted with foreigners living in Ogasawara and learned about the culture. In August 1863 (May 8rd year of Bunkyu), the shogunate ordered the island to retreat under the pressure of the Western powers.In December 3 after the Meiji Restoration, the Meiji government reclaimed the Ogasawara Islands.[44]

Ogasawara under Allied occupation

Second World WarAfter the end of the warAlliesUnder military occupation, it was one of the Allied forcesU.S. ForcesBecame the occupied area of.During the U.S. military administrationUS NavyBase is set up and goods are transported once a monthGuamMade by a military ship from the island.Westerners were gathered in designated plots, regardless of prewar land plots, many of whom worked in US military facilities.

As an autonomous organization of the islandersFive-member committeeWas provided.The children of the island were founded in 1956 for the children of the U.S. military.Admiral Radford Elementary SchoolSo, studying with a child of the US military, higher education took place on Guam.The fact that the U.S. military gathered in the designated lots regardless of the prewar land lots was followed for the convenience of efficient development even after the return of Japan, and it was argued in the compensation negotiations with the prewar landowners.[16]It became a thing.

Also laterJapanese GovernmentIgnoring the intention of Chichijimanuclear weaponsIt became known by the disclosure of information in the United States that a storage facility was built in the United States.[16]..Several nuclear warheads were stored during the military junta[16]That.1950 eraAlsoState DepartmentConsidered returning Ogasawara to Japan, but including the U.S. NavyDepartment of DefenseFrustrated because[16]did.The reason isnuclear weaponsStorage of[16]It was said.After the return, the children of Western residentsJapanese language educationDue to a difficult problem in the United StatesEmigrationSome did.



Western residentsWas talkingEnglish,HawaiianVocabulary andJapaneseHachijo dialect(Hachijo), Japanesecommon languageA unique language mixed with (""Ogasawara dialectIs calledPidgin language-Creole language[45][16]) Exists.

Folk song

Izu IslandsDraw the line ofYamatoAndSouthern Ocean IslandsInformed by the islanders who emigrated toMicronesiaThose influenced by ethnic groups coexist.The latter folk song is "South Sea dance』, Designated by Tokyo in 2000Intangible folk cultural propertyIt became.

Many endemic plants and marine products are harvested, and Bonincoffee,sea ​​turtleRoasted / simmered meat and island fishIsland sushi-Miso Soup・ Pimaka (fishvinegarPickled, vinegar corruption),passion fruit-mango-papaya-GuavaUsedDessert,Liqueur, Dumplen (Dumpling, Food culture of Westerners).


Of the Ogasawara workersCivil servantOccupies 3%[16], In addition to tourism and food serviceTertiary industryThe number of workers is over 7%.Less thanPrimary industryIs 1%,Secondary industryIs 2%[16]It has become.

passion fruit,Lemon,mango,coffee(in JapanOkinawaIn addition to cultivation of islands and Ogasawara only)honey(Honeydew honey[46]),salt,rumWe also manufacturegiftIt will also be shipped to the mainland.sweet potato,Morning glorySome agricultural products and plants do not exist on the mainlandpestThere are strict restrictions on taking them out of the islands in order to prevent them from moving out, and procedures such as disinfection are required.

Fishery:In recent years, by other countries in the waters near the Ogasawara IslandsCoralPoaching (Chinese fishing boat coral poaching problemEtc.) are increasing, and the problem is that there are a number of fishing boats refraining from fishing for fear of collision with poaching boats.


The transportation of goods from the mainland is by regular ship "Ogasawara MaruOn the day of arrivalShopSince the goods are received in, there are few items for sale just before that.In the Ogasawara Islands, there are cases where activities are carried out according to the arrival date of the ship regardless of the day of the week, and the days when the ship is not moored on the island (the ship returns to Tokyo and there are few tourists) are closed. There are many stores.In Tokyo, transportation costs are subsidized only for daily necessities to stabilize prices.

Due to logistics restrictionsFast foodShops andconvenience store such asChain storeDoes not exist, but there are privately run restaurants and shops,foodIt also sells goods and daily necessities.There is no bookstore, and only a limited number of shops can buy it.magazine,OurOnly.News (Chinese)There is no delivery service, and when the Ogasawara Maru arrives at the port, a week's worth of newspapers are put together and lined up at the store.


supermarket(There is a charge for shopping bags),Restaurants,pharmacyEtc. are available.ChichijimaAgricultural cooperative(JA) Harvested in the islands at the direct sales officeSubtropicalfruitIs available.Automatic teller machine(ATM) isOgasawara Post Office,Cooperative bankingThe system cardNanaoshima Credit UnionAvailable at Ogasawara branch.


restaurant, There are several shops including JA / fishmonger shops, and fresh fish shopsgas stationThere is one each. "barExcept for ", it is open until 6 pm.On regular holidays, the agricultural cooperative shop is open the day after the departure of Ogasawara Maru, the fishery cooperative shop is on Sunday, and the privately owned shops are also open on Sunday, but the port is open on Sunday while the Ogasawara Maru is in port.The fresh fish shop is open for 8 hours from 2 am on weekdays.Barber shopThere is no.

Communication etc.


There is one station each on Chichijima and Hahajima. Both stationsLandscape signHas been deployed.

  • Ogasawara Post Office ――In the past, collection and delivery with the entire Ogasawara village as a postal areaOrdinary post officeMet.Business hoursSpecific post officeIt is treated the same as, and is shorter than other post offices.Japan Post Bank ATMs are installed in the Ogasawara Bureau and the passenger waiting area at Futami Port.2007 The collection and delivery office was changed to non-collection and delivery on March 3, and the collection and delivery work that has been done so far is Shin-Tokyo Post Office (PrivatizationAfter thatPostal Business Shin-Tokyo Branch) Was inherited.
  • Hahajima Post Office --JA Tokyo Island Sho Ogasawara Hahajima StoreSimple post officeWe are entrusted with the business.Once in the stationPO BoxIt was a method in which residents came to pick it up,1997 JA is also entrusted with delivery work[47].

home delivery

By your companyhome deliveryThe business is doneJapan Post(Yu-Pack) Only one company.Other courier companies are basicallyOgasawara ShippingThrough to a local shipping companyContact transportationIt takes the form of (inserted by another company).In addition, "Ogasawara Maru"home deliveryDelivery takes a reasonable amount of time as it is virtually the only means of transportation to handle.In addition, the date cannot be specified, and each company does not handle cool flights.

For the above reasonsMail orderMay be constrained.NissenSome companies do not handle the products to the Ogasawara Islands, and for shipping productsCash on deliveryOr bank transfer orCredit card(International branded debit cardThere are also companies that request advance payment by[48]..Still, for the residents of the Ogasawara IslandsMail order TheDaily necessitiesIt is a valuable means to obtain.

The Ogasawara IslandsYamato Transport OfHome deliveryService is the last in Japan (1997 It is an area that started operations in November).At the beginning of the service, Yamato Transport made a headline that the last business start area was Tokyo in a one-page full-page advertisement of the newspaper, and publicized that 11% of the whole country is a service area.The Takkyubin Center in Chichijima was later withdrawn.[49]However, the normal fare system continues to be applied.


OgasawaraTelThere was a submarine cable between the mainland-Ogasawara-Guam before the war,1905 With the mainland in (Meiji 38)Public phoneIs open.After the war1969 From Chichijima in (Showa 44)Choshi Radio Telegraph StationTo the other partyShort waveStarting from the start of operation by line1983 Until (58), telephone calls were made by short-wave band multiplex radio.At that time, there were only a few lines, and it seems that there were many cases where people were kept waiting when there was a flood of telephone calls by applying to the operator.Communication was often difficult due to noise mixed with radio interference.1983 (ShowaFrom 58) with the mainland using communication satellitesDial instant callHas begun.However, because it uses satellites, the voice is slightly delayed.

After the war on Hahajima, until 1983 (58), there were only three general subscriber telephone lines: Ogasawara Village Office Hahajima Branch, Ogasawara Island Agricultural Cooperative Hahajima Branch (at that time), and Ogasawara Hahajima Fisheries Cooperative (Ogasawara Branch Office Hahajima, Tokyo). The branch office is an administrative radio,Goyo ConstructionHad its own wireless line in the short wave band).

Mobile phone The1999 From (11) on Chichijima and part of HahajimaNTT DoCoMoOnly voice calls can be used, but initiallyi-modeCould not be used.FOMA The2006 (Heisei18 years)May 6ThanFOMA Plus AreaIt became available in some areas of Chichijima and Hahajima,MOVANow you can use all FOMA services, including i-mode and data communication, which were not available in.Available models are limited to FOMA Plus area compatible models (iPhoneThe SIM-free version of 3G, 3GS, and 4 is not officially supported, but it can be used because it can receive the FOMA plus area frequency band).

KDDI Ofau The2007 (19) The service will start from some areas of Chichijima by the end of March.EZwebAlso available.Hahajima2012 (24)OctoberMore service started[50].

Softbank The2011 May 9To Chichijima,2011 October3G high-speed service started on Hahajima in early[51][52].


* Unless otherwise specified, Chichijima and Hahajima.

Ogasawara Village makes most households on Chichijima and HahajimaFiber optic cableIs laid.In the past, the communication speed with the general contractor outside the islands was not fast because it was connected to the mainland using a satellite line, but it can be used at a flat rate.Also, by securing a large number of satellite lines and bundling them, only the line between the mainland and the Ogasawara Village Hall 1MbpsThere was also an operation in which the line was secured.A high-speed line that can be used for general purposes is located at the "Ogasawara Village Information Center" (Chichijima), and you can use your own or equipped computer.
Incidentally,Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency The2009 May 11From the 24th, the ultra-high-speed Internet satellite "Kizuna”(WINDS) for the first timeBroadband internet connectionDemonstration experiment for useChichijimaPerformed at[53].
From 2011 am on July 7, 2, conventionalSatellite phoneConstruction work was carried out to switch from an Internet connection service that used the line as the backbone of the IP network in Chichijima and Hahajima to a high-speed Internet connection service that used an undersea optical fiber cable, and both in name and reality, in Chichijima and Hahajima.Broadband internet connectionThe service is now available.When the service was provided via the satellite line, the communication port was restricted, but after the backbone was switched on the same day, the communication port restriction was abolished.Operation and maintenanceNTT East.
Mobile communication
With the start of FOMA on NTT DoCoMo mobile phonesPake-hodaiYou can now use the Internet via i-mode for a fixed amount. March 2007, 3,Pake-hodai fullStarted (viewable for a fixed amount including the website for PC).
In October of the same year, the flat-rate Internet for PC "Flat-rate data plan(The service has restrictions such as available protocols and some sites cannot be browsed).
On December 12, the same year, the flat-rate data plan for PCs started by au (KDDI) became available. January 22, 2009NTT DoCoMoPake-hodai double also applies flat-rate data communication on PCs and PDAs, and unlike the conventional FOMA flat-rate service, there are no restrictions on the services (video viewing, FTP, etc.) used, and flat-rate data communication using a PC is now possible. ..
As mentioned aboveSoftbankStarted 2011G high-speed service on Chichijima on September 9, 6 and on Hahajima in early November 2011.
In addition,WILLCOMProvided by FOMA line (MVNOWillcom CORE3G service using) has been started, and although it is limited to terminals and services, it can be used.
E-Mobile, Willcom (PHS),UQ Communications(WiMAX) Is outside the service area.

Amateur radio

Amateur bureauStarts with JD1 (called a prefix)callsignIs designated as the main islands area (Mainland andIzu IslandsTreated as a different area) Therefore, in order to communicate using this call signAmateur radioThere are also travelers who aim to operate.There is an inn (minshuku "Sakaiura Family") equipped with a set of equipment such as an antenna on Chichijima, and it can be easily operated because it is rented out.

American Radio Relay League Issued by (ARRL)DXCCTo sayAwardIn JapanMinamitorishima, Ogasawara Islands other than Minamitorishima, and divided into three entities other than Ogasawara Islands. MinamitorishimaIs far from other land and is considered a separate entity.The Ogasawara Islands other than Minamitorishima have the shortest distance to mainland Japan at 177.Miles Although it does not meet the distance regulation of 225 miles or more, due to administrative treatment, when returning to Japan,Ogasawara uses a different callsign from the mainland", Depending on the conditionJapan Amateur Radio Federation Ministry of PostBy negotiating with and designating the call sign of the JD1 prefix, it became a country different from the mainland (the name at that time, renamed in 1998).In addition, it should be noted.QST(ARRLMagazineAccording to the country list of the March 1949 issue, the call sign before returning to Japan was KG3IA-IZ in the United States (Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands(Part of) was specified. 1972OkinawaOkinawa Prefecture is treated as the same entity as the mainland because the call sign like Ogasawara was not specified when returning to the mainland of Japan (Okinawa before the return was KR6 (US military relations) and KR8 (Ryukyu people)) ..

In addition,TelAs described in the section, in the past, a considerable number of islanders were open due to the fact that it was very difficult to make a wired telephone connection to the mainland and it was difficult to make a call between Chichijima and Hahajima. The number has decreased due to improvements in telephone lines.Most of the islanders who had opened the station simply used amateur radio as a means of daily communication, and as of March 2014, 3, Chichijima and Hahajima (in Ogasawara Village, residents can be registered as residents of Hahajima) are operating outside the island.・ Even if you can hear JD31 amateur stations, most of the operations are by travelers.


For JapanSatellite broadcasting(BS / CS broadcasting[54])andShortwave broadcastingCan be viewed and listened to in the same way as in other areas in Japan.

Terrestrial TV broadcasting

Before the stop of terrestrial broadcasting
TV channel
Station nameChichijimaHahajima
NHK BS1 9 ch 10 ch
NHK BS Premium 11 ch 12 ch
TOKYO MX 47 ch 48 ch
NHK E Tele 49 ch 50 ch
NHK General 51 ch 52 ch
Nippon Television Network 53 ch 54 ch
TBS TV 55 ch 56 ch
Fuji Television 57 ch 58 ch
TV Asahi 59 ch 60 ch
Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. 61 ch 62 ch

On Chichijima and HahajimaOgasawara Village Cable TVBy subscribing to, you can broadcast terrestrial television stations in Tokyo.Fiber optic cableIt can be viewed via.On the other hand, the transmission of terrestrial television broadcast radio waves within the islands isAnalog tv broadcastingWas stopped2011 It has not been held since noon on July 7th.

The beginning of television broadcasting in Ogasawara

Ogasawara TV broadcast1976 To Chichijima,1977 Opened on HahajimaCable TVThe station was sent by sea from the mainlandTV programBegins with broadcasting for several hours a day.in this wayLive broadcastBecause you can'tKyodo NewsOwnShipForfacsimileBy communication, for OgasawaraNEWSWas being delivered.

1984 ToNHK-BSPractical broadcasting of (satellite television broadcasting) has started.One TV relay station that receives satellite waves and retransmits them as terrestrial waves has been installed on Chichijima and Hahajima, and although it is only NHK-BS, the program can be viewed at the same time as the mainland for the first time.NHK-BS at the beginning of the program is available in various parts of Japan.Hard-to-view areaExcept for some programs, terrestrial NHK General / Educational TV programs were organized as broadcasts for.

Satellite relay line for difficult viewing

1996 FromTokyoThe operation of "satellite relay line for measures against poor viewing" has started.

this isTokyo TowerFired fromNHK,Commercial broadcastTV broadcastKotoQinghaiIt is inTelecom centerReceived at, thereデ ジ タ ルCompression / signalscrambleChangeSHF waveAfter converting to (Ku-band 14GHz band)Radio waveTheCommunication satelliteJCSAT-Transmit to No. 3 (uplink), convert the frequency to C band (4GHz band) on the satellite, receive it to the ground stations on Chichijima and Hahajima (downlink), and decode the scramble on both ground stations (downlink). Desk rumble) and the above tableUHFAfter converting to waves, it was retransmitted as UHF waves from the transmission station (existing Chichijima and Hahajima relay stations).Furthermore, in some areas, due to co-listening reception, the channels were changed so that the channels would be arranged in the same way as the Tokyo Tower main station (however, TBS 4ch, TOKYO MX 5ch, and NTV 6ch. NHK-BS is above. Same as table).

The reason for scrambling and digital compression was to prevent satellite line radio waves from being intercepted and watched outside the Ogasawara area (mainland, neighboring countries, etc.) (for terrestrial television stations).Broadcast licenseBy prefecture, orKanto wide areaEtc. on a regional basisBroadcast target areaIs stipulated, and if NHK / commercial TV broadcasts in Tokyo, which do not have a national or foreign broadcast license, can be received in other areas, legal problems will arise).The scramble method is a unique method called "Ogasawara method", and a decoder that decodes it was not available to the general public.In addition, the use of satellite lines costs an enormous amount of 4 million yen per year, and 3,000 yen is collected monthly from the islanders as a "television broadcast reception fee" for viewing this broadcast, and NHK and commercial broadcasters in Tokyo also pay the cost. Was there.in spite of,MicrowaveThe satellite line using is vulnerable to weather changes,(I.e.In such a case, a reception failure occurred.

Terrestrial digital TV broadcastingTransition to

Conventional terrestrial television broadcasting (analog television broadcasting)2011 It was decided that it would end in July, but for the subsequent reception of terrestrial digital television broadcasting in the Ogasawara Islands, both plans via satellite lines and submarine optical fiber cables were being considered.Eventually, along with the communication business such as the Internet, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will take the lead in developing the information infrastructure, and the transmission of terrestrial digital broadcasting to Ogasawara will be via a submarine cable called the "integrated information infrastructure optical cable." Will be done[55]..According to media reports at the time2009 It was reported that the contractor was selected and the construction order was placed within the company, and the maintenance will be completed by the end of terrestrial analog broadcasting in July 2011.[56].

Broadcast transmission by integrated information infrastructure optical cable is first in HachijojimaHachijo relay stationIs received on the same island and transmitted from there to Chichijima and Hahajima by submarine cable.[Annotation 5]For transmission within Chichijima and Hahajima, the existing Ogasawara village optical fiber cable was used instead of the new digital relay station, which requires a huge budget and construction period.[57].

Prior to its maintenance, from March 2010Terrestrial digital broadcasting (BS safety net / standard definition broadcasting)Started the main broadcast, and Ogasawara Village was included in the target area.Along with that, the same yearMay 6, The transmission of analog TV broadcasting by the old satellite line has ended.However, both Chichijima and Hahajima TV relay stations have survived as terrestrial analog TV relay stations that transmit two waves of NHK-BS and a total of three waves of TOKYO MX, which was not covered by BS safety net broadcasting (Of these, TOKYO MX was broadcasting a TV program sent by sea from the mainland for a full day with a delay of 3 weeks until the start of the test broadcast of terrestrial digital broadcasting by submarine cable.[Source required]).

August 2011, 5,Ogasawara Village Cable TVThe test broadcast of terrestrial digital broadcasting (high-definition image quality) of each station in Tokyo was started, and the village was excluded from the target area of ​​BS safety net broadcasting.On July 7, the same year, both the Chichijima and Hahajima relay stations were closed on the end date of terrestrial analog television broadcasting, and were diverted as radio relay stations as described below.

Due to the above circumstances, there are currently no relay stations in the Ogasawara Islands that transmit radio waves for terrestrial digital television broadcasting.


Station nameChichijimaHahajima
NHK Tokyo
NHK Tokyo
第 1
NHK Tokyo
第 2

2013 On March 3, relay stations for all three NHK Radio 31st, 1nd, and FM broadcasts were set up on Chichijima and Hahajima, respectively.This is a diversion of a relay station that transmitted analog television broadcasts until 2.Including medium wave NHK Radio 3 and 2011 to prevent interference caused by foreign wavesFM wave transmissionIs.There are no relay stations for other radio stations.

If you have an internet environment,Internet radio"radiko"and"NHK Net Radio Rajiru Rajiru"" Can use the same services as in the 23 wards and Tama area.

With NHK Tokyo 1st BroadcastTOKYO FMIs carried out by Ogasawara Village using a village-operated optical cable line.Disaster prevention administrative radioBy the door-to-door receivermonauralYou can listen to it at.[Source required]

Radio for a long time in the Ogasawara IslandsRelay stationDid not existUltra short wave(FM) Broadcasts cannot be heard at all except during abnormal propagation,Medium wave broadcasting(AM) also except for some areasionosphereIt was only audible at night when it was reflected and arrived.Broadcasts that could be heard by direct reception during the dayShortwave broadcasting(Radio protein = current ・Radio NIKKEIAndNHK World Radio JapanJapanese broadcasting for overseas[58]Etc.), and since the 1990s by broadcasting satellitesCS radio-BS digital radio[Annotation 6]However, stable listening of each radio station in Tokyo had to wait until the start of radiko test operation in 2010 (however, the high-speed Internet line maintenance in the village was in 2011) and the installation of the NHK radio relay station in 2013. ..


Village management on Chichijima and Hahajima, respectivelyClinicThere isDoctorDentistAre resident in each.InterviewNot only general blood test equipment (automatic hemocytometer, automatic biochemical measuring instrument, etc.) andUltrasound diagnostic imaging equipment,Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy,Projectional radiography equipment, X-ray fluoroscope,Helical scan CTEquipment is deployed on both islands.This is a facility that is unique in Japan as a remote island of this scale, especially at Hahajima Clinic.[59]Is.To supplement this, medical treatment by a specialist is performed during regular patrol medical treatment.

If a sudden illness occurs at the clinic, you will be contacted by the village office.Governor of TokyoWill request the Maritime Self-Defense Force to dispatch and transport it by the Maritime Self-Defense Force aircraft (Later).

Emergency transportation

Since it is very difficult to access the Ogasawara Islands from the mainland, if an urgent serious illness occurs on the island, it will be transported by the Self-Defense Forces or the Japan Coast Guard.Rescue of the Maritime Self-Defense Force Iwo Jima Air BasehelicopterOnce headed to Iwo Jima and transported from Iwo Jima to the mainland by the Self-Defense Forces or the Japan Coast Guard aircraft, or the Maritime Self-Defense ForceIwakuni baseWhereabouts31nd Aviation GroupThe 71st Air Corps is the Maritime Self-Defense ForceAtsugi baseRescue that always keeps one aircraft on standbyFlying boatThere was a way to transport it to the mainland, but now that the waiting list for Atsugi has been suspended, all of it is transported via Iwo Jima.Previously in OgasawaraheliportBecause no night lighting was installed inIt's too late to get sick at nightWas also said[16]However, it can now be transported even at night.


For islands other than Chichijima and HahajimaPublic transportOr there is no equivalent transportation system for general customers.Also, if you go to Chichijima or Hahajima, the means of transportation isOgasawara Maru,Hahajima Maruonly.

Access to Chichijima

  • Ogasawara Shipping"Ogasawara Maru(Commonly known as: Ogamaru)
    • Tokyo Port(Takeshiba Pier) And Chichijima (Futami Port)Freighter(It takes 24 hours, and generally operates once every 3 days during the tourist season and once every 1 days during the off-season).The one-way fare varies depending on the grade, and is 6 yen-1 yen, summer 2 yen-2570 yen). It is a new ship from July 5 (Heisei 6490) 3rd generation Ogasawara MaruThe time required was reduced by about 1 hour and 30 minutes due to the launch of the service.
    • Techno superliner (TSL) "SUPER LINER OGASAWARA" (maximum speed of about 70km / h, total tons of 1 tons, number of passengers 4500) is planned to go into service after the spring of 740, and if it can be realized, the required time is expected to be shortened to about 2006 hours. It was.However, compared to the current Ogasawara Maru, it is vulnerable to bad weather when berthing and at high speeds.Energy efficiency(Fuel efficiency) Is bad (as the ship speeds up)Wave-making resistanceEnergy efficiency deteriorates due to the influence ofCrude oil priceBecause of the soaring price ofOgasawara ShippingAnnounced the suspension of TSL service in August 2005.
  • Kyokatsu Maru"XNUMXth Kyokatsu Maru"
    • Tokyo Harbor (Tsukishima Wharf) --Chichijima (Futami Port) --Connecting Hahajima (Oki Port)FreighterSo, before, there was a guest room for a capacity of 9 people, and it was also open for passengers.It takes about 45 hours to connect Tokyo Port (Tsukishima) and Chichijima.It can take days extra when the sea conditions are bad.
    • As the main cargogasoline,propane gasSuch asHazardous Material(Passenger shipDangerous goods cannot be loaded by law), heavy goods such as construction materials, and food (ice cream(Including frozen products such as) ・ Carry daily miscellaneous goods to the island, and empty cans, bottles and used items from the islandPET bottles, Carrying waste such as scrapped cars to Tsukishima Wharf.

Access to Hahajima

  • Izu Islands Development"Hahajima Maru'
    • A cargo liner connecting Chichijima Futami Port and Hahajima Offshore Port. 1-0.5 round trip per day (1 hours required, with holidays).On the day of arrival and departure at Ogasawara Maru, set up a connecting diamond (one-way fare 2 yen for 1st class, 7,560 yen for 2nd class).
  • Kyokatsu Maru"XNUMXth Kyokatsu Maru"
    • The only shipping service that connects Tokyo Harbor and Hahajima without changing trains.It takes about 3 hours between Chichijima and Hahajima (one-way fare between Tokyo and Hahajima is 2 yen, and one-way fare between Chichijima and Hahajima is 2000 yen).Currently not transporting passengers[60].


On ChichijimaOgasawara Village BusIs in operation (Tokyo Silver PassCan be used).Another sightseeing taxi,Car rental,rentalscooter,Rental BicycleThere is.If you bring your own car or motorcycle from outside the islands, it will be treated as cargo, and motorcycles of 125cc or less will be treated as cargo.TickyIt will be treated as (checked baggage).


There is no regular public transportation on Hahajima.Car rental, There are rental scooters.There is only one store that handles rental cars and rental scooters, and the number of each owned is small.We do not make reservations and rent out on a first-come, first-served basis on the morning of the day.In addition, paid transportation to various parts of the island (Shared taxi)It is carried out.From HahajimaPleasure・ A fishing boat is in operation.

Airport construction

On the Chichijima Islands, where there is no airport, an airport has been built for some time.Civil aviationThere is a request to open a route.General access is limited to ships, on the other side of the globeBrazil-Sao PauloTakes longer than flying to[61]..Once in Chichijima, in the Susaki districtImperial Japanese NavyThere was an airfield, but after the warheliportThere is no place where fixed-wing land planes can arrive and depart.

JMSDFFather Island baseA landing slope for flying boats is installed in, and flying boats belonging to Iwakuni base fly in, but suddenly ill people andGovernor of Tokyo,Secretary of StateIt is limited to the purpose of transporting VIPs. Ogasawara in February 1994YukiyukiThen,US-1Was used[62].

The following Metropolitan Assembly Budget Special Committee has considered the construction of airports at Chichijima Susaki (1,000m-class runway), Anijima (1,600m-class runway), and Chichijima Shigureyama. It was.In Anijima candidate sites, accompanied by difficulty, such as it is necessary to ensure the transportation of Chichi-jima Tokyo, from the fact that there must be the protection of valuable animals and plants, the prospect of airport construction is not standing.Haneda airportOperated by private sector flying boats fromIwo Jima AirportThere are also studies on ways to eliminate the need to build an airport on the Chichijima Islands, such as operating by a large helicopter via Iwo Jima or by sea from Iwo Jima, but no conclusions have been reached.

While many of the old inhabitants were eager to build an airport that was easy to reach, they fell in love with the nature of Ogasawara and emigrated.new residentIt is said that the opinions of the islanders are not consensus, such as being reluctant to build an airport because many of them want to retain their "unexplored atmosphere".[63]..In addition, after being registered as a World Heritage Site, concerns about environmental deterioration have emerged.[64].

2005 years,Governor of TokyoShintaro Ishihara TheTechno superlinerIn response to the abandonment of service, the airport is "extremely necessary for regional development", and it is the minimum while considering the environment.Third-class airportRevealed willingness to build[65]..As a method,Haneda Airport D Runway"Although it was considered in construction, it was not adopted.Mega float", He said, considering the combined use of a terrestrial runway.2006 3 month 15 dayTokyo Metropolitan AssemblyAt the Budget Special Committee, Governor Ishihara said, "(Once upon a time)Japanese armyI want to use the Chichijima Susaki area (where the airfield was built) (as an airport). "[66].

Since 2008, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has established the Ogasawara Air Route Council for the purpose of establishing a smooth consensus among the parties concerned when considering the establishment of an air route to and from the mainland in the Ogasawara Islands.[67].

August 2018, 1,Yuriko KoikeGovernor of Tokyo is regularPress conferenceIn the FY30 budget, the survey cost for the construction of the airport in the Ogasawara Islands was included in the budget.[64]..It is reported that the runway is expected to be 1,000 m or less.[68].

Japan AirlinesGroup companiesJapan Air CommuterEtc. usedATR 42 Medium size such asTurbo propThe aircraft can be operated on a 1,560m-class runway with a cruising range of around 1,200km, and it is possible to set up a combination aircraft (both passenger and cargo) in addition to the passenger type after 40 people. At the 2018th Ogasawara Airways Conference held in July 7,TABLEUnder development to improve performance and support 800m runwayATR 42-600SWas nominated[69][64] ..However, since the 2020th meeting held in July 7,ATRParent companyLeonardo SpAUnder the umbrellaAgustaWestlandIs under developmentTilt rotor machineIsAW609Is also a candidate, and there is a possibility of competition[70].

Main institution



  • Tokyo Ogasawara Branch Office Hahajima Branch Office
  • Ogasawara Police Station HahajimaOffice(The southernmost police box within the jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Police Department)
  • Ogasawara Village Office Hahajima Branch


  • Meteorological Agency Minamitorishima Meteorological Observatory
  • JMSDF4nd Aviation GroupIwo Jima Air Base Corps Minami Torishima Air Dispatch Corps

* Japan Coast GuardMinamitorishima Loran C StationHas been discontinued in December 2009.


  • Resident tax for residents of Iwo Jima and Minamitorishima is paid to Ogasawara Village, Tokyo as a "location".[71]..At the time of the election, Ogasawara village staff and resident residents were originally registered as residents.Municipalities(Kanagawa PrefectureAyaseAnd Saitama PrefectureSayama) Will visit the island as staff and assistants, and vote before the deadline.
  • Ogasawara IslandsTokyo Transport BureauSince it is under the jurisdiction of the main government building, if you register a car in the islands, it will be the "Shinagawa number".
  • For general public employees working in the Ogasawara IslandsOgasawara Business AllowanceWill be provided.



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