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🌤 | Astronomical show celebrating the New Year Expectations are high for the favorable conditions of the "Quadrans Muralis"


Astronomical show celebrating the New Year Expectations are high for the "Quadrans Muralis meteor shower" under favorable conditions

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On the morning of work, why not get up a little early and enjoy the first astronomical show of the new year.

A celestial show will be held on January 2022th from 1 am to 4 am to celebrate the new year 5. … → Continue reading

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Astronomical phenomenon

Astronomical phenomenon(Tenmongensho)Is heaven (in this "heaven"Our Sky,AtmosphereUpper layer and宇宙空間Various appearing in)phenomenonGeneric term for.thisPatternLike (pattern, twill)astronomicalInvestigate the periodic changescalendar,auguryUsed for. "I Ching』\GuaIt is said that it is derived from "Looking at the astronomical object to see the change of time" and "Looking up to see the astronomical object and looking down to see the geography. Ru[1].Astronomy(Tensho)Tomo.

They areAmbitionWas the subject ofweatherDistinguished fromAstronomical observationIs exclusively, especially惑星Operates regardless of the west or east of the oceanAstronomerWas investigated in detail by.telescopeBy the invention of(I.e.,MonthClearly other thanCelestial bodyWhen it comes to be recognized asphysicsDeveloped as a field (→Astrophysics), Subsequentastronomy ThestarStudy various phenomena in the universe includingnatural ScienceIt became a field of.On the other hand, scholarly support was excluded from the fortune-telling,Religious Faith,superstitionIt remains widespread even in modern times as part of.

Modern astronomical observation is not limited to businessレ ク リ エ ー シ ョ ンIt is also (Astronomical observation)[2].

Examples of astronomical phenomena

Astronomical phenomena that occur from the surface of the earth to the atmosphere

Long time agoweatherWas also included.

Astronomical phenomena caused by celestial bodies in the solar system

Astronomical phenomena caused by celestial bodies outside the solar system


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  2. ^ The observatory has accommodations for the general public (Pic du Midi(Pic du Mid,[1]Etc.), the number of cases where an observatory is added to the accommodation facility is increasing.

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