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🌤 | Golden Week This year's run is rainy season or it seems to be sunny in the middle of consecutive holidays


Golden Week This year, it's going to be a rainy season or a sunny day in the middle of the holidays.

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Usually, it is covered with mobile high pressure from the continent, and there are many days when it is sunny and sunny in the vicinity of Japan, but it seems that fronts and low pressure will continue to affect the vicinity of Japan even during Golden Week.

This year's Golden Week, which will be a maximum of 29 consecutive holidays from Friday, 10th of this month, covers a wide range from Okinawa to eastern Japan ... → Continue reading

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Mobile high pressure

Mobile high pressure(It ’s hot,English: migratory anticyclone, traveling anticyclone[1]) Means moving(I.e.That.(I.e.What appears in pairs withPolar air massIt is due to the flooding of.

The shape istyphoonNot as round, but almostellipseThe shape is 500 to 2,000 km in diameter, and the average is 1,000 km.Subtropical highThe predominant North Pacific, South Pacific, and North Africa are excluded, but they are more common in the mid-to-high latitudes of the Earth.

In contrast to "mobile high pressure", high pressure that hardly moves is sometimes called "stagnation high pressure".Also, in contrast to high pressure, low pressure is basically mobile, so it is rarely called "mobile low pressure".

Temperate mobile high pressure

Temperate lowAlternately line up in the east-west direction,WesterliesAn anticyclone that moves east at a speed of about 40 to 50 km / h.Globally, the cold air from both poles and the warm air from the equator collide, and the temperature difference between north and south is large.High latitude low pressure zoneOccurs in an attempt to eliminate this temperature differenceBaroclinity unstable waveExtratropical cyclones and mobile highs alternate due to the function of (westerlies).

Things around JapanYangtze River GangIt is composed of warm and dry air from (Nagae Air Mass).It often appears in spring and autumn, and is a major factor that brings about the characteristic weather of this season, which is a series of sunny and rainy days.At this time, far west of Japan,Chugoku,Central AsiaYangtze River high pressure in the vicinity,Tibetan PlateauIn the vicinityTibetan high pressureThere are stagnant high pressures called, and mobile high pressures that come near Japan are often generated from these high pressures.

Mobile high pressure is sometimesブ ロ ッ キ ン グMay be stagnant and stay in the same place for a long time.In this case, the change of the weather becomes slow, and in the area entering the high pressure region, it is hit by light rain, high temperature, and low temperature when accompanied by cold air.

Most of the temperate mobile high pressuresWarm high pressureIs.Prior to the mobile high pressure,Upper weather mapupper)Ridge of barometric pressureHowever, the state of the ridge of atmospheric pressure is also referred to when forecasting.

Mobile high pressure derived from polar air mass

In winterEurasiaOverhangs over Japan fromSiberian high pressureThere is also a mobile high pressure that occurs when a part of the body moves separately.This is also swept by the westerlies and moves east, but the speed of movement is not very fast.In mobile high pressure, the wind is weak and it is difficult for clouds to form due to the downdraft, so the weather is good and the amount of water vapor is small.For this reason, the radiation at night is remarkable, and it gets very cold at dawn near the ground, so late frost may be seen in spring.


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