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🌤 | Heavy rain of about 1 mm per hour in Aomori Prefecture Record short-time heavy rain information

Photo 9st (Tuesday) 7am rain clouds

Heavy rain of about 1 mm per hour in Aomori Prefecture Record short-time heavy rain information

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■ What is record short-time heavy rain information?
Information released when heavy rainfall of 1 mm or more is observed or analyzed per hour, and heavy rainfall occurs only once every few years for the area.

The Japan Meteorological Agency has released record short-time heavy rain information, saying that it seems that heavy rain that could lead to a disaster has fallen in Aomori Prefecture. → Continue reading

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Record short-time heavy rain information

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    Record short-time heavy rain information(Kiroku Kita Jinkan Oojojo) isHeavy rain warningIt is a fierce 1 mm per hour that only happens once every few years during the announcement.(I.e.When is observedWeather stationAnnounced byWeather information.1983It has been in operation since October, but the original name was "Prefectural / designated district heavy rain information"Met.

    Information content

    The content is simple, with only the record rain location, the observation time, and the hourly rainfall. This is to inform people of the record heavy rainfall and call for more caution.

    Information isAmedusIn addition to the rainfall actually observed at such observatories (including the rainfall at observatories other than the Japan Meteorological Agency), the rainfall by radar analysis is also used.In the case of rainfall by radar analysis, it is written as "Record short-time heavy rainfall in XX prefecture XX minutes XX mm in the vicinity of XX city".In addition, the amount of rainfall by radar analysis is in increments of 10 mm, and if it exceeds 120 mm, it will be indicated as "120 mm or more".

    Presentation criteria

    It will be announced in areas where "extremely dangerous" (equivalent to warning level 1) appears in the risk distribution of sediment-related disasters, flood damage, and inundation damage, which exceeds the predetermined hourly rainfall standard. Where the standard value of hourly rainfall is lowHokkaidoSoya branch office80mm at high places such asShizuoka,Mie,TokushimaSouth,Kochi,OkinawaThe Ishigaki and Miyakojima regions are 120 mm. The announcement standards for each region are also listed in the list of warning and warning announcement standards on the Japan Meteorological Agency website.

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